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Big black cock brutal anal and blonde dildo masturbation first time did you ever wonder
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"This game again?" said Aaron groaning at the thought once more. he sat on the floor that beamed with light through the wide window in the dim basement sitting with few others. "What wrong with it?" Said Simon one spoke up "We always play that game it gets boring.

right Seth?" Aaron took a few glances tring to convince me to agree with him. "Well.?" With a racing ming of wondering which way i should choose ".i like game"I whispered with a bowed head. "you like it?!.but.whatever im going" Aaron slowly turned and made his way to the staircase that lead to the back yard .


silence fell upon us, the trio that soon to be duo until. "Simon says stop" Simon sayed in a stern voice no changing his focus that was on me.

Oddly and obediently Aaron stopped at the door, grinning from ear to ear he parted his white teeth with the chip in the canine tooth he spoke again "Simon says come back and join us" again he followed orders and sat next to me.

With slow foot steps that seemed to echo in the empty room he pulled Aaron from his hair and spoke in his ear "Why cant you be like Seth.

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he listens why cant you!" he said yelling before forcefully pushing Aaron to his back beside the silent one with his left hand Simon stokes the side of my head then stoking my cheeks with his warm hand that made my cheeks redden slightly. Sitting up Aaron shakes his head and softly pushes Simons hand from me "Leave him alone"Aaron demands.


"Why?. Seth, Simon says if you want him to stop?" with parted lips a soft voice flowed from the silent ones throat."No Simon. i like this game." With a smirk he commands again "Seth, Simon says to. hmm . stand up kiss me" he laughs even at his own order. Come on Simon thats sick!


"Shut up . ive made you do much worse, you, I and Seth know that" he stole a wink at Aaron the one at me. I found my self on my feet slowly walking to Simon, he smiled "Well." he said in an impatient tone while holding him under his arms i closed my eyes and slowly pressed my lips against his.own, warm lips .

i pull back and stare at the floor hearing Aaron make gestures that i couldnt describe but found out to be some faces of disgust. "Simon says go Aaron if this disgusts you so?" .

Aaron stop and fell silent " What?" "You heard me . Simon.says.go" I turned my head to see him with a shocked face "But.Simon." "'Oh Simon' nothing, you dont like the game no?" "But." Simon cut him off while turning to face him "If you dont like it go!, no one is keeping you here anymore" "Simon." again he cuts him off ".do you want to play still? If not then just go." Pushing my hair out of the way i saw Aaron's eyes water then drop to his knees, letting some tears go upon the floor "i want to play.

ill play right" "Good" Simon finished the response, slowly glancing at the clock reading 7:09 p.m i feared that this was only he beginning. Later on in the evening stealing glances at the clock reading the minutes go by, i found myself with Aaron kneeling before Simon with our shirts off and discarded on the floor like some common towel.

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"Simon says that both of you shall just play with each other" he said just enjoying the . the power that he held over two people just by two words. i glance at Aaron and lay him down on the floor and stroke my hand across his chest with one hand while balencing myself with the other on the floor feeling the coldness of the concrete floor roll aganst my hand."Mmnh.more" he whispered with closed eyes, feeling my cock grow harder with each soft word he spoke As I take my hand tht rubbed him ever so softly and pressed my palm against his own bulge in his pants, with some moements that went up and down massaging him some.

feeling my mouth water for the taste of. him in my mouth. with a groan i unbutton his pants and licking the outside of his boxers making him moan out in the spacious room then while caressing his balls, sliding his boxers down to his ankles exposing his semi-hard cock (5 1/2). My mouth was drenched with spit on the inner of my mouth, i let some drip out of my mouth and onto his cock making him slowly jerk back in pleasure that i saw from him. Simon watched upon us while masturbating against the wall.

Taking Aaron into my mouth i feel around his hardening member wih my wet tounge, savoring flavor of his delicious cock in my mouth, I bobbed my head slowly on his throbbing cock that moved every which-way in my mouth, hearing various moan that came from him and from Simon. I quickly glanced at Simon to see his full 9'' cock, seeing that made my body shake and shiver for a moment from pure pleasure that raced into my mind, i tried to make my preformence better by slowly slurping up against Aaron cock, with moments of caressing his ball with my hand "Oh.

Seth you so good".

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I felt his cock tighten around my lips with a slight arching of his back ".Oh. the pressure." his pressure released from him cock cumming hard to the back of my throat and down slowly. I softly lapped it up and le it flow down smoothly.

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"Mm smooth as silk" he laughd petting me softly on the crown of me head "Want me to return the favor?" he said with a devious smile that tempted me so "Ya." until.

"Simon says stop" he said stopping in pleasureing himself and standing up letting his cock hang to the left, Tring not to look i couldn't help my self but to have a few peeks at him. "what do we do now Simon?" Aaron asked with a smile of ecstasy, him just wanting. everything.

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"excited are we?" he smiled "yes Simon. very i want you to fuck me" I sat there not really knowing what to say just dodging looks at one another one at the stricter one and the other, or just who talked first.

"What about you Seth?" he sayedI felt his eyes dart upon my making my blood turn cold for a moment. not sure what his question ment, he then turned away motioning Aaron to follow, he layed him upon a couch, that seemed pretty new, although it it looked like it had been passed down with the minor rips and tears across fabric along the arm rests and the pretty beat-up cushions that seemed to be turned over over long peariods of time, watching Aaron lay there I didnt notice that Simon had a collar and a small but slightly thick piece of rope that was tied in the bondage loop on the black, spike -studded leather collar.

He licks up the others chest with the tip of his tounge made me a bit horny, he placed the collar on him and swiftly took his pants and boxers that wore on his ankles and places them behind him, he just studied him a few seconds stareing at his soft ass, he lifted Aarons legs up slightly and places his tounge flat on his hole licking around softly and skillfully letting spit flow onto him licking in and out ".Relax".

Were his Instructions I noticed that Aarons body became less tence Simon sat upon the arm rest easing the others legs open and spread. He takes spit and rubs it around his cock getting it dripping with spit he stares at the others eyes "w-what are you doing" Aaron asked with worry filling his body more than some tension "Shhhhhh.

be quiet. it will only hurt for a second" he smiled some " But Si-" he beging to moan with increasing heart rate as the tip of Simons large cock seemed to slide into him, Aaron arches his back in pleasure and pain "Oh. fuck. it hurts. Mmnh ow my walls hurt Simon!" He moans out loudly, Simon is deaf to the others whine as more and more of his cock seems to press inside him, I kneel watching them from a distance but close enough to hear them both.

"Oh god Aaron, your so tight" Simon says with shut eyes, grasping onto the rope that held the collar around Aaron's neck while getting all of himself inside Aaron his begins to pull out slowly and then back in harder, and harder, and harder till Simon was fucking the other "Shit Simon go slower!

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It hurts!" "Shut.up!!" Simon yells as he pulls down on the rope fucking Aarons tight ass, "Oh you so tight" He says once again "Dont stop Simon" Rubbing my crotch softly i saw the others go at it moaning softly through parted lips,hearing bodies colliding, slapping against each other.

"Oh god Aaron im close." He moans out loudly making the room tremble, feeling like time slowed and the minute streached to an hour, Simon pulled out and cummed hard on Aaron leaving sreaks across his chest, hair and maybe some on the floor I watched and waited until they finished, "Hey Aaron?" "Yes?" "I never sayed 'Simon Says'" ~Fin~