Sexy Blonde Enjoying Her Toy Live

Sexy Blonde Enjoying Her Toy Live
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She leads me by the hand over to the overstuffed leather chair in the living room and sits me down. "I have a couple of new toys for the weekend, so I'll be right back.


It's time that you are introduced to the first one." She smiles and saunters off into the bedroom. I'm sitting there staring at my cock with nothing else to do. It's still standing very proud and tall. The veins have subsided a bit since I've been able to cum, but the knob that is the head of my dick is still expanded out. I haven't lost any of the expanded length of girth either. I'm ready for a good fuck.

I want to follow her into the bedroom and lay her out flat on her back, but I'm very intrigued by the plan that she has in store for me. I've never seen her this intent on having me the way that she wants me. I can't wait to see what the next phase for the night is going to be. She comes back into the living room. The corset, heels, and fire engine color of her lips are still in place. Her hair is pulled back tightly with the red pony tail whipping side to side as she runway walks in.

She is now naked from the hips down exposing her always shaven pussy. She kneels down in front of me with a couple small strips of leather that are connected. "This is honestly going to be more of my toy than yours tonight, but I think that you will appreciate it." She takes one of the small black strips and it slides behind my sack and wraps around to the front completely encircling my testicles.

The next connection goes up and over the base of my cock. She looks me in the eyes and smiles as she draws it all tight. My nuts are now cut off and pushed away from my cock while the strip going over tightens at the same time. She pulls it even tighter until I retract a little from her grasp.

She pulls it back into her hand and retightens it. The excess is then ran around the back of my sack over the top and to the back of my sack again where a buckle secures it. She slides it into place. The extra material is used to split both of my testicles and doubled back on itself to be secured at the back again.

"You trust me right?" The innocent voice is back even though she has just tied my cock and balls into a knot. And then tightened down like she is afraid that they may fall off. "Yeah, but this is new. And damned that is tight." "Well you see, the Viagra will keep you good and hard for the next couple of hours, maybe more since you had so much.

This is going to make you build up the biggest load of your life. You can't cum now until I release you. And when I do release you, you will release." She was smiling full on now. She came up and began to kiss me deeply again, our tongues doing a nice tango.

I could feel my cock rub against her flat stomach. She pulled back again and walked behind the chair. She grabbed by head on either side and kissed me again upside down this time. Then she began to pull her body down over mine. The corset made its way past slowly so that I could kiss on her cleavage as it went by, then her stomach and then her pussy was right in front of me. She hooked her knees over the chair to hold herself in place and wrapped her arms around my knees to further steady herself.

She immediately began to bob up and down on my cock again.

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Because of where her body was positioned, she almost had to lift her entire body up and down with each stroke. I started to dive in to her pussy, but noticed something first.

Her clit was huge. It was already revealed and larger than I had ever seen it before. Apparently the Viagra did do something to women as well. I licked it gently and the moan that came out of her mouth reverberated through my entire cock from the vibrations. MMMMMM. This may be very interesting. I began to lick her lips, nice and slow. She was already coated in juices. She was definitely ready for phase two alright. I licked down between her slit sliding it open with the tip of my tongue.

I was scooping out gallons of of her juices.

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She had never been this wet before. I started tongue fucking her. Driving my tongue as deep into her hole as I could make it reach. I would swirl it around and take more of her juices. She may have had a sundae, but I would take my slushy that I was getting for dessert any day. Her sweet juices were as divine as ever.

The panting and hard breathing that it was forcing her into were making her head skills even better. Every time that she rose off of my cock, she would breathe out hard and blow onto my cock and balls without realizing it. I started to make my way to her clit. It was about the size of a small marble at this point. It was rock hard. I began to suck on it. Her breathing actually stopped momentarily as she tried to inhale, but only succeeded on inhaling my dick deeper.

I ran my tongue over it very slowly. "Oh my fucking god!" She was off of my dick now with her head on my lap panting onto my shaft. "Oh fuck, don't you dare stop!" I began to pick up the pace slightly and running my tongue around the edge of her clit.

I was tracing it, but making sure that only a small part of my tongue would come into contact at any given time. I applied a little more suction. She began to rock her hips into my face making my nose go right into her slit. I continued to hold suction and slowly move my tongue so that she was pretty much face fucking me as she picked up intensity with her hips.

There was now so much juice coming out of her that I was literally having to wait to breathe until her hips rocked away from me in order to keep from drowning.

I began to flick my tongue across her clit. I was using the wide flat spot of my tongue to that I had maximum contact on her now. Her knees came together on either side of my head so that I couldn't turn at all. She was locking me into the spot she wanted.

I had no control over my head now with the exception of how fast I flicked my tongue. Her knees became even tighter. I could hear only muffled panting and moaning from her mixed in with the occasional curse words of bliss. I began to flick even faster. Her knees tightened to the point where I thought I was going to suffocate. I kneaded my fingers into her ass and pulled her in tight and held her like a cheese burger. Is was one of the best meals ever and I wasn't going to miss out for a second.

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All of a sudden her body started bucking and tossing. I held her even tighter making sure that she couldn't get her clit out of my reach. Her legs went limp and I could hear her again. "Oh fuck, stop, stop, fuck me. You've got to stop now." I released her clit and went to her slit and began drinking from the cup that her upside down pussy provided me. It was a never ending drink. Her cum was overflowing her little pussy and I could drink as fast as I wanted and not manage to get it all.

"Oh fuck, that was amazing." More muttering as I finished drinking her pussy. Finally, I could tell that the waves of the orgasm had given way and her body was a limp noodle. I slid her down my body turning her as I went until she was curled into my arms and I was holding her head on my shoulder legs tossed off the other side of the chair and her hand limply thrown onto my shoulder. "Oh fuck, that was amazing." I think that her mind had gone blank, because she kept on repeating it.

I held her there for a few minutes and then stood with her in my arms. My cock was still raging hard and with no way for the blood to drain out due to the ties on me, it was getting to be too much. I brought her into the bedroom and laid her on top of the covers.

I pulled her so that her ass was even with the edge of the bed and threw leg over each shoulder. My cock was so hard that I had to lean down on her in order to line it up with her entrance. Then I thrust it straight in nice and hard. I buried myself all of the way to the hilt on the first push. Both of us let out one hell of a yelp. My cock was even bigger than normal and apparently not only did her clit get bigger with Viagra, but everything else had swelled and was even tighter than normal.

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If she hadn't been so wet, then it would have been a hell of a lot more painful. As it was I felt like I had just stuck my cock into a vise. Her pussy was tighter than anything I had felt before. I had taken a girls virginity when I was younger and this was still more than that. Oh my god. I couldn't tell if it was the added tightness of her pussy, the Viagra coursing through my dick, or the extra blood being restricted by the straps, but I was so much more sensitive.

I could almost have taken her pulse from inside. As it was I was definitely able to take her temperature. She was running very hot and very sexy. "Slow, you've got to go slow. Oh fuck, you're too big. I don't know if I can take it." She seemed genuinely scared. "Well, you already took all. We will take the rest just a bit easier." I slid out about an inch and then back in nice and slowly. That was the rhythm for the first few minutes. Nice and slow. Not hard, but as gentle as I could be on the both of us.

I was so sensitive. I could feel my own veins push against and spread her wide with every stroke. I pulled my upper body up off from her and watched her eyes go wide as cock found its new angle. I could actually feel her G-spot rake over the head of my cock. "Oh fuck," I couldn't even tell which one or if both of us had said it. I began stroking with a slightly longer out take and intake. I was still working to the base of my cock but not hard enough to cause either of us anymore pain.

She was getting even wetter and I could tell by her breathing and the fact that she couldn't open her eyes that she was about to cum again. I was maintaining my steady pace, loving the feeling of her tight, wet, hot pussy trying to strangle me.


I picked up the pace a little more and I could feel my orgasm coming strong now. I was about to lose it. I felt my head go lighter and my cock begin jumping with as my orgasm racked through me. It set her off as well.

I could actually feel each spurt of her cuming. Her juices had nowhere to go and flowed out every time that I pushed into her. I could feel myself cuming, but I could also tell that there was no cum coming out. Instead I was only bathed in her cum.

I could feel it running down the inside of my legs. Her legs where tightening on my head again. She was cuming so hard that her ass was lifted off of the bed. She was only supported now by her ankles on my shoulders and hers on the mattress.

She eventually pulled completely off of my cock. I had a feeling of only being half done since I hadn't been able to dump my load in her. She was covered, as was I, in her own cum, but I hadn't been able to get a drop out.

Fuck, this is frustrating. My body had no idea if it should be limp after another orgasm or still going since I didn't get my load out. She looked up at me and giggled. That's when I noticed that I was dry humping the air. Apparently the answer was to keep on going. "I can't have that back in my pussy right now. It is done for. I don't think I'll be able to walk right for a week." She rolled off of the bed and sat me in her place.

To say I was in the wet spot was an understatement. It was soaked. She reached down and unlashed me.

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My cock began to achieve full circulation again almost right away. I saw the color go from purple to a more normal color. She ran the tip of her finger along one of the veins toying with me. "What should I do with it now that you've wrecked my pussy?" "Suck it." "Oh is that how was ask for anything?" She began to run two fingers along the top side of my cock now. "Ask nicely exactly what you want me to do." "Christine, will you please suck my cock?" My voice was more begging that I'd heard it before.

I realized then that I was actually begging. And by the look in her eye and the smile that split her face in two, she realized that I was really begging right then two.

She slipped her mouth over my cock and began sucking. She wrapped her hand around and began to stroke from the base out to her lips in time to her mouth moving.

Oh my god it was so sensitive. It was like I was losing my virginity to her right now. "Are you going to cum for me baby? I know it feels great right now doesn't it? It tastes so fucking good with both of us mixed together. Oh, I love your cock." Fuck, I love it when she talks dirty.

Her mouth was back to work and I could tell that I was going to cum quickly this time.


"No using your hands alright baby." That was an odd request since all that I could do was use my hands to hold myself upright on the bed right now. Her speed increased and I couldn't take it any longer.

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I caught both of us by surprise with the first shot. It wasn't the normal shot of cum though, it was more like a stream than a spurt. It was a steady stream like I was pissing cum down her throat. She choked a little with the first stream, but quickly regained herself. She drank as much of it as she could, but there was too much.

Some ran down her chin. By the time that I was done it was all the way down to her cleavage. A small river of cum had erupted and even with as much as she had drank it was too much for her.

She pulled off of my cock and looked up at me. "You've never came like that before. Holy shit. I thought I was going to drown. That was way more than just two shots of cum, that was closer to a year's supply. I think someone likes my new toy." She held it up by one of the straps as it hung off of her finger. I couldn't help but smile a bit. It was a very frustrating moment when I had tried to cum but couldn't, but true to her word it was worth it when I had been able to.

She finished scooping my cum off of her and eating every bit of it. We laid back on the pillows and made out for a second talking about how great it was. My head was still swimming from all of the cum that I had expended and all of the wine that I had drank. I could even taste a good bit of my cum on her tongue as we made out. I was also well aware of the massive flag pole standing at full mast from my crotch.

Even with all of that I drifted off.