Big boobed lesbian mom with girl

Big boobed lesbian mom with girl
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Phip turned off the TV. Nothing was on, and it was too nice a day to spend inside anyway. His sister had gone to visit their cousin Cindy, and he didn't have any particular plans. He grabbed a Coke and stepped outside, popping the top as he went.

He caught a glimpse of his mother sunning herself on a chaise lounge and casually walked toward her. She had on her new tan-through suit and Phip looked at it clinging tightly to her high breasts and full hips, wishing it were see-through as well. She was leaning back, wearing a straw hat and mirror sunglasses and sipping iced tea through a straw. Her red lips formed a round 'O' as she sucked the cool liquid.

Seeing her brought a memory of her bare tit when he and Julia had gone out for the swim that turned into a hot fuck session. His dick stirred at the recollection.

"Have a seat," Josie said. "I'm just catching some rays in my new tan-through. It's marvelous being able to get an all-over tan. Maybe you should get one, too." "I'm not sure they make them for men," he said, getting turned on at the thought of seeing her tanned everywhere.

"Too bad," she said, "I bet you'd look good without those tan lines." She pointed to the white line that stood out where his shorts didn't quite cover it, his bare chest gleaming in the warm sunshine. "Not that you look so bad as it is," she added with a smile. "You look pretty good yourself, Mom, and I bet you look just as good under the suit." "Well, maybe," she said.

"Would you like a peek?" Without waiting for an answer, she pulled the edge of her top down to reveal a beautiful golden breast, with no trace of tan line. His dick leaped to his throat, even though she quickly replaced the gorgeous tit. "What do you think?" she asked, a smile playing on her red lips. He tried to stammer an answer, but she grinned wickedly and said, "Looks like your shorts tell the story, " nodding at the erection that had sprung to life there.

Phip, still standing, could see the reflection of his shorts in his mother's mirrored glasses, his shorts filling almost the whole frame in a distorted bulge.

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"I always think you look great, Mom. And that peek partially confirms it." "Ah, partially is the word, isn't it? Your dick says you'd like to see some more. Cool off a bit and maybe I'll give you a full look later, to get your unreserved judgment." Phip was incredibly turned on to hear his mother talking dirty to him and unabashedly eyeing his growing hard-on through his shorts.

As she watched, he reached to adjust its position, rubbing the length of it once as he pointed it upward. Josie licked her lips, formed her lips back into a tight 'O' and moved her plastic straw in and out of her mouth in a suggestive motion. She's fucking her lips with that straw, Phip thought, picturing his hard dick replacing it as he watched the white plastic plunging in and out of the grasping red orifice.

"Have you thought about what to get your cousin for her birthday?" Josie said, removing the straw. "And your Dad.

I know he'd like something, um, special, too. Something I can't exactly give him." Phip gazed at the voluptuous body of his mother stretched out on the chaise lounge, her long legs crossed seductively, one raised up so he could barely glimpse her hot crotch underneath. She put her hands behind her head, lifting her firm tits and exposing them to his full view through the tight-fitting fabric of her suit.

His mouth watered as she ran her fingers through her short, dark hair, cut to accentuate the triangular shape of her face. Her clear hazel eyes were hidden behind the mirrored glasses, but the high cheekbones tapered down to a narrow chin, and her full, pouty red lips shone wetly in the afternoon sun. He couldn't imagine what his Dad could want that she couldn't give him. He wished she would give him some of what he was seeing before him now.

"Oh, he likes my body," she said, answering his look instead of his lack of words. "We have a great time in bed. But there's something missing. That extra something that I can't supply, at least not by myself." "Well, me and Julia talked about it a little," he said, remembering the hot fucking he had given his sister in the woods, and her hints about giving Dad something extra for his birthday flooded into his mind.

"And what did you decide?" "Um.

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Julia's going over to talk to Cindy about it today, and I guess I was supposed to ask you about Dad." "What do you think those two cousins are cooking up?" she asked. "They're both sexy, and maybe.maybe it'll turn out to be an extra hot party," she added. "Which one do you think is the sexiest, Cindy or Julia?" "Right now I think you're the sexiest woman I've ever seen," Brad said, his voice coming in a throaty whisper.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't be much of a surprise present for your Dad. He can get me pretty much anytime." Anytime I say, that is, and how I say, she thought. She set her drink down and stood up, smoothing her suit over her well rounded butt. "Coming for the show?" she asked, walking briskly back toward the house. Phip followed, his thoughts filling with lust for his mother's beautiful bouncing ass. She is so hot, he thought, and his hand rubbed his straining erection as he followed her inside.

She led him up the stairs and down the hallway to her bedroom, pushing the door open as she reached back to guide him in. Her hand grazed his shorts, caressing the bulge straining to get out. "Where's uh," Phip started, suddenly thinking about what would happen if his father caught him fooling around with his wife.

"Don't worry. I sent Mark out on some errands. We're okay here." With that she spun around to face her son, raising her hands behind her head again, pushing her trim titties upward to his wanton gaze. Then she smoothed the fabric at her waist, and ran her hands seductively down her hips.


"Ready to see my tan-less lines?" she teased, easing the straps of the suit over her brown shoulders. "Uhh huhh. You bet," Phip said, his dick throbbing madly in his pants as his mother stripped for him. As her tits came into view, he stared at the golden firmness of them, the wonderful softness, the promise of pleasure they held, the brown nipples standing at attention just for him.

"God, you're beautiful, Mom.

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Your tits are gorgeous." "Well, come on over here and give them a kiss, then," she said, holding her arms out for her son's embrace. He eagerly walked into her arms, grasping one tit in one hand, encircling the luscious globe, and bent to kiss the nipple of the other.

The fragrance of it overwhelmed him, and the luxurious feel of the sensual nipple in his mouth sent him gorging on her inviting breast. He sucked as hard as he could, drawing nearly the whole tit into his mouth and working on it furiously with wild sucking sounds. "Easy, lover," she said. "Don't bite it. Just suck it in softly. Give the nipple a little tease. Ohh. That's it.

Ummm." She groaned as he suited the action to her words. She moved slowly back toward the bed, sitting on the edge and pushing him away so she could peel the suit the rest of the way off. Phip stared as his mother's lovely bush came into view.

Her tan was truly everywhere, and he gaped at the pussy just inches from him as he sank to his knees in front of her, entranced by her sexy beauty. He noticed a little tattoo of a rose perched just above the dark tangle of her hair. "I bet the tattooist had fun putting that on," he said, entranced by the wild sensuality the scene suggested.

"Yeah. It was steamy," she said. "Of course your father watched the whole thing, and it was a real turn-on for him to watch another man working right over my pussy, and when the tattoo was finished, I was just gushing, so I pulled his hand down my pants into my pussy. Your Dad would have just about cum in his pants, except he already had his dick out jacking himself off while he watched me." Phip's hard-on surged to new heights as he listened to his mother talking about her sexual adventures with another man while his Dad watched.

He knew his mother was going to be a hot fuck, and thought maybe that was the special treat she had in mind for his birthday present, to watch his son fuck his wife. He hoped so because it turned him on almost more than he could stand.

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He dived his head toward his mother's hot pussy, stopping to lick at the rose tattoo and thinking about her getting fucked while Dad watched, or maybe even joined in. His lips moved down into her lush bush, tracing trails of spittle against the soft down of her pussy hairs. She spread her legs, giving him better access to her cunt lips, as he wormed his way between her legs. He found the opening to her pussy, and licked furiously at it, bringing her clit to full arousal. She lifted one leg to give her son a full view of her cunt, which was already dripping with desire.

Josie pulled her son's head toward her gash, feeling him lick up and down the open slit, then when his tongue went inside her, she felt a shudder of anticipation and gripped his hair tightly. "Umm. That's it. Lick my pussy. Stick your tongue deep inside me," she moaned, humping herself against his licking mouth. "Yes, it feels so good. You're a good little pussy eater." Her words spurred Phip on to even deeper explorations.

He could feel his mother's cunt juice dripping off his chin, and cascading his mouth with its warm, sweet taste. She writhed against him, and he reached up to grab her titties. He felt the twin orbs smooth against his palms, as he rubbed them in a circular motion, then twirled the tips so both nipples stood up hard.

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His dick was throbbing so much he was afraid he was going to cum just from eating her, but he really wanted to fuck his delicious mother. Phip raised up, his mouth dripping pussy juice, and his eyes swimming in lust. "Mmmm. I love the taste of your pussy, Mom, maybe even better than." "Better than?" she asked, then pulled his face up to hers, licking the drippings off his chin and cheeks, then gluing her mouth to his and sucking his tongue into her mouth, swirling it around to vacuum all the pussy juice into her own mouth.

Her deep kiss left Phip panting for breath. "Well, who else's pussy have you been eating that's almost as sweet as mine?" she asked again, stroking his dick as she spoke, determined to get her way with him. "Come on, tell me and then I'll suck you off." The promise of those hot lips sucking the cum out of his dick shot Phip over the edge as his cock pounded with desire. "Julia," he said.

For an answer, Josie pressed against Phip again, her tongue snaking into his mouth, sucking his tongue into her, and rubbing her tits against his manly chest.

"She is a sexy little number, isn't she? I'm not surprised you've been eating her. Are you fucking her, too? Has she had this wonderful prick between her lips?" "I only fucked her once, but she hasn't sucked me off, at least not yet." "Well, I'm not going to wait.

Bring that big dick of yours over here and let me have a taste of it." Phip switched positions with his mother, sitting down on the edge of the bed while she kneeled in front of him, stroking the length of his cock up and down and bringing it close to her wonderful lips, the same ones he had watched toying with the straw outside, teasing him into arousal.

She licked the underside of his shaft, flicking her tongue against the tip of the head, before jamming it tightly into her mouth. That incredible sucking action started again, and Phip felt his balls begin to tingle. "Ohhh," he gasped, "My balls feel like they're ready to explode." "Not yet, darling," she said, slipping his wet tool from her gaping mouth. I've got another surprise for you. She gestured with her eyes toward the doorway, which Phip saw now stood wide open.

His father was standing there with his dick out, jacking himself off as he watched his wife sucking their son. Phip nearly lost his erection, but something about the sight of his father stroking his cock told him that this was all part of Mom's plan. The whole fucking family was going sex crazy, and Phip was loving it, drinking in every sensation.

His mother now began stroking him again, and motioned to Mark. He slowly walked toward them, still holding his cock and stroking it to maintain his hard-on.

"Do you like watching me suck Phip's cock?" she asked gruffly, and Mark grunted in approval.

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"Come here and kiss me and you can have a little sample of it in my mouth." Phip watched as his father bent down to stick his tongue into Josie's mouth. She pressed him back, forcing her tongue deep into his mouth. "Doesn't that taste good? Don't you like the taste of your son's cock?" "Yeah," he said, "you always taste good after you've been sucking cock." "Well, I'm gonna suck him some more, suck him till he cums in my mouth.

And I want you to fuck me while I suck him off." Mark dutifully climbed onto the bed as Josie repositioned Mark so she could crawl inside his legs, raising her ass to give her husband a good shot at her dripping pussy. He ran his hand up her snatch, feeling the moisture dripping between her legs, then eased the head of his hard cock into her pussy slit.

Josie sighed in satisfaction, then turned her attention back to her son's bulging hard-on. She started sucking him ferociously now, going almost down to the base.

Phip watched her greedy mouth suck on his expanding cock, seeing it slide in and out of her mouth as Mark fucked her from the rear, bringing her hot round ass toward him with every stroke, and feeling her tits rub against his legs as she sucked and fucked. Josie was lost in a whirlwind of passion. Her lust was spilling over in every possible direction.

She loved feeling two cocks in her at the same time, and struggled to keep up with both of them.


She felt Phip growing in her mouth and knew he was close to exploding. "Cum in my pussy," she yelled, and Mark speeded up his exertions, dislodging her mouth from her son's cock. She grabbed it with both hands and held on as if it were a life preserver, squeezing and stroking it up and down to the rhythm of her husband's wild fucking.


"Ohhh. Okay, I'm cumming," Mark yelled back, and he pumped even harder into her tight pussy, jerking spasmodically, filling her with spurt after spurt of his hot, bubbling cum.

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As he pulled out, Phip saw a few drops of mixed cum and pussy juice splatter onto his mother's sweat-drenched ass, and it sent a shiver of pleasure shooting through him. "Umm. Good boy.

Now come on up here and watch me while I suck our son off to oblivion." Mark crawled up toward his wife's face, panting with the exertion of his orgasm.

Josie now turned her attention full on Phip's raging hard-on, setting her mouth to high vacuum and going at him full steam. His cock plunged into her mouth all the way to the base, his tightening balls slapping against her chin.

She wouldn't stop or slow down for anything now as she guzzled at his love rod, spurring it on to completion. Phip felt the warm sensation in his balls rising as his mother's insistent mouth continued in its frenzied sucking. "Ohhhh. ummmm. I'm gonna cum. Here it is. A hot load for your mouth. Oh god, suck it Mom. Suck my cum." Phip spasmed with the release of his milky cum into his mother's mouth.

She wrapped her lips tightly around her son's cock and milked it for all it was worth, then eased back off it, letting a couple of drops drizzle down her lips. "Now get over here and kiss me," she ordered Mark. "Lick this cum off my lips, and out of my mouth." Without hesitation Mark moved to follow his wife's commands.

Phip thought this must have been how it was between them. His Mom the aggressor, the one who set the sexual pace, her father the willing tool, doing whatever she wanted. The idea appealed to him.

Being a sex slave might be a good way to spend your life, he thought, turned on by his father licking his cum out of his mother's mouth. "Now, go over there and finish cleaning him off," she barked.

Mark started dutifully toward his son's diminishing cock. Phip couldn't get away because he was covered by the weight of both his mother and his father. He wasn't sure he wanted his father to suck his cock, but when the older man's lips encircled his shrinking hard-on, he felt a different sensation from when women had sucked it. Somehow his father knew just how to suck it, just the right pressure to apply. Maybe only a man knew how to really suck a cock right, Phip thought, and relaxed into the feeling of his cock being slurped by his father's willing lips.

"Now wasn't that tasty?" Josie said. "Didn't you like sucking Phip's cock?" "Umm hmmm. Tastes good." Mark said, running his tongue over his lips to prove it. "And you liked it too, didn't you Phip?" "Felt pretty good," Phip admitted. Josie felt proud of herself for having brought both men to orgasm, and gotten to watch some good cock sucking as well. She could hardly wait to tell Sara how their plan was going, and how hot she thought the party was going to be.

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