Wonderful ass of a teen well banged

Wonderful ass of a teen well banged
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It was Halloween and my girlfriend Ashley and I were making our last-minute selections for the costumes we were going to wear to the neighborhood Halloween party. I had just removed my orange bikini and was standing in the walk-in closet trying to figure out what I was going to use, when I heard Ashley call, "Em, where are you?" as she entered my bedroom. "I'm in here," I replied, and bent over to find a pair of boots to wear. I felt her walk up behind me and her hand cup my butt. The two fingers on my crack slid down and gently parted my lips, sliding between them and down the length of my pussy, finding my clit for a quick little rub.

"Hey!" I said half-heartedly as she pulled her hand away. I turned and caught her licking the two fingers and very seductively sucking each one. "Mmmm, you taste good." She said. I smiled and said, "I want a taste," as I stood up, grabbed the back of her neck, and very gently and lustfully kissed her lips. She was right, I did taste good. Ashley was nude as well; my hand touched her breast, gently squeezing and lightly pinching her hard, erect nipple.

My hand slowly lowered, across her stomach, down to her nicely trimmed pussy, and parted her lips.


I was amazed at how hot and wet she was down there, which further fueled the passion in my lips and, in return, hers. I gently slid a finger in her. As we broke from our kiss I removed my finger from her pussy, and brought it to my mouth. Staring lustfully into each other's eyes, I licked my finger and sucked on it.

We were both so turned on. Just then we heard my boyfriend John call from the hallway, "We're going to be late if you two don't hurry up." I think he didn't come in my bedroom for fear of finding us doing something that he would get sucked into and make us even later than we were already going to be.

At that moment the last thing on our minds was a party. We smiled at each other and began laying out the outfits each of us was going to wear. I was going as a Pirate Wench and Ashley was going as a Gypsy. The costumes were almost identical: Long skirts, hers would be longer and brighter colors than mine.

Boots, mine longer than hers because more leg would show. Fluffy, loose, low cut blouses that, since we wouldn't be wearing bras, we would have to be careful when we bent over because we would be showing everything, not that we would mind, but we might offend some people. Scarves on our heads, and I had one around my waist as a sash.

Oh, and everything I said would start with an "AARRRGH." Between our two closets it wasn't too hard to find clothes; we both wear about the same size, and have often worn each other's clothes. Ashley is 22, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 6", 110 lbs, 36B, and sexy as hell, whereas I'm 23, long blonde hair, green eyes, 5' 4", 105 lbs, and 34C.

I'm kind of impulsive and it doesn't take much of a push to get me to do something. So as we were finishing getting dressed I told Ashley about a blowjob topic on an Internet forum today, and how, jokingly, there was going to be a class taught later tonight on proper blow job technique.

We both laughed. I told her how I posted that I couldn't make it because of the party, and that a suggestion was made that I should at least do some homework. Ashley's eyes got big and her mouth was open as I told her I was going to have to find a study partner at the party that would be willing to help me with my homework.

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Our boyfriends Mike and John, both fire fighters, dressed in their usual Halloween costumes: fire helmets, fire department T-shirts, waterproof pants with red suspenders, and over-boots. Wow, big surprise. They had already left for the party. The party was just a few houses down the street, so Ashley and I walked the short distance together, laughing, giggling, with an occasional grope of the ass or squeeze of a breast.

We entered the house holding hands, not so much as lovers, but more as we didn't want to lose the other. We greeted the host and headed for the kitchen, where icy, fruity drinks were being made. We said our hellos to all the ladies in the kitchen and with Ashley's hand in mine we began looking for potential study partners for me. We had been to parties here before, so we knew our way around the house, and knew the biggest group of guests would be outside by the cooler of beer and the pool.

As we were going through the living room Ashley tugged my arm to get my attention, I looked at her as she motioned to a hunk of a man.

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This cutie was dressed like Tarzan, muscular, tanned, loincloth--did I mention muscles? Mmmmm this was our number one candidate. We went out on the patio and found our guys right where we expected to find them, in a semi-circle with a bunch of guys around the beer cooler. I walked up to John and he put his arms around me; it felt so good to have his 6' 2" body wrapped around mine, all warm and safe on this cool fall night. As we stood there I was scanning the rest of the guests. Across the patio I spotted a very hott tall girl dressed like a witch.

I made eye contact with Ashley and motioned toward this hott witch. Mike, Ashley's man, noticed what I was motioning to and laughed. "I know what you two are thinking, and that isn't really a girl." Surprised, I said, "How can you tell?" John said, "Go ask her. You can tell." I just smiled as I grabbed Ashley's hand and walked over to our Man-Witch. I wouldn't have to ask, I would feel for myself. I had Ashley walk really close to me on one side and 'accidentally' make me brush up against our Man-Witch, and my hand gently grazed his genitals.

I said, "Sorry," with a smile as I felt more than I would have thought possible. I told Ashley what I had felt and we were both shocked and amazed. We decided it was too cold outside so we waved to our guys as we made our way back into the house and into the kitchen for refills on our drinks. We decided that Tarzan, with the hott body was the one I should study with. Ashley stayed in the kitchen as I approached Tarzan.

Once directly in front of him just a few feet away; I 'accidentally' dropped the napkin I was carrying on the floor. I quickly bent down to pick it up, knowing that he could see every bit of my breasts down the front of my blouse.

I stood back up, smiled and looked into his eyes, which still hadn't caught up to mine. I asked him, "What are you wearing under that loincloth?" He smiled and said "The same as you're wearing under that blouse…nothing." I smiled and told him I had a homework assignment that I need some help with, and whispered in his ear what it was.

The smile on his face quickly told me he would be happy to help me out. I grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hallway past the bathroom that most of the guests were using and to a second bathroom that not many knew about. We went in, he shut and locked the door behind him, as I grabbed a towel, folded it and placed it on the floor at his feet. I squeezed his strong arms with my hands and started kissing my way down his chest--mmmmm, such nice muscles. By the time I reached his cock it was standing at attention.

He unclipped the waistband of his loincloth and it fell to the floor. As big, strong, and muscular as this guy was his cock was a bit of a disappointment. But, what did I care? I was there for his cum. I gently grabbed the tip of his cock, held it up against his abdomen and started kissing his balls, gently sucking on them and finally licking them like I would a pussy. I started mouthing my way up and down his shaft, before licking long strokes from balls to head, as if it were a melting ice cream cone that I had to lick quickly before it made a mess.

I took the base of his cock in my finger tips, looked up into his eyes and lapped quickly at the underside of the head of his cock with my tongue, stopping now and then to kiss and suck the tip. Finally he begged me "Oh, come on babe, put it in your mouth." So with a smile, and a gentle kiss on the tip, I grabbed the back of his legs and took a deep breath. In one movement I swallowed his whole cock; my nose was pressed into his pubic hair and his lower abs. I stayed there as long as I could as his entire body tensed up and I started rubbing my tongue around his shaft as best I could.

I needed a breath, so I pulled my head back off his cock, to see the long strands of saliva dangling from the back of my throat to his shaft. As soon as I caught my breath I was back to my homework, this time long strokes in and out of my throat, as fast as I could. I knew he wouldn't last long as he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. His entire body tensed up again, he slammed his cock as far down my throat as he could, his cock started to spasm and his cum started pumping down my throat.

We stayed that way for what seemed like forever and I needed to breathe, so he released his grip on my head and I was finally able to catch my breath. I licked up the combination of saliva and cum that was on his cock. I told him to leave the room ahead of me in case anyone was watching, and I composed myself and checked my makeup in the mirror.

I rejoined the party, found a fresh drink and located Ashley.

I told her about the whole thing. She just smiled, squeezed me tight, and laid one lust-filled kiss on my lips. The women around us in the kitchen that didn't know we were lovers sure did after that--not what I had planned for the evening but, oh well. We got a few more drinks and went back out to the patio to find the guys. Once again the guys wrapped their arms around us to keep us warm, as I begin telling them about Ashley kissing me in the kitchen in front of all the prudish old ladies.

Ashley, not to be showed up, began telling about my homework in the bathroom. Fuck, John wasn't too happy about that. I told him he didn't own me and he knew what kind of girl I was when he met me, and that I thought it was one of the things he liked about me. He wasn't too happy with me and I wasn't too happy with him. I looked over at the Man-Witch who looked like he was cold, so Ashley and I went over to talk to him and told him he should come in the house with us.

I looked at John just before I entered the house and he looked at me as if I was taking the Man-Witch in the house to blow him, too, which pissed me off even more. A little chatting and a few more drinks and I was buzzed and even more pissed off. I have always had a thing for she-males. I love women and I love cock, so the combination of the two has always been one of my fantasy fucks.

Although our Man-Witch wasn't really a she-male, he did make a hot looking chick, and I wanted to see what was so big under the skirt. So, chalking it up as homework, I told our Man-Witch that I wanted to suck his cock.

Seeing the big smile on his face I grabbed his hand and off to the bathroom we went. Locking the door behind him, towel on the floor, I kissed and sucked his neck a little and let his hands roam up inside my blouse squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples Mmmm, it felt so good.

I dropped to my knees and had him pull up his dress. Oh. My. God. He was huge and he wasn't even fully hard. Shit, flaccid he was bigger than Tarzan fully erect. I stuffed his cock in my mouth as far as I could and only had the head in my mouth, as it got harder I couldn't stretch my mouth far enough to get it in.

God, I was so turned on and couldn't do anything with this monster, it had to be the biggest cock I ever had, and it was as big as my arm from elbow to fist, once it was finally hard. I stroked it trying to figure out what to do with it.

Finally I said, "Fuck it." I bent over, put my one hand on the toilet lid, hiked up my skirt, looked over my shoulder, grabbed an ass check, spread myself open and said, "Be gentle hun." He positioned himself behind me and with cock in hand he slipped the head of his cock between my pussy lips.

I was so excited that I just knew that my pussy juice had probably drenched his cock as he opened me up.

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He slowly worked the head of his cock into my tight, wet pussy. Oh god, this was going to hurt. But, hey, you only live once and a cock this big doesn't come around every day.

He was penetrating me deeper and deeper with every in and out thrust. Oh fuck, it felt so good, yet hurt so much, I just wasn't big enough.

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He accepted what he was getting, and started building up momentum. The pleasure was more than the pain, and soon I was rocking back to meet his thrusts. I don't think he was getting in any further, but an orgasm was building between my legs. As the shock wave ripped through my body, my legs became weak and I could barely keep my balance.

He kept pounding away at my pussy as my body slumped in orgasm like a rag doll at the end of his cock. I sprang to life as I heard him say, "I'm going to cum!!" Oh shit, not in my pussy you're not, that shit will be dripping out of me all night. I pulled off his cock, spun around, dropped to my knees and opened my mouth just in time to catch the first glob of cum as it squirted from the end of his cock. I put my mouth over the end, sucking on it like a giant straw and swallowing as fast as I could.

When he was finally done, I cleaned him up properly by licking my juices and what remained of his cum from his shaft. Wow, that cock was fantastic.

I told him to leave first as I composed myself. I looked at myself in the mirror, and with 'that' look on my face everyone at the party was going to know what I had just done. Now to see if I could walk straight. God I was so sore. I went back to the kitchen and I felt like everyone was staring at me as I got another drink, those old prude bitches.

Tarzan smiled at me as I headed for the patio, but I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone. I just wanted to go home. John looked really pissed as I approached my little group of lovers. I asked if they were ready to go home, and even though John was pissed, the reality that I was the one he would be sleeping with was a reassurance that, even if I was a slut, he could be sure that I would come back to him.

We all walked home quietly with the exception of Ashley blurting out "Em, why are you walking so funny?" I gave her a shut-the-fuck-up look as did the guys. John hardly spoke to me at all as we got ready for bed. In the early morning hours I had a dream, about the Man-Witch and his huge cock.

Only this time it was about the size of my leg from the knee up, and he wanted to fuck me in the ass with it. I was naked, he had me by the waist, and I was trying everything I could to get away from him.

I was trying to cry for help, but only a whimper would come out. The more I struggled the tighter his grip got.


He had his cock lined up with my butthole and was starting to push in. Suddenly I woke up, I was lying on my side, and John was cuddled up behind me, his arm draped around my waist. Something was pressed against my butthole.

I realized that it was John's erection; he was still asleep but was as hard as he had ever been. I reached behind me and lightly tickled John's side, not enough to wake him, just enough to try to get him off of me.

It took a couple of tries but he did final roll onto his back, I rolled onto my stomach and watched him as he slept. Feeling a little guilty about the previous night, I moved my head down to the level of his hard cock, stuck out my tongue and licked softy from his balls to the head of his cock.

It was funny how it twitched every time my tongue hit the underside of the head. He started to stir, so I decided it was time to straddle him. I wanted him inside me when he woke up. With a hand between my legs, I positioned his cock and slowly lowered myself down on him. Just as I had him completely in me, a big smile grew on his face. "See" I said with a laugh.

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"I knew you couldn't stay mad at me." I rose up and sat back down on him. "What am I going to do with you?" he asked "You're going to fuck me," I panted as I rocked back and forth on his cock. He normally doesn't cum in this position, but I was giving him a treat, and I didn't want him to have to work.

So I paid very close attention and, every time I rose up, I squeezed my pussy muscles around his cock, milking it as we fucked.


I could tell by the excited expression on his face that it was working. His cock felt so good inside of me, it was like it had been made to fit my body. His hands were playing with my boobs and rolling my nipples with his finger.

We were both getting pretty close to cumming as he started to lift his butt off the bed to meet my motion. Oh god, he felt so good. I had to use my arms to brace myself as the first orgasm came. He grabbed my hips and was really pulling me down on him to meet his thrusts. I felt his body tense and his cock erupted inside me. He slammed into me as deep as he could and a second wave of orgasm rocked my body.

I laid down on his chest, his cock still in me as I caught my breath.

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I raised my head up, smiled and gave him a kiss on the lips. I climbed off him and lay next to him, my head at cock level, and started to clean the mixture of my pussy juice and his cum from his cock, with my mouth. When I was done, I licked my lips and smiled back at him.

Mmmm, what a homework assignment!