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"R-ROSE!?&hellip. W-W-WHAT IS THAT!?!?!?" I yelled ecstatically as my sis stood at the other end of her bed wearing some tight leather clothes. "Oh this old thing?" she giggled sarcasticly. "That's not important Brandon&hellip. do you like it? She looked at me with those brown eyes. They seemed to bore into the deepest part of my soul. "I-its&hellip. Nice…" I lied. She was quite hot in that leather outfit.

Her cleavage still had that huge crack down the center, my eyes were glued to her boobs. They were held in place by a few buttons, but they looked like if she breathed in, her boobs would break the buttons themselves. I almost fell to my knees in disbelief "Y-you should really change sis, I mean… It's not right for you to be in&hellip.

THAT!" I said as I pointed to the outfit, that's when I noticed the bottom of the outfit. Her slim, tanned legs were visible up to the inner thighs. Where it changed from tan and soft to a black and hard substance. But even through how hard the substance was, it was freely bending to each curve of her ass and you could even see the slightest bit of her pussy lips molding to the leather curves.

There even looked like a small bit of wetness as she rubbed her thighs together.

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"Oh Brandon&hellip. What you did to me earlier was so nice! I want you to do it again&hellip. And…" she blushed. "I was hoping this would help excite you&hellip." I struggled with my inner thoughts. I did it last time to get her off me, but I wasn't sure if I could fight my urges this time. "Sis, I can't do it…" I put my hands in my pockets and kept them there as she put on this sad face and begged me to do it. "Please brother… I could never do what you did, and it felt so good!

Your touch was&hellip. incredible…" her last word trailed off as her eyes seemed to roll to the back of her head and she started to massage one of her boobs with her left hand while the right hand rubbed her pussy though her leather bottoms. "Sis, no!" I grabbed her hands and held them away from her to stop her. Her eyes starred into my eyes with a smile on her face as she held the hand that was between her legs in front of my face, her fingers were covered in her juices.

"You see brandon?

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You see what you do to my pussy? I need you!" she pulled her hand away and slowly started licking the juices off of it. Again she starred into my eyes and said: "Mmm, taste like delicious candy brandon. But its still not as good as your taste" she winked as she finished. My sis started to struggle as I held her hand, then by a complete accident; my hand swung around and slapped her across the face.

The hit was not hard, hit it was enough to get her attention. "Oh my god! Sis I'm sorry!" I let go of her hand and backed away from her a few steps as she touched the spot on her cheek I hit. Her face said it all. She was shocked beyond belief that would have happened, and I suppose my face looked exactly the same.

"Brandon-" Her voice shocked me back into my feet, I ran from her room and back to my room, then I locked my door. I leaned against it not believing what I had just done. I sat down on my bed and replayed the event in my head. Each time, I came to the conclusion my sister would hate me forever. There was a knock on my door. "Brandon? Can I talk to you?" it was my mom. "About what mom?" I was scared now. Had rose told mom on me? No, I don't think she would do that. Not after what happened.

But I did deserve to get in trouble for what I did. "Just&hellip. open the door Brandon…" I sighed as I got up and unlocked the door.

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She walked in after I opened the door, and closed it behind her self. My heart jumped as she looked at me with an angry look. My heart shot up into my thought and I had no words as she stared at me. "Son&hellip.

I got your report card in the mail today&hellip.


Your grades were horrible! You actually have to take English III again!" my heart dropped back down into my chest. "Oh&hellip. yeah that's definitely not my subject mom&hellip." I said, happy that she didn't know about what had happened. "Why didn't you tell me before Brandon?" she had a stern look on. "You are going to bed now young man! You are grounded for the rest of the week!

I don't care if it is summer break! now!" I sighed as I realized that I had lost this fight. "Yes mom…" she opened my door and walked out of the room, shutting it very loudly.

I went and locked it for safety&hellip. From my crazy sis. It took me hours to get to sleep, since it was only 8:00 PM but eventually I dozed off. I awoke the next morning to someone banging on my door.


"Brandon, time for breakfast!" yelled my mom "ALRIGHT MOM!!! Jesus!!!" here I was again, being ordered out of my room to eat breakfast, only last time it ended with my sister jumping me… literally.

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Anyway, I unlocked my door and walked out of my room to eat breakfast. Rose met me half way down the hall. "So fail anything else mom should know about?" she asked. "Shut your mouth if you don't want to die little girl!" I gritted through my teeth "Hey I'm not the one who sucks at english!" she sneered as we got to the kitchen.

We got to the table and found eggs, sausage and grits on two plates for us. "Thanks mom! Wow, we must have been GOOD!" she used emphasis on the word "good" so my mom looked up and glared at me.

Rose sighed "I'm glad to be out of SCHOOL for SUMMER!" my mom's eyes were killing me. "Alright, fine mom&hellip. I'll attend summer school, just stop glaring at me&hellip." I said as I kept my eyes off hers for fear of death by eyesight. "Good boy. Now, come eat your breakfast." She said, her voice had no anger in it, so I guessed she was not mad after that.

I finished my breakfast before my sis and headed off to my room "well, since I'm grounded ill go back to my room then. Bye mom…bye evil girl." Rose made an evil face at me as I walked back to my room and locked the door again. I played around on my computer for a couple of hours watching a few videos and things like that.

There was a knock on my door and I waited for a response. "Brandon? Can I come in?" it was Rose this time. "I'm not in the mood for more jokes about me failing English III." I said with some hatred in my voice. "I'm not going to make fun of you" she said, a little worry in her voice "Then what do you want with me?" I asked a little annoyed now "I just want to&hellip. talk" she had some lust in her voice now.

"And mom is at work, so I need someone to&hellip. waste time with" she giggled innocently after she finished talking.

"I don't want to do something like I did last time Rose, so please don't ask" I said, disappointed as I had a flashback suddenly. "That's why I want to talk to you brother&hellip. I&hellip." She went silent. "Could you open the door please?" I sighed as I got up and unlocked the door, then opened it and she walked in "what do you want rose?" She giggled again and sat on my bed, beckoning me to come over and sit down next to her.

I sat down next to her and she starred deep into my eyes again with them brown eyes, piercing my soul again. "W-what ros-mmph" she cut me off by kissing me suddenly, pushing me back onto the bed so I could not pull away.

This was no regular kiss though. It was a lover kiss, she used her tongue in my mouth. "I want you to&hellip.

spank me brother&hellip." She whispered in my ear. I starred in shock at her "Y-you what?!" "W-well when you smacked me across the face…my pussy got wetter, and my nipples hardened so much that it hurt because of how tight the leather was." She stared at me and kissed me again after she finished speaking.

I realized that this time I was cornered; the only way out would be to think as I went. I smacked her ass one softly, and in response she pushed her tongue into my mouth again. I smacked again a little harder and I got a moan out of her as she continued to kiss me. After a few minutes of smacking her ass, she stopped kissing me long enough for me to talk.

"Jesus, to think I'm doing this to my sister!" I cried out as I smacked her ass again. This time though, she had an orgasm and moaned loudly, throwing her head back.

"Call me sister again!" she yelled as she held my head in her hands. I stared in shock, then yelled "bad sister!" as I smacked her ass hard. She screamed loudly and started grinding her hips into mine I pulled her head against my shoulder and whispered very softly "do you want me to do more to you sis? I rubbed her ass cheeks till I said "sis", then I smacked her ass hard.

She let out another loud moan and collapsed against my chest, with my crotch getting wetter every second. "Brother&hellip. please&hellip." she begged. "Hmm? Please what rose?" I asked with a teasing voice. "F-F-FHUUUCK ME!" she forced the words out of her heavy-breathing chest.

I rolled her over and quickly pulled off her clothes, staring at her figure. Her huge boobs bobbing up and down from her heaving chest. I grabbed her boobs with both my hands and played with the outer rim of her areoles as she sighed lightly. Then I quickly pinched her nipples with my index finger and thumb quickly, making her moan loudly.

I was enjoying listening to her moan loudly when she pushed her pussy upward into my eyesight.

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Her pussy was completely drenched. I licked my lips and slowly moved my head to it. My sister knew what was coming, and I knew that she was waiting, so I teased her.

I lightly breathed on her pussy; her back arched a little as she felt my hot breath make her pussy hotter. I lightly licked her thigh and tasted her juices. I went over her slit and pussy for a few minutes while I sucked up all her nectar from her crotch.

I slowly moved over her slit and spread her lips to look at her light pink coloring inside her pussy and slowly went upward to her clit. Her breathing and moans became short and louder as I got closer, then all at once, I sucked, kissed, and licked her clit with some violent lust.

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I pushed my tongue hard against her cit and flicked it over and over as she bucked her hips upward, then I stuck my tongue into her pussy and tasted all the juice inside of her. There was more than I could actually swallow as it started to dribble from the corner of my mouth. "F-FUCK! OH GOD BRANDON!" she pushed my head into her crotch with both her hands and pulled at my hair as she started to have another orgasm.

She pushed her hips up into my face while pushing my head down mashing my nose against her clit. I breathed in to smell her, how often do I get this close to my sister right? Her pussy had a great smell to it, the scent could not be described, but it made my dick stand out like a flagpole.

I pulled my head back and shoved a finger into her pussy and inserted it back and forth with as much force and speed as I could.

Her pussy was hot and wet! I could feel all her juices and there was even a squelching sound. Then my hand started to get soaked in her juices. I put my face very close to her pussy too, so that I could suck up more of her juices.

she had another orgasm suddenly and squirted into my mouth, all over my cheeks, and even on my chin. Her pussy started pulling on my finger and contracting around it, stopping it from escaping the heat inside her hot slit. "Ohhh, fuck&hellip." She said sighing deeply as she pulled me up and kissed me again.

she started licking my cheeks and my lips for some of her pussy juice. She found it and satisfied herself to as much as she wanted. "Incredible… but brother… I still want more&hellip." She said as she got to the edge of the bed and started going for my pants.

"More?! No way sis, you just had 3 orgasms!" I said suprisingly. She started tugging my pants down. I hadn't even seen her turn around; she was fast when she wanted something.

"I don't care anymore! I need you inside me!" she yelled as she pulled my pants off, making my hard dick spring out. She let out a little gasp as it pointed straight at her waiting and throbbing. "You still amaze me brother!" she put a hand on the shaft as it continued to twitch. Her hand's heat made it throb more. She kissed the head of my dick and started to swallow the whole shaft, she got down to the last inch and started to gag a little, then looked up into my eyes with a pleading look.

I had a feeling I understood as she tried to force the last inch down her throat. I placed a hand on the back of her head and forced her head forward a little fast, feeling her throat start to give to my dick pushing in it. Then she pulled off of my dick "Now, your little buddy is nice and wet bro. Now get it in my pussy now!!!!" "I smacked her ass as she laid down on the bed in missionary position.

"You don't give the orders here young lady! I do!" I kissed her and smacked her ass a few times to get her attention. She whimpered loudly and held my head in her hands again. "I said fuck me! Now fuck me brother!" she had an angry lust in her eyes as she pushed her pussy upward, missing my dick head and rubbing my shaft against her slit.

Her head fell back and she left go of my head as she rubbed the shaft of my dick. The wetness made her slide easily on my shaft, and it was making my dick hotter rubbing against her. It throbbed more as it felt her heat push against it. With great effort because of the pleasure, I placed a hand on her mound above her pussy and pushed it down to stop her. She let out a gasp of shock as she was forced to stop.

"That's not fucking sis, that's rubbing&hellip. THIS is fucking." I pointed my dick at her pussy's entrance and entered to the end of my head, then stopped. Her pussy was hot! Hotter than earlier, and It felt like I could fuck her easily! I started thinking all the sudden. "What are you doing Brandon? This is your sister! You can't do this…seriously!

You were supposed to get out of this situation, not continue it!" "Brandon! What are you waiting for!?" she cried as the head of my dick continued to sit inside her pussy waiting for me to shove it deep into her. Rose got tired of waiting and pushed her pelvis upward and burst it through her hymen, as she moaned and wrapped her arms around my back. "B-Brandon! It hurts!


Please help stop the pain!" her pussy was twitching around my dick. I felt like I was stretching apart her very insides as I fought to get my dick all the way inside her.

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I felt like I was going to cum just from that. Then I realized it was too late to stop now, and I actually could not pull my dick out, I was starting to thrust in slowly.

She let out a deep moan from in her chest. "F-FUHHHCK! OH GOD BRANDON!!!" she yelled as I started to move faster and deeper. "The pain is&hellip. gone brother&hellip. fuck me harder!" she yelled again. My dick was wrapped in a hot and wet sensation that seemed to make me want to get deeper into her. I slammed against her pussy trying to bury my dick deeper into her. I started to feel something coating my dick, and looked to see that it was blood. I couldn't believe how it felt. She was so tight!

It felt like it was constricting my dick and it was getting harder and harder to control my hips. Soon I found myself groaning loudly along with roses moans.

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I started slamming my dick deep into her fast and hard as she started to scream. The blood was dripping onto my bed now and it scared me how much of it there was. Suddenly I felt that familiar sensation. I was about to cum.

My sister seemed to know this cause she started to scream for me to cum inside her. My dick began to swell to a bigger size and she moaned louder as it pushed her walls farther apart and then I felt her pussy contract around my dick and a rush of fluid run past my dick. That contraction made my dick increase in pleasure as I pushed my dick in to the very base and groaned loudly as I felt sperm flow from my shaft deep into her pussy.

Some of the cum started to leak out of her pussy already and mixed with our sweat, and her blood and juices. "Oh god damn brother!

I can feel you Cumming inside me! Oh god it feels so good!" she yelled as I collapsed on top of her breathing heavily, her boobs mashed between us as my dick continued to cum for a few more spurts. We laid like that for almost 10 minutes till our breathing was regular.

By this time my dick was no longer hard, but her pussy was still covered in blood and cum, so i decided to help her "wash up". I started rubbing her clit slow and lightly, then hard and fast making her scream, then i went slow again and she moaned in dissapointment. I stopped and left her there as i got a towel and placed it around her for when she squirted. Again I rubbed her clit slow, and light, then fast and hard and she screamed again, then i pinched her clit between my index and thumb and she bucked her hips upward as she came to another orgasm.

Blood, sweat and juice shot out of her pussy all over the towel, she still had enough energy to get up and start getting dressed though. "Well lover, looks like you learn how to please a woman quick, dont you?" she winked at me as she finished getting dressed.

"And since your now my lover, I'm going to sleep with you tonight!" she sounded very enthusiastic and jumped into my bed and closed her eyes. It was only about 7:00 PM, hardly dark at all, but mom would be home soon. I crawled into bed next to her and she hugged me tightly, then she whispered: "I love you bro…" I kissed her neck and whispered: "I love you too sis…" then she wrapped her arms around my body. We both said good night at the same time and dozed off.

The Future Seemed good&hellip. for me anyway! "Brandond, I'm home!" Kassy peeked in my room to see if i was sleeping to find me sleeping with rose tightly in my arms.what would she say the next day? WAIT AND SEE!

Now I could make another continue of this story if I get enough positive feedback on this one too, and i might have to change it to a 3rd person perspective. sorry if this is any inconvenience.