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MILF P Johnson Pink Toenails
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Jim Steel was the hottest football prospect in high school. He was 19 (having failed 3rd grade), 6'4, 235 lbs. and fast as lightning. And with his gifted hands, he was guaranteed to be a starting wide receiver as a rookie. Heck, NFL teams were already watching him. The only knock against him was his low test scores, but what college cares about that when looking at an athlete?

Jim had spent 2 full months being courted by recruiters from every major school in the country. The recruiters offered him everything from new cars to cash to a new house for his parents. Several of the recruiters even promised him a cute young co-ed in his bed every night. He was close to deciding on a school where the recruiter offered him a new car, a house for his parents, ,000 cash per season and 2 girls a day to use as he wants.

Then he received a call from the one recruiter that was noticeably absent in the bidding war. Rick Jones was the recruiter for Gibson University in Florida, the most successful school in the last 15 years. Gibson has sent more players to the pros than any other 4 schools combined during that time. That is why it had seemed odd that Gibson didn't throw its hat into the ring before now. Jim told Rick he would be happy to meet with him but warned him that he was very close to finalizing his decision to go to the University of New Mexico.

Rick just chuckled and asked Jim not to sign anything till they met the following week. Sure enough, Jim was able to hold off the pushy recruiter from UNM, telling him he just had one more recruiter to talk to. But Jim didn't tell him which school he was seeing so as not to make the man panic.

The next Friday afternoon, Rick showed up at the door and greeted Jim's family with a huge smile. He had a relaxed way about him that comes from living in Florida and knowing you are the best at what you do. After an hour of sitting with Jim's parents and telling them about the educational values of the school, he took Jim out for the night.

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He told the parents he needed to get to know Jim in a neutral environment where they could both relax. Rick took Jim out in his large van to an empty parking lot. "What are we doing here?" asked Jim. Jim was used to recruiters taking him out to fancy dinners, or to strip clubs or even buying him a whore for an hour or so. But this was just an empty parking lot.

Rick smiled, "Jim, I said I needed to get to know you. And I do not mean all that 'what's your favorite color' crap. I need to know what does it for you." Jim stared at the man with skepticism. "You see, some schools are crippled by their own ethics.

I do not have the same problem. I find out what you want, what you really want, and I get it for you." Jim thought for a moment and then said, "Well, I want a new car, and money and a house for my parents, and a good education, and a chance to compete for a." Rick cut him off, "No, not that crap. Everyone wants that stuff and every school can get you that stuff. No, I mean the stuff you may not even know you want. I am going to hook you up to a machine in the back that measures your reactions and I am going to show you some pictures and things like that I'll find out what you like and then I will put together my offer." They climbed into the back of the van and Rick hooked Jim up to a machine with wires taped to his chest, brain, arms and even a sleeve that he had to slip over this limp cock.

The images started off simple enough. There were pictures of various cars, a picture of a dog and even some pictures of ice cream and pizza. Then the pictures started to show women who were undressed, then women who were having sex. Some were women with men, others were women with women. Then there were pictures of men with women, women and men with animals and men and women with children.

And finally pictures of children having sex with animals. Jim wasn't saying anything. He didn't want to appear to enjoy seeing these things, but it was obvious he was. Rick didn't need his fancy equipment to see the bulge in Jim's jeans. "So, I see you have very refined tastes, Jim," said Rick. Jim looked over at Rick and said, "What, this crap? No, man, I ain't a freak or anything like that." "No, of course you aren't, Jim," replied Rick.

"You are a top athlete. And as such you are above everyone else. You deserve to have everything you want. And I'm here to help you with that." The pictures continued and some got very perverted.

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There was a picture of a 35 year old mother holding her blonde 7 year old daughter face down by the shoulders as a large black man was raping her ass. The little girl, wearing only patten leather shoes shined to a high gloss and knee high white socks, was crying and the mom was obviously enjoying it. Another man was standing next to them, pissing on the little girl's back. Another picture was of two 13 year old twin brunette girls holding a giant horse cock. The horse had a horse blanket on its back that said "Gibson Stallions".

The first girl had her hands wrapped around the massive member and her lips in the end of the shaft. The second girl was licking a large dollup of white slimy cum from her friend's cheek. There was cum all over both of the girls and they both had large dildos sticking out of their shaved pussies. Another picture was of a 7 year old boy sucking the cock of an old man dressed in a Superman costume.

The little boy's head was shaved bald like Lex Luthor. Jim continued to scan the pictures and he came to a picture of a man wearing a tie pin that said Gibson Class of '79.

He had a 3 year old girl licking his cock as the girl's mother was working two fingers into the girl's ass hole. A sign on the wall behind them said "Gibson Alumni Fundraiser". "What is the deal with these pictures," asked Jim. "Are these all Gibson alums?" "Yes," replied Rick. "These men are all wealthy alumni. We bring them here and make their lives as.

rewarding as possible in return for very generous donations to help fund our sports programs and pay our players. And these women are also graduates of Gibson. They don't have the money to donate so they donate themselves, or in some cases, their children. "Why we have one woman, class of '97, who actually gave away her daughter to one our biggest donators for a full month to use as he pleased.

I think the little girl was 4. By the time she came back to her mom she was such a slut her mom had to offer her services full time just to satisfy the girl. If she didn't drink at least a quart of cum each day she was impossible to live with." Rick drove the van back to Jim's house to drop him off.

"Here, take these," said Rick as he handed a box to Jim along with a key. "This is filled with more pictures you may enjoy. Wait till you see the girl from the zoology department with the monkey.

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It's just classic." Jim took the box and the key and walked to his door, still in a daze from the evening's events. When he entered his house, his dad asked him, "So, how was the guy from Gibson?" Jim was snapped from his thoughts.

" was an interesting meeting. I guess I have some stuff to think about." The next day, Rick contacted Jim and set up an appointment for the following weekend. "Jimbo, I'll need you for the weekend. Can you tell your parents you will be away for the weekend? Just tell them I am showing you the campus." "Yeah, sure," said Jim. The week went by so slowly Jim thought he was going to die. After their first meeting, Jim couldn't wait to see what Rick had in store for him now. He used the time to look at all the pictures in the box about 50 times He jerked off 20 times at the very least.

His favorite pictures were a 20 picture series of a 9 year old girl being gang raped by 12 guys aged in their late teens and early 20's. They must have been one of the sports teams. The girl was chained to the floor with a dog collar around her neck. She had "bitch" written on her back. They fucked her in every hole and came all over her. They then had the girl's mom scoop as much of the cum up and pout it into a dog bowl. Then the guys pissed in the bowl and the little girl had to drink it all down.

And finally the mom brought a large Dalmatian in to fuck the girl.


The little girl was crying and the mom even squatted over the girl and pissed on her head, soaking her hair. Jim just loved this series. On Friday, Jim cut the last 3 of his classes, knowing the teachers didn't care. His principal was just happy that he played for them and brought so much publicity to their high school.

Jim was home by noon so he'd have time to pack and also jerk off once more to his favorite picture series. He was staring at the first picture in the series. It was of the little girl being attacked. They were tearing her little school uniform from her body as her mom held her arms.

The little girl was obviously not in on the joke as they laughed at her fear. Her blouse was ripped and hanging from her body.

Her skirt was hiked up over her tiny ass. Her panties were wrapped around one of her feet. Even her paten leather shoes were all scuffed up from the struggle. One guy was pinching her titless chest as another guy was ramming a finger into her pussy.

Then Jim switched to the final picture of the girl. She was passed out on the floor, still chained down, covered in cum and piss with her mom licking her body clean as the dog was licking her little abused slit. That was all it took to push Jim over the edge.

He shuddered as he shot ropes of cum all over his belly. He couldn't remember ever shooting so much cum. He cleaned up just in time before his parents got home. Then Rick got there a few minutes later. Jim loaded his bags into the van, kissed his mom goodbye and they were off. "So where are we going"? asked Jim. "Actually, not too far. We are going to visit a "friend of the school" who lives near by.

She is a former student who was caught cheating on a test in her senior year. We threatened to kick her out and black mark her transcripts if she didn't agree to help us with fund raising and recruiting. She said yes and it wasn't long before she was one of our biggest supporters. So we bought her and her daughter a house." "Daughter?" asked Jim with a smile. "Oh yes. In her first year helping us we had her entertain a wealthy businessman who was thinking of donating money to build the new stadium we put up.

So we told her she had to do whatever he wanted. And sure enough, he wanted to fuck her without a condom. He got her pregnant and told us he wanted us to make sure she kept the child.

He wanted to be the first person to feed the baby his cum. So we made her keep the baby in return for the house. And she was pretty open minded about letting him put his cum in the baby's bottle. He was even the first person to fuck the child when she was 5." They pulled into the driveway of a lovely house. It was easily one of the best houses in town. They walked up the path past beautiful flowers and well groomed trees "We also take care off her landscaping and any repairs she needs done to the house.

We even put in a new hot tub last month for her for as a thank you for a special service she provided." Rick knocked on the door. "She and her daughter helped us in celebrating our soccer team's championship. You probably saw the pictures in your box." That caught Jim's attention and he felt a knot in his throat as the door opened to reveal the mom from the series of pictures he loves so much. She was 30 years old and stunning. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, was 5'6 and 126 lbs.

She had well rounded 34C breasts and a smile that lit the room. "Hi, you must be Jim," she said. "I'm Sara. Come on in". Jim entered the beautiful house and looked around at all the fine art.

It was stunning and classy, yet with an erotic edge to it. There was a painting of a nude woman looking back over her slender shoulder and another of a man kissing a woman on the deck of a ship in the early 1900's. They were both fully dressed, but the woman's hair and dress were blowing in the wind with a wildness that was sexy. Jim's attention was turned from the art to a tiny girl standing behind Sara. "This is my daughter, Lynn". Lynn was the same 9 year old girl from the pictures that Jim had just masturbated to an hour ago.

She was about 4 foot tall, very skinny, with no hint of tits beneath her t-shirt. And what a t-shirt it was. It said, "Men love a box lunch" and had an arrow pointing down to her underage pussy. She wore ultra short shorts with the top button unbuttoned. If she were old enough to have pubic hair it would be sticking out the top. She had long blonde hair tied back in pig tails that made her look even younger.

She had cute freckles on her nose and she had a smile that made Jim's heart skip a beat. Jim looked past Lynn and saw her bedroom door was open. On the wall were pictures of the little girl doing every nasty sexual thing ever conceived There were pictured of her with men, women, animals and other children. Jim walked over to look at the pictures.


"Oh, please, feel free to look at Lynn's trophy wall," said Sara. Jim saw a picture of Lynn being fucked in the ass by a 12 year old boy who was in turn being fucked in the ass by a Priest. "Oh, that is a great picture, isn't it," asked Rick.

"That is Father Ryan, the school's priest. He just loves to play with the kids. And you should see his "splatter baptisms" as he calls them. The guy is real gem." "So, Rick tells me you'll be staying the weekend with us. Is that right," asked Sara. It took Jim a second to find his voice. "Uh.yeah. I think so. Um.if that's okay." "Oh, we'd be honored. I hear you are one of the best football players in high school.

And so handsome, too. I just know Lynn would love to add you to the wall." Rick interrupted, "I thought you could have Lynn put on a little "bitch show" for him. I am sure Jim would love to see such a cute little girl getting fucked by a large horny dog." Lynn's eyes got wide for a second.

She has learned to really enjoy sex over the years, but has never been to fond of k-9 sex. It isn't that she doesn't like the idea of a dog filling her cunt with his watery cum or even the idea of drinking the dog's cum right from it's pink cock. It's just that when the dog mounts her, he claws up her sides as her mom just watches and laughs.

Her mom thinks the scrapes are cute and likes to lick her daughter's scratches. Plus, her mom takes pictures and now has a prosperous business on the side selling the photos. She even makes videos and sells them to some of the people she has "entertained" for the school.

But Lynn caught herself and smiled as she nodded. She knew better than to express anything other than excitement at the idea of being used for any sexual practice. Even when her mom had her suck off 45 men at a fund raiser. Her jaw was sore for 2 days but she made each guy come twice. Heck, she even went that extra mile and drank 2 pints of piss.

"Oh, that's great," said Lynn. I hope he'll fuck my little mouth as Buster takes my cunny or my ass." Jim had a noticeable lump in his pants. Rick patted him on the back, "Well, it looks like you are in good hands now. I will be back to get you on Sunday." With that, Rick walked over and kissed Sara full o the lips as his hand went to her firm ass. Then he pulled out his dick from his pants and Lynn leaned down and sucked it for a few seconds.

Rick pulled it out from between her lips and stuffed it back in his pants. "I'd love to stay but I am testing out a new girl who was caught cheating on her mid term I hear she likes horses." Sara closed the door behind Rick and started to unbutton her top as she turned around. "Lynn, go get Jim a drink," she said. "What would you like? Beer, whine, whiskey? Maybe some pot or heroine?" Jim looked sheepish, "Um.I guess I'll have a beer." As Lynn went into the next room to get the beer, Sara lowered her skin tight black pants, revealing her lack of panties and her hairless blonde cunt.

She walked over to Jim and unbuttoned his pants. Lynn came back and handed the beer to Jim who was removing his shirt. She quickly shed her clothes and joined the fun. Lynn leaned over and began to lick and suck his nipples as her mom was removing the boy's pants.

Sara slid his boxers down, freeing his 7 inch cock. She took it in her hand and licked the knob. Lynn dropped to her knees to join her mom. Sara held it for her daughter to suck. She reached her hand around to finger her daughter's wet pussy.

Jim was in heaven. Jim looked down to watch as these two mouths worked over his young cock. Despite jerking off just an hour ago, he could already feel his balls boiling. He reached down and took hold of the little girl's face. He held her tightly as he fucked her mouth.

Sara continued to finger her daughter and kiss the girl's shoulders. Jim grabbed her tightly and groaned as he flooded her mouth with his fertile seed. He shot so much white sticky cu in the little girl's mouth that it was spilling from her lips. Her mom leaned around to lick the excess from the girl's chin. Jim pulled out his cock and wiped it on the little girl's hair. To his surprise, his cock was still rock hard. He decided to go again.

"Hey, Lynn, turn around." She obeyed and turned around and leaned over a chair. Sara leaned over and licked her daughter's ass hole to get it wet then guided Jim's cock into her small hole Jim didn't even give her a chance to adjust to having something in her most private hole. He just rammed her as hard and fast as he could.

Sara went around in front of her daughter and was kissing her, licking the cum from her daughter's teeth. Sara thought for a second how the men were going to love it when Lynn gets braces next month. Her thoughts were interrupted by Jim's moans as he filled the preteen's bowels with his 3rd load of the day.

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He pulled out of her ass and walked around to the front of Lynn. He took Sara's place and shoved his dirty cock into the girl's mouth to clean for him while Sara moved around back to lick the load of cream from her own daughter's bitter anus.

The sounds of a mom slurping cum from her own daughter were driving Jim nuts. When he was all clean and starting to go limp, he withdrew from the girl's mouth and pissed on her face. It splashed all over her, catching her by surprise. But she quickly opened her mouth for him to shoot his piss right onto her tongue.

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Then when he was finished, Sara got up and spit the shitty cum into her daughter's piss-filled mouth. Jim stepped back and collapsed onto the leather couch in exhaustion. Sara stood up and took Jim's beer from his hand and took a sip and then handed it back.

Lynn remained on the ground trying to catch her breath. When she was okay, she leaned down and began to lick the hardwood floors clean of cum and piss. Sara excused herself from the room, saying she was getting herself a drink. Alone with Lynn, Jim decided to get to know the little fuck-hole better. "So, you are a pretty hot piece of ass. Is there anything you won't do?" Lynn lifted her head and thought for a second with gunk dripping from her chin.

"I don't think so. Mom took me to a party one time where they had me suck off a pony in front of everyone and then they made me give everyone a rim job. A few months ago for some big contributor guy's 50th birthday Mom made me stay with hi for a week. He had me fucking anything and everything.

He liked me to fuck myself with vegetables and then he'd put the veggies in the fridge. In the last day, he had a big party for his birthday and his chef served salads made from my pussy veggies. It was a big hit." "I bet," said Jim. "So what is your favorite thing to do to get a guy excited?" She scrunched her little face as she thought for a moment. "Well, I know guys love to see me lick cum from my mom's pussy. Then we snowball it. I just love the taste of it.

At that party I was telling you about, there were about 40 men there and they all jerked off into a large jar that was given to me to drink with my dinner. And after dinner, while everyone was enjoying desert, I had to get under the table and eat out all the women there.

There was this one woman who was old and fat and tasted like bad cabbage. But other than that I loved it." Sara returned to the room with a 6 pack and the Dalmatian in tow. She handed another beer to Jim to replace the one he was finishing and also handed one to Lynn. "She drinks beer," asked Jim. "Sure. She does pot and coke too sometimes.

I mean, if she is old enough to suck and fuck 20 guys and a donkey, then why not booze and drugs, right?" Lynn chugged the beer quickly, seeing Buster's pink member sticking out of its sheath. She handed the bottle to Jim, "Maybe later you can fuck my ass as you fuck my cunt with this." He smiled as she got down on the ground.

As soon as she was in position, the dog was right up. It was apparent the dog was no stranger to fucking humans. Lynn reached under and guided his cock into her wet quim. The dog wasted no time with subtlety on his bitch.

He was humping away, scratching the girl's sides as he worked. Sara pulled a chair over from the dining room and sat in front of her daughter, with her bald cunt in the girl's face.

It didn't take any explanation for Lynn to know what her mom wanted. She dived into her mom's pussy, licking the folds of flesh and digging her tongue into the hole. After a few seconds of this, Jim was hard as a rock again. He slowly stroked himself as he watched the little girl get violated by a dog. Within 10 minutes the dog was cumming and his knot was keeping all that cum in the girl's belly.

Jim could actually see the girl's belly expand with the cum.


Her mom got up and crawled under her daughter with her face down at the girl's stuffed pussy. From that angle, she was able to lick the dog's slimy shaft as it was stuck in her baby girl. With a plop, the dog pulled his enlarged cock from the girl, dumping a flood of semen on Sara's face and in her mouth.

Jim walked over and put his cock into Lynn's cunt to get it wet. Then he pulled out and rammed it into her ass. As he fucked the girl, Sara licked both his balls and the her daughter's sloppy cunt Jim grabbed her ass cheeks hard and came in her butt. He pulled out his cock and offered it to Sara to lick clean, which she was happy to do. Then Jim surprised everyone by leaning down and licking a glob of his own cum from the girl's ass.

He walked around and spit it onto the girl's face as Sara took care of the rest of the jizz. The weekend went by much the same way, with Sara even inviting over some friends who also help out the school. Jim was sad to see Sunday afternoon come. Rick was there at 5 pm on the button.

And by 5:15, after kissing Sara and having Lynn suck his cock for a minute, Rick had Jim on the road. "So, what do you think about Sara and Lynn," he asked. "They were fucking awesome! I think I'm in love," replied Jim. Rick laughed, "Just think, they will be waiting for you during every summer or holiday you come home to visit your family. Just imagine what I have lined up for you at the campus." Jim smiled and reached out his hand, "Well, it looks like I'm a Gibson Stallion now."