Girlfriend sucks my dick POV

Girlfriend sucks my dick POV
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It was a bright sunny noon day as I approached the door of 6019 Hilside Rd. Birds singing, trees gently swaying in the wind and me smiling in anticipation of what was to come. Reaching the door I stood there contemplating my future actions and their implications. For the second time, everything about my life would change for the better.

Not so much for who I know will answer the door. As I hear footsteps approaching I briefly considered backing up and calling this whole thing off. Two minutes later, the door opens and there she stands in pajama bottoms and a white T-shirt. The sight of her is enough for me to make my decision and to seal her fate. Her name is Zo and though not the most beautiful woman nevertheless, she's quite attractive and the first on my list.

Standing in at 5'8 180lbs with creamy white skin, hair dyed a lite chartreuse and hazelnut eyes I was looking forward to seeing what more that curvy body had to offer. Both of us were still standing there looking at each others faces. Hers was an inquisitive, yet mildly annoyed, look as she tried to see if she recognized me.

I could feel that she wasn't there yet so I ended the mystery. "Zo it's me, J.C.", I said. The light bulb went off in her head and her eyes widened in recognition. She said, "J.C.! Oh yeah, I remember now.' "Wow, you look different.

I didn't recognize you." I wasn't surprised by her look of shock and disbelief.

A lot has changed since we last saw each other. More than she could, but would before the night was over, believe was possible. The most obvious, but not the least or even more significant, change was the way I look. See, I wasn't in the best of shape back in the day.

I was at least 50lbs overweight. I also had bad eyesight, 30% hearing deficiency, lactose intolerance, vitamin C deficiency, reduced mental faculties, and along with a host of other physical impairments I had a bum knee I could barely move. But, a year later, after Zo quit the store, something happened that changed everything for me.

I had just gotten off work and was walking to the bus stop. Just my luck it was storming like crazy, thunder and lightning flashing and crashing worse than I had ever experienced. And, of course, I had no umbrella. Walking across Holcomb bridge in a thin ass jacket, wallowing in my misery, I was reading a book on Kindle and listening to music when all of a sudden the world got insanely bright.

I later found out that it was so bright some people were temporarily blinded. I probably would have been as well but for what happened not even a millisecond next. Normally, at this point, most would say that they don't remember what happened next.

But not me. No, I remember every single second of the event.

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A massive bolt of lightning so powerful that it tore through the side of the bridge and left a, what people would later call a suspiciously looking man-like, crater in the ground under. What everyone couldn't see was that I was struck by the lightning bolt.

The first thing I felt upon being struck was immense pressure, as though every cell and bio-chemical process in my body was gut-punched. So clearly was I thinking that I knew that my body had been obliterated as well as anything within 3 meters of me.

My clothes, my glasses, my Bluetooth headset, my backpack and it's contents, including my laptop, my portable chargers, my wallet, and my cell phone, which was in my hand at the time. I didn't feel any pain, but in that instance I felt my consciousness expand and heighten. I understood that though my body was destroyed it was not gone merely dispersed.

I knew that the first Law of thermodynamics, in part, applied to what we view as physical destruction. The cells that make up my body still exist. Though my cells should have begun to decay at an accelerated rate due to the premature dispersal process, not only were they stable, they were also improved.

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With my enhanced awareness I can perceive far more than my previous bodily senses. For instance, I can tell that my conscience, or spirit, was still connected to every single cell of my body.

That's true from the moment of inception, but now I was truly aware of it. Now, logic dictates that, despite being aware of my situation, the 'destruction' of my body should have separated my spirit from my cells. But that wasn't the case, and I suspect that the lightning was the reason why.

In my current state I examined the bond between my spirit and my cells. On a side note, my awareness also extended to other things. I found that most things could be separated by rate of movement.

Things like humans, plants, animals and insects moved at an accelerated rate. Things like rocks, plants, and the things made from them, moved at a deccelerated, almost dormant, rate. Then, there are some things that appear to be both either at the same time or at different points of time. Things like earth, air, fire, water, and other similar things are the latter(Elements of Nature). Things like stars, gravity, planets, the vacuum of space, the passage of time, and similar things are the former(Forces of Nature).

Anyway, I could 'see', among other things, the connection between the spirits of others and the cells of their bodies. The strength of the unidentified EON that connects spirit to body varied in many ways, but one commonality was that the age of every life-form determined the ROM(rate of movement) of the connection. The younger the life-formthe higher the ROM, the stronger the connection and vise versa. Looking at my own connections, I could tell that they were not only completely dispersed, but that they had already converted into other different elements.

I couldn't use my old connections to bond with my cells, but it looks like I don't have to. Although most of the lightning had dispersed, a large portion of it has bonded with me forging new and stronger connections as well as enhancing all aspects of my mind, body, and spirit. I could feel the transformation of my entire being.

It was quite exhilarating, nearly orgasmic. As the intensity decreased, I came back to myself still in what I now call my aetheric form. I could still feel the transformation but at a very slow ROM. I began to take stock of my situation. In my aetheric form I could observe the world in a different way.

One thing I could tell is that time passes differently than normal. From what I can tell time passes so slowly that it might as well not exist. So I had all the time in the world to figure out my next move. One thing I decided to do was to return to the physical world. To do that, I had to reconstitute my body. My newly enhanced awareness and capability made it all too easy to put my body back to the way it was before I was struck by lightning, although I knew that I would be capable of doing much, much more than I could before.

That was now impossible to change, but if my spirit returns different than normal then why not my body. I thought about all the things that was physically wrong with me, allowed my cells to fill my awareness and began to reconstruct my body, making changes along the way.

One thing I became aware of as I rematerialized was the passage of time and it's affect on my new physical body. Which wasn't very much. When I tried to change the way entropy, decay, and the POT(passage of time) affected my cells I discovered that I didn't have to worry about it. Apparently, my enhanced connection between spirit and cells are facilitating a state of constant cellular regeneration.

The unknown element(force?) is strengthening and converting my spirit which, in turn, is strengthening and converting my cells. Go figure. My rebirth is almost done. Thus far my cells are reverting to a state of supernaturally healthy, in shape and highly intelligent 23-year-old. My brain now has an eidetic memory with an increased memory recall capability. Which isn't really a problem anymore since the spirit retains and recalls everything.

But, it's always good to have backups. I've also enhanced my body in other ways. Increased strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability and heightened senses. As stated earlier, my new nature provides an advanced regeneration ability, which in turn makes me immune to all diseases. And, any diseases my new body can't fight against, and I don't think there would many if any, would be destroyed in my aetheric form that I can turn into at will or when in extreme danger.

I also now have highly durable, yet, malleable skin, a faster cognitive and deductive process to the point of pre-cognition, and advanced psionic abilities. And, because I am a man regardless, I treated myself to three, 9'4 inch, fully prehensile, penises as well as a greater semen-generating capacity without the enlarged testicles. Due to my new awareness I'm also capable of manipulating the physical, psionic, and aetheric realms to an extent.

I expect that capability to increase as I grow more accustomed to, and more knowledgeable of my new nature and that of reality itself. Once the process was complete(in 180secondsgotta get that down to less than 30seconds), I just stood there revelling in my new body. All the enhancements, the tactile sensations, and more importantly, my new spiritual awareness.

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It was so incredibly delicious, it was almost overwhelming. But I could handle it. There was nothing in the physical realm that could threaten me now(that I knew of) and anything that could I will rise above, annihilate, or subjugate. I decided then and there that no-one in this realm or any other would surpass and end me. With so much of existence to explore there were bound to be others of great power, age, experience and talent who could challenge me.

But nothing will stop me. I won't seek conflict and confrontation if I can help it. But if they seek me then I will be prepared and I will triumph over all.

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Well, now that I've pumped up my ego a bit, let's see what I can do. Next, I reconfigured the elements around me to create clothes, after all I couldn't walk in public naked now could I. Well I probably could, but low profile and all. With that, I took off across the field. NoI didn't reappear in front of some crowded public place full of people, thank you very much.

I made sure to be in the middle of nowhere when I did my little magic trick. Cris Angel can kiss my ass. Anyway, I took off at nearly over 200mph. I knew, intellectually, what my body was capable of. But knowing and experiencing it were two different things. For starters, I remember that I could barely walk let alone run, and certainly not at the speed I was running now. I couldn't even lift my knees that high. And that was another thing. My right knee was pain-free and completely mobile.

It's been years since knees felt so good. I was so excited and happy I did the most unmanly thing ever(but I could care less). I started to skip the rest of the way. I was so giddy I almost failed to notice that my first skip had taken me at least 15ft in the air.

Surprising, but not unexpected. Didn't mean it wasn't exciting. I tried jumping again and I sailed across almost four acres of cornfields. It was so amazing, I wanted to go even higher. I, also, could have gone faster, but I was keeping a low profile. I got home at a little after 1:00am.

The incident was being televised. It looked like the whole event took maybe 30 minutes start to end here in the physical realm. It seemed to last a lifetime in the aetheric realm. I went to my room and John was there, sitting in the chair, when I came in the door. He had a stunned look on his face, so shocked he dropped the remote control and stood up.


"Holy shit", he said "James, do you know what happened on Holcomb bridge, were you there?" Man, his voice got mad high. I guess if you hadn't been there from my end, the aftermath would be the most exciting part. But knowing what I know now, all I can think is, 'buddy, you have no idea.' I answered him saying, "no, I was was on the bus to the station when it happened. But everyone on the bus heard it." He got an excited look on his face and started in on the subject.

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I responded appropriately but wasn't really paying attention. I didn't want to just blow him off, but I had other things to think about. So I decided to test out my new psionic powers. Surprised at how easy it was, I just looked at him and thought, 'stop talking to me. Don't bother me for the rest of the night.' I looked on in amazement as John, immediately, stopped talking and just went on about his business.

He didn't acknowledge me in any way the entire night. I felt pretty amped after all that happened, but decided to go sleep. It was an interesting experience. While my physical brain went to sleep, my aetheric self didn't require rest and stayed alert. It was odd, but didn't impede my sleep except I don't think I dreamt at all.

That wasn't all that abnormal so I didn't give it much thought. Early morning, I wanted to wake up and so I did. Looks like I can awaken at will, anytime I want, completely refreshed and rested.

It was my day off and I had a lot to do. I had thoughts of increasing my cash flow so I went to the most remote area I could find. I, then, opened my aetheric senses and began to search deep in the earth for a certain precious metal to sell for a significant sum. Having found what I was looking for, I used my power to draw a great amount of the metal to me.

I took a relatively small portion of it and hid the rest. I sold the small portion for a little over $50,000. Being generous I gave John $5,000, then I left and moved to a decently priced apartment in Buckhead. I left everything, but the clothes on my back at my former place. After finalizing the paperwork for my new apartment, I set out to buy new clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, bed and bathroom sets.

I had a lot to do and the whole day to do it. As long as I was discreet, getting from place to place wasn't too difficult. However I did intend to purchase a car at some point.

Given the state of global surveillance, discretion is the watchword of the week. After leaving the apartment, I sold the the rest of the metal in different areas, under different names. With my abilities it was simple to hide my identity from the buyers. I, also,found out that with my abilities I could understand a great deal about various forms of technology, and could remote access and control all electronic devices.

In this case, I could remove my image from surveillance cameras and any data about me imputed to any computer network I could just erase. And though they say nothing can truly be erased from the web my greater understanding of the world means that idea doesn't apply to me. All together I banked over$2,500,000.


Enough to last me a while. Until I set up multiple bank accounts, I didn't want to have excessively large amounts of money connected to me. That said, my next step was to hire a lawyer. Finding one I could trust would normally be a concern, but since I can know a person's deepest thoughts and intents, as well as force cooperation and complete obedience, I had nothing to worry about. I found what I was looking for quickly and set up a trust that I could draw the legally deposit money in and withdraw money from.

With taxes and identification documents legalized and completed, I continued on with my errands. I got everything I needed for my apartment and then bought a new car.

A black 2017 Dodge Charger Convertible GTO V8. Getting a license, tags, and insurance were a formality. Any cops that stopped me would believe that I was up to date with my paperwork and send me on my way. I drove all across town well into the night. I enjoyed feeling the rumble of the powerful engine through the leather seats, the speed, cutting through the air with the top down and the setting sun.

I had fun. The apprehension I once had about driving was thoroughly erased as I expertly negotiated my way through other cars doing 90mph on the freeway.

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I, eventually, drove back to my apartment. Once inside, I changed clothes to go out. I going for the grown n' sexy look so I changed to a tailored, black Armani suit, blood red silk shirt, black Jimmy Choo's with red lining, black dress socks with red stripe at the top, black titanium cuff links with a ruby J.C. design, a 30CT gold pinky ring with a silver middle and Celtic knot design. To complete the ensemble, a red silk durag with a black Bailey Barr Fedora with red stripe.

And for the ladies, small spritz of Polo Black. And for the gold diggers, black and red Carthier watch with black diamond and ruby inlays. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw someone I wouldn't have recognized a week ago.

So much has changed and I know that there's more to come, but as I go to stand out on the patio overlooking the city I can't help but feel excited about the future and all it now holds for me. I think as I stepped over the balcony with a smile, knowing that fall wouldn't hurt me, 'they won't know what hit them.' To be continued.

Thanks for reading. This is my first time and I look forward to your comments. Part 2 is on the way.