Loira super gostosa dan ccedil_ando na lancha

Loira super gostosa dan ccedil_ando na lancha
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When I left off in part one my wife and I went to a company party at my bosses manison. Sue had already had taken on 4 big dicked blackmen and she wanted somemore huge black cocks to fuck her senseless. When Dion had finished with her Frank my boss and the 3 friends Tony ,Ted ,Dion and myself went back into Franks bedroom. When I walked into the room Sue was laying on her back with her legs spread wide apart and I could see the 4 black studs semen leaking out of my wifes gaping pussy hole.

When she finally looked up to see which blackman was going to be dicking her next she saw me standing there. At first she tried to cover her face with one of franks pillows but I jumped up on the bed and held my wife in my arms.

I told Sue that at first I was very mad at her for cheating on me but after watching her being dicked down I was really turned on. With that said I looked over at Frank and the brothers and told them to give it to her all at the sametime.

I didnt have to say it twice and in a flash my wife found herself being charged by 4 naked big dicked blackmen.

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frank took charge and told Sue to get up on her hands & knees with her sexy white ass pointed to the edge of the bed. Sue quickly obeyed and when she was in place Frank got up behind her and slid his 11 inch black dick into her wanting cunt.

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Frank pushed his thick black shaft all the way inside of Sue and started gently fucking my wife doggie-style.Sues big white tities were flopping back and forth as Franks pace quickened.Dion knelt on the bed and and stuffed his black throbbing cock into my wifes hungry mouth. As her mouth bobbed up & down on Dions cock Franks big black dick was pounding into my wifes cunt like a jackhammer.

Seeing my sexy young white wife down on all fours in between two huge blackmen as they fucked her from both ends was hot but seeing the contrast of Franks dark black skin grinding up against Sues creamy white skin was intoxicating.Frank was jamming his long black dick into her pussy with such force that her big white tits were briskly swaying back & forth while her mouth was being forced even further down Dions throbbing black shaft.

I watched as Frank horsefucked my wife and with a loud grunt he filled Sues cunt with his thick semen.


Dion was getting close but instead of nutting in my wifes mouth he told her to get down on the floor.She laid down and Dion climbed between her legs and thrusted his oversized dick deep inside my wifes pussy.

He fucked her for a couple minutes and rolled over on his back and told my wife to ride him like a cowgirl. Sue slid her pussy up & down on Dions long fat dick while Ted got down behind her and started working the head of his swollen cock into my wifes asshole.

Ted eased his huge black boner deep inside Sues puckered butt while Tony stepped up to my wifes face and started rubbing his ginormous dick across her lips. Sue started aggressively making love to all three huge black cocks that were being roughly shoved into all 3 of her white fuckholes.

The guys gang-banged Sue for the next 2 hours and when my wife had drained every drop of sperm out of their huge black balls she liad on her back and fingered her cum-filled pussy.

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Sue had really enjoyed being dicked down by so many well hung blackmen. I couldnt help but to feel a little jealous of those extremely enormous black cocks that had made my wife feel so fulfilled.

When we got home later that night my wife explained to me that it wasnt the fact that their penises were huge and black that got her so hot it was how many guys wanted to gang-bang her. Sue said she loved being gang-banged and wish she could be gang-banged everyday. A month later I took her to a ski resort and watched as 12 well hung men fuck the hell out of her.

And a week later she got fucked by anther 14 men at our local gym. She was getting so much dick I was afraid her pussy was going to break. But my favorite gang bang of my wife to watch was when we rented a limo and parked it in an all black club.

We took the limo and my van and parked them next to each other in the clubs parking lot. Sue walked into the bar while I stayed in the back of my van staring out of the large tinted window into the backseat of the limo. When Sue came out of the bar she had a young tall black man with her and they both climbed into the back of the limo.


At first they started making out but it wasnt long before the black man was completely naked with my wife down on her kness between his dark legs as she gobbled down on his long 9 inch black dick. Sues head was bobbing up and down into the guys dark haired crotch while he was pulling her top off of her.

He reached down and started fondling Sues big tits with his large black hands. Sue pulled his big dick out of her mouth and unbuttoned her shorts and stripped down naked for her black lovers pleasure. She climbed into his lap and straddled his dark crotch and lowered her pink pussy down on his 9 inch black dick.

Sue big tits were bouncing in the guys face as she slid up & down on her lovers big black pole. He reahed around and grabbed my wifes white asscheeks and pulled them wide apart.

He then started bucking his hips upwards while pulling my wifes down, driving every inch of his long black dick inside her cunt. Sueplaced her small white hands on his dark broad shoulders and let him suck one of her swollen pink nipples in between his fat black lips.

I could hear Sue moaning as she gyrated her hips on his large black dick. The guy started switching his mouth from one swollen pink nipple to the other while sliding his long dark index finger up my wifes puckered ashole. Sue moaned even louder as she came all over her lovers long black dick. A minute later the guy pulled his cum coated cock out of Sues wet pussy and pushed his swollen purple dickhead into my wifes tight butt. His big black cock was sliding in and out of her ass while his large black hands were squeezing down hard on my wifes fat meaty titties.

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When the guy got dressed Sue laid down on her back and told the guy to send out the next man who wanted to fuck her.

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The next man came out to the limo and fucked Sue and after he had deposited his cum deep inside my wife cum-filled pussy he went into the bar and sent out the next black stud. This line of black studs went on all night long and when Sue was done being dicked down she had let 23 big dicked blackmen fuck her everyone of them shot their thick loads inside her wore out cum-filled pussy.

Although Sue says that its not their huge black cocks that make her hot its the numbers after that night I know thats she a lier. She craves their long black cocks and all the thick white sperm she came suck out of their huge low hanging dark black balls.

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