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Twins n best buds XIII OK, so I guess its time to tell you about the Craiglist posting. We learned about Craigs list when my dad started looking for a car for us. When we started looking at it for a car we found out that there was a lot more on it than cars so we looked at everything that was there with most of our attention centering on the sex posts.

We started reading them whenever we got bored. Casual Encounters M4M, F4M, Men seeking Men. Yep, if it had anything to do with sex we read it. Tris is the one who came across the post that we respond ed to. The header read: "Str8 guy curious about jerking with another dude (16-21only)." And the post itself read: "Me: 17, 5'9, 150, baseball jock, red hair, brown eyes, 6.5 cut.

from Nebraska and visiting my grandparents for a couple of months. I'm str8 and have a gf but since Im here and my gf is a long ways away I've been checking out some porn and want to try jerking off with another guy. Jerk only! Please be close to my age, athletic and str8 with the same kind of curiosity.

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Hope to hear from some one A pic or description is required for a response." I decided to respond. I wrote and told him that I was 17, in hs, was athletic and gave him my stats. And I wrote how I was Str8 and had wondered a few times how it would be to jerk off with another guy. The next day I heard back. He told me where he was staying and asked if I knew where it was and asked where I was from. He suggested exchanging cell numbers so we could talk on the phone.

He admitted to being extremely nervous. I wrote him back the next day and gave him my phone number and told him to call anytime. And I signed that mail with my name, Taylor. The following Saturday afternoon he called. "Hi, is this Taylor?" "Yep, this is me." "Hey it's me, Paul, from Craigs. Is this an ok time to call?" We talked for a few uneasy minutes. He said he was nervous and asked if I was, I assured him it was the same for me.

I asked him what got him thinking about it and he said he wasn't sure but attributed it to not having his gf around, boredom and watching porn. We decided we would meet up and agreed that when we did it was with the understanding that maybe nothing would happen.

He had use of a car but wasn't familiar with the area so I picked a restaurant/burger joint in the town he lived near and we made plans for that night. I got there 1st and scanned the restaurant to see if he was there (it didn't take much since there were only 6 or 7 people in the place) and since he wasn't there I got a table in the corner and kept my eyes on the door.

About 5 minutes later the door opened and in he walked. He was wearing a baseball cap with his red hair sticking out from under it in the front, And man was his hair ever read.

He was dressed in dark blue long sleeved t-shirt with an abstract eagle with wings spread on the front. He had that tucked in his light blue levis and from what I could see it wasn't the only thing he had tucked in down there.

Yep, it looked like he was packaged well everywhere. Lifting his hand, "Taylor?" Standing 'Yea hi Paul." "Yea, I was wondering if you would be here. I know I came close to not showing." "Yea, I did too but I since I said I'd be here." Paul cut me off, "Yea same for me." Paul ordered a coke and we sat and talked. We talked about school, sports, and our girlfriends. At 1st the conversation was a bit forced but once we got talking that passed.

When the talking did start to wind down I asked him if he wanted to go for a ride or something. He said we could go back to his grandparents if I wanted. I followed him to the house. It was a big farm house without the farm. We went in the back door and Paul showed me into a small room and told me he would be right back.

A few minutes later he reappeared and closed the door. He said he was just making sure that his grandparents were in bed. He turned on the TV and then he asked if I was still up for doing something.

I told him I was and asked what he thought. He said he was even though he was a little nervous. I told him I was too so he wasn't alone. Paul got his laptop and said maybe some porn would help. He got on a porn site and the 1st one we watched was a girl giving a guy a blowjob. "Does your gf do that?" he asked. "Yea but not real good and she doesn't like it much. How about yours?" "My girl only did it all the way once and then she puked. So all I get is a little sucking and then she either jerks me or we fuck.

So I guess you could say it sucks because she doesn't." he chuckled. Paul tried putting the laptop between us but the couch only had room for 2 people so there wasn't enough room.

We ended up sitting it on our legs. Half was on his right leg and the other half on my right one.

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Then we both sat back and watched as he clicked from porn to porn. We both had our hands resting in our laps and little by little we both started rubbing our boners in our pants.

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Paul found a video of one way hot chic with huge tits being fucked by one guy while she sucked another guy's cock. "Nice one." I whispered "Yea, look at her tits. Wow." Both of us increased our hand movement in our laps as we watched the girl take it at both ends.

"She is definitely hot.' I commented while making an obvious adjustment to my boner. "Yea and it looks like she really enjoys sucking the snake." he laughed. Then he leaned back and slid is hand down the front of his jeans. He adjusted his boner and after he pulled his hand out he said that he was cool about doing it if I was.

I told him it sounded good to me still. We both undid our belts and opened our jeans. I slid my jeans down to my knees and Paul followed suite. He was wearing briefs with rockets all over them. "Ha appropriate bro" I commented. "What?" "The rockets. Something that shoots off covering something that shoots off." Paul laughed and then he leaned as far back as he could and we both slid our hands in our waistbands and proceeded to play with our ducks.

When Paul did that I got my first view of his pubes. He had a big bush and it was as red as the hair on his head. It was pretty hot to see.

I made sure I pushed the front of my boxers down far enough so my dick was showing and I watched as Paul did the same thing. "Not so bad like this huh?" "Nope its ok so far." he whispered back. Both of us were going be between watching the pron and watching each others hand in our undies.

I decided to lift up and slide my boxers down and when I pushed them down I pushed them and my jeans all the way down to my ankles.

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Paul looked over and said that looked like a good idea and pulled his briefs down and pushed them and his jeans to his ankles. Then he kicked off his sandals and used his feet to push both his pants and briefs completely off. "Seen enough?" he asked holding up the laptop. "Yep, Im good.: I whispered Paul left a porn running but he sat the laptop on the floor and we both leaned as far back as we could and started jerking and playing with ourselves.

Neither of us tried to hide that we were watching each other jack. Paul's dick was smaller than mine but it was thicker and he he had low hangers which he pulled on with his left hand as he jerked.

I stroked my dick with my right hand and squeezed my balls and rubbed my ass with the left one making sure Paul got a food view of me doing it. Paul was grabbing his dick in his fist and working it good. Sometimes he would hold it so as he jerked the head always showed and sometimes he would work it in a way where his hand stroked up and over the head.

We both had our legs extended straight out and we were sitting close enough that they were touching and rubbing together. I don't know what Paul thought of that but it sure turned me on more. "You get much cum?" I whispered. "Sometimes depends on how much sex I've had or how much I've jacked off. What about you?" "Same for me. Yea" I watched Paul pull on his balls and jerk his dick. He jerked it fast, at almost lightening speed, and then he would go real slow.

I kept my hand wrapped tightly around my dick and gave it a good workout. Our feet touched as we jerked as did our legs.

That made it more intense for me. And I knew Paul was getting close to shooting before he announced it because I could see the muscles in his legs tightening up and his toes curling.

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So when he whispered "O yea Im gonna." My eyes were already glued on his boner. Paul's legs shook and then his dick started spewing cum all over. Ribbon after ribbon of jizz flew in the air. It landed on his chest and stomach. It pooled in his belly button. It covered his red bush and some landed on my right forearm.

It was maybe the biggest load I ever saw come out of a dick. Seeing that was all I needed. I sighed and my legs shook and pressed against his as I exploded. Although I shot nice load it wasn't anything close to what he shot. He continued stroking his dick and we both sat there watching each other drain every last vestige of cum out onto our bellies. "Whew. That was wild.' I whispered "Yea it was sure different." he responded. "Shit I have to get something to clean up with." "No sweat." I told him then I grabbed my boxers and dropped them on his stomach and told him to just use them.

Paul started by wiping his jizz off of his chest right below his chin. Once he had that cleaned up he kept wiping it up until he got to his pubes where it took more work to get the gobs of jizz out of. "Wow" he sighed handing me my boxers so I could do some cleaning up of my own. Ha, it was hard to find a dry part on them but I did and when I finished I balled them up and set them on the floor. "Man you shot one heckuva load.

Some of it hit my forearm and my side. Wow" "Sorry about that. It just kind of went all over.

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I haven't shot like that in a long time." "You must have needed that ." I laughed reaching for my jeans. "Hang on." and with that Paul left the room and came back and threw a pair of his underwear at me. "Their clean. Sorry I don't wear boxers." "Im cool. I don't need to wear any to go home." "Yea man, what if you get in an accident. My parents always told me to make sure I had clean underwear on. So there." I put his briefs on and we both got our jeans and sandals on and sat for a minute making small talk before I said it was time to go.

I told him if he wanted to hang out call. He told me the same thing and I left. While I drove home I kept thinking about Paul's red bush and his low hangers I rubbed my dick and got a rush because I was rubbing them in his undies. The same one where his dick and red bush had been. I thought that was hot. I held my boxers up to my nose and smelled all his jizz.

By the time I got home I had a good bone going. Tris was in bed in already but he wasn't asleep. He started with the questions as soon as I closed our door. "How did it go? Did you guys do it? Was he hot? Nice body? Dick? Was his bush red like his head? Tell me." I lifted my hand and tossed my boxers at him and told him, "we did it and thats mostly his stuff all over those." "No way." whispered Tris lifting them off of his pillow.

"Damn their pretty wet. His stuff? Come on tell me what happened. All of it." I started filling him and as I did I got undressed. As soon as I pulled off my jeans and he saw the briefs I had on he hopped out of bed and came over and lifted my shirt and snapped the waistband.

'These his? You steal them' 'No man he gave them to me since my boxers were kind of wet.' 'Hmmm sexy. He wears some sexy undies. Sweet. Now keep going.' I shared a little more about Paul and what happened and then I took a quick shower.

Once I was done drying off I gave Tris a good shot of my hardon we went to bed. We sucked each other and 69'd.


I got Tris to lick my feet and kiss them and then we fucked. It was a great fuck Tris was all worked up from hearing about how it went with Paul and I was all worked up from telling him and wearing Paul's briefs home.

It lasted a long time too. I kept hoping to hear from Paul but it didn't happen.

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I waited 4 days and then I called him. I got his voice mail so I left a message for him. He called me back that night right after we got done eating dinner. He said he was going to call but was waiting to see if I did. He said he wasn't sure what I thought about what we did.

I told him I hadn't called him for the same reason and we both laughed and we both said, "I had a good time." at the same time and that got us laughing more. "You have anything going on tonight?" he asked.

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"Nope. What about you?" "Nope, wanna come over and hang out?" "Yea sounds cool." Tris suggested that it would be cool if he went and acted like he was me. And he was serious. He actually begged me to let him.

I told him I couldn't do that even though I knew that if the roles were reversed I would have been trying to talk him into that same thing. LOL More about Paul next time. Peace