Kinky milf gets eaten out by stepdaughter while fucking

Kinky milf gets eaten out by stepdaughter while fucking
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After our first encounter I spent most of the next weeks wanking just thinking about it. I saw Eileen a few times but never on our own so we never got to discuss what we had done. As luck would have it I had to pop round Eileen's on my own after work one day to pick something up. As I entered the house I couldn't see anyone so I went into the living room where Eileen was sat watching an old movie on TV. ' Hi Eileen, just come to pick up that DVD we left." After showing me where it was she offered me a cup of tea.

As we sat drinking our tea and making the small talk in the living room, she started to lounge back on the sofa uncrossing her legs so I could see her inner thigh. We carried on chatting and her legs and blue skirt parted more.

Before long I could see her white knickers.


Sensing that I was getting excited her hand started to move to her knickers, where she started to rub her pussy through them. My cock was starting to strain in my trousers. As she rubbed her pussy she told me how much she had been thinking about our last encounter.

She slipped her fingers inside her knickers and I could hear how wet she was getting as she continued to masturbate.

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'Strip off, I want to see that hard cock again' she said, "You can have my wet knickers to get you really going" With this she took her hand out of her pussy and lifted her legs a bit higher so you could see part of her ass. I started to strip down and as I was doing this she started to finger her asshole through her knickers. By the time I was down to my boxers she had removed her finger revealing a definite brown stain on her white undies.

She rolled them off and threw them to me. I pressed my nose to the wet crotch and sniffed in the pussy and piss stain. Then opened them up and pushed my nose into her fresh shit stain and took a deep long sniff. As I was doing this Eileen was masturbating hard watching me take in her dirty pant scents and looking intently at my rock hard cock dribbling with pre-cum.

I started to squeeze my cock and as I did Eileen closed her eyes and came. She ordered me on my back and went down to suck my cock between my legs. She sucked hard and moved to position her light brown pussy just in front of my face.

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I parted her pussy lips and her arse cheeks to get a good look. As I stared into her open fanny she started to piss. Her golden liquid went all over my hand onto my chest and into my face. By the time she had finished I was covered in her piss. ‘That’s better’ Eileen exclaimed as she turned her head towards me. A little fart escaped from her ass and I knew what was coming next. Eileen arched her back slightly and as I pulled her cheeks apart her arse hole started to widen.

I watched as her brown shit started to push it’s way out. The stench was unbelievable. Eileen started to gasp as she pushed out a very sticky thick turd. At about 5 inches long the first piece broke off and hit my chin. It felt really hot and very messy. The second piece of shit was coming and accompanied by a loud fart shot out all over my chest followed quickly by looser stools over part of my face and neck. ‘Fuck that was good’ shouted Eileen, ‘Now fuck my dirty hole’ With Eileen staying on all fours I shuffled out from beneath her still covered in shit and piss.

My cock was solid and ready for some serious action. I parted her arse and stared at her shitty asshole.

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Her shit had been so sticky there were big lumps of shit still stuck to her. I guided my cock into her wide dirty arse hole and gently pushed the first couple inches in.

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Shit was starting to collect heavily on the remaining shaft as I pushed deeper. ‘Fuck me hard you dirty bastard’ Eileen cried. She buried her head in her hands pressing hard on the floor. First I started to draw my cock out slowly leaving just the head in. It was brown with shit and squelched as I pushed it back in.

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I started to fuck harder and faster watching it go in and out. Eileen was calling me every name under the sun as I pounded her ass. ‘You should see what I can see you dirty bitch’ I shouted‘my shitty cock is so far up your shit hole, fuck that’s good.’ ‘I’m going to fucking come so much you dirty fucking cunt’ She replied. I was desperate not to fill her ass with my come because I wanted to see how dirty she really was.

‘I’m coming, oh fucking God I’m coming, you fucking arse fucker’ Eileen screamed. I felt her arse hole tighten and her body shook with excitement.


Thank fully for me I hadn’t come but I was close. I slid my cock out of her hole and it was thick with a combination of arse juice and shit. Still hard I took it round towards her mouth. ‘Suck my cock you dirty whore’ Eileen grabbed my cock and firstly licked round the tip. She gradually slid her mouth over the end and started to suck and lick her shit off my cock. Wanking it harder it was only a matter of time before I was going to explode. I grabbed her head and shot loads of spunk into her mouth.

She let some spill out of her mouth and dribble down her chin. I removed my cock and opened her mouth up to see a mixture of my spunk and her shit.

Eileen swallowed, ‘that was fucking good’ she said. Still with a lustful glint in her eye she took my cock and started to lick the excess shit off it working round to my balls.

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I sat myself onto the sofa and she knelt between my legs licking my cock up and down and under my balls. She started to work her tongue towards my arsehole and it didn’t take long to feel it probing inside it.

As I sat there legs in the air, Eileen’s tongue in my asshole, I felt some movement down below. I knew I was going to shit but didn’t bother letting Eileen know. As her tongue pushed into my hole I forced my shit out. Eileen had to take it in the mouth. I pushed out a nice big turd that stank. Eileen gasped and when she came up she had about 4 inches of the log in her mouth.

As she spat this out I finished my shit over her floor. Pushing her head back down she licked my dirty ring clean as I wanked my cock to climax again coming all over my stomach.

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