Shemale anal and blowjob in their threeway with their stud

Shemale anal and blowjob in their threeway with their stud
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THE KINCAID FAMILY KINK - part 2 Their son's lust first turns dad on, then mom, and turns into a complex menage of obsession. by Oediplex 8==3~ Part 2: The kinky fantasy begins to be entangling The following evening though, as the family settled into their comfortable preliminaries of foreplay, Harry seemed a bit distracted, and a mite off his enthusiasm from the prior nights.

Mandy was afraid the party wouldn't last long, and that her worry was being fulfilled as she had feared. But now the lady had the key to unlock his inner sanctum, push the button to boost the octane of his hormone mix, and make his motor run full throttle. But perhaps he was also a bit shy, uncertain of how his spouse would handle those deepest of secrets; that only now, after some twenty-odd years of marriage, had just surfaced.

Mandy decided that she would be sweet, and understanding, and solicitous. After all, she considered, what did she care if he had a thing for his mom? 'Mother Kincaid' was several hundred miles away. As far as his turn-on about Jack wanting to screw his own mom; Mandy thought that was a more sticky sort of hankering, but nothing they couldn't work out, if everybody was open and honest about it. 'I mean,' her mind reasoned, 'it's not as if I was about to bed my son, for the sake of my husband's horny dreams.

And surely, Harry would not want to share me with another man, even if it was his son. Somethings are beyond the pale, after all.' Mandy's musing went further, 'But on the other hand, why not make magic with a trip to fantasyland, and take a ride on the kinky carpet [a-lad-an'] his mom, if you will pardon the poor pun!' "Darling?" She opened her coy ploy, to play on his complex with an Oedipus play, staring 'Kid' Kincaid, "Would you like to pretend to be the son, and I'll be your momma?" Immediately, his face lit up, and his penis raise higher.

"Shall I be Libby? (His mom, Elizabeth; a petite, and still handsome woman even in her sixties). And you can be the teenager, who seduces her to have incest, and make her like it, and want more?" Harry hesitated. "Or not, if you'd like another scenario, do you want to be the 'milkman'?

You found that a fun fantasy in the past." "Uh, I like the incest theme, but what if, uh. . I was Jack, . . with you. See, I, I mean me, gave permission for the two of you to.


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get together. Would you be uncomfortable with that? I mean in our fantasy tonight, not that I would ever ask you to do anything you didn't want to do I mean for real, but if you role play, that would be hot.

Get my blood flowing, if you know what I mean." Mrs. could see the turgid erection of Mr., bobbing with anticipation. "I would be happy to be Mandy - to your Jack, for you darling.

Knowing that it would please my faithful husband; in his head, in our bed, in the moment, and in fantasy only, dear." She wanted to make it clear that she was not going to be allowing their son to fool around with his mother, in real life. That would be a whole other kettle of fish, or horse play of another color, or can of worms, (barrel of monkey business?), some sort of mess at any rate.

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Though she dimly was aware that she herself had dabbled in the dirty with Jack, the other night, muddying the waters. "Jack," His wife said to hubby Harry, "I think it's very open of your father, to let us fool around. Are you a virgin? Have you ever made love to a woman.?" "No, momma," Harry, as Jack, came back, "This is my first time, and I'm glad it's with you. I love you, momma. I think you're so sexy, and I have wanted to do it with you for years." "Then, come to momma, and you can cum in momma, 'Honey-Sonny'" (Libby's pet name for Harry when he was a boy, and sometimes when she was wheedling a favor now days, as well.) Sure enough, Harry was youthful in his vigor and rigor, but timid and tender in his manner, as he affected an awkward adolescent arrangement of angled limbs, and imitated inexperience in the ways of intimacy.

He had Mandy almost believing she was in the sack with a teen, with Jack, with their lusty boy. It made a surreal sort of illusion, having her son suckle her breasts, and poke at her pussy with a nice fat boner.


But it was her hubby too, and safe, not the insanity of incest; yet it had the tension and tingle, of the naughty. She felt the lubrication flood the nether chamber of her sex, but in welcome of whom? Was she in heat for hubby or her own 'Honey-Sonny'? she questioned. Then Harry hit the mark squarely, putting his round peg in the honey-hole. From there the sensuous sensations of sweet sex, were sweeping her away, and Mandy was more into cumming with the male in her, that concerned about which of the men it was.


As long as his dong was coming into her cunt, to bring her off, he could shoot his cum in momma, meaning Mandy, and make both complete. As flesh slapped together, and they did the dance of the two-backed beast, she was crying out in ecstatic joy. But at the last, as she needed the muscle which had penetrated her pussy to pulse, and purge its creamy load in her woman's womb, she cried out loud, "Yes! Jack! Give me your hot cum in mamma's cunt, fuck me Sweetie, fuck your horny mother!!!" Instantly she wondered if their son was outside our door, and listening in on the fantasy to which he could only dream of, but was being played out by his parents.

Was it fair to make the sounds of temptation in his hearing, with no possibility of his being involved? But how could they allow that to become actual action? Surely, they could not, Mandy was certain. Parental prerogatives were denied children. But, he was a young adult now, would he expect that the privileges of maturity, be inclusive of our incestuous experiments in imagination. But still, her rationalizing went, it was just creative play, not genuine hard-core, outright, raunchy rutting of grown-up intercourse, between progeny and parents.

Then Mandy's mind was made a thick fog, forgetting whatever concern and care she had, as the concussion of hairy balls, and hammering pile-driver blasted everything to kingdom cum.

The invoking of his son's name, had Harry-as-Sonny socking it to momma, in the manic-panic of pounding paroxysm, in need to empty his sacks of pent up passion, in the womb of the woman that had given him life. Which Mandy-as-Momma was the surrogate, of this evening's therapy for her husband. She was confident that in the hall, she was being the vicarious vessel of their offspring's lust as well.

She was satisfied, had had her own wanton wants fulfilled, flooded, and thoroughly fucked. So every Kincaid was taken care of for that evening's session of naughty nookie. The lady of the house always slept with happy dreams after hot sex; a double lady of lust lately. So it was the pair parted, and dropped off peacefully. Jack crept down the hall, back to his room with a smile and sigh also, leaving a puddle of jism on the floor behind, again. The next night, Harry was not so reticent, when they retired to their bedroom to romp.

(Or was it the romper room to bed?) He said, "Momma, could I be allowed to explore your body? I'd like you to teach me all about what men and women do, when they have sex. I don't really know much. Could you show me, let me touch you, maybe let me fondle your breasts, and feel your vagina, and you hold my peter? Please momma, I think you're so pretty and beautiful. Won't you let your boy find all about what it's like, to be with a girl?" Honey-Sonny wanted to go at it, hot and heavy! Mandy, was more than game.

She took up the theatrical part she was cast in, and acted the role of maternal guide to male-female relations, for her man/child's introduction, and instruction to the art of love. "Yes, dearest, cuddle with mommy, I'll show you everything.

All my secret places, and what to do there. How to make momma feel good, and how your mother can make you feel real fine too!" She reached for Harry's prop, prominently protruding at his loins. "I can see my boy has become a man! Such a big one too!" Harry grinned, and said in a little higher voice, than his normal baritone and with a softer timbre, "It's hard for you momma, I want to put it in your cunny.

Will you let me do that? I think you are soo sexy, momma!" "It sounds like you already have some idea of what to do, but I'm going to give you advanced training!" They began to dialog the script, and to pet and paw, and grope their way to the drama's climax. As Harry/Jack Sonny-boy entered Mandy, as mother to both males, in one unified persona, she had a vision of her real kid's cock that she had fondly fondled for stolen moments. The tall, straight stiffy was an instrument of intricate veins, and smooth skin, with a nicely pointed cap crowning the soldier at attention.

A helmet, ruddy and ready to please a gal's pussy. With a crossover from Hubby's fantasy to her own, now she was really imagining it was Jack thrusting his penis inside her vagina, and she loving the excitement of fucking her very own son. Indeed, she welcomed the simulacrum of him, into his mother's body, as a virile member penetrated deep into that womanhood of randy Mandy/mommy to horny Jack; Harry was simply subbing for his son, for her, as well as himself.

What was this? Mandy had the realization, she had gone from being Harry's surrogate, to having him be hers. The incest roles had not changed, but what had altered was her perspective. Now she was getting off, on the incestuous daydream of mother-son sex, as much as her husband was.

Not the nightmare of a mixed up manage of mangled feelings, but a bonding of family; in a way that was outrageous, but out in the open, no secrets to their three way sex life. She could tell Harry was getting to the end, as he was panting and grunting and making 'I'm going to cum big!' noises, so familiar to her.

In Mandy's delirium of sinful scenario of son and mom making it, doing the dirty deed, whether daddy like it of not; they were fucking each other. Fucking like there was nothing the two of them wanted more than to cum with one another, over and over again, as the scene played out in Mandy's imagination, and took hold in her body's responses. She was crying aloud now, loudly verbalizing her own sounds of impending climax. "UHH!. . Uhn-gah, Yeahh!

Oh God! Baby! Mmmm, do it to mommy, make mommy cum, YESS NOWW! I'M CUMMING JACK!

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. . cum with me, ohhh I can't help it! I'mm CUMMMING AG_GAINN!!!" Then she caught a movement in the corner of her eye and looked in that direction. Their door swung open, and a naked Jack was standing there, his hand on his dick, shooting a long rope of white goo like a streamer. Mandy heard her son bawl out, "I'm cumming in you, Mom! I'm giving you my cream inside your sweet pussy, right nooww! Mandy banged her cunt up against the striking prick of her spouse, but it was the son that she was uniting with.

Immersed in the moment of incest, involved with their son totally. Even though mother and boy's physical selves were separate at the moment, their lust was connecting them. They locked eyes in the knowledge that what couldn't be done with their bodies; in spirit, had just been.

Harry didn't seem to be aware of anything, but the racking shutters of his own orgasm. His shank shriveled inside his wife's vagina, and slunk out, the spunk followed, dribbling down Mandy's ass. She thought was incredulous that he had not heard Jack cumming, but Harry seemed to be oblivious. She mouthed silently, 'GIT TO YOUR ROOM NOW!', and raised eyebrows trying to communicated to Jack, not to let his father see him.

Jack got the message in any case, and disappeared down the hall. Why it should be secret, she didn't know, but somehow it seemed that moment was just hers and Jack's, and not to be discovered by the father. Of course, it would have delighted Harry, but Mandy was not in the mood to have a surreptitious encounter, to encumber relationships any further than the kinkiness had already claimed a hold of.

Call it compartmentalizing, call it denial of lustful desires which she had for her son - stirred up by her husbands' own lascivious proclivities, call it what you will. She just didn't want to provide an excuse for Harry to further involve Jack, and herself, in this journey of sordid sexual perversion, and certainly incestuously intertwined family dynamics. Of course, snowballs in Hades stood a better chance of surviving, than any hope of holding the line against the slide into the kinky manage, that had begun to triangulate, as the three merged in lust, and converged toward a mingling of fantasy with fact.

* * * * * * Harry was at least worn out from the last week of frequent fucking, so no morning nookie.


Perhaps that was for the best, as she didn't want to get sore, Mandy ruminated. More to the point, performance falls off in middle-age men if they are not given enough time to recuperate between love bouts. The penis is a muscle after all, like the rest of the body, it needs a care not to be over-used, but kept in good condition and peak operating form.

Didn't she read that in Oprah's magazine or somewhere; 'How To Get the Most Out Of Your Man in Bed' something like that? And it was true, she knew from personal experience with Harry. You need to pace the male, like a race horse, if you want to be the filly he is providing stud service to! The succeeding few evenings they also skipped, as Mandy had started her period. While she got extra horny, when having her monthly time, the early part of the menstruation got really messy if they did it, and sometime her abdomen was not in the mood, if the cramping was at its height.

So it was actually a little over a week, since getting back from the trip, that husband and wife were having a frolic in the sheets once more. For several days, nothing had been said about the what had happen on that stay over, or the nights right after the guys had returned. Nor were the activities on the other side of their bedroom door, made mention of. Things were mostly normal, save that now Jack's looking at his mom had a much less subtle longing in his puppy-dog eyes. He might as well had his tongue hanging out, he was giving such drooling stares.

His dick was always rampant around her too. That got the dame damn damp, and yet sex was put on pause, the holding pattern persisted several days.

So Mandy was much in the mood for love, lusting for a lewd roll in the hay. Harry was happy to oblige her, finally, as mommy's flow fell off to minimum. In the midst of their foreplay, both heard a thump against the bedroom door and a grunt on the other side. Harry, without thinking about what would be the consequences leaped out of bed and pulled the door open wide.

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There was sonny, naked, holding his toe, which he had obviously stubbed against the door and sporting a wicked woodie. Suddenly Mandy understood why he had been undressed the evening of their little naughty encounter, he had been ready to listen to them making love nude at his folk's door, as he masturbated.

Once again the manage had gathered, with all parties without a stitch. Mandy snatched up some of the sheet and held it in front of her in an instinctive gesture of modesty. "I don't think this is what we agreed on, Jack. You were going to discontinue your spying?" she said, annoyed at having her fuck-fun rudely interrupted. "Uh, no, I actually didn't promise anything about that. I just said I understood your desire for privacy, not that I was going to stop listening in.

I can't help myself, especially after our little talk the other night. You were so. . nice to me, remember? She did, and his bare boner, jutting out of his loins, was putting the exclamation point on the subject.

Hubby spoke up, his spoke was up too. "Maybe we should have a family discussion on the issue? Jack why don't you come in and. ." Mandy jumped in quick. "Harry Kincaid, if you expect that we are going to have a conversation, with all three of us in the nude, about our son's ease dropping on our sex lives, you have another thing coming. But it won't be your dick cumming in quite a while, I guarantee.

So if you want to get a piece of ass tonight, send the kid to his room, and close the door and lock it. Jack if you want any more of the 'mother-son chats' like we had, and you know what's good for you, you'll get to your own room, and stay there the rest of the night!" "Does that mean you'll give me an encore of that some other time?" Jack asked, astutely.

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"Maybe, if you're a good boy, just now." she hedged. "What's he mean?" Harry was picking up that there was something that he was not in on. "Harry, do you want to fuck, or do you want to fight?" The female partner used an old ultimatum she had relied on before, to drop the subject, before the couple had a tiff rather than a tussle.

"I'm not starting an argument. All I did was ask an innocent question, Honey." "In this family, when it comes to secrets, there are no innocent parties, nor any privacy either!" she replied in exasperation. "You and Jack have a secret?" Harry probed. Jack began to back down the hall looking guilty.

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Harry didn't miss that sign. "Jack, wait a minute. Mandy? What is going on between you two? I told you all about my most intimate stuff, and Jack has confessed to you what you were so intent to know.

Can't you share likewise?" Harry was too close to the mark. Mandy knew she had better come clean about Jack's and her dirty laundry, before her husband got the wrong impression about his wife and son. And after all, she rationalized, hadn't they sort of done something similar?

There were no innocents in this family she kept in mind, so she retorted. "Okay, it's no big deal, I sort of jacked Jack. When I was prying out his private business, I plied his prick and let him. . .uh. . do his business, if you will." "Mom masturbated me, while I was telling her about us at the hotel, and the porno flick." Harry looked first at her, then his boy, then back at his wife, and then a huge grin spread across his face.

"That is so hot!!" he exclaimed. "I should have known! Instead of you being jealous, of course, you're turned on! You didn't get mad, you're only getting horny!" Harry was beginning to move closer to Mandy with that glint in his eye, that meant she was going to get wildly screwed.

She was all for that but not with Jack at their open door, again!! Jack sensing an opening, to an open-door policy to his parents privacy, pleaded,"Can't I watch this once. I've seen the lady that looks like mom on the tape. I've heard you guys doing it lots of times. We all have masturbated together sort of. I mean, I'm old enough to go to a live sex show, so what's the harm? I won't get a warped personality, because I happen to see my folks making love.

That's a beautiful thing. Lot's of cultures have the kids in the same small hut, while their parents are shacking. ." "Quit while you're ahead, son." Harry stopped the prurient plea, mid sentence. "Why don't you take the chair over there in the corner, and just be quiet while your mother and I continue what we were in the middle of." "Now, Harry.

. ." Mandy began to protest. "Mandy, you wanted to know how to keep the spark going, that started in Schenectady? Well, you now know what happened, why it happened, and what your two men have in common. We both love you, and while only one of us gets to display that affection physically, you have the power to grant gratification to both, one directly, and the other vicariously. You also get to have the benefit of this odd, but ultimately intense, intimacy.

So, 'Do you want to fight, or fuck?' What do you say we let Jack be an observer of our passion. Set an example of what devoted partners do with one another, and how these dedicated parents of his, allow their adult son to know about the joy of sex, second hand at least?" "I think - ," Mandy began, but then stopped, knowing it was two against one and she was out voted, "I think that you ought to quit while you're ahead, and give me some head instead!" She smiled at Harry, and then at her son.

Harry smiled also, Jack had a shit-eating-grin on his face. Mother had a wide smirk, she was going to entertain the troops of the Kincaid household guard, their lances were raised in readiness!

Mandy had been kneeling on the mattress all this time, clutching the sheet to her torso, to prevent her child from seeing his mother as unclothed as Eve. Lucky him, tonight the lamp was on. Now, she dropped the pretense of modesty and let go of the bedding. Raising an eyebrow to Jack, as he got an eyeful of his mom's body. Clearly he was pleased with what he was viewing. His mom got the big ogle, it was definitely approving. Harry eased her down on her back, with her long legs stretched in the direction of the chair Jack was seated in, and spread.

The youth couldn't observe much though, as a balding head in her crotch was blocking the best view, but Harry's tongue was where it did the most good. Mandy let loose, to go with the flow.

Soon enough the face in the crotch was quickly replaced with hips, as Harry, his fantasy cumming true in part, played the role of the kid.

He was eager to unite their genitals, in galloping gyrations of a gynecological lesson for the youthful pupil; who's pupils were quite locked like radar to the action. Mandy was being boffed by 'big boy', while little boy played with his toy. She was very content to being stuffed with her spouse's stiffy.

She felt her orgasm rise and crest, more like a rolling hill, rather than a mountain peak. It was nice, but not the sharp spike of a climax she had been having of late, Harry had seemed to be holding back a bit. Neither did she hear Jack ejaculate. "Give him a hand job!" Harry whispered in her ear. "Now that's taking things too far!" She protested.

"I want to watch you make him cum. You already did it before, what's the harm in bring him off again for my benefit, as well as his? Neither of us have cum yet, tonight! Help us to get off, Babe. You won't regret it. I know you'll have fun!" Mandy knew in her heart and womb, her hubby was right, as some part of her said inside her head, 'this is kind of kinky fun, a mad manage, an in-house orgy just among us Kincaids.' She moved over to her son, on hands and knees.

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Harry crawled over too, to get a good view. Now, mother took son's tool in her palms, and started a milking motion on his member. He nodded in encouragement and made soft sighs, as she gave Jack special attention. The boy's hands went to caress Mandy's hair, as she massaged his prick.

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Harry suddenly left his place where his face was getting a close up of his wife doing finger exercises on his son's flute, and cradling the kid's balls with her other hand. She felt him hunker up behind her, and take hold of the well shaped hips, and spread her buns a bit. His hard-on invaded the hot hole of her sex, and then they were doing the doggie, while her digits pumped on the hunk of flesh before her.

This time it was certain that a shooting rocket was in Mandy's pussy pocket, and she was also lighting the fuse on the roman-candle she was handling. Mandy herself was a powder-keg set to blow, the fuse was lit on all three of them, and the sparks were spreading to all parts of the family fireworks factory, in an erotic frenzy of lust. It was only a matter of time before one of them went boom.

It was Jack. The son's cock came in a fountain of milky cream, all over mother's fist. His sacks were jumping, as each clenching spurt erupted. With a loud cry of, "OH! MOM Yess, . . THAT'S IT, Ahh, . . I'm Cummiinng SO GOOD!!" This triggered the rush of Harry, in pounding hard, and then with a locked-in lunge, he unloaded a huge release of sperm to flood his wife's cunt.

That was her cue, to wash his wild willie with a gush of her own deluge. As it poured out, she felt like she was climbing the climax to a soaring pinnacle, and topping out so high she was gasping for oxygen. All three were out of breath, and sweating like in a sauna, moaning in the aftermath of their three-way cluster cum. Mandy stretched forward, and hugged Jack, Harry put his arms around her and held tenderly. They stayed like that for several minutes.

Finally, Jack spoke softly, "Thanks mom, thanks dad, thank you both for sharing your love with me, and allowing me to be part of that special way, of showing how deeply you care for each other, and me.

I really mean, thanks so much." "Yeah," Harry chimed in, "Thanks Mandy for letting us join in a wonderful time of togetherness. You gave both of us all a night to remember, always." "Okay, guys. I love you each with all my heart, but that is not going to be something we do regularly.

It was great, but I don't want things getting weird, or of anybody getting jealous. Understand?" "Uh-Huh, right. . ." went Harry.

"No problem, mom" chimed in her son. She thought to herself; if only she was as confident as they sounded, that they were going to have smooth sailing ahead. But she suspected things would not be so uncomplicated.

Harry lifted Mandy up and she in turn pulled Jack to his feet. Without any discussion, but with arms around each other, the trio staggered to the broad bed and collapsed in a heap of tangled arms and legs.

Three naked bodies cuddled together, the kinky Kincaid kin, united by their cums and communion of spirits, were asleep almost as one.