Nackte geile damen

Nackte geile damen
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The day my life changed for the better It all started on my 26th birthday.

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My name is Mike and I'm 6'1 215lbs solid muscle and hung. So the day I turned 26 I got off work and went home to get ready and go out with the fellas for some drinks and relaxation.


I met the guys at our favorite bar that we watched all the games at and had become regulars. Every one there knew who we were and we knew just about everybody there as well. As I walked in and started to head to the group of my friends I noticed this older lady had to be about 36 I thought but looked damn good for her age.

She was about 5' 10" 135lbs nice large c cup breasts and she was wearing a short white dress that hugged her curves in all the right areas if you know what I mean. As I walked by her I caught her eye and smiled and she smiled back as a man walked up to her and started to talk to her but her gaze never left me.

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as I made it to the guys I asked if they knew who she was and they all responded that she was new in town they had seen her in here once before just last week.

Not thinking about it anymore I ordered a shot and a beer and thought to myself let the good times begin. About an hour or so into the night I looked around as I came from the bathroom and there she was again in the same spot looking and watching my every move and that same man talking to her I know he could see she was not paying him any attention but he did not seem to care and just kept talking.

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As the night wound down and the bartender called for last call across the bar we ordered our last drinks of the night and as the bartender walked back with my drink she slid a napkin with something written on it to me as well. Not thinking too much about it I grabbed the beer and put the napkin in my pocket and finished my night hanging out and having a good time with my friends. As I walked out to the parking lot to get in my car I saw that woman again standing by what I assumed was her car and that man sitting in the driver's seat waiting on her to get in.

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I had to walk right past her to get to my car and as I did she smiled and asked if I got her note at first I was a little confused but then it hit me that was what the bartender had passed to me earlier. I smiled back and said I did but had not read it yet she told me to read it and to let her know if I was interested then she got in the car and they drove away. I got in my car drove home and barely made it in the door and to the couch before I fell and passed out.

The next morning I remembered a little about the night but not too much the one thing that was clear in my mind was that woman I saw at the bar and then I remembered about the note she sent me as well so I reached in my pocket and pulled it out. It read "I have caught my husband cheating he does not know I know yet I want to set up something to get even and think you would be perfect to help me out if you are interested in helping me out with this meet me tomorrow night same place I'll be alone as this is the night he says he works late." I thought about it for all of five minutes and decided I had to find out more about this woman and exactly what she had in mind.

As the day went on I was counting the seconds till I got off work and could get cleaned up and head out to meet her just to see if she was for real about this whole thing.

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As I pulle din I noticed the same car she left in the other night was there so I got a little excited and thought to myself what was going to happen when I walked in there. I got my emotions under control and strolled in the front door I see her at the bar in a similar dress to last night this one just a powder blue and tighter and as I walk up to her I notice about three inches shorter than it too.

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I walked up and introduced myself and she responded by saying her name was Kim and that she was glad that I took the time to meet her tonight. I told her no problem and that I was really intrigued as to what I could do to help her out all the while knowing I had a few ideas or so in my head of how I could help out.

She started by telling me that about a year ago her husband started working late on Thursday nights and traveled a lot more for business that he had since they got married 8 years ago.


She knew he was up to no good so while he was away on his business trip she had cameras placed in the house and in their lake house that was about an hour away.

Once they were installed she could access the feed from anywhere and waited on his next trip and that's when she saw something that she would have never thought possible. Not only was he cheating on her he was doing it with another man.

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She watched as her husband got into some of her expensive lingerie and put on a wig and heels and even a little makeup then serviced this man for days on end then packed up and left back to his normal life like nothing happened.

After she told me this I was a little uneasy about what she wanted me to do for her.

Then it all came out she had still shots of the video with clear face pics and some of him on his knees and being fucked hard from behind. She passed them to me and told me to mail these to the address on the envelope and to have a note and a way for him to contact me when he received them.

She then said that after he contacted me that she wanted me to have him do whatever I wanted or that I would show the pics to his wife.

I thought long and hard about this as I was hoping that I was going to get to fuck her to get revenge on him not this but it sounded like a lot of fun so I thought why not and agreed to do what she asked.

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She smiled at me the whispered in my ear you do this for me and I am yours to do as you please from this point on. And with that I smiled and told her to get in her car and follow me to my house and I would get started right away. This is the introduction hope you like it if I get enough responses ill post chapters 1 and 2