Perfect chick owned by two hard cocks

Perfect chick owned by two hard cocks
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The Cynic Chapter 01 First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Nick, I'm 31 years old, muscular with short blonde hair.

I'm unmarried with girlfriends on and off. A few years ago, I inherited some money which allowed me to life a life in moderate luxury, without working at least for now. The story I'm about to tell began 18 months back where I met Linda.

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I was at a large cocktail party at some friends mansion. I was standing by myself looking around the room filled with happy people drinking, dancing chatting - having a good time. But soon, my eyes fell on two girls that looked somewhat out of place.

They were both much younger than the rest of the crowd, and they moved uneasy, as if they didn't know exactly how to behave. I kept an eye on them, and soon saw two other girls of similar age, one chatting with another guest, the other looking around rather nervously. Several times the four girls met up, exchanged a few words and split up. One of them came up to the bar where I was standing, and ordered a drink. "A Margarita, please" the young voice said - asking more than ordering. The bartender looked at her kind of suspiciously and hesitated.

Just before he could say something, I repeated her order "You heard her, a Margarita". Snubbed, the bartender looked at me for a second, then served her the Margarita. She looked up at me - I didn't meet her gaze. She looked away, took the drink, "nhha" she grunted, and was off into the crowd.

I waited for a half a minute before I turned around, slowly. I didn't focus anywhere, but found her out of the corner of my eye.

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She and her friend was observing me - I spoke a few words to the guy next to me, feigning disinterest. This, I later found, was her thing. It didn't take long, and she was back, ordering another drink. I fixed her up again, and this time she stayed. She asked me my name, and other small talk stuff.

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I answered in shore sentences or with nods, barely looking at her. Out of the corner of my eye, I got a very good idea, though. She wasn't very tall - a head and a half shorter than me. She was incredibly tight, curvy with nice young firm breasts. She had straight raven black hair to the small of her back and a tan that was a few degrees darker than what could be called tasteful. She obviously kept herself in excellent shape and was very aware of her femininity, however vulgar.

Her clothes was painted on, and showed plenty of skin, with a dark, tight top with all the cleavage possible, and tight, low-cut pants that showed her thong and her tight, heart-shaped ass. She kept asking questions, where I lived, what kind of music I liked, what car I drove etc. etc. I kept feigning disinterest, which seemed to only make her more interested in me. "Porsche" I replied to the question about what car I had.

This really seemed to impress her.

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I began showing more interest, but soon she was disturbed by one of her friends - apparently there was some sort of problem, and she disappeared into the crowd. An hour later, I decided to leave and went to get my car. And who did I find leaning against the hood? Linda. She threw me a wide smile, and asked if I'd give her a drive. "Sure, hop in", I replied. We drove around for a few minutes, and she seemed to really enjoy herself.

I asked her "Where do you want to go?" "Can I see where you live?", she asked. I smiled at her, swung the car round, and spun off heading home.


She screamed in excitement, and I soon put my left hand on her knee. Ten minutes later, we were at my home, a Patrician style villa I inherited. I went to the kitchen and took a bottle of Veuve Cliquot from the wine fridge. "Come this way", I said, handing her a champagne glass and taking her other hand in mine. I took her to my bedroom, and in a minute, she was stripping for me. Her flat belly, little thong and perfect b-cup breasts not to mention amazing ass just begged for a good pounding.

Lying in the bed with just my shorts on, she approached me, pulled my shorts down, and gave me the best blowjob I'd had in years. After a few minutes of sucking mu cock like it was her only source of oxygen, she stopped and straddled me, her ass facing me. "Please touch me" she said.

I stroked her ass cheek and then slapped it. "Uhh" she looked back at me. "Me like". I got up on my knees, tore off her thong, and roughly inserted my cock. As I began pounding, Linda began whimpering. She was so tight I've never had anything like it. We fucked several times that night and next morning she went home with my cell phone number.

We began dating. Linda was easy to impress. All she wanted was to be taken out to places, a bit of clubbing and a lot of sex. She wasn't even that high maintenance.

I soon found out that she was incredibly jealous - and submissive at the same time. Whenever we went clubbing, and I began showing interest in another girl or another girl began flirting with me, Linda wanted to leave.

And each time she wanted to go home and convince me, that I should keep her as a girlfriend. I used this knowledge constantly. After a few weeks of using Linda, I realized I didn't know anything about her. She knew little about me - when we talked, it was usually small-talk and never about anything personal. The only thing I thought I knew was that she had a younger sister and lived with her mom. She didn't mention her dad at all and I got an impression that she and her mom didn't get along very well.

One day, I decided to push the envelope. I said I'd take her out to a nice restaurant and that I'd pick her up at home around seven. At first she argued, but I kissed her deeply to shut her up and she didn't make any more fuss. The next day, I showed up at the address she'd given me.

It was a small house a bit in the sticks and Linda was waiting outside on the street in what was probably her nicest outfit - rather slutty - but what did 16-year olds know.

As I pulled up on the curb, I got a glimpse in the window and saw what later turned out to be her mother, in the window. She was smoking a cigarette and didn't look very happy at all.

On the date, I asked Linda a bit more about her family, but she avoided the question took up her favorite subject: pop music. To punish her, I began flirting with the waitress.

The restaurant wasn't that classy - didn't want to waste money on Linda, and wouldn't want my reputation ruined at the nice restaurants I usually frequented by bringing slutty jailbait. The waitress - as they all do - responded to the flirt, to get a nicer tip. The move wasn't wasted on Linda who immediately got nervous, lost her appetite and began begging me to go home. I refused and kept up the charade for another half hour Linda got increasingly bitchy and finally we took off.

I pretended to be mad at her and gave her the cold shoulder. Linda was on needles and pins trying to make up for her bitching, offering all sorts of favors.

I finally turned to her and said matter-of-factly "When we get home, I'm going to fuck your ass". She looked at me with her mouth open, then faced forward and shut up for the rest of the ride. When we arrived at my house and got out of the car, she probed me: "You didn't mean what you said just now, did you?". I could hear the fear in her voice. "Yes", I said and headed straight for the door. I'd taken plenty of freedoms with Linda. Our relationship was almost entirely on my terms, and when it came to sex, I was completely dominant.

She was my fuck-toy, and she knew that I'd toss her the minute I didn't find her amusing anymore. But I'd never fucked her ass. I'd had half a finger up there, and thought about it a lot, but always decided to keep that one for later. She followed me reluctantly inside. I took her to the upstairs bathroom, and handed her an enema-kit, some chemicals and two towels.

I gave told her "Clean up in the shower - I don't want any filth in the bed", and closed the door on my way out. I stood and listened at the door expecting a reaction. The only thing I could hear was her turning on the shower. I went to the bedroom and began to prepare myself. While having previously taken some pictures with my telephone when we had sex, I'd never filmed. Now was the opportunity. I set up the camera, and began recording.

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It took Linda 45 minutes to finish her cleaning. She came out with damp hair and smelling amazing. Man, she looked tight. I gave her a bottle of baby-oil and told her to lube me up. She took her time, but kept her cool. A few minutes later, she was on her hands and knees, her wonderful little ass pointing upwards slightly. Looking at her rosebud, I couldn't tell she'd had anything up there at all.

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I positioned myself, took a hold of her hip with my left hand, and spread her ass cheek with my right. As soon as my cock made contact with her asshole, her right hand went to my hip, cautioning me. I let her keep it there for now and slowly began pressing inside. Soon her sphincter gave way and the head of my cock made it inside. She immediately began pushing me back with her right hand. I took her hand and removed it, bending it up to the small of her back and once again began applying pressure.


That just resulted in her left hand coming up and beginning to push me back out. I grabbed her left hand and put it next to her right, holding both her hands fast with my right hand and again began to push inside. Although I didn't hold her hands very firmly, she didn't try to free them, and I pushed on relentlessly, grabbing her neck with my free left hand.

I was in heaven, her sweet ass squeezing me ever so tightly. During all this, she'd kept her breath, but now she began breathing. Not moaning or panting, but a very muffled gargling. I realized she was crying, which only added to my pleasure.

I raised my body slightly, positioning myself in a higher angle enabling me to apply more power in my thrust. Soon she freed her hands, not to caution me but to give herself support. I grabbed her tightly and really began pounding. I fucked her for 25 minutes (I checked it on the video later), finally spooning her, while I choked her.

I came hard and long in her ass, and once I finished I kept it in her for a minute. When I finally pulled out, I said "Clean me up". Linda hesitated for five-ten seconds, then turned round and began cleaning my cock.


After a few minutes I was hard once again, and held her head on my cock, signalling for her to finish me. Having just cum, it took me a while.

When she finished, having swallowed (naturally), I looked her in the face and could see how puffy her eyes were. "I'll be wanting to do this a lot more in the future," I told her, "So you'd better keep clean whenever we are together".

She smiled at me sadly, "yes" she replied - more realizing than agreeing. In the next chapter I finally find out about her family