Me cojo a mi esposa dormida que rico panochon

Me cojo a mi esposa dormida que rico panochon
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MY FIRST GYN EXAM -- MY FANTASY COME TRUE Doc Murphy is my pal--always has been, a buddy! Yeah, I've had other friends, but they often changed, I moved, or they moved, they found new friends or I did, whatever.

But I could depend on Doc Murphy as my friend--to the death! Well, by that I mean he could keep a secret. That's the test of a friend, you know? My name is Sheeny. I know it's goofy, but I'm stuck with it, OK. Because of the genes of my great-great grand father--whatever, I'm a very outgoing, frank girl, Many of my teachers deplore that trait, and I think they wish they could just tell me to shut the hell up, but most simply say I'm too outspoken, but that's just me, how I am!

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Sheeny, "I figure you're either a leader or a follower, like with sheep--Right?" that my dad talking now, he's sitting here with me. But I'd ruther be a leader, I mean, who wouldn't? My parents are divorced, live with my dad--"I picked him cause he loves me, and I love you, don't I dad?"it's just that simple I guess. He teaches high school. I'm in high school myself now, but at a different school. High school is fun! What often get's me into trouble is that my dad, bro, Jason--who's 12 and me are nudists!

That doesn't mean we run around the back yard waving our arms stark naked, we're discreet about it here in town, and practice nudism when we're at a nudist park, which is about every weekend in the warm months.

But at home, with the curtains drawn, we often enjoy being nude, simply because it's comfortable, and it's fun. A lot of my girlfriends know about this, a selected few have come over and joined us in the nude--no hanky panky, I guess just old fashioned fun. Of course that doesn't mean that two of us girls can't sleep in the same bed for an over-nighter--nude of course! Which can lead to all kinds of interesting adventures.

As far as boy-girl sex goes, I guess I've not made much progress there yet--all the boy's I know are dorks, so yes, I'm still a virgin, but that doesn't keep me on trying to seduce my friend Wanda, mainly cause she is such an unusually pretty girl--she's also one of my converted nudists.

We've been friends forever, but nothing sexual, you understand? It was about 11 p.m. and we had already got naked, and were laying on my bed talking, about boys of course.

Almost as it always does, the subject comes around to sex. Knowledgeable as I am I was explaining how a girl should always be on top during sex, because she can be in control, she can control how deep he penetrates her, and how often, and she can stop it any time she wants. Wanda listened with eyes wide.


I told her how my dad and I were talking about boys who had a large penis, and if the occasion should arise, a lubricant is advisable. Wanda said "Sheeny, do you mean to tell me you and your dad talk about things like that?" "Yeah, of course we do." I told her. "Look Wanda" I tell her "If you are tight with your dad, there's no reason you can't ask him things like "How come some guys get erections in class, don't these guys have any control over their penis?" "Oh-my-gowd Sheeny, you are not serious!" "Wanda, are you scared to talk to your daddy about sex, the same as you and I are talking?" Sheeny, you are out of your fucking mind, you know that?" "Why?" I ask.

"Because, girls just don't talk to their dad's about sexy things like fucking" she retorted, "That's why!" and she crossed both her arms across her bare little boobs, (which are only 1/2 A cup) and stared down at me. "OK" I said. I went to the bedroom door, opened it and called my dad. No answer. "Jason, where's Daddy?" "I donno---out in the kitchen I guess." my brother answers.

"Well go get him and tell him I need him in here, will you?" I hear an "Okedoke" from him. Wanda panics. "Sheeny, We don't want your dad in here, Wait, thats not what I mean, "God Damnit, wait Sheeny!" Of course, in a minute, in walks my Dad.

Now my Dad has always liked Wanda, said she was going to be another Keira Knightley look-alike, cause she was so cute! As he comes in, Wanda try's not to look at his penis, or a least she tries not to be obvious about it. "Hey guys, What's up?" as he sits down on the bed with us. I pitch right in. "Dad, Wanda and I were having this discussion about circumcision, about if it's necessary for a guy to be circumcised.

And we want to get a guys opinion about it, right, Wanda?" Wanda, with a blank look on her face, nods her head rapidly up and down. Well, what happens, we get to talking about penises and all, then naturally the discussion turns into a debate about sexual intercourse---and guess what happens? Dad get a boner--a magnificent erection. Now Dad and I don't think much about it, cause we've both seen it before, and know it's just something natural--it's normal for a guy to have erections ten times a day, right?

And when you're living in a house where you, your Dad and brother usually go nude most of the time in the evening, you see a lot of erections, believe me! But now Wanda is sitting on the bed next to my Dad, just about to freak out because Dad's cock is pointed straight up! So we have to educate Wanda about erections. They are not poison snakes--they don't bite. It's part of his body, you can touch it and you won't turn to stone or go to hell or whatever. And finally Wanda makes friends with Daddy's erection--finally she even holds it in both hands, to everyone's astonishment!

Wanda was really impressed that Dad treated her like an equal, didn't talk down to her. She liked that and I'm sure she appreciated it. After a while, Dad and Wanda were able to talk about anything. My Dad has a way of drawing people out, getting them to talk, and Wanda quickly fell under his spell.

In no time at all, Wanda was telling us all her secrets, everything. How she would use her older sisters vibrator when ever she masturbated. She even described for us, exploring her vagina for the first time, with a mirror. I was surprised when she allowed Dad to examine her breasts, with special interest on her nipples. 'Fondle' would be more like it ,if you ask me, tho Wanda seemed to enjoy it.

You know, I think one thing that she really enjoyed was sitting up close with my Dad, naked in a non-threatening situation. Like he was just an intimate friend--sort of a secret friend, you know, the kind you that you masturbate with. She was finally able to examine a man's penis---even watch as it became erect, a special treat for her.

But most of all, he didn't treat her like a girl, he treated her like a woman! I know that If Dad had asked Wanda, She would have said "Yes please, I do want you to fuck me!" But, of course my Dad would never do that. The four of us had become close friends, but dad finally left, taking his erection with him. It was interesting that, the whole scene left Wanda so sexually stimulated that after he left, all she wanted to do was talk about was fucking---that, and lay up real close to me while we talked.

Any way Wanda and I then get deep into talking about fucking, and how it would feel, and all that stuff, and if it would really hurt the first time he put his penis inside you? Well, when both of you are naked, talking sex gets pretty insane.

Finally I tell her, "Wanda, if you have to, go ahead and masturbate." "Sheeny Wead you're a wicked girl!" And then we both hug and laugh like crazy. By 2 a.m., we're pooped. Wanda says she's going to get into the shower, cause it was getting late, and she ducks into my bathroom.

I laid there on the bed for a few minutes, then thought: What the hell! Since I was already naked, I went in the bathroom and joined Wanda. "You're all wet and soapy" I shouted at her. "God!---you surprised the piss out of me." "Well I was lonely out there all by myself, so I came in her to be with you." and I cuddled up to her under the hot spray. "You're just still hot from talking about fucking--you can't fool me!" she said. Grabbing the soap from her and rubbing it on her tummy and her pert little breasts, I admitted, "Your right, Hon, I'm hot and wet--if you know what I mean, and I don't know how to do any thing about it." I massaged Wanda's breasts, holding her close, "Oh my" she said, smiling.

"Does that feel good, Honey?" "Mmmmmmmm" was all I could get out of her for a while. "Do you like it when I soap up your breasts like this my little pet?" This time Wanda managed "Oh Sheeny." I pulled Wanda to me till our tummy's met.

I reached around her with both soapy hands, and massaged her butt. It was like mine, soft and smooth, and when I pressed hard, I could feel the muscles. I pulled her hips hard against me--she looked up at me, startled. And I kissed her! Her lips, so soft they were impossible, nothing could be that lovely, yet she offered them as a gifts to me tho they were priceless. I traced those red lips with my tongue, feeling rich beyond wanting, then she slipped her tongue into my mouth.

Gazowie! She opened her mouth to me, and our tongues met. Sorta shyly at first, then like new playmates, they held hands and just skipped around in there. It's like you can express yourself with silent words in a kiss, you know, loving words! We both want…what? We want to get fucked, that's what!, Ha Ha But without a guy? We did have each other! We shut off the water, and had fun drying each other off, each pampering the other like a princess.

It was warm in the bedroom, so we just flopped on the bed naked with no sheet. She made no move, timid, she just looked at me as though to say "Please" So again we kissed, and caressed each other in lots of places, many of them secret.

When I felt we both were ready--I don't know, It just felt right, I scooted down between her legs. Wanda must have had the same thoughts, at least she made no move to stop me. I gently pushed her legs apart, and nestled between. Placing a hand on each thigh, I nuzzled her slit, sparsely covered with straight blond hairs.

She had a clean smell, a female smell, and she was wet. Slippery wet. She ran her fingers through my hair as she felt the tip of my tongue slide between her labia. I pressed on her thighs to try and stop her shivering--"It's just nervousness" I whispered. "Sheeny" I heard her imploring whisper, I stretched out my tongue deep, licking the full length of her slit. More shivers. Not content, I stuck my tongue in----far in, till I found the opening, down low, her vagina--I felt her clench muscles all over the place as I slid my tongue into her.

She was so soft inside, if I had been a boy, I would have fainted right then and there! But I knew what I was after, and I scooted up just enough, till my lips found her little clit--I sucked him into my mouth, tongued him unmercifully, then with a nip of my lips, expelled him, then again--and again--and again.

I felt it enlarge, right there, as I held it in my mouth!. That thrilled me, the thought I was giving Wanda an 'erection'! I mouthed her clit, gently, bit it with sharp teeth, and again with the suction. Her nails were digging into my shoulders now, she was mewing--like a kitten I reached up and found her breast, squeezed it, molded it, gently pulled at it till I had only the nipple, which I would not surrender, but claimed as my own plaything.

Holding her little soldier between my lips as it stood proudly at attention, I whipped my head back and forth. She was moaning now, as she squirmed on the bed--I had to hold her. God, ---Wanda shrieked, grabbing my hair, holding my head still, hard against her cunny as she came, I could feel her orgasm pounding thru her like a freight train, she shook, taking great sobbing breaths and when it passed, she just cried.

Dad stuck his head in the door, asked "Are you OK, I heard.", he took in the scene at a glance, and quietly closed the door. Wanda and I fell asleep in each others arms. At first my visiting friends completely freak out when my dad or Jason walk into the room in the buff, but they soon realize that hey, it's no big deal. Kristen, one of my converted nudists girl friends told me that she found a togetherness, an honesty about being in the nude with our family that she doesn't have with her own mom and dad.

My dad didn't leer at her, and my little brother didn't snap photographs of her, it was just a happy family atmosphere. And now she likes to come over for an evening, and even join us on weekends at a park. But if I bring the subject of nudism up in class you'd think I was defending hit and run drunk drivers, and it's off to the counselor for a 'session'. Now I forgot what I was talking about. Oh yeah, Doc Murphy. I love him, He's in his 30's I guess, and he single, Yes Yes Yes.

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He is so good looking I could just die when he even touches me. Several times I've overblown an injury or sickness just to have him examine me. Bad girl. I think this all started when I was 12 years old.

I was already an unrestrained female in every way, and that included sex. I had just discover sex, or at least masturbation at 12, and I had already progressed to using anything I could find as a, shall we say, toy.

Well, I'm rooting around in one of my dad's drawers (a favorite pastime) and I find this little thing-a-ma-jig. I don't have any idea what it is.

It's black, hard and smooth, sort of a cylinder rounded on both ends. It's about as big as by pinky finger and about an inch and a half long. It fascinates me, so Into my pocket it goes, for future study. That night as I lay in bed, masturbating of course, I'm naked--we all sleep nude-- I think it's some kind of rule.

Anyhow, I had a real inspiration, I hopped out of bed and got that little cylinder. I took a tiny dab of Vaseline---you have to understand here, that at that age, I'm sort of dry, so I had bought a little jar of Vaseline at K-Mart and keep it in my bedside stand, just for when I masturbated.

Clever, right? Well I try rubbing my clit with that thingy, and even sliding it over my vagina, It's even better than my fingers. Finally at some point I'm getting, I guess sorta excited, and that damn little critter slipped right through the opening in my hymen and up into my vagina. Oh SHIT! I panic. Oh my God! How in the hell am I going to get that out?

If I was religious, I would run down to church and pray to the patron saint of dildos, I guess, but we don't go to church. No help there. I know better than to call any of my friends, they would die laughing, All except David, he's the genius--he would tell me to use the vacuum cleaner hose.

Which I am not about to try! My dad? God! Yeah, he's seen me naked and all that, but I can't have him poking around in my cunny, can I? No way! Then I remember a voice. Doc Murphy telling me not too long before, "Sheeny, If you every have a problem with your body, you come and tell me, will you do that for me?" Well I seriously doubt that my dad could get the stupid thing out, so Doc, you're my only hope.

I call Doc Murphy, and tell the girl that answers, that I have to talk to Doctor Murphy, it's an emergency, yes, my name is Sheeny Wead. Within a minute or so, "Hello, Sheeny" he says, "it that you?" The words just tumble out. "Yes it's me Sheeny, Doc, I did something awful foolish and now I'm in real trouble and I don't know what to do and I think maybe I'm going to have to kill myself!" I say without taking a breath.

"Slow down Sheeny, and take a deep breath, are you bleeding?" "No" "Are you injured in any way?" "Well Doc, I ah, I suppose you could say 'in a way' I guess." Doc chuckles. "I think I understand, Honey." He says, "Come right on down, and if the young man is willing, have him come along." I hold out the phone and stare at it.

"Young man?" What young man? I don't have time to go find a young man, I've got a fucking UFO buzzing around in my twat, you moron. Of course, I don't say that to Doc. Any how, I get on my bike and shoot over to doc's office. The nurse takes me into an examining room and asks me to wait. I have that feeling the she knows what I've done, by the way she looks at me--yeah, she knows!

But then how could she? I no sooner clench my fingers claw-like and stare at them, when the door opens and Doc strolls in. At the sight of him, I just loose it. I burst into tears, I run to him, throw my arm around him and bawl. Doc doesn't try to talk to me, he just lets me cry it out, rubbing my back and holding me tight! When I am able to stop hic-cupping, I stare at the tile floor and tell him everything, masturbating, little cylinder, squirted right out of my fingers and all. "What am I going to do Doc?" I ask, looking up at him imploringly.

"I don't want my daddy to know", "Please, pretty please?" "Sheeny, Shame on you!" "Didn't I tell you that you could always come to me with any problem, and I would help you with it?" "Did you think I was just talking out of my ass?" Inspire of myself I laugh at his awful choice of words." "Tell you what Sheeny, Why don't you drop your drawers, and your undies, and hop up on the end of the table?" and he patted the end of his examining table.

"When was your last period?" he asks, and I tell him. Well, since I'd been on that table several times before, I wasn't afraid of it, so I step out of my shorts and all, and hop up like he said. Doc opens a drawer under the table and pulls out two aluminum whats-its These he puts onto brackets on the table's end, where they stick up.


"You know what stirrups are, don't you Sheeny?, well, that's what these are, let me show you." He raises both my legs and places my heels in the cups, so my legs are raised and sorta spread open. Now yes, I'm a nudist, but that doesn't mean I feel comfortable letting anybody look at my cunny. Doc stands beside me, and puts his hand on my bare tummy. "Look Sheeny, I know this is a little embarrassing for you, letting me see your vagina, but try this, think of me as your lover, that might make it more fun and less embarrassing." He gives me a big smile, then squeezes my tummy.

While he slips on rubber gloves, he asks "How often do you masturbate, kiddo?" "You want the truth?" I ask "And nothing but the truth and all that" he responds. "Well, I guess I masturbate every night, lots more on weekends." He smiles at me. "My, you are a sexy little devil, aren't you?" We both burst out laughing.

"Now Sheeny, Just lay back and relax, let me do my thing--remember, just pretend that Murph is making love to you." So I lay there with my eyes closed.

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"Doc says in a soft voice, "Sheeny, your labia are a little dry, and these rubber gloves just don't slide well, so I going to apply a little K-Y jelly, it will feel cold at first." "I don't want to cause you any little abrasions on your labia, OK?" In a moment I feel something cool being spread on my cunny. Really, it feels good, feels wonderful, when he does it.

I imagine him standing there applying the K-Y, nude of course, his penis erect and standing straight out. "Sheeny, this may feel a little cool, I going to insert a speculum into your vagina." "Doc" I ask, "I know what a speculum is and all that, but how can you use one on me when I'm still a virgin?" Doc chuckles, "Good thinking Sheeny," He says "First, I'm using a small size speculum, designed just for virgins, and, second, your hymen will stretch quite a bit, no worry." Doc told me, "Just hold still now." he has one hand, working on something at my vagina, I'm hoping he doesn't injure me, meanwhilethe other, his left, he places right over my mound, and his thumb comes to rest right on my little clit.

I wonder if he knows it? The poor thing was already erect from all the excitement, and my pretending Doc was my naked lover only adds fuel to the fire. In his concentration, he grips me a little harder, presses more on my clit. I was laying there wondering at all the magical, wonderful feelings that were suddenly shooting through my body, I stiffened. "You OK Sheeny?" Doc asks.

I'm utterly amazed as this incredible sensation of joy flooding me as he presses hard on my clit. The next moment my back arches up as an orgasm takes hold. It comes in wave after wave over me, and all I can do is let off a cry, half moan, half gasping for air.

In less than a minute, he has finished, even before I come down from my orgasm, and he is cradling me in his arms, his warm hand cupping my cunny. "That was beautiful, wasn't it Sheeny?" We just stay there, him hugging me like that for a few minutes, till I stop get back to normal.

"Doc, I'm sorry I went wild on you like that on you, I just couldn't help it, really, it surprised me, I'm sorry" "Shhhhhh My Sweet, we're lovers, remember, and lovers never have to say 'I'm sorry'." He brings up my hand, kisses my finger tips. "I'm really glad you and I shared your orgasm, just the two of us." He whispers "You know, Sheeny, I examine a lot of teenage girls on this table, and I have to tell you, that you are a very beautiful girl." "Most girls your age don't have such a well developed vagina and clitoris as you do, do you realize that?" "Is that really true Doc or are you bull shitting me?" I quip.

We laughed. "No, when I spread your legs Sheeny, it's like opening up a beautiful pink flower." "When I touch your vagina," "Boy!" "I have to make an effort to keep my hand from trembling--just because you are so exciting, even tho you are only 12 year old Sheeny, you re already beautiful." "You're great Doc, you know that, and I think I love you!" "And you Sheeny are a very special girl!" Then Doc leans in and kisses me. Right on the lips.

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I'm speechless, I just look at him, trying to blink away the tears in my eyes. He sits on the stool and we talk as I hold both his hands. "Sheeny, You don't have to worry, there will not be any record of this, I'm putting down that you came in, had something stuck in your throat, coughed it up with no ill effects, OK?" "Hey Sweetheart" he said as I'm leaving, "Here's a bottle of something I want you to use when you masturbate, it's called 'Slip', a lubricant, just a drop or two will work wonders." "That bottle should last you at least a week!" I punch Doc really hard on the shoulder, then I hug him really hard, and leave.

That was four years ago, now I'm 16, at a real cute age--where I lie a lot! No, I'm really 16, and I still have problems, except now they're boy problems.

My dad and I had several long talks about my sex life, about intercourse, and using birth control. and on and on. So I ask dad "Dad, let's be practical here, if I'm on a date, and we end up in bed making love, well I mean, it's kind of late to think of birth control, isn't it, especially when you never dreamed you'd wind up in bed together?" "You have a darned good point, Honey" he admits. "Let me ask you Honey, according to your urges and hormones, how close are you to having sexual intercourse?" No smile now, I just look him right in the eye and say, "Tomorrow afternoon, 2 o'clock".

I get a good laugh out of that. Sweetheart, then I think it's time we had Doc Murphy give you a GYN physical. I'm OK with that, actually it sounds sort of sensuous! Three days later, I walk in Doc's office--alone thank you, for my exam. The nurse shows me to an exam room, gives me a funny gown, asks me to undress including my panties and bra--I didn't bring one, and put the gown on, If I had a seat on the table, the doctor would be right in.

Yeah, right. Well, it was six or seven minutes later, during which I furnished the nurse with a urine sample, and answered a lot of her questions. Finally the great man himself walks in, and gives me a big hug. "Gosh, you look beautiful Sheeny." "Doc" I ask, shaking my head, "where do you get all your bullshit?" "I think about you Honey, and it keeps me all charged up, you know that!" "Let's see, I have you down for a GYN ." "What bring's this on, Sheeny?" "Doc, I'm 16 now, and I'm getting to the age when I'm likely to want to have sex.

I talked it over with Dad, and we thought it would be a good idea for me to see you first." "That's a smart move, Honey".

"Let me take a peek at your breasts first." "Have you felt any lumps anywhere on your breast?" "Nope" I respond. "Any unusual discharge from your nipples?" "Nope again Doc" I finally untie the gown and throw it over my shoulder, he gives a look and shakes his head.

"What?" I say.

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"You're precious Sheeny!" Doc feels my breasts, feeling every square inch. Then he sort of holds my breast and hefts it in his hand. He feels my right breast. "Say Doc, aren't you giving my breasts an awfully through exam?" He just gives me a big smile. Then Doc just looks at them from this angle and that, touches them again, squeezes a nipple, which is already hard.

Finally Doc cocks his head at an angle, and says, "Sheeny, Do you any idea how fucking awesome your breasts are?" "God!" "We have get a few questions out of the way, Sheeny." "I know the nurse has covered your medical history, but I have a few others I want to ask, OK?" "Have you have sexual intercourse--that is with his penis inside you?" "No" "OK, Have you had oral sex, where he went down on you?" "Well yes, we've done that already, and I've gone down on him " "OK, now another truthful answer if you will, any burning when you pee, or sores, or any kind of rash around or on your genitals, unusual discharge?" "Nope.

Healthy as a racehorse, Doc." I tell him. "Let's move on then, and let's take a look." This time I know what stirrups are, so it's easier, though no less embarrassing. I look up at Doc. "Is it OK if I pretend you're my lover?" Doc winks and says "Did you ever stop?" I don't have a quick come-back for that.

I lie back, my legs up in the stirrups. It turn me on just to have him see me laying there like that, with my legs spread wide open! Doc leans in, I feel him touch me softly inside. Doc has no idea the wonderful circus of delights that go round and round as he touches me there. It's hard not to jump at his touch. He looks up at me. "I don't know how a girl as cute as you has managed to stay a virgin!" he remarks to no one in particular.

"I'm faithful to you, my Love." I reply. I can feel his finger busy doing whatever inside me. Two or three times I wiggle and gasp as he hits a one of the three million nerves. "Just be careful of my clitoris Doc" Despite my resolve, I groan with pleasure when I feel his finger slide into my vagina. Doc murmurs a soft "Behave yourself now Honey ." Doc pushes on my tummy----it feels like he has his finger up inside my vagina, strange feeling.

"Say, Doc, is the opening in my hymen large enough that you can get your finger up in there?" "Yep, it is.

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It's not unusual for a girl to continually stick tampons through there, which will gradually enlarge the opening in her hymen. In case you're wondering Sheeny, all those stories you hear about it hurting so much when your hymen is torn are just so much bullshit.

90% of virgins feel almost no pain at all. The pain is so slight they don't even notice it, and the level of passion is so high, it covers it, so don't you worry about that. What we do worry about is the timing of bringing a new baby into the world. I'm going to prescribe birth control pills for you. If you faithfully take them, they are 99% effective. Nothing is 100 percent guaranteed. Doc pulled off his rubber gloves and came over to my side.

"Doc, remember the time I came to you when I lost that toy in my vagina, and you plucked it out?" "Yeah, and when you had called, I'd thought you were pregnant!" "And remember when I had an orgasm when you touched me, I was so embarrassed, but you made me feel like a grown up". Doc, looked at me innocently, and said "I still don't understand what happened." "All I did was put my hand on your pubic arch, like this," and he placed his hand over my bush, with his thumb on my clit.

"And I suppose I might have wiggled my thumb a little, like this" And he gently rubs my clit as I lay there. We don't say anything for a long full minute. Doc just looks into my eyes as he massages my clit. It doesn't take long for me to become excited. "Doc", I say "you know that feels pretty good." "I know, I've thought about it, pretty often myself." "Son-of a gun, You have?" I ask in surprise, "I thought I was the only who kept day-dreaming about it!" We both grin.

"Doc---If you keep that up" I tell him in a squeaky voice, "I don't know." He makes no effort to stop. "Oh God Doc, I want you," I go on in a rush, "I need you so much" "It would be wonderful for us to make love Doc, you could be my first." " Doc, I want your penis inside me" "I've been in love with you ever since I can remember." " Doc--I masturbate fantasying about you, about you fucking me, every night!" "I need you Doc&hellip.Please, Please." Doc walks over and locks the door, then turns out the lights, the only light now coming from the high window.

He returns, bends over to kiss me. I wet my lips--It's a lovers kiss, and as his lips touch mine, his tongue just naturally slides right into my mouth. I can smell his breath, sweet and fresh. It's a long kiss, we explore, feel, confirm and accept each other as lovers. He straightens up and returns to between my legs, still up in stirrups.

I feel the coolness of more K-Y jelly on my labia. Typical of Doc's thoughtfulness. I tremble, I actually shake, as I feel his penis touch my moist mound. Holding his erection, he rubs it up and down between the swollen lips of my labia. It's beautiful torture, the pain is absolutely lovely! I feel the tip of his penis slip into me.

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It excites me, as if that were even necessary. As I lay there, at last feeling the head of his penis clasped inside my lips, I feel incredible sensations of happiness and I guess, wonderment. With the tenderness only a lover can successfully accomplish, he presses his penis into me. After a moment, his eyes never leaving mine, he continues. I feel my vagina expand as Doc gently, very slowly forces his penis fully into me as far as it will go.

I guess I utter an "Umph" as he bumps into my uterus. Shivers squeal all through my body, I feel so, so filled! I laugh. I can't help myself. Doc looks at me strangely. "I'm sorry doc, I can't help it, I'm so happy, with you inside me, something I've wanted forever and ever, and it makes me so wonderfully happy that I have to laugh." And at that, he laughs too.

Once I calm down, I just lay there concentrating on all the sensations as he works himself into me. The tight walls of my vagina seem to relax and expand to accommodate him. With patience and tenderness, Doc urges me to open myself to him, he whispers sweet secrets to me, tender instructions--he tells me to breath deeply, but my brain is consumed with the fact: I am being fucked! I lay my head back down. There has never in my life been anything that felt so natural as Doc and I together, and with that thought, Doc again thrusts, sliding deeply into me.

A man has completely entered me, all the way. I simply can not believe, all the dreams, the fantasies, years of them finally fulfilled. Doc is stretching the walls of my vagina, making my insides feel incredibly tight--tingling. A good feeling.


How long have I waited?--years? Oh to feel the tightness and pressure of my man's huge erect penis inside my vagina, by God, now I'm a woman! I try to clench my vaginal muscles around his penis to feel him, squeeze him. Doc waits once he is completely inside me, and from the look on his face, I know he too is trying to record this wonderful tightness, this special moment in our lives.

Doc begins to work on me again. I can feel the ridge on the head of his penis as he slowly withdraws from me, only to gently slide completely into me again, till our pubic bones knock together, It's incredible the way his erection pushes on different parts of me--inside, I hold my breath with each thrust, until I 've taken his entire length into my narrow sheath---God I'm happy! "Doc" I whisper, "Isn't is super that your penis just fits perfectly in my vagina, it's not too short, not too long, it's just right!" I grin.

Doc creates a rhythm as he slides in and out of me, driving deep and hard. It brings my gasp with every deep thrust. Now I'm rising up to meet him as he comes down into me, and soon we are working together as a team. We're both sweating now, tho we're not a bit tired. Finally, I start trembling, and I know Doc can feel me shaking. A moan escapes-- just slips out, then another, louder, more urgent. I close my eyes. That hard cock pounding into me.

I can feel the muscles in my vagina ripple and contract around his big penis. I hear myself whimper, pulling in air in big gulps. I am having a heart attack in my vagina! My body is too young, too tender for the fierce orgasm that grabs me, shakes me without mercy, involuntary my body jerks, as I cry out my love in passion.

I keep trying to call to Doc as wave after wave roars over me, leaving me limp. Doc stops his thrusting and lean over me, holds me, kisses me so very tenderly, till I stop crying and whimpering, stop shivering. I lay there, feeling his fullness still inside me, in awe of the sexual electricity passing between us.

I lay there completely exhausted, and groan with pleasure. "Why did you stop fucking me, Doc?" and I manage to laugh! "You're a devil" he laughs, "so tight you're just plain wicked." "So, Lass You think you can tease me by squeezing me like that, well, we'll see about that my Love!" And he starts once again those long, slow thrusts, I shake my head "No More Sweetheart".

But in and out, slowly like a machine, and I feel the stirring of sensual pleasure deep inside me. I know I can't resist him and that magnificent penis of his.

I look up at him. "Come on Lover, Fuck Me Hard!" Doc pauses. "I want it, Fuck Me Hard!" I demand. "All right my love--If that what you want you shall have it" he says, staring straight at me. He then takes my one leg out of the stirrups and puts my heel on his shoulder, then the same with my other leg.

Doc enters me again and makes a few trial thrusts. By pulling up my legs, my vagina has shortened considerably. Doc hold onto my legs and starts pumping his penis into me.

I grunt as his erection hits against my uterus, then another thrust, and I grunt again, Each time he pounds into me, his penis seems to hit my uterus and slide along it until it's stopped by something. It's painful--it's exciting. Doc is really pounding into me now, I can hear him growling, snarling, I swear I can. If it weren't for the end of the table, he would be shoving me all over the place. Death by Fucking, I think, what a way to die!

I don't give a damn, I want it hard, I want it deep, I want his seed in me I can't see him for the tears in my eyes but I sure as hell can feel him going into me, wump-wump-wump I'm gonna die, I know it--then like the eye of a hurricane, all is quiet.

Nothing moves. What? Doc is holding himself deep inside me, motionless--Gosh, I don't think he's breathing. His penis is getting larger--swear to God it is, getting bigger inside me--and it s pulsing, sort of throbbing, I can feel it throbbing! Suddenly I sense a hot 'warmth' flooding my whole abdomen, Only when I feel something warm as it runs down the crack of my ass does it finally dawn on me. "Doc, my Love, You came inside me didn't you?" I felt stupid, but I didn't tell Doc, no need for that, I hadn't actually felt him squirt his seed into me, but that didn't matter.

I just kissed and hugged and whispered little things to him. He knew I was happy by the amount of tears running down my cheeks, didn't he? Doc figured I was probably tired. He helped me off the table and to stand up. I was a little wobbly, but only for a minute. However, standing turned out to be a mistake, when I stood up on my own two feet, it happened. I felt a rush of warm liquid run down both legs--I mean, what a mess.

Doc must have pumped a full pint of his semen into me, at least it seemed that way from all that ran out! Actually once we got cleaned up, we went over to his house, where we took a shower together.

He had a hose do-hickey in his shower, and was able to wash me out pretty good. We both spent the whole evening laying on his bed naked, talking and re-living how we had so gloriously fucked, When we had exhausted all the talk about making love, we just lay there and kissed, played with each other.

I know it's hard to believe, but then Doc fucked me again--really really good!