Playgirl is giving explosive joy with her naughty cowgirl riding

Playgirl is giving explosive joy with her naughty cowgirl riding
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Roadtrip with Uncle Brian Kim sat in the passenger seat and watched the cars whizzing past. Her uncle was driving her home from her art show.

For the first time since she'd finished art school she was invited to an exposition, to show some work. Her uncle had helped her transport her paintings and he stayed with her all day, supporting her, stimulating her to talk to people and even helping her sell one of her paintings.

'Thanks again.' She said. 'No problem, sweety.' Brian said. She looked at him from the side. He was a thirty two year old quite handsome man. His eyes had this bright boyish twinkle, his hair was messy and curly and he had a dimple in his chin.

She couldn't understand why he was still single. She could imagine women feeling attracted to him everyday. 'What are you looking at?' He asked. 'You.' She said.

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Suddenly she was feeling shy, she looked outside again and stared at lights next to the highway. If she squeezed her eyes together, the lights seemed to blur into long lines. 'Why?' Brian asked. He briefly laid his hand on top of her knee and and tapped his finger on her skin. She smiled and looked the other way. They were only ten years apart, she was twenty two and her uncle was thirty two. 'Don't taunt me with that secretive smile.' Brian said.

'Just tell me.' Kim took a deep breath and shrugged. 'It's just that I was wondering why you're still single. You know.' 'Because you think I'm attractive?' Brian said teasingly. 'No. Well, yes. You are attractive. I guess objectively speaking, but. like.' Kim blushed. She didn't know what to say anymore. She pressed her lips together. Brian playfully stuck out his tongue and patted her on her shoulder. 'I'm teasing you.' He said.

'Good.' Kim mumbled. She laid her head to rest against the cool glass window.

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'I'm single cause I have a very particular preferences when it comes to women.' Brain said. His voice had changed. He didn't sound playful and teasing anymore, he sounded quite serious all of a sudden.

Kim looked at him for a moment. His hand again resting on her knee, his index finger was drawing small circles on her skin. On the one side she knew she had to stop him, but on the other side, she was quite curious.

There was no harm in letting this situation unfold, she could always stop him later, when things would actually go to far, there was nothing wrong with an uncle touching his nieces knee, was there? 'What preferences?' She asked. Brian smiled. A secretive smile.

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'Tell me.' She said. 'I won't laugh. I promise.' 'I'm not scared of you laughing.' He said. He looked at her inquisitively as if he was judging her, making a decision whether he could trust her, whether he could confide in her. She tried to look as reliable and trustworthy as possible. Although she never been much of an actress and she didn't quite knew what a trustworthy face would look like.

'Okay, quit looking at me with those big begging puppy eyes, I'll tell you.' Those weren't begging puppy eyes, she wanted to say, but she didn't, she kept her mouth shut, way too curious to figure out what particular preferences he had. Maybe he was gay, and he would come out of the closet now, or maybe he was one of those guys with a fetish for cross-eyed girls or something. 'I like my woman to be subservient.' He said. 'Or you know maybe submissive even.' Kim didn't know what to say to that.

She stared at the car driving in front of them, on the bumper was a faded sticker from an amusement park. 'I'd like them to hand over control to me, I will make the decisions, and they'll obey me.' Kim started blushing, her cheeks warm and tingling with shame. Was it shame, no it was something else, something that tingled down there in between her legs as well.

She squeezed her knees together, rubbing her thighs against one another. His hand still caressing her knee.

'What do you think about that?' He asked. Shyly he glanced at her. 'You think you're uncle is a weirdo now?' She shook her head. They drove in silence for a few minutes. 'Maybe it's a family thing.' She finally picked up the courage to say so.

'A family thing?' He repeated. 'You mean to say, you yourself like to be dominant as well.' She shook her head. 'I'm more of a. like. on the other side maybe, I don't know. I've only ever dated college guys and they were.


like. sometimes I crave something that I don't know what it is and. and. I just.' She started giggling, she studied his face for a few seconds and then looked the other way again. Pressing her nose against the window and fogging up the glass. With her sleeve she cleared her breath of the window.

'You just. What do you crave?' He asked. 'Finish your sentence.' Kim shook her head. His hand squeezed in her knee. Hard. Hurting her a little bit, but also turning her on. 'Tell me.' He ordered. Adrenaline burst through her body, his dominant tone of voice made her wet, made her eager to obey him, yet she couldn't, it was wrong.

She shook her head again. 'Come on.' He said. 'I drove you all the way to your art show, I've helped you install all those paintings, I did something nice for you, now you can do something nice for me, little niece.' His fingers crawling up her thigh and toying around with the seem of her skirt.

'Just nod yes or no.' He said while his fingers found their way to her panties. She wasn't even wearing sexy panties today, just the plain white cotton ones, nothing special. His finger stroking around the fabric. He had to feel the damp soggy cotton, he knew she was horny, there was no denying it anymore. 'You want me to stop?' He asked. She shook her head.

A smile crept over his face. His fingers kept on toying with the crotch of her panties, grazing her labia every once in a while, he pulled the fabric aside and started fondling her pussy. Her breathing became irregular. She looked through the windshield, afraid people in other cars could see what they were doing. She'd never been much of an exhibitionist. But at least the people in other cars wouldn't know he was her uncle. She closed her eyes for a moment and just marveled in the sensations, his fingers were very capable, he seemed to know exactly what he was doing and how to lead her right up to the edge.

Arousal swirling around, filling her pussy, crawling up her spine befuddling her mind. Her hips rocking. She took a deep breath and tried to regain control of her own body. 'Just let go.' Brian said. 'Just surrender.' Another dot of pleasure squirting through her body. She relaxed and melted into the car seat, her pussy sliding forward pressing into his fingers. 'Take of your panties.' Brian ordered.

She opened her eyes not realizing she'd closed them for a moment. She looked at the high way, it's wasn't that crowded, it was in no way rush hour, but the road was far from abandoned. There was an impulse of curiosity, she wanted to try what it was like, she wanted to do exactly what he said. She wanted to be with a real man, someone who could take charge, someone who knew what he was doing. She pulled on the fabric of her panties and pushed them down to her knees her ankles. She tried to hide them away.

He didn't have to know what kind of bland cotton panties they were. 'Good girl.' He said. There was something belittling in those words, but also something appreciative, stating she did well, stating he was proud of her. She was confused by the sensations rushing through her body. She wish he would just stop the car and fuck her, then she wouldn't have time to think and reflect on whatever they were doing.

She wanted to be swept away, to stop thinking, to just be bewitched by horniness. No responsibility, just following orders. His fingers now poking around in her bare pussy.


Fondling her labia, the slimey wet entrance to her vulva, his fingertip inside. She wished he would push through, he would enter her completely and finger fuck her. She closed her eyes. She moved her hips and tried to fuck herself with his fingertip, but he retrieved his finger with a chuckle. 'Look at the horny little slut you are.' He said. 'I'm not.' She said. 'You're not what?' He asked teasing. 'Your not horny or your not a slut?' She pressed her lips together and didn't say anything.

Her pussy throbbing. His fingers a million miles away.

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She pressed her own hand in between her legs for a moment, and rubbed her pussy against her own fingers. 'Don't touch yourself.' He ordered.

'Hands behind your back.' Another burst of pleasure. She put her hands behind her back, tightly locked between her own body and the car seat. Her pussy still throbbing, she could rub herself against the car seat, but that wasn't nearly as satisfying. 'Little slut.' Brain said as he saw her squirming. 'Tell me, tell uncle Brian what you are.' 'A little slut?' She whispered.

'A little slut, master, would be the correct response.' He said with a teasing smile. As if he was somehow testing here, trying her out to see how far she was willing to go. Well. Beware Brain, she mumbled to herself, I'll show you how submissive I can be.

'Yes master.' She said meekly. 'Good girl.' Brian said again. Patronizingly squeezing her cheek, his fingers wet with her own horniness, her rubbed the wetness into her face, and pushed his fingers into her mouth. She suckled the slime of his fingers. A passing car honked at them. Instinctively she looked down to see if her skirt still covered her pussy. Why did the other car honk? Just because she was suckling his fingers?

Or maybe he had been swaying across the road, because he wasn't paying attention and trying to stir with the one hand only?

'There's a truckstop coming up.' She mumbled his fingers still stuck in her mouth, preventing her from articulating properly. She pointed at the traffic sign in case he didn't hear her.

'What did you say?' He asked teasingly. 'There's a truckstop coming up, Master.' She repeated herself this time adding the honorific at the end of her sentence. 'I know, sweety.' He said. 'Are you implying we go over there?' 'To be save, Master.' She said.

'Ah, you want me to buy some condoms?' She shook her head, then nodded. She didn't even think of condoms yet. He was five steps ahead of her it seemed, but using condoms would be a good idea. He took the exit and parked the car in a corner of the lot, there were some trucks surrounding them.

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'Hand me your panties.' He ordered. After a moment of hesitation she handed him the crumpled cotton. He didn't even look at it, he just squeezed it in his back pocket, then he got his wallet out. 'Here's a tenner.' He said handing her the money. 'You go out and buy the condoms for uncle Brian.' She felt the inclination to object. Walking alone into a truckstop full of large hairy truckers, not even wearing underpants, it just made her nervous, yet she wanted to show him how well she could obey.

She got out of the car and straightened her skirt, checking whether it fully covered her bum and hid her pussy. She felt a seep of horniness dripping past her legs. She pushed her thighs together and rubbed the wetness all over her skin as to not let it show. She walked past the warm blowers into the little store. There were only two other people. Two guys, on picking out a candy bar and the other was the shops cleric. She walked up to the desk.

And bought a pack of condoms. She tried to be cool and natural and laid back about it. Yet she kept on blushing. She felt the open air flowing past her legs, and cooling of her bare wet pussy. Again she pressed her thighs together. She paid the cleric and then walked back to the car. For a moment she feared he'd left her there, then she noticed she was looking in the wrong row of cars. She opened the car and threw the pack of condoms at him.

Her hearth beating loudly, her pussy wet and cold and throbbing. Uncle Brian grabbed her neck and pulled her his way. He exposed her bum and spanked her. Kim nervously wriggled. Her butt was face towards the window, anyone walking by could see her exposed ass. Yet he kept spanking her. His fingers smacking into her skin, a sharp pain traveling through her but, faded into a dull warmth. The more he hit her the more she seemed to be able to relax.

To let go. To surrender. He was in charge. Uncle Brian was in charge, she just needed to go with the flow. His finger found it's way into her asshole. For a moment she tensed up. It hurt a little. No, it didn't hurt it wasn't real pain it was more of an discomfort. His finger just resting in her ass for a while until she got used to it. She felt her shoulders relax the discomfort fading away.

A second finger inside. 'Good girl.' Uncle Brian said, while moving his fingers around. She never thought she would be into anal. She'd never tried anal before, whenever one of her ex-boyfriends brought it up, she just shot them down.

Now it actually felt kind of nice. Still her pussy was throbbing, neglected throbbing for attention. She squirmed and wriggled her hips around trying to seduce him.

'Will you fuck me, master?' She asked. 'I will in a moment as soon as you're ready.' He pushed another finger in her asshole.

'I don't want to rupture your tight little hole, sweety.' 'I meant in my pussy, will you fuck me in the pussy, master, please.' 'Look at that begging slut.' He said. 'Maybe I will although technically I shouldn't. Since I'm your uncle that would be incest, we have to use your other hole.' Kim frowned, using the other hole would be just as illegal. Yet she didn't say a word. She was just too curious and she didn't want to appear disobedient. She was told to turn around.

She heard him ripping open the condom wrapper, then she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her ass. She pushed back, sliding the tip of his cock inside. He felt huge.

Or maybe that was just because this hole was tighter than her pussy. He pushed. He pushed himself in even further. She felt her ass stretching. He was filling her up. It was a weird feeling, new and different from anything she'd ever felt before. It was arousing in some way, but also, strangely full and somewhat uncomfortable.

As soon as he started trusting the uncomfortable feelings disappeared and the arousal took over. Building up higher and higher.

She closed her eyes. Just this sensation. Her tits shaking and wiggling every time his pelvis bumped into her butt. He spanked her once again. It was just too much, a whirlwind of sensations. It was is if she was swept up in feelings, a dull pain, a sting, a smacking sound, him grabbing her by the hips and pulling her further over his cock.

Penetrating her deeply. There was an orgasm building up. Somehow, somewhere. Even though nothing was touching her clit or pussy, still it was building up quickly. Like a ball, a big ball of energy, accumulating even more pleasure, growing. It exploded and all the pinned up pleasure seeped into her body. She moaned loudly, her body rocking and trembling, another moan, it was just overwhelming, too overwhelming.

'Good girl.' Uncle Brian said. 'Although you're a bit quick, I'm not ready yet.' He just kept on pounding her, not even giving her a moment to breath. His thick cock kept on sliding in and out of her, she felt the shaft rubbing past her buttcheeks, her asshole. His balls swaying every now and again, his ballsack touched her pussy, a soft graze of skin on skin. His hands grabbing her hips. His nails piercing her skin. He grumbled, a dominant primal animalistic growl.

It made her pussy clench together a burst of arousal spreading through her groin. He got rougher. Pounding her wild. Pushing her down his hand in her neck. Panting. 'Good girl.' He mumbled. 'Show uncle Brian what a nice submissive niece you can be.' Her pussy warm and dripping wet. She reached her hand at her clit and started rubbing her self. 'What are you doing.' Brian said strictly.


He pulled her hair and yanked her head upwards. 'Are you touching yourself?' He asked. 'Is my little slut touching herself without permission even?' 'Yes master.' She mumbled. He pulled her hair even harder. Her head laying in her neck now. 'That's not a very submissive thing to do is it?' 'No, master.' She said. 'Ask for my permission.' He ordered. 'Can I please touch myself Sir?' She said. 'Since you've asked so nicely.' He said. He let go of her hair and pushed himself roughly into her ass.

Pounding. Thrusting, quicker and wilder. Then she felt him tense up. His cock pulsating inside of her. His breath stopping for a few moments, then panting again, moaning grumbling a deep exhale.

The cock inside of her got somewhat softer. 'I going to pull out now sweety.' He said. His cock disappeared, but her asshole still felt wide and stretched and different than before. He kissed her on her back in between her shoulders, leaning over her. 'You alright there sweety?' He asked. 'Yes, Master.' She said. 'Kim?' He asked. 'Yes, uncle Brian.' She said.

He laughed uncomfortably and sank back in his own seat. Kim also sat up straight in her passenger seat. She couldn't help but looking at his cock for a little bit.

It had shrunken back into it's flacid state, it laid pinkish against his thigh, the wrinkly condom still wrapped around it. His pants dangling around his knees. He stared at the steering wheel, there was something sad in his face, something melancholic almost.

'Are you alright, uncle Brian?' She said. He shrugged. 'I guess so.' He said. 'It's just a shame you're my niece. We could've had so much fun together.' 'We can still.' She said.

'I don't mind, no one has to know. I can have another "art show" next week.' He made a sound something between a snort and a chuckle. 'Please Master.' She said. 'Please. I'll be such a good girl, I'll be an obedient submissive for you and you can fuck me, however you like, ass, pussy, mouth, I don't care all of my holes belong to you master, they belong to you uncle Brian.' His hand around the nape of her neck.

He pulled her in and started to kiss her, his tongue carefully exploring her lips before sliding further into her mouth. 'Who could resist such an offer?' He said. 'So when is this next art show of you precisely?'