Barefoot princess cum debbie ravaged in public toilet

Barefoot princess cum debbie ravaged in public toilet
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My name is David. I'm an eighteen year old guy, fairly athletic, fairly smart, fairly good-looking, if I do say so myself. Overall nothing special. I had a good high school career, again, nothing special. As you can see, I've had a fairly average life.

That is… Until I woke up in the shade of a large and imposing oak tree. Okay wait… God this sounds so cliché. Well, bear with me, okay. It'll get better. So.

I woke up in the shade of a large and imposing oak tree. It was dark out, so I assumed it was nighttime. I sat upright and saw that I was wearing my favourite jeans and favourite t-shirt and wearing a thin vest.

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I looked around me and saw nothing. I didn't see anyone else, I didn't see any buildings. The only things I saw was the tree I was under, the plains around me, and a dark forest a far way's off.

I was so confused. How the fuck did I get here?!


And where IS here? I sighed. I just sat there for a very long time, thinking about how this was probably a dream, when I heard a moan.

I jumped up. 'What the fuck?!' I asked myself.

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The sound came from around the tree. I cautiously walked around the tree. After what seemed like an eternity I saw a pair of shoes with legs attached to them. I was looking at those legs and they looked familiar to me, as well as amazing. Slowly but surely, a t-shirt came into view. It was a tight shirt that hugged an amazing pair of breasts. The girl also had an amazingly toned body. Her jeans were very tight, also hugging her amazing legs. As I finally completely turned the corner, I saw a beautiful face rounded by the fairest blonde hair I've ever seen.


She was slowly waking up, and as she opened her eyes and looked straight at me, I recognised her by her striking blue eyes. It was Renay, the most beautiful girl in my school.

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She was one of the more popular girls, and received a lot of attention from the guys, but didn't often respond to it. I had talked to her a few times, but I wasn't quite a part of her circle. She mostly hung out with the other popular girls and the popular guys. That kind of people weren't really the kind I hung out with. Nevertheless, we can have a good chat.

We're not awkward or anything. She woke up and looked me right in the eyes.

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'David?' She had a surprised look on her beautiful face. I awoke from my stare and immediately blushed. 'Uh, yeah. Hi, Renay' 'Where are we?' she asked. 'I have no idea, to be honest. I just woke up a few minutes ago.' 'Oh. Okay then.' She stood up.

We both looked around together, but still saw nothing. We eventually sat down, at a fair distance of each other. You can say what you want about the situation we're in, but the air felt really clean and fresh. I was thinking that we were probably somewhere in the more natural countries.

Either way this couldn't be in America or Europe. Maybe we were somewhere in the more natural parts of Great Britain?

'No, I don't think so. I've been everywhere in Great Britain, but nowhere even remotely looks or smells like this.' Shit! I think I said that out loud.

That's something I do quite often. And I can tell you, it has made for some pretty awkward situations. 'Uh… Okay.

So where do you think we are?' 'I don't know, someplace cold!' That was when I saw that she had goosebumps and was shaking, because she was only wearing a short-sleeved tight shirt. Oh shit! I was staring at her boobs, as I could see a faint imprint of her nipples.

'Here! Take my vest, it's quite warm.' 'Thanks. Won't you get cold?' 'Nah, I never get cold, don't worry about me.' She looked great in my vest, Aaaaaand… Silence.

Awkward silence. We were sitting in a silence lasting for several ages. That was when I was actually getting kind of cold as well. 'I think I'll just go look for something to make a fire with.' 'Okay, I'll help.' 'No that's okay, just stay there.' 'But I want to help.' 'If you really want to…' I started to pick up some branches from the ground, and saw Renay doing the same. We had collected enough to make a small stack of branches of which we thought that it would be warm enough.

We piled them up neatly, as I've seen on those survival shows on tv. 'So uhm… how do we actually start the fire?' I asked.

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'Oh! I was feeling around in your vest's pocket and I found this while we were looking for the branches,' Renay grabbed a lighter out of the pocket and handed it to me.

'Great thanks!' I was thinking about why I had a lighter in my pocket, as I didn't smoke. Oh right! That wasn't my vest. It was my friend Jason's. 'Oh okay, you didn't have to explain yourself.' Shit!

I did it again, didn't I. 'Oh, okay. Sorry about that. I got to work on lighting the branches. I saw in the survival shows that some dry grass catches fire easily and that it could then spread, so I tried that.

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Even with the lighter, it took quite a lot of time, but eventually the fire was nice and warm. 'That's better. You want your vest back?' 'No it's okay, I'm fine, really.' After a while of silence again, she said: 'Do you think we're being filmed?' 'What do you mean?' 'As in a reality show on tv. Maybe we were dropped here so people can watch us survive in the wild. I've seen that a few times.' 'Hmm true. But I don't see any cameras anywhere.

And neither do I remember how we got here. I assume that the people participating would have had to sign something, or at the very least remember how they ended up here.' 'You have a point there.

Can we huddle up? I'm getting very cold and I'm tired.' I was surprised by this. 'Of course, come here.' She moved to sit next to me and laid her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me. This feels so nice.


I thought to myself. I unconsciously smelled her hair, which smelled amazing and I felt great. No matter what would happen, it couldn't be that bad.

And with that thought I fell asleep with the beautiful Renay in my arms, not knowing what we were going to face in the future.