Blonde best friend bimbos samantha rone and dakota skye banged threesome and hardcore

Blonde best friend bimbos samantha rone and dakota skye banged threesome and hardcore
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Amy and I frequently saw each other at parties and barbeques but never really did more than have a light chat every now and again with each other.

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We were both 17 at the time, and neither one of us thought too much of the other, but one night that changed. The day school closed, a mutual friend of ours decided to host a huge year end party at her house. Naturally, that meant lots of drunk, horny teenagers, which was the norm for me, although I never really got involved in the drinking part up until then.

Amy always ended up drunk at parties which I suppose was one of the reasons we didn't chat much.

Either we were disagreeing with each other about intoxication or I was helping her keep balance on the way to a friend's car. Amy was a beautiful girl, about 1.6m tall with hazelnut colored hair and matching eyes, two perfect sized breasts (not too big, not too small.

Just perfect!), a cute little bubble butt and two long, slender legs, all topped off with a cute little button nose and a smile that could bring guys to their knees! I, on the other hand, was 1.8m tall, blonde hair with deep blue eyes, with a body in good, fit and rather well toned physique if I do say so myself.


Other than a few pimples here and there, I was looking pretty good at that age, which greatly helped me overcome my extremely shy nature around girls when I needed to. I arrived just as Amy was stepping out the door with a Brutal fruit in her one hand and her phone in her other.


She started dialing a number, but stopped midway as I walked up to greet her. ''Rob! How are you?'' she asked excitedly. 'Hey Amy, I'm great thanks. How are you doing? I see you're hitting the booze already.' I replied casually. 'Yeah, haha how could I resist? I'm good thanks.' she continued We chatted excitedly about the holidays and school finally being over for a while before Amy started looking pretty anxious and tense.

I opened my mouth to ask what was wrong when one of my physics buddies spotted me and hauled me in to the house, rushing me off to grab a beer and become his wingman for the evening.

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I decided I'd let the issue drop until we got a chance to speak again. That is, if she wasn't pissed out of her skull yet. As the night progressed, I thought less and less of that little moment with Amy and drank more and more as my friends tried to turn me into the alcoholic monster they believed they needed to create.

I was given everything from coffee, caramel and chocolate liquor shots to liquid cocaine and a particularly potent drink known locally as a 'Sowetan Toilet' (Those of you who've been to South Africa will know EXACTLY what I mean) because of it's disgusting appearance and taste as well as its power to knock anyone who had a go at it out very swiftly.

After my friends gave up on trying to slosh me out even more, I decided to head for the snack table to gorge myself and sober up a little bit. On the way through the house, I spotted Amy curled up on a large sofa, crying to herself. 'Amy, are you alright?' I asked softly once I'd made my way over and sat myself down next to her. 'Rob? Oh, it's nothing, it's nothing.

Don't worry about it.' She sniffed before trying to put a pathetic false smile over her face. 'Amy, c'mon, you can tell me. I'm here for you.

Please, let me help you if I can.' She looked longingly at me for about a minute then gazed into my eyes for a few seconds before slowly leaning forward and kissing me softly. I felt my eyes widen but then I was kissing back, shocked at what was happening but also too tipsy to care, and then my tongue was sliding slowly between her lips.

The more we kissed, the more passionate the moment became.

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This carried on for a couple of very fast minutes until eventually Amy broke the kiss and put her lips to my ear. 'Wanna go find somewhere a little more private?' she whispered seductively, before sitting back and giving me a sexy grin.

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*** A few minutes later, we'd locked ourselves into a guest room and I had her pinned up against the door, with her legs wrapped around me and her top completely unbuttoned, my shirt off and her hair, a wild mess. The room was filled with pure sexual bliss as we began undressing each other, making our way to the huge bed in the middle of the room, making animalistic moaning and grunting noises along the way.

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When we reached the bed, Amy practically through me down and jumped on top of me, somehow finding the time to undo and take off her bra in the same few moments and before I knew it, her hands were gripping onto my head, pushing me tightly into those wonderful titties. 'Suck me! Oh, fuck I'm so horny, suck me now!!' she screeched as I attacked her left niplple, sucking and nibbling on it like I was a baby that hadn't been fed in days.

'Oh fuck yes!! Yes!' she continued, tearing down my jeans and boxers in one swift pull.

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'ooooooooooh… oh yes.' I began to moan while she furiously began to jerk my rock-solid mini-me off at lightning pace.

Suddenly I was on top of her and we were furiously trying to undress each other again, skirt, panties, shirt, all off and in a pile on the floor in a matter of seconds.

I grabbed Amy again, this time lying down on top of her naked for the first time, my steel hard-on pressed up against her completely saturated pussy, the both of us rubbing against each other's sex. Then, it was time for the real fun to start. I positioned my cock at her entrance and gazed into her eyes for a split second, just enough time to catch the wild, horny look she was holding, and then I thrust forward, into her cunt as hard as I could. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH YES!!" she screamed "Fuck me, fuck me hard Rob!

Make me cum, make me your bitch!!" I didn't need to be told again. I immediately pulled out until just the tip of my dick was in her fuck hole and then with all my might, quickly thrust in again and again. The pace just kept on speeding up as and soon we were both fucking against each other, with her furiously rubbing her clit against me, masturbating herself on me. This drove me on, even faster and tougher. By this stage, she had her legs around me and was tightening them like a vice, gripping onto my arse, pulling me into her as we continued to kiss furiously.

As all good things do, the end began to near. I could feel that all too familiar tingle in my nuts building up and I could feel the walls of Amy's pussy tighten up like she wanted to snap my cock off and devour it.

What seemed like only seconds later, Amy's pussy completely tightened around me. 'Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!' she screeched, and began to quiver and shake while gasping for breath.

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This sent me over the edge and I pushed in one last thrust as I came at the same time as her. We were both gasping and shaking, moaning slightly and still kissing passionately once both our orgasms had subsided. As I pulled out, I got this impression that this wasn't the only time we were going to be fucking each other silly…