Sexually excited playgirl simply cannot stop enjoying wild fucking

Sexually excited playgirl simply cannot stop enjoying wild fucking
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And now, on with the show! I couldn't believe what had happened in just the last few days. And now, I was sitting in my sister's living room waiting for her to get home from work.

She was bringing her girlfriend into our mini-orgy. It was all a bit mind boggling. I was drinking a beer when I heard a key twist in the door lock and my sister came in. Behind her was her friend, Marty Brewer.

If I had been the kind of person who was surprised easily I would have spit my beer out and probably choked to death. Marty was absolutely gorgeous. As near as I could guess she stood about five-two or three; her hair was brownish blonde cut rather short and her eyes were emerald green.

She, was at a minimum, a C cup and around a thirty-six. "Don't let your eyes pop out little brother," my sister said sarcastically. "Huh, what? Oh, sorry, I was starring, wasn't I?" I felt my face flush. Julie laughed. "Well I guess you approve of my friend anyway." Then just to embarrass me a little more she added, "Is your dick hard yet?" Marty walked over to where I was sitting. She held her hand out. "Don't let her get to you.

I'm flattered that you find me interesting." She was far more than interesting. I wanted to say something suave and debonaire, but nothing came to mind and so I sat there like a boob. Marty turned back to Julie. "Don't tease him! I think he's cute".


Cute? Cute? I did not want to be cute. I wanted to be handsome, hardy or at the least attractive, but not cute.

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And then Marty turned back to me, leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Not just a "nice to meet you" kiss, but a full blown, open mouth, tongue snaking, let's get it on kiss. When she broke it off, she smiled and said, "Cute guys turn me on".

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And then she walked away. I gasped for breath like some kind of high-school kid.

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Julie had picked up Chinese for supper and we three sat on the floor, Chinese style, eating with chopsticks. We talked about normal everyday stuff and eventually my cock settled back into standby mode. After supper the girls cleaned up in the kitchen and I sat in the living room drinking a glass of brandy. Every so-often I heard a giggle come from the other room and I hoped they were talking about me. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the girls came out and walked by me without a word.

They went straight into Julie's bedroom and closed the door.

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This was getting too much like high-school now. Ten minutes went by when Julie called out. "Tommy! Can you come in here for a minute"? I set my glass down on the coffee-table and went into the bedroom. I nearly fainted!

Julie was wearing a black thong and small black bra pulled down low so her tits hung over the top instead of being inside. It looked like she had put lipstick on her nipples. Marty was wearing the same type thong and bra with her tits also hanging over the top only her's was white. They were like salt and pepper.

Both girls stepped forward at the same time and began kissing me. It was amazing to say the least. Two beautiful women both kissing me as if they other wasn't there. This time I responded. I pulled both women into my arms, around each waist, and began kissing them.

If I had to choose one over the other I wouldn't have been able to. Our tongues were working in harmony. Three sets of hands roamed over aroused bodies with no one being left out. Then I felt it. My belt was being unbuckled.

My pants slid to the floor and my shirt was pulled over my head. Then my underwear slipped away until I was totally naked. Hands grabbed my cock and my balls in one motion and I felt myself getting hard. That's when the girls began to work their way lower. First they kissed my chest and then my stomach. Then they buried their lips in my pubic hair finally arriving at my crotch. One mouth slipped over my cock while the other licked one of my balls before taking it in. I groaned as they worked me over.

And then, without warning, they pulled away leaving me standing with a steel hard cock pointing straight out. The girls climbed up onto the bed. Julie leaned in and kissed Marty passionately while she removed her thong and bra. I stood motionless and watched. Then, Marty removed Julie's thong and bra exposing my sister's fantastic body. Now they were as completely naked as I was. Again they kissed.

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I saw their tongues licking and sucking and their hands roaming over each other. For only a moment I thought of Julie's ex-husband and how he had really missed out on something so unbelievable. While I watched, Julie turned around so she was facing Marty's feet and began to kiss and lick her way downward. When she got to Marty's pussy she let her tongue slide in.

I looked up for Marty's reaction only to see that she was already licking my sister's shaved pussy. They were both pushing their crotches up to meet each others waiting lips. They moaned softly as they pumped into each other.

I took my cock into my hand and began to stroke it, but only for a moment. My sister looked over and simply said, "No". As these two beautiful women gave and received a slow feminine loving I watched and learned what it meant to be tender.

They continue on for a few more minutes and then Julie rose up, turned and positioned herself so that she and Marty had their legs scissored with their pussys rubbing together. As their clits met they began to fuck. I had never seen two women actually fuck. It was astounding. They bucked into each other just as a man and a woman would, but instead of penetration there was rubbing. I wanted to do something, to be a part of this, but I didn't want to ruin what they had.


I waited until my sister looked over at me and I motioned with my tongue. She gave a slight smile and a nearly imperceptible nod. I moved in. While the girls were fucking their clits together I lowered to where they met and stuck my tongue in to where I could feel both clits at the same time. They bucked harder and I knew I had hit the right spot.

Marty came first. She reached down with both hands and pulled my head tightly to her cunt and came wildly and wet. Seconds later my sister did the same. There were four hands holding me in tightly as the girls squirted into my mouth and onto my face. And while they were cumming on my tongue they continued to buck into each others wet, spasming pussies. With my head held down I could hardly move, but was able to reach up and grab one tit of each girl and pinch a nipple.

I think this set off another round because they each came again. Their juices were salty and sweet at the same time. The smell was so enticing I wanted nothing more than to stay this way forever. But as their orgasms peaked they also drifted away until we were all three laying on the bed exhausted.

Finally, Marty propped her head up on her hand and said, "I like your brother," which threw us into gales of laughter. We laughed and choked and whizzed until we final got control and then Julie said, "Yeah, he's okay," and the we started all over.

When, at last, we regained our composure we got quiet for a few minutes in the after glow of the sex and of the silliness. Marty looked over at my sister. "Didn't you say he was going to fuck you in the ass tonight?" Julie smiled and said, "Oh yes. He's definitely going to pack my butt." Marty took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it back to life which didn't take a whole lot of stroking.

When she slid down and took it into her mouth I felt it come to full attention. While Marty was preparing me Julie went to the dresser and came back with some KY. I fully expected her to smear it on her puckered little asshole, but instead she squirted a healthy dose on Marty's perfect little rose bud.

Marty let my cock fall out of her mouth as she turned and pointed her ass toward me. I moved forward, ready to push my way in when my sister took hold of my cock. "Slowly little brother. Slow and steady wins the race". Julie held my cock in her hand and slowly guided it to Marty's asshole. As the head of my dick touched Marty's hole Julie rubbed it around over the puckered brown asshole that I so much wanted to be inside.

I pushed forward slowly, letting Marty adjust to the girth and my sister held on to my cock with her right hand. With her left she cupped my balls and pulled me forward so that inch by inch I slid all the way in. Marty's ass was so tight I didn't know if I'd be able to move inside her, but as she relaxed I started to slide in and out.

Marty gasped at the movement and Julie held onto my balls as if she were driving the whole encounter. I began to pick up the pace when my sister released my balls and laid down under Marty wrapping her arms around the woman pulling her downward.

Marty moved forward just a bit and Julie lifted her head up placing her open mouth over Marty's wet pussy. Marty let out a scream and came in Julie's mouth.

It was wild! As soon as Julie got out from under Marty, Marty collapsed forward causing my dick to slid out of her asshole. I was still rock hard when my sister said, "I thought I told you you were fucking my ass tonight"? Julie smeared her ass with the KY and got on her hands and knees.

This time Marty grabbed my cock and eased it into my sister's ass. Julie gasped just as Marty had. "Now little brother, fuck my asshole like you mean it"!

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And so I did. With one smooth motion I slid my cock all the way into my sister until my balls slapped her in the clit. And then the fucking began. Each time I plunged forward my sister slammed back into my cock. I think she liked the way my balls hit her clit because she made sure it happened with every stroke. I was reaching the end, the point of no return. "Julie, I'm gonna cum any second now", I said through clenched teeth. My sister and Marty must have planned what happened next.

Julie fell forward letting my cock slip out of her ass while Marty moved into position next to Julie. "Jerk off", Julie said as she took my right ball into her mouth and Marty took the left.

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I grabbed my cock and began to jack it up and down as the first stream of hot cum erupted flying completely over the girl's heads. I keep jerking as the second load landed in Marty's hair and the third got them both in the face. With that Marty released the ball in her mouth and replaced it with the length of my shooting cock. She sucked it into her mouth and pulled the final streams out of me.

With her mouth full of cum she turned to my sister and deposited half of it into my sister's waiting mouth. They kissed as they both swallowed. I fell back on the bed, next to the girls, completely exhausted. "Thank God tomorrow is Saturday", Julie said. Marty reached down to my wilting cock and said, "Yeah, thank God!

That gives us all day. I have a daughter I want you to meet."