Amazing babe gets fucked by the pool

Amazing babe gets fucked by the pool
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Maximus gathered his robes about him as he stepped off his dais. His servants stood at attention at this motion, but he waved them away. His toga was hot and his day listening to the sniveling complaints of his prefects had irritated him. Even the luscious slaves, their bronzed and oiled skin which glistened in the sun and whose sexual acrobatics usually aroused him, failed this time to do anything but annoy him.

He sent everyone away, even his hound, and made his way down the marble corridor alone. As he walked, he thought of how he could amuse himself; perhaps a military campaign to the outer provinces might divert him?

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A trip to the crowded slums, disguised as a foreigner, perhaps, so he might have his way with the street children? Or perhaps an idle afternoon amongst the shepherds, commanding his finest centurions to pleasure themselves among the young boys who tended the beasts and the mute, dumb sheep whose wet and gaping vaginas winked so teasingly at groin's height?

But he knew where he'd head at this moment.


He'd go to the only place that ever promised true arousal. Maximus stood before the ivory and gold studded door and glanced at the two guards who stood at attention, erect and silent.

Maximus contemplated the doorway whose intricately carved reliefs displayed the intimate scenes of copulation with man, woman, child and beast. Instinctively, his hand moved to his loins, which slowly began to stir.

Maximus, aged 48, and ruler of the known world of the Roman empire, desired only to relieve himself within the sexual cavities of his own offspring.

Behind this gilded door was a courtyard of flesh: a harem of his offspring which he had begun to cultivate since he took the throne at age 13.

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His father, the emperor Tacitavius, had sired Maximus from his loins by inseminating his own half-sister, the empress Lasilla. Maximus had always known the pleasures of the flesh, having slept in his parents' bed his entire childhood and witnessed countless couplings of every sort: man and man, man and child, woman and child, sheep and man and dog and woman.

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He was too young to understand the implications of the chosen matings, but he certainly knew lust: he wanted even before he could command his little penis to stand erect, to bury it in his mother's warm, wet, hole. It was not enough to suckle her flesh, her sweet dew dripping out of her hole and into his mouth while his father probed his anus with is finger, his hot cock-flesh pressed against him, preparing to stretch wide his hole and bury deep and hard inside him.

Maximus wanted nothing more than to feel his length slide along the inside of her the way he'd watched his father do it, his most virile generals and most silver-tongued senators. The greatest men of the age had pleasured themselves inside his mother; he too wanted to be among them.


Lusilla, however, succumbed one night to the excessive grip of his father. He had imbibed a new tobacco from the east, one that sent all who inhaled it into deliriums of fantasy. Maximus watched them one night, while senator Gracchus lapped at his own 9 year old anus, cock erect and dripping, preparing to plunge his turgid flesh into his shit-hole, as was his father's wish while his father plowed into Lusilla, grunting and frothing in madness, hand wrapped tight around her white neck, her eyes rolling in asphyxiation until she expired and he blew his load deep into his sister's womb, mindless of her death.

Gracchus was mindless too, and as Maximus saw the fevered light of his mother's life seep out of her face, the grunting senator plunged his hot, thick cock deep into his rectum, expelling a deep groan of pleasure. Within moments, the senator's nut sack exploded inside the boy's rectum and the senator sagged over him, twitching. Maximus felt nothing; his own little penis hung soft as he gazed at his mother's purpling neck, her face buried in silken pillows, round perfect ass smothered by his father's sweaty wet body.

Not long after, Tacitavus was murdered by a rival. The hold Lusilla held over the men of Rome was greater than Tacitavus could have known. Although Maximus was a delightful treat to tempt men of power with, his mother had truly held sway and the promise of her pleasure had kept many at bay.

With her death, Tacitavus was nothing more than in the way. At 13, Maximus gained the throne. In his grief, bewilderment and boredom, he sought diversion and found it between the legs of the female servants. One in particular caught his fancy the daughter of his mother's chambermaid, a girl one year his junior. He made sure to unload his swollen, ignored cock sack into her fresh womb as soon as he could shoot seed from his cock. She was pregnant soon enough. But what truly aroused him was his power to create life within her.

He commanded her to keep the child and at the age of 12, she gave birth to a daughter. Maximus commanded Rinya to take the child and sleep with him at night, and the 3 of them could not be separated. Maximus found soon enough that fucking Rinya was very much like he remembered his father with Lusilla. And not before long, he realized that the girl-child, senseless of all propriety, knew only certain functions, one of which was to suckle. One night, as Maximus lay beside mother and child, his cock meat beginning to thicken as he watched the child feed on mother's breast, Maximus gently moved the child away from Rinya.

She moaned in confusion, but he took her tender nipple, dripping with milk and smeared it on the top of his swollen head, already slick with his own seed which had started to pool eagerly at the top. Without a word, he shifted the child to his loins, placing her mouth at his engorged head and heaved a pleasured moan as his daughter wrapped her wet, toothless lips around his cock and began to suckle. Before long, the princess, baby of the empire, feasted on the wet, fertile seed of her sire, suckling on his man-milk as she could, giggling in confusion as his excess spilled over her face and onto the satin sheets beneath them.

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From that moment on, Maximus could find no other pleasure than in his own seedlings, as he called them. For years he inseminated the lowliest servants and throw-aways he could find. He sired over 20 children that he knew of in his first year. He initiated them all into the pleasures of his flesh in much the same way he had Rinya's first child. By the age of 25 Rinya's first child was ready.

She had grown and known the pleasures and pains of man, but her hymen was intact. At her first bleed, she knew, her sire would take her flesh and blow his hot cock load deep inside her.

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She would bear his child, as his mother had before her. This was the ultimate achievement of all the children inside Maximus' harem. Years later, at 48, he was ready this month, to take the flesh of his first great-grandchild. He had inseminated her mother and grandmother and had heard she bled as a woman for the first time this week. She, like all the offspring, had felt the pleasures of many men in other ways: they'd had their tender young rectums stretched wide by age 9, had grown fat on man seed since birth, in every hole, save their womb.

Only the Grand Sire had rights to that flesh.

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Once they'd become impregnated by the Emperor and borne his child, they were obligated to take the seed of their sons, whose sole purpose was as fuck toys for wealthy patrons who paid exorbitant sums to the emperor to use the males as their exclusive sex toys.

Most could only afford to come to the harem garden and pleasure themselves within the safety of the walls. A select few could take the boys out, led by a thin gold chain at a young age, not past 10, to live within the patrons' walls and pleasure them for as long as they could afford the fee. Maximus emitted a low groan, by now gripping his engorged cock and made ready to enter& be continued! Would just like to hear wha you think so far!