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This sexy big tit blonde milf is getting fucked
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Ying Li was so tired. The flight from Shanghai last night was 3 hours late and they lost all of her luggage. It was somewhere in Australia instead of Iowa. Plus she had not slept well because of the 12 hour time difference. Why did her daughter have to go to university in Iowa?! It was 10am which was 10pm back home but Ying knew she should try to stay awake or she would be unable to get adjusted to the new time.

Her daughter (19) would be at class until at least 5pm and had left her small, old car for Ying to use. Ying's problem she had no clothes other than what she wore on the plane and those were sweaty now. She was wearing her daughter's spare pajamas but she needed proper clothes to go out. Ying (43) was a conservative and proper woman. She must be properly and modestly dressed before going out.

That was the problem her daughter was one size smaller in all proportions. Nothing would fit right. Well she wasn't going to stay in all day waiting for the airline to find and deliver her bags. That might take all week. So Ying decided to go through daughter's closet until she found something she could wear.

She found: a red sheer bra stretchy enough to get on even though it did press her breasts together too much; red panties she could squeeze into even though they were too tight at the crotch and rode up on the bum; a brown, plaid schoolgirl style skirt that was long enough to reach her knees and had an elastic waistband; a white blouse that she could fasten even though some of the buttons threatened to pop; and, finally, a brown suit-style jacket that must have been left by a bigger friend of her daughters (it fit just right).

This was tolerable because no one would see the tightest clothing. They would only see the skirt and jacket no embarrassment. The outfit didn't look good but not real bad.

Before getting in the car, Ying noticed an advertisement for "Billy's Farmer's Market" and decided to go there and see how it compared to the ones in China. The ad had an easy to read map so by 11am she set out in the old car to see the sights including the farmer's market.

Billy Jr. was looking after his father's farmer's market and telling some friends from nearby farms about his adventure last night at Kelly's Bar. He was sipping a beer hoping to meet a girl, any girl, when he overheard a biker at the next table boast about a new drug he'd stolen from a medical researcher. It was strictly experimental and apparently a single drop would make a person totally obedient to any spoken word while being unable to remember anything afterward.

It was so powerful that people would unhesitatingly do things they would never do in real life. Billy Jr. had stolen it from the biker's jacket when the biker went for a leak. His friends had lots of opinions: Clem: "You're crazy! You know what bikers do to people?!" Joe: "You fell for that pile of B.S.?" Sam: "Maybe we can try it on Sally Mae?" "I tell you, the biker was serious and I have the bottle right here. Maybe it'll work.

Tell you what, I'll try it on the next customer that comes here and we'll see what happens." Clem: "How'll you get them to take it? Anyway, you haven't had any customers all morning." Sam: "Make it a lady customer OK??

Maybe we can get her to take off her shirt?" "OK. I'll try it on the first lady customer. I'll give her some apple cider with a drop of the drug in it.

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We might have to wait a while cuz Wednesdays are usually real slow. That's why my folks went to town for the day. Meanwhile let's have some beer." It was almost noon.

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Ying Li had underestimated the distance to the farmer's market but she finally found the right road. It was a dirt road well off the highway and reached by turning off several minor county roads. Up ahead, a sign "Billy's Farmer's Market". She pulled into the parking lot (a grassy clearing) and looked dubiously at the old weathered market stand. There was a young man behind the stand and a few other young men lounging around drinking beer. But the stand had lots of fresh looking fruits and vegetables.

She got out and went to the stand. "Morning ma'am," Billy Jr. said as he looked at the tired, sleepy looking foreigner wearing slightly odd clothes. Then he remembered the plan and grinned.

Ying Li examined the veggies and picked some red radishes which the young man said were carrots. She also picked a dozen cobs of corn, some lettuce and apples. The other young men had come closer and were looking expectant. That made her anxious to pay and leave planning to go home for a rest. "Would you like a cup of apple cider ma'am?" asked Billy Jr.

politely. "No. I done." "The cider is free with each purchase. Take a cup?" "Free? OK." Billy Jr. turned to get the apple cider, slipped in a couple drops of the drug and handed the cup to Ying.

While she sipped it, he talked a little about his father's crops so she would stay long enough for the drug to take effect. She clutched her jacket in the cool autumn breeze so Billy Jr.

said: "It's pretty hot today. Why don't you take off your jacket?" She gave him an odd look. Man must be crazy or drunk. "No! Not hot. It's cold. I go now," she said as she slipped the jacket off. She looked puzzled. "OK, you go now. Just drive up to the barn." Man is crazy.

Drive to the barn. No way. Leave right now. She got in the car, put her jacket on the seat beside her and drove up the lane to the barn.

Why did she do that?? As Ying drove up the lane, Billy Jr. turned to his friends and said: "It works!! Let's go up to the barn and see what else she'll do." Joe: "I don't believe it." Sam: "She took off her jacket. Can you make her take off her shirt? It looks pretty tight. I'd like to see what's underneath." Clem: "Sam, she's at least 20 years older than you. And she's Chinese! What are you thinking?" Billy Jr.: "I like Sam's idea.

I don't mind seeing some older tits. I don't care if they're Chinese, black or what. I don't get to see real tits everyday." Taking more cold beers they proceeded to walk up to the barn where Ying had turned the car around to leave. Somehow her hand wouldn't put it in drive.

Was she losing her mind? Maybe it was from being so tired? The young men were approaching the barn now looking very pleased. Sam put his head in the car window and said, "Why don't you come out and take a look at the barn?" "NO!! I go now!" she said sharply as she got out and looked at the barn. Now she was really worried. Why was she looking at this old barn?? Sam again, "You can get a better look if you stand on the bale of hay.

And like Billy Jr. said, it's pretty hot today. You'll feel better if you unbutton your blouse." Ying Li was shocked and feeling panicky. Unbutton her blouse?! NEVER! She must leave right away. Turning to get back in the car she found herself standing on the hay bale unbuttoning her blouse.

Her eyes went wide.

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Her mouth dropped open. Clem quietly said, "If I wasn't here, I wouldn't believe this. It's really true. That stuff works. And you know what?

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I'm getting hard! An old Chinese woman ain't bad after all." Sam whistled, "She actually did what I said! We're looking at a live woman with an open shirt! Shit." Joe: "Yeah. Look at the way the breeze blows it open. Nice red tit holder. Nice tits. Let's get a better look. And why's she still wearing the skirt?" "OK ma'am, you're really looking hot.

Take off the skirt so you can cool off. And you don't need the blouse." Billy Jr.'s eyes looked hungry as he doubtfully said this. Ying Li yelled "NO! NO! NO! I want leave. Why this happening?? I go now" as she reached behind her to unzip the skirt and let it fall onto the hay.

The cool breeze nipped between her naked legs as she pulled off the blouse and held it at her side while wildly looking around. Her knees shook. She was getting cold. Four young men stared at her.

Wearing only a red bra and panties!! She was a proper woman! She unconsciously tried to adjust the panties as the coldness of the breeze started to make her nipples harden. "Put your feet apart and raise your arms please." She felt her feet moving apart on the hay bale as her arms rose to shoulder height.

Her heart pounded. Her stomach felt sick. She must be going crazy! Joe really liked the way her breasts rose up when she raised her arms. Billy Jr. was busy staring between her legs. Those panties sure were tight. They seemed to fold into her cunt so he knew exactly where to look.

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Meanwhile, Clem was rubbing his crotch as he gazed longingly at her bum with the red sheer panty material stretched tight. Sam, of course, looked bug-eyed at her tits squeezed together by the too small bra. Ying Li watched as the four young men engaged in a hurried discussion while licking their lips. Maybe she had fallen asleep and this was a very bad dream?

"Excuse me ma'am, you like younger men don't you? I mean you are kind of pretty and we don't mind older women.

Tell us that you'd like to have sex with us. And show us you really, really mean it." Ying Li couldn't believe it. Like younger men? Have sex with them? NO! NEVER! She angrily decided to put them in their place before anything more happened. "I like younger men and I want to have sex with you. Here I strip more for you. Please come touch me. I want to touch you. Take your clothes off so I can touch you. I want you." Ying Li almost fainted as she heard the words come out of her own mouth!

Then she realized that her hands had gone behind her back and were unfastening the bra. Her hands tossed the bra aside. Her breasts jiggled in their freedom and the cold hardened nipples stood out for all to see. Then her hands, at least they seemed to be her hands, slid the panties off! Now she was completely naked in front of 4 strange men. Listening to the whistles and seeing the astonished looks she went to hide behind the hay bales as the men started dropping their pants.

Somehow she was hiding in front of instead of behind the hay. Her feet were walking toward them. Toward 4 strangers with no clothes on!!

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Her mind swam as she saw the four stiff cocks pointing at her and throbbing. The men were naked!! She turned to run. Instead, her left hand reached out to hold the cock of the most muscular man. It felt so warm. Her other hand caressed another man's cock. The other two men came closer and she felt one of their cocks touch her belly while the other slid up and down the crack of her bum. The one whose cock pushed into her soft belly looked directly in her eyes. Ying Li pleaded to be let go, "Warm cock.

I like. You like me rub cock? Please rub your cocks on me more. I want to have hot sex with you. Can I kiss your cock? I never kiss cock before. Do you like my breasts? My nipples are hard for you. All of you can go in me. Twice if you want.


I need your cocks." Ying stroked the two cocks she was holding as she sank to her knees. SHE WOULD NOT DO THIS!! Her tongue stroked one cock then the other. The cock at her bum seemed to be making her bum damp. The other man was rubbing his balls on her back as she hungrily played with the two hot, hard cocks. They tasted good. Never sucked cocks before. PUSH THEM AWAY!! Her tongue slid up and down both cocks one after the other.

Then she took one all the way in and sucked hard. It seemed to grow and pulsed. Suck it suck it suck it. NO SUCK!! Sucking hard she felt the cock jerk as something hot squirted in her mouth. She took the other one and licked it up and down. This one was bigger than the first but thinner, maybe it would go farther down her throat? NO! NO! NO! It did go down farther! So sweet. Suck hard, so sweet.

Yum. Must eat all four cocks. Need four young cocks. Again a jerk and she heard a gasp as more hotness squirted in her mouth. Swallow it. She kept sucking it till she was sure there was no more. Catching her breath she leaned forward. MUST GET AWAY! I'VE GONE CRAZY! HELP! She wiggled her bum to encourage the cock at the back to take pleasure in her hot ass.

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It touched her bum hole then she felt the man rubbing it hard to oil her ass. She couldn't wait and kept pushing back until his cock was able to force its way in. Her eyes squeezed shut and tears came out as the big cock plunged in and out.

It hurt a little but she'd had this kind of sex before, just the cock was bigger than her husband's. MY HUSBAND. NO! HE MUST NOT KNOW! Ying's arms went on the ground and she rested her face on them as her ass pointed further in the air to help the big man behind her. Not much longer, he must come soon.

Then she felt him shudder and knew the third man was done. One more. Four men, three done, one left. Need sex with him. She sat up, looked wildly at the fourth man and then lay back with her arms spread saying, "Come in me. I want you." The last man, someone called him Sam, had balls that hung down far and a cock that seemed to vibrate as he drank in her nakedness.

Sam sank to his knees and started rubbing his tool into her pussy. Up and down on the pussy lips until they were wet and he started pushing in. Ying Li lay back and relaxed. Sex for her had almost always meant just leaning back while her husband came inside. The man pushed in further and she felt some surprise that it went in so far. Back and forth the cock plunged in her, his balls slapping her each time.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as he grunted and rammed. Again, the shudder, the cock jerking. She knew the fourth man had squirted inside. HORRIBLE. I'LL DIE. THIS IS NOT REAL! She counted: two men in her mouth, one in her ass, one in her cunt.


Four men that she didn't even know had taken her. SHE HAD HELPED!! Four young men said have sex and she did. Why?? "OK, wham bam thank you ma'am. We're tired. You can get dressed and go home. But forget everything that happened here. Oh, and come back next Wednesday." Ying Li found her clothes, got dressed and started her car thinking 'I will never forget. This was very bad. I will call police.' As she pulled out she noticed that it was now 2pm. A bag of vegetables was beside her.

She was confused, why did it take so long to buy vegetables. Why did her body ache so much??