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Natasha Marley Best streaptise scenes
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Part 2 Of course once he had a taste of my teen pussy, Frank couldn't get enough. He fucked me four more times the first night, and I lost count of the total fuckings before Mom finally came home from that business trip. My pussy sure got a workout, and that's exactly what I'd been so badly craving for so many years! Within a few days, I'd become utterly addicted to my stepfather's virile cock. I orgasmed explosively on his prick well into the dawn, savoring his stiff meat in my pussy or my mouth, all the while dreading my mother's return.

For awhile after Mom came home from her trip, Frank and I would sneak out of the house to fuck each other. He'd drive us to a secluded area while I sucked on his dick, teasing him the entire time, until we found a spot to pull over so I could jump in his lap and ride his hardness till his cock erupted in my womb.

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A few times he fucked me on the hood of the car by a big field until a farmer caught us one afternoon! I still get turned on thinking about being on my back on the hot hood, legs in the air, Frank pounding my fourteen year old pussy and some old guy coming up slowly on his tractor. We couldn't help but look forward to Mom's business trips, especially the long ones!

I'd began to openly fuck Frank all over the house when she was gone, in every single room, on all kinds of furniture. Frank could become hard just at the sight of my tight, naked body in split seconds. I was always ready for his cock!

My pussy stayed in a constant state of arousal, always burning for the strong, handsome older man my mom married. I knew it was wrong, yet I could care less. My desire for his body, his cock, trumped all. It got to the point where he could get me off several times in an hour, leaving me spent and shaking and oozing pussy and cock juices on the bed! He was so magnificent. His huge cock, big hanging balls, rippling muscles all over, I got wet at just the thought of his body!

One time, Frank and I hung around my school after an event, waiting until most everybody else left before sneaking into the bathroom to fuck in the handicap stall. We got all sweaty, Frank fucking me so hard and fast in the tight space!

We tried to be quiet, but his cock squelched around noisily in my pussy with his thrusts.


He held me tightly by the hips, having hiked my pleated skirt up and pushing my cotton panties aside to slip his prick into my hole from behind, slamming into me repeatedly. I stifled groans as he nailed me hard, my knuckles turning white from clenching the metal bar near the toilet for balance.

He pounded me for what seemed like eternity, making me cum twice on his hard prick. My pussy squirted juices on his stiff shaft each time I orgasmed. "Ugh, fuck, you hot little slut." Frank whispered in my ear. I moaned softly, squeezing his cock with my pussy muscles, making him moan, too. "You got me so fuckin' hot, I could fuck you for hours, Steph. I wanna fill you with so much fuckin' cum, girl.

Jesus. Your fuckin' cunt is so tight!" A few minutes later, he pulled his cock out of my wet pussy without cumming and told me to go walk around the school to see if anyone else was hanging around. I obeyed, doing a few laps and seeing no signs of other people in the building.

So we proceeded to fuck all over the place! We went to the library, where I was fucked on my back on one of the hard tables. Then to the nurse's office, where we used various instruments to play doctor before fucking on a stretcher.

I jacked his prick with the stethoscope, and he inserted tongue depressors in between my pussylips, fucking me with them. Then it was off to the gym, rolling all around the gym mats and fucking in every conceivable position possible! I really got a chance to show off my gymnastic talent to Frank in the gym. While he lay on his back on a mat, I even did a split on his cock! We were out of our minds, fucking like animals!

The gym equipment was really fun to fuck on. The beams, and the pummel horse, and the rings. Holding onto the bars usually used for pull-ups while instead wrapping my legs around my stepfather's waist while he penetrated me manically. Having him plow into my womb while I laid on one of those big inflatable aerobic balls. I loved it all! My moans were echoing through the gym, as were the slapping sounds of our thighs.

He'd pulled my tits out of my white button up blouse by that point and was groping them savagely while thrusting hard into me, on top of me and behind me. Frank grunted while fucking me manically, still not cumming yet.

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It seemed he wanted to fuck me in every room of the school! We had fun that night, to say the least! I led him by the cock on a tour to each of my classrooms where we would proceed to fuck upon the teachers' desks or up against the chalkboard. Frank insisted on holding me over his knee to spank me with a ruler while sitting on one of my teacher's chairs. It was hot! I came all over his dick, again and again, spurting my pussy cream all over his massive muscle.

We finished it off in the principle's office, Frank finally unloading what felt like a gallon of sperm up in my womb while I stood bent over Mr.

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McLaughlin's desk, staring at smiling photos of his wife and children. The first time I showed up at Frank's office, he was initially pissed. Chloe, his secretary, eyed me up and down as I waited impatiently for her to finish buzzing Frank on the intercom to announce my arrival. I had just gotten a fun part in a dance recital as a fairy, and stopped by after classes let out that day to show off my too-tight uniform to my stepfather.

I'd deliberately ordered a size smaller than I normally wear so my tiny, short skirt would show off my lean legs and taut thighs. The tight, sparkly, pink sleeveless top clung to my curves, low cut enough for some of my cleavage to heave out of it.

I was wearing no panties underneath the little crinoline purple skirt, having taken them off in the bathroom before coming to see Frank. My long blond waves were up in loose pigtails, tied with purple ribbons.

I wore pink ballet-style slippers to complement my tanned legs.

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I'd applied a generous helping of blush, giving my cheeks a rosy hue to go with my dark pink lipstick. Chloe let me into Frank's spacious office, still giving me some attitude, obviously jealous of my still-developing, sexy, tight body! He sat behind a huge polished desk, looking up at me with surprise. Chloe shut the door behind me, leaving us alone. Books were all over the shelves behind him, along with an abundance of photos of me and only a few of my mother.

I smiled while he stared up at me. "Yes, Stephanie? Is everything okay?" he asked. "Sure is, Daddy. I just wanted to tell you I got a part in the dance recital coming up -- don't you like my outfit?" I said, stretching, reaching one leg over my head as I stood, flashing my bald, gaping pussy directly at him.

Frank dropped his pen and cleared his throat nervously. He got to his feet and stood close to me, anger suddenly clouding his brow. "Stephanie, you listen to me -- this is not acceptable! You cannot be here.

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You cannot come here to my office, where I see clients, and try to play your little games with me. I will not stand for this! Leave, this instant, Stephanie," he said firmly.

I put on an exaggerated pout. "But Daddy." "Leave my office, now." "You don't like my outfit?" I said, looking up at him as if insulted. "No, it's not that, Steph, you just have to. Get." Frank trailed off as I got to my knees on the carpeted floor, staring up at him with big blue eyes.

I reached my hand out and caressed his package, cupping it, giving it a gentle grab. He moaned and turned away from me, but a bulge was undeniably forming already in his trousers. I got to my feet and began stripping, first taking off the tight top to display my perfect breasts, already ample despite me only being fourteen.

He sat back down at his desk and shuffled some papers around, pretending not to pay attention to me. I took a seat at one of the chairs opposite his big polished desk and faced him; then I spread my legs open wide. He let out another nervous cough. "I'm not. I'm not going to tell you again," said Frank, his eyes falling to my exposed pink pussylips as I held my legs far apart, the tiny purple skirt hiked up around my hips to clearly expose my sex.

My flat abdomen quivered and my breasts jiggled as I began fingering my moist pussyhole, flicking my clit, massaging up and down my slit while staring at Frank. His mouth fell open, nearly salivating at the sight of my hot body.

"Sorry, Daddy, I just thought you'd like it, is all," I said innocently while rubbing my pussy and then cupping and squeezing my tits hard, showing off my tiny pink nipples to him.

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A soft moan escaped my lips. "Stephanie, I'm serious, you need to exit my office, uh, immediately," he said, getting distracted by my writhing body. I kicked my legs over my head, showing off my flexible body, letting him stare directly into my pussyhole. "Aw, come on, Daddy. Why don't you just fill me up with your cream real quick while I'm here? Then I'll leave.

Promise. You know I always want it bad." He stared lustfully at my body, his eyes roving from my cascading blond locks to my feet in their satin pink slippers. I got up and proceeded to show off, doing stretches and dance moves to display my taut muscles and flexibility.


While standing away from him, I reached down and touched my toes, showing off my moist, aroused pussylips from behind under my fluffy purple skirt. Frank got to his feet and suddenly pushed everything off his desk, papers fluttering around the room, cups clattering to the ground "Get over here, now," he said through clenched teeth. I walked up over to Frank and he suddenly grabbed me and threw me over the desk, tearing the little skirt off my lithe body.

A little squeal escaped my throat. Then I heard the sound of his pants unzipping, and turned my head to see him stroking his engorged member to a raging erection while staring at my supple asscheeks. Then he raised his arm up, winding up and then slamming his open hand hard against the soft flesh of my ass.

A gasp escaped my lips as his hand connected with my backside. His raised his hand again and again, spanking my ass until it was flushed a brilliant red color. I rubbed my pussy while he slapped me, the overwhelming stings of pain beginning to now mix with the pleasure from my cuntal massage. Frank was breathing deeper, spanking me now with one hand and jerking his rigid shaft with the other.

I moaned when he finally stopped hitting my ass and pushed his body closer to mine from behind, his huge cockhead pressing against my juicy cuntlips. My ass stung, feeling burning hot from the spanking my stepfather gave me with his hand. His hands went to my hips, firmly grasping them as if holding my cheeks apart to really ram his cock into me hard -- and that's exactly what he did next!

I tried to stifle a moan at the feeling of Frank's cock filling me up to the brim, balls deep, his prickhead way up in my womb in a single thrust. He was up on the desk, nailing me from behind, hammering his cock into me manically. The sucking sounds of his meat wildly penetrating my hole began to fill the entire office.

He yanked on one of my blond pigtails from behind while ramming me hard and I gasped. "This what you want? Huh? You little slut." Frank growled in my ear. I let out a moan in reply, my eyes closed, head swimming in ecstasy. It seemed I lived for the seed Frank would soon unload in my womb. I couldn't get enough of my stepfather's cock, constantly desiring it, constantly craving his sperm.

His hands went to my breasts, overflowing handfuls even for such a big, strong, mature man. He continued hammering his hips into mine, pulling his prick nearly all the way out of my tight hole before ramming it as hard and deep as possible back into my womb. His fingers pulled on my nipples, making me cry out. He suddenly slapped my ass hard again, growling for me to be quiet. The sounds of our manic fucking were loud in the spacious, wood-paneled office.

He put a hand around my mouth to quiet my moans, but the squelching sound of his cock pistoning in and out of my pussy from behind were loud enough. Frank pulled his raging erection from my slick hole after a few more moments, picking me up and seating me facing away from him on his lap as he sat in his large leather office chair.

I bounced up and down breathlessly on his cock as he caressed my tits and smooth, firm belly. His balls, freed from his boxer shorts, slapped up at my pussy gash and I couldn't help but moan steadily with his rhythmic thrusts. I spread my legs wide, my feet up on his polished mahogany desk, and he began rubbing my clitty fast.

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My head fell back against his chest and I closed my eyes, feeling his hard shaft ramming way up inside my unprotected teen womb. I shuddered, the stirrings of an orgasm tingling in my extremities. My toes curled in their little pink slippers, my leg muscles so taut. The rest of my body began shivering and Frank had to use his free hand to cover my mouth, my moans growing too loud. He continued thrusting up into my tight pussyhole, sensing an orgasm was upon me.

I writhed in his lap as his massive erection impaled my insides, ramming up into my hyper-aroused cunt. Frank held me tightly against him with his hand hard on my pussy mound, rubbing my clit to an intense climax that had tears welling in my eyes. I had to moan into his hand as orgasmic pulses surged throughout my body from every nerve, my pussy squirting juice all over Frank's prick. Frank let out a grunt in my ear, continuing his manic thrusts through my powerful orgasm.

When I finally stopped writhing in pleasure on his lap, he stood me up and laid me on his back on the big shiny desk. We stared deep into each others' eyes, a look of heated lust. His eyes fell to my heaving tits, delicious overflowing handfuls. With the base of his hard cock in hand, he straddled my spread thighs and rubbed his engorged member all over my slick cuntflesh.

I let out a soft moan as his cockhead massaged my pussy slit and cuntlips, pressing every so often against my hard clitoral nub. My hands went to my breasts, cupping them and playing with the nipples. Frank grinned. Then he bucked his hips at me and I let out a shriek as my pussyhole suddenly swallowed his cock way down into what felt like my cervix!

Another moan fell from my lips. I knew he'd soon be flooding my womb with his seed. He thrust hard and fast into my pussy, his body pinning mine down against the big desk.

My back pressed harder and harder into the desk with his intense penetration, his hands on my hips as he manically rammed his fucktool into my tight 14yr old cunthole.

Bending his head down to meet mine, we began tonguing passionately, moaning in each others' mouths. He kept fucking me rapidly, really giving it me hard, his cock buried balls-deep inside my womb. I knew he would explode at any moment.

His body soon seized up and he groaned, his lips pressed against mine. Then I felt his cock throbbing inside my tight pussyhole. I squeezed his rigid shaft with my pussy muscles and he let out a gasp. His cockhead erupted deep in my unprotected teen womb, unloading ropes of semen way up inside of me.

We continued our passionate kiss as his fucktool pulsed inside of me, depositing a torrent of cum in my cunt. His hips slammed into mine one final time. We stayed still awhile, me pinned down against the desk, his cock pulsing its last globs of sperm in my hole. He broke our heated kiss to begin gently biting my neck and trailing kisses down my chest and onto my nipples.

I closed my eyes, another moan escaping my lips. It seemed like several minutes went by before he finally pulled out of me -- I felt like he didn't want to pull out at all.

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As soon as he did, he told me to get dressed and leave his office immediately. I grinned at him and blew him a kiss as I opened the door, flashing him one last glance of my wet, bare pussy under the short crinoline skirt before I left. I knew he enjoyed sperming up in my tight hole! His secretary eyed me up from head to toe as I walked away, her eyebrows raised. She must have noticed the trails of cum leaking down the back of my thighs! To be continued