Girl showing her Big Booty Boobs

Girl showing her Big Booty Boobs
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It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning when I arrived at the airport with my beautiful girlfriend, Becca. Normally, it was difficult to find parking near the airport. However, luck was on our side today. There was an available parking spot that was relatively close to the airport doors. "We're here," I told Becca, as I parked the van that I recently rented. "Thanks again for the ride, dear," Becca said, as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

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"You're quite welcome," I told her. Becca was heading to Orlando, Florida for a cheerleader competition. She was planning on recruiting a few cheerleaders for some of her unique projects. She was particularly interested in cheerleaders that clearly had urges and that were eager to express themselves in bedrooms and on film.

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"Can I get a goodbye kiss before I go?" Becca asked me. "I would love to feel your mouth on my lips before I take off." "Of course," I answered, as I unbuckled my seatbelt. I leaned towards Becca and gave her a deep and passionate kiss on her lips. After our lips separated, she giggled at me. "Not those lips," she said.

"The other set of lips. Your favorite set. I made sure to shave around that area just for you." My eyes widened as I realized what Becca wanted. "Becca, we're at a fucking airport," I whispered. "Are you nuts? I can't do that here." "We're not going to get caught," Becca promised. "There's a reason I asked you to rent a vehicle with tinted windows before you drove me here.

So we can have fun without getting caught." At that moment, Becca spread her legs, lifted up her dark blue miniskirt, and showed me her sexy pink panties. Her panties were covered in purple flowers and had dark blue lace. I could see the outline of her pussy lips through her panties, and they already looked moist.

"So let's have some fun," Becca said. "I really want you to pull these little panties down and give me a sweet kiss before I go. Please?" I thought about saying no, but Becca's offer was just too tempting for me to resist. "Okay," I said. "But try not to scream too loud." "I'll try," she promised. I smiled as I grabbed Becca's pink panties and pulled them down her legs. Then I pressed my mouth against Becca's pink lips and made out with them. Giving cunnilingus was a regular thing for me these days, but I never got tired of making Becca, or other beautiful women, moan and scream whenever I went down on them.

I flicked my tongue out and pressed it against Becca's clit as I played with her succulent twat. I heard Becca cry out as I pleasured her extremely sensitive clit with my warm pink tongue. At that moment, I pushed my lips directly against Becca's pink lips, pressing down on them as much as I could. I inserted my tongue into her and moved it against the walls of her delicious pussy.

As I moved my tongue back and forth, I made sure to rub my upper lip up against Becca's clit, stimulating as much of her pussy as I possibly could. I could feel Becca's legs shake as I satisfied my favorite pussy.

Becca screamed as my mouth did its job and gave her another unforgettable orgasm. She let out several loud cries as she squirted. I gasped as she came right into my mouth. I could hear Becca breathing loudly as she filled my mouth up with her warm moist cum. After I got my share of cum, I removed my mouth from Becca's twat. Becca's breathing slowly returned to normal as I pulled my lips and tongue off of her. I smiled as I stared at her drenched pussy.

At that moment, Becca placed three fingers on her right hand inside of her pussy and collected her pussy juice. She smiled as she removed her hand and licked her own cum right off of her fingers.

Once Becca finished swallowing her cum, she pulled her panties back up. "Thank you for the sweet kiss," she told me. "You really are a sweetheart. Promise you'll fantasize about me while I'm away?" "Oh, I'll definitely be fantasizing about you," I told her.

"Good," she said. At that moment, Becca leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. She pushed her tongue into my mouth as she made out with me. She moved her sweet pink tongue around as she collected her own cum from my mouth. After several seconds passed, our lips and tongues separated, and our kinky fun came to an end.

After we climbed out of the van, I helped Becca get her luggage out of the vehicle. She picked her stuff up and prepared to head towards the airport. "I love you," Becca told me, as she headed towards the airport doors. "I love you too," I replied. With a smile, Becca walked towards the airport doors. As she prepared to enter, she lifted her miniskirt up and gave me a good view of her ass, which was only slightly covered by her pink panties.

My cock jumped right up as I stared at my girlfriend's ass. Becca giggled as she pulled her miniskirt down and headed into the airport.

I didn't know what I was going to do for the rest of the day, but I knew that I would have plenty of things that I could fantasize about and plenty of orgasms that I could have. I thought about Becca as I drove down a busy street and back to my apartment. I was halfway home when I realized that the van's fuel tank was about to become empty.

With a sigh, I pulled my vehicle into a nearby gas station. Unfortunately, I drove into a huge mud puddle before I could reach a gas pump. I parked the van, climbed out of it, and stared at the mud that attached itself to my vehicle.

I realized that I would probably need to take the van to a car wash before I could return it. With an exasperated sigh, I paid for the gasoline with my credit card. As I pumped gasoline into the vehicle's gas tank, I noticed something across the street. It was a car washing fundraiser.

Twelve women were washing a blue Civic in the parking lot. The women were all wearing orange bikinis. However, the orange bottoms, for some weird reason, looked like cheerleader spankies. My heart began to beat rapidly as I realized who the women were. College cheerleaders. I promptly topped off my vehicle, climbed back into the van, and drove to the car washing site. I pulled my car up the parking lot and rolled my driver's window down so that the women could see me.

A young woman with dark brown hair and light blue eyes approached me. She smiled at me. "Hi, my name is Dani," the woman said. "Are you interested in getting your vehicle washed today?" "Yes, please," I answered. "Just out of genuine curiosity, what is this for?" "We're all cheerleaders," Dani explained. "We need to raise just over three thousand dollars for a trip next month.

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So we're giving car washes to help raise the money." "Cheerleaders, huh?" I remarked. "Alright, I'm down for a car wash then. That could be fun." Suddenly, Dani's eyes widened as she realized something.

"Holy shit!" Dani exclaimed. "What is it?" I asked. "I know you!" Dani cried. "You're that guy! The one who can make cheerleaders cum! I've heard about you! I can't believe." "How do you." "Hold on!" Dani shouted. "Stay right there! We actually have a surprise for you!" Dani ran over to a group of cheerleaders. After a few seconds of conversation, six of them, including Dani, walked back over to my van. "Follow us this way," Dani instructed.

"The other cheerleaders are going to continue to give car washes. You. on the other hand. well. like I said, we have a big surprise for you." Dani, and the five cheerleaders that she selected, headed towards a building that was directly behind them. I slowly drove my van as I followed them. At that moment, I realized that that building was a garage. The garage door slowly opened, and the cheerleaders headed into the garage. I slowly pulled my vehicle into the garage.

The door promptly closed behind me. "You can get out of the car," Dani told me. "There's someone that you should see first." I opened my car door and climbed out of the vehicle. It was at that moment that I saw her.

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It was Emma. She was wearing a light orange cheerleader top and a short orange miniskirt. She had a black bow in her hair to go along with black socks and white tennis shoes. Emma gasped when she saw me. "Oh, my God, it's great to see you!" Emma shouted, as she approached me and gave me a hug. "It's great to see you too!" I replied.

"Oh, my God! I certainly did not expect to see you here!" "Yep, I'm actually in charge of this car washing fundraiser," Emma revealed. "Well, aren't I fortunate?" I remarked. "I see that you already met Dani," Emma commented. "How do you know each other?" I asked Emma. "We used to go to the same college before I transferred over," she replied. I stared at Emma's body as I analyzed the cheerleader outfit that she was wearing.

"I must say, you look as sexy in that cheerleader outfit as you do in." "Alright, enough sweet talk," Emma said. "It's time to wash that dirty car of yours.

Hopefully. we'll be able to satisfy this dirty customer as well." At that moment, Emma slid her orange cheerleader briefs down her legs and kicked them off of her feet. She lifted up her miniskirt and flashed me.

My cock jumped up as I stared at her shaven twat. "So tell me, did you miss this pussy?" Emma asked me. "Maybe," I answered. "Hmm, perhaps you should reacquaint me with it." "Soon," Emma promised, as she spun around and grabbed her panties off of the floor. "But first things first, my friends have to change so this setting can properly fulfill your deepest fantasies." At that moment, Emma wrapped her spankies around my eyes. "When they're ready, I will remove them," Emma promised.

"They just need one minute." I waited silently as the cheerleaders began to change into their outfits. After a minute passed, Emma removed the panties from my eyes. "Here they are," Emma said, as she tossed her panties aside. "I would like you to meet Dani, Jenny, Sally, Ivy, Karen, and Brittany. They're all cheerleaders, they're all beautiful, and they're all ready to arouse you tonight.

We'll each take turns having fun with you. The rest of us will wash and clean your vehicle.

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Hopefully, you'll be entertained until the car wash is complete." "Oh, I'm sure I will be," I responded. I observed the cheerleaders that were ready to pleasure me and have me pleasure them. Like Emma, the young women were all wearing light orange cheerleader shells and miniskirts. "Now it's time to get you into my favorite outfit," Emma told me. "We like to be very aggressive," Sally said, as she approached me.

"Now go on. Have a seat. We'll help you get out of those clothes right now." I sat down in a chair as the cheerleaders surrounded me.

"I love aggressive women," I confessed. "Especially when they happen to be cheerleaders." "Good," Ivy said. "As it turns, we happen to love it too." And the cheerleaders began to grab my clothes and remove them from my body. I breathed heavily as I watched the cheerleaders rip my clothes off of me. My shoes and socks were pulled off my feet and tossed aside while my shirt was torn right off of me. I watched as the cheerleaders removed my belt from my pants loops, and my pants were ripped right off of my legs.

The cheerleaders wanted me to be nude immediately, and they didn't care how many rips and tears they left in my clothes. To be honest, I didn't care either. I was ready to get hard, see some boobs, pull some panties down, eat some pussy, shove my cock into them, and cum all over their bodies.

Finally, Sally ripped my light blue boxers right off of me as she exposed my crotch. I was completely nude and officially ready for the fun to begin. The cheerleaders gazed in awe as they stared at my naked body. Most of their attention was directed towards my cock. Jenny collected my torn up clothes and tossed them against a wall. "Now let's clean him off," Ivy said. "Brittany?" "It would be my pleasure," Brittany replied. At that moment, Brittany raised a hose up into the air.

She smiled as she turned the hose on and sprayed me with cold water. I gasped as the cold water covered my body. Brittany smiled as she covered me from head to foot, refusing to stop until I was completely drenched in water. "Oh, my God, that's cold!" I exclaimed, as the water soaked itself into my skin.

"Watch this," Sally told me. "This should get you warm." At that moment, Sally grabbed a sponge out of a bucket that was filled with warm water. She smiled as she held the sponge over my cock. As I realized what was about to happen next, my cock jumped up and became hard. I moaned as Sally lowered the wet sponge and rubbed it over the head of my sensitive cock.

Sally moved the sponge up and down as she masturbated me with it. She moaned softly as she pleasured me. I watched with excitement as the blonde cheerleader stimulated my cock to her heart's content with her sponge.

As Sally stroked my cock with the sponge in her right hand, she squeezed my balls with her left hand. Never had being wet felt so fucking good. I moaned loudly as she played with my cock and balls, rubbing that wet sponge all over my crotch.

At that moment, Sally recognized that I was on the verge of reaching a climax and removed the sponge from my crotch. "All yours," Sally announced to the other cheerleaders, as she stepped back. Dani stepped forward and stared at my soaked crotch. With a smile on her face, Dani reached for her top and pulled it up and off of her body. I stared longingly at Dani's natural double D's. Her nipples were already perky and erect, and she was clearly aroused.

"I see you're really aroused by my tits," Dani remarked. "Good. Now let's see how much you're aroused by my pussy." At that moment, Dani raised her hands up and under her miniskirt. She smiled as she lowered her orange panties down her legs. Dani kicked the briefs off of her feet before she walked over to me. "Hmm, it appears that we made your crotch all wet," Dani said. "Now it's your turn." Then Dani climbed on top of me and lowered herself until her pussy was touching my face.

I moaned as I felt the warm pink lips of Dani's twat touch my face. "Enjoy," she said. At that moment, I stuck my tongue out and began to eat her out. Dani moaned as I licked and kissed her twat.

My upper lip rubbed up against Dani's clit as I pleasured her pussy. I planted sweet kisses all over Dani's twat as I proceeded to make her moist. Her legs shook as I slowly pleasured her sensitive twat. As Dani's breathing increased, I decided to increase the intensity of my pussy eating. I clamped my teeth onto Dani's lips and bit down on them. Dani tasted fantastic, and I was very eager to taste and swallow her cum.

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I shoved my tongue down her pussy and aligned my lips directly with the lips on her succulent twat. Then I kissed her lips with as much passion as I could possibly muster. Dani leaned her head back and screamed as I made her orgasm. She shrieked as her sweet pussy juice gushed right out of her twat and into my mouth. I moaned as Dani squirted cum into my mouth for several seconds. After Dani finished squirting, she rolled off of me and collapsed onto the garage floor.

She lay on her back, breathing heavily as the orgasm overtook her senses. On instinct, I climbed out of my chair, got down on the floor, grabbed Dani's legs, and elevated them. Then I pressed my mouth back onto her pussy and began to lick the cum right off of her lips. Dani moaned as I licked the pussy juice right off of her twat. Dani was delicious, and I didn't want to stop tasting her. "Oh, fuck, he's so fucking good!" Dani screamed, as I cleaned the cum off of her crotch.

The other cheerleaders watched in awe as I helped myself to Dani's sweet twat. "Oh, God, I want him!" I heard Jenny murmur. "I want that cock inside me!" At that moment, I climbed to my feet and approached Jenny. I held my stiff cock up with my right hand as I showed it to her. "You want this cock, right?" I asked the redheaded cheerleader.

"Holy fuck, that cock is so big!" Jenny cried out. "You sure about that?" I asked her. "Why don't you feel it for yourself? Just to make sure." In that instant, I grabbed Jenny and slowly pushed her backwards. Jenny smiled as she leaned against a garage wall.

I smiled as I grabbed Jenny's cheerleader top and pulled it up until I could see her flawless double D's. "Very nice," I told her. "Is that all you wanted to see?" Jenny asked me, even though she already knew the answer. "Just watch," I answered. I lifted her miniskirt up as I exposed her briefs. Jenny held her skirt up with her hands and folded it up so that it wouldn't fall down again. "First things first. some foreplay," I told her. Then I pressed my erect cock directly against Jenny's spankies.

She moaned as I rubbed it over her panty covered lips.


I moved my cock in a clockwise motion as I satisfied Jenny. As I rotated my cock, I made sure that I rubbed it up against her sensitive clit. As I rubbed my cock up against Jenny's panties, she grabbed her boobs and began to play with her sensitive nipples. She let out a soft moan as her nipples and pussy were aroused at the same time. At that moment, I pressed my cock deep into her panties. I heard an audible rip as my cock made a tear in the crotch of Jenny's panties. Jenny gasped as I pressed the head of my cock directly against the skin of her pussy lips.

I moaned as I felt her panties become moist. Jenny was officially ready for more fun. "Oh, God, I'm wet!" Jenny exclaimed. "Good," I answered, as a big smile formed on my face. "Then that means you can drop them." At that moment, Jenny dropped her panties down her legs as she showed me her shaven pussy.

She pressed my cock directly against her pussy lips. She moaned as she inserted my stiff cock directly into her wet snatch. I grunted as I began to fuck Jenny. Her miniskirt fluttered in the air as I pounded her pussy. Jenny moaned as she felt my cock rub up against her pussy. I grasped Jenny's boobs and twisted her nipples as I fucked her pussy to my heart's content. As the fucking continued, Jenny's moans became even louder than the smacking sound that my cock generated as it rubbed up against her pussy.

"Time's up!" Brittany announced. "Now it's my turn!" At that moment, I pulled out of Jenny. She cried out as I removed my cock from her. A few drops of pussy juice leaked out of her twat and began to pour down her legs.

I smiled as I approached Brittany. She had brown eyes, brown hair, and a flawless body. "You ever fucked a naughty cheerleader on the hood of a car before?" Brittany asked me.

"Nope," I answered. "I've done a lot of crazy things, but that's something that I haven't done just yet." "Well. now you can," she said. Brittany turned around and leaned against the hood of my van.


I lifted Brittany's miniskirt up and stared at her big ass. The briefs that she had on weren't large enough to cover her ass, and I was able to see most of her cheeks. "You like that ass?" Brittany asked me. "I don't think I've ever seen an ass that big before," I confessed. "It's amazing." Brittany giggled. "So what do you want to do to it?" she wondered aloud. "Lean forward," I told her. "And you'll find out." Brittany immediately complied.

At that moment, I pulled Brittany's spankies down her legs until I could see her ass and pussy in its full glory. Then I raised my right hand and gave her right cheek a big spank.

Brittany cried out as I spanked her. Then I delivered a hard slap to her left cheek. Brittany screamed as I repeatedly spanked her big ass.

Brittany's ass was sensitive, and I enjoyed being able to discipline her. Eventually, I spanked Brittany to the point where most of the flesh on her flawless ass was light red and completely covered in hand prints. Brittany breathed loudly as she attempted to recover from the hard spanking. "Such a naughty cheerleader," I told her. "A naughty cheerleader with a big ass." Then I lowered my mouth down to Brittany's pussy.

Brittany moaned as I softly kissed her pink lips. I fingered her clit as I made out with her succulent twat. After a few seconds of kissing, I pulled my mouth and fingers away from her pussy. "Okay, you're wet enough," I told her.

"Now tell me, do you like it rough?" "Oh yeah," she moaned.

"Good," I replied. "Then you'll really enjoy this." Then I pushed my erect cock into Brittany's pussy and took her from behind. Brittany screamed as I pounded my cock against the walls of her pussy. She dug her fingernails into the hood of my van as I fucked her. As I moved my cock back and forth, I raised my right hand and spanked Brittany's ass again. The rough sex felt amazing, and I could tell that Brittany was really enjoying it.

Her shrieks echoed throughout the garage. Brittany's screams really turned me on, and I knew that they would send me over the edge before I could allow the other cheerleaders to play with my cock. At that moment, I pulled out of her. "Oh, God, that felt so fucking good!" Brittany shouted, as she lay against the hood of my van.

"Damn, you sure know how to fuck," someone told me. I turned my head to the left and saw Karen, a cheerleader with green eyes and black hair, standing beside me. Her top had been pulled up. She had a pair of double C's, and they looked great. "I wonder what that big cock tastes like," Karen said. "Let's find out," I replied. Karen got down on her knees as she waited for me to make the next move. I moved my cock over Karen's mouth.

At that moment, she opened her mouth and allowed my cock to move past her lips and against her pink tongue. Karen grabbed the base of my cock with her right hand, gripped it tightly, and began to suck. I moaned as Karen sucked on my fully aroused cock.

Her eyes rolled back as she listened to the moans that were generated from her cock sucking. I gasped as I felt my cock slide down her throat. Yep. Karen knew how to give a damn good blowjob. I felt the cum in my cock start to rise, and I feared that I would cum at that moment.

Thankfully, Karen removed my cock from her mouth before the release could occur. I gasped loudly as I tried to catch my breath. "Wow, you really are this horny," Ivy said, as she stepped in front of me. "I know I am," I replied. "But how horny are you?" "Let's find out," Ivy answered.

"Together." Ivy grabbed my right hand and led me over to a table. She motioned for me to climb on top of the table. I climbed onto the table and lay down on my back. Ivy smiled as she pulled her top up and off of her. She grabbed her boobs as she showed off her rack. A pair of natural double B's.

"Very nice," I told her. "Now watch this," Ivy said. Ivy turned around and bent down. Her miniskirt rose up as she showed me her ass and the briefs that barely covered it.

Then she grabbed the waistband of her briefs and pulled them down. I smiled as I stared at Ivy's ass and pussy. Ivy kicked the briefs off of her feet and climbed onto the table.

She wrapped her legs around my neck as she climbed on top of my body. "Now let's make each other horny," Ivy declared. And with those words, Ivy snatched my cock with her right hand, lowered her head, opened her mouth, and began to suck on my cock. I moaned as she gave me a blowjob. Ivy shook her ass as she sucked on my cock.

At that moment, I stuck my tongue out and began to lick her pussy. I moved my tongue around as I kissed and played with Ivy's pussy lips. Ivy moaned as I kissed and licked her sensitive twat.

Her legs shook as I satisfied her pussy. As Ivy increased the intensity of her sucking, I pressed my mouth down onto Ivy's twat and kissed it as hard as I could. At that moment, Ivy released my cock from my mouth as she let out a shrill scream. A stream of cum squirted out of Ivy's pussy as she orgasmed. The moist liquid poured out of her twat and down her legs as she reacted to the intense orgasm.

I lapped the cum up immediately, refusing to stop until I had my fill. "Holy fuck!" Ivy shrieked, as I cleaned her off. "That feels so good!" "You think that feels good?" I asked. "Here." At that moment, I angled Ivy so that she was on her back this time. Then I pulled Ivy's miniskirt up so that I could see her twat. With a big smile, I shoved three fingers right into her pussy. I moved my right hand back and forth as I finger fucked the brunette cheerleader.

Ivy moaned as I pleasured her. "Four!" she cried. "Give me four!" I smiled as I added a fourth finger to her delicious pussy. Then I moved my right hand as fast as I possibly could. Ivy screamed as I made her orgasm again. I removed my hand from Ivy's twat as a stream of cum gushed out of her pussy.

Ivy moaned as she squirted. I raised my right hand up to my mouth and licked the cum right off of my wet fingers. "Oh, God!" Ivy cried, as her body reacted to the intense orgasm. At that moment, Dani approached me. "Let me ride you!" Dani cried. "I want to ride that big cock! Please?" "With pleasure," I replied. Dani smiled. Then she jumped onto my lap.

She giggled as she spread her legs, lifted her miniskirt up, and inserted my cock right into her wet pussy. Dani bounced up and down as she rode my cock.

She moaned as she felt my cock pound the inside of her pussy. I groaned as Dani rode me hard and fast, holding nothing back as she made me fuck her. At that moment, I grasped Dani's clit with my pointer finger and thumb and began to stroke it. I let out several loud breaths as I rubbed the extremely sensitive clit.

Dani shrieked as I pleasured her with my fingers, which caused her to ride my cock even harder. Dani's orgasmic cries and screams made me even more aroused and even more eager to cum. At that moment, Emma pulled Dani off of me. Dani gasped for air as she attempted to collect herself.

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"Almost done," Emma told me. "Your car is nearly clean." "So what now?" I asked her. "Now it's time to share that big cock of yours with all these lovely ladies all at once," Emma answered. "Twelve minutes and two per cheerleader.

That should suffice." "Works for me," I replied. Over the next twelve minutes, I moved my cock back and forth between the cheerleaders. I placed it in their hands, between their boobs, in their mouths, on their asses, and inside their wet pussies. The cheerleaders' moaning and screaming turned me on so much and made me want to fuck them even harder and faster than I did the previous minute. Eventually, Emma stepped in and cut me off.

"And now it's time for the final act," she announced. At that moment, Emma got on her hands as she did a handstand. Her miniskirt flew up as she performed her handstand. A grin formed on my face as I stared at Emma's fine ass and delicious pussy.

Karen held Emma's left leg up while Sally held her right leg up. They planted their feet as they kept Emma balanced while she did her handstand. "You know what to do!" Emma shouted at me. "I want it in me, and I want it rough!" I walked over to Emma and pressed my erect cock directly against her pussy lips.

I teased her as I rubbed my cock over the outside of her twat. "Remember, do not stop until you fucking cum!" Emma ordered. With a grin on my face, I shoved my erect cock into Emma's pussy. She gasped as I entered her. Then I began to thrust my cock in and out of her pussy as I fucked her hard. Emma shrieked as I gave her rough sex in an erotic and truly arousing position. As Emma screamed, I dug my fingernails into the back of her thighs, leaving scratch marks on her legs while my cock made its mark on her wonderful pussy.

"Fuck!" Emma shrieked, as I fucked her. "Oh, this feels so fucking good! Oh!" At that moment, I realized that I could hold back no longer. I screamed as the climax overtook my mind, and the intense orgasm caused my cock to react. At that moment, I lifted my cock up slightly so that Emma could feel me cum on her in multiple places. Emma let out a loud scream as semen shot right out of my cock, and I ejaculated all over her flawless ass and pussy.

My warm white liquid melted right into Emma's sensitive pink lips, which caused her to moan louder than I had ever heard her moan before. I groaned as I emptied my cum all over Emma's fine cheerleader ass and inside of her pussy. As soon as I finished cumming onto and inside of Emma, I collapsed onto the garage floor. Sally and Karen lowered Emma down to the ground as her mind-blowing orgasm slowly concluded. Suddenly, all of the cheerleaders gathered around Emma and ate directly out of her pussy.

They moaned as they licked the cum off of her pussy and ass. A few of them even placed their fingers inside Emma's pussy and scraped out my cum from her snatch. I stared longingly at their boobs, pussies, and asses as they feasted on Emma's cum filled pussy. Once the cheerleaders finished eating out Emma, they got up and showed me my clean vehicle. "It looks like your car wash is now complete," Emma informed me.

"Though you've made us all feel quite. dirty." "Is that so?" I remarked. "Well, would you be up for a second round of." "We have to get back out there and continue the car washing fundraiser," Dani informed me. "Sorry. Don't get me wrong.

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We would love to continue having fun with you, but we can't stay on the squad if the funds aren't there." "Not a problem," I replied.

"You beautiful cheerleaders have done more than enough for me tonight. Thank you." I climbed to my feet and began to put my ripped up clothes back onto my body.

The cheerleaders quickly put their bikini tops and spankies back on. Then they placed their miniskirts and cheerleader tops on various shelves in the garage. Emma opened the garage door as we all prepared to head back outside. "Have a safe drive home," Emma told me, as she gave me a big hug.

"I will," I replied. "Good luck, Emma. I hope that you all raise the money that you need." With a smile on my face, I climbed into my vehicle, put the van in reverse, wheeled around, and took off into the night. The cheerleaders waved at me as I left the parking lot and headed home. I tried to listen to the radio as I drove back home.

However, I couldn't get any type of signal. So I was stuck with my own thoughts during the trip home. I was driving down an empty road when I heard something strange that immediately captured my attention. I heard a female moaning softly and a familiar smacking sound behind me.

I immediately pulled my car to the side of the road and parked it. I climbed out of my vehicle and walked over to the left side of the van. I threw open the door and peered inside. Much to my surprise, Dani was in the back of my van. Dani was wearing her cheerleader outfit. Her orange panties were wrapped around her ankles while three fingers on her right hand were inside her pussy. She moaned as she finger fucked herself. "Dani, what the hell are you doing in my van?" I asked her.

"Shh!" Dani cried, as she moved her fingers even faster than she did before. "Let me finish! Just let me finish pleasuring myself! Oh, fuck!

Oh!" Dani screamed as she made herself orgasm. A stream of cum gushed out of her pussy as she squirted. She let out several loud gasps as she embraced the orgasm that she just gave herself.

"Did you. did really sneak into my van just to get yourself off?" I asked her. "Not exactly," Dani answered. "I'm here because I wanted to surprise you." "Well, I sure am surprised," I admitted. "You really did make me horny," she replied. "I just wanted to return the favor. In more ways than one. So why don't you enter the van and close the door so that I can give you your surprise?" With a smile, I entered the back of my van and closed the door behind me.

"You don't have to do any work," Dani promised. "You just have to sit back and watch." At that moment, Dani unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down.

Then she reached for my torn up boxers and yanked them down. Dani's masturbating had aroused me so my cock was already erect and ready to be played with. Dani smiled as she grasped my cock, gripped it tightly, and began to stroke me with both of her hands. She switched off from her right hand to her left hand as she masturbated me.

I moaned as Dani moved her fingers over the pink flesh of my cock and stroked it vigorously. At that moment, she picked up the pace and began to quickly pump my cock with both hands. The climax hit me immediately, and I orgasmed. I screamed as semen shot right out of my cock. However, I couldn't control the release, and I ended up ejaculating all over Dani's cheerleader uniform.

My cum flew onto her top and quickly poured down her chest and onto her miniskirt. "Holy shit, I'm sorry!" I cried, as I finished cumming. "Dani, I didn't mean." "Mhm, you are such a dirty boy," Dani moaned. "Making a mess all over my little cheerleader outfit." Dani took her right hand, collected my cum, and slowly licked it off her cheerleader outfit. "So wet and sticky," she said, as she swallowed the white warm liquid. "But it tastes so good." At that moment, I had an idea. "You want to wash that outfit of yours?" I asked her.

"There's a lake right nearby. We could have even some more fun before this night is over." "A late night swim?" Dani replied, as a big smile formed on her face. "I'm in." Within five minutes, Dani and I had jumped into the nearby lake and began to swim around. As we swam, Dani and I played with each other's bodies, taking care to stroke the most sensitive areas. Dani and I laughed and moaned as we splashed around and pleasured each other in the lake.

After a few minutes passed, we climbed out of the lake and lay down on the grass together. At that moment, Dani reached for an item that she had left on the grass before she jumped into the lake. She smiled as she tossed her cheerleader panties onto my lap. "You can hold onto these," Dani told me. "Something to help you remember me." "Thanks," I replied. "And don't worry. There's no way I'll be able to forget you." "Good," Dani said.

"Cause you really are a cutie. And I really am glad that I got to meet you today. Hopefully, I'll get to see you again." "You will," I promised. "That's a guarantee." "Good," Dani replied. At that moment, a car pulled up beside my van.

I immediately realized that it was Emma's car. "You planned this all along, didn't you?" I asked Dani. "Like I said, it was a surprise," Dani answered. "I'll see you soon." Dani gave me a big kiss on my left cheek before she climbed to her feet and ran up the hill. I watched Dani as she climbed into Emma's car.

Emma waved at me from her vehicle. After Dani got into the car and closed the car door behind her, she rolled her window down, lifted up her miniskirt, and flashed her ass at me.

My cock became hard as I stared at it. I could hear Dani giggle as she showed off her big ass. After a few seconds passed, Emma started up her car and drove off into the night. As soon as Emma's car was out of sight, I held up Dani's skimpy cheerleader panties and gazed at them.

The panties were still moist, and they were filled with her cum. At that moment, I began to think about some horny things that I wanted to try with Becca. They would be things that we would enjoy together and that would give us both immense pleasure. After a few minutes of contemplation, I climbed to my feet and headed back to my van.

While I certainly didn't plan for things to happen the way that they did, I was more than happy with how the day went. For me, there was nothing better than a wet and wonderful Saturday that was filled with beautiful college cheerleaders, mind-blowing orgasms, and all kinds of cheerleader pleasure.