Tirando leite da minha pica

Tirando leite da minha pica
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As i entered my house naked with Ryan, we begun to walk up my stairs. Ryan made himself at home on my brothers bed and started to watch t.v while i went to the bathroom to take a piss.

I was naked because Ryan and I were drunk walking home from a party and he bet me that i would'nt walk the rest of the way home naked! Well i did and proved him wrong. As i finished taking a leak i flushed the towlet, turned off the light and walked back into my room as to see Ryan with his hands down his pants and watching the television. I sat on the bed next to him still naked and we got to talking. He was going on how, he hasnt had a blowjob in a few months due to the breakup with this girlfiend and he was getting lonley.

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He started to say how good his girlfriends blowjobs where and that he had never had better by any women. Thats because his ex if the only girl that ever has given him head befor. When he kept on explaning how he would just love a blowjob right now and that what happens, happens. While he was talking i drifted off to the time i sucked my first cock and how i loved it and would love to try it again.

"I was wonder how big Ryans penis was? I would love suck his cock right now". Ryan says in a drunken matter. " I wouldnt even care if a guy gave me a blowjobw. I would just love one" Right there and than i saw my opening to find out how big Ryans penis was! So i explained to Ryan that i have given a blowjob before and i kinda missed it and would love to suck his dick.

"Ok sure man, go ahead" Ryan replied. I sat up from the bed and got infront of Ryan on my knees and took his limped, shaved dick into my hands and started to stroke his cock up and down.

Watching his dick get harder with every stroke, i could feel my soft cock getting harder my the minuted. Once Ryans cock was nice and hard i brought my head down to his cock and just briefly put the head of Ryans cock into my mouth. I sucked the head for a few seconds. Just to give Ryan a preview of what he was about to recieve.

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I went back to jacking him off for a few more moments. To make sure he was getting nice and hard and could slide his cock down my throat without problems. I brought my head down below his shaft to explore his balls.

I opened up my mouth and took his nice soft balls into my mouth.

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I gently closed my mouth around his warm balls and sucked on them, playing with them in my mouth. I hear Ryan let out a sigh when i took his balls into my mouth. After having Ryans nice balls into my mouth for a few moments, i started to lick up his shaft like it was a popsicle licking the whole shaft at once.

I took ahold of his 9 inch rock hard cock at the base and poped my mouth right over his cock and brought my head down. Inch by inch Ryans cock would go father down my throat. Before i knew it had was sucking on his balls since his cock was so far down my throat. I keeped his cock in my throat as long as i could before i would run out of breath.

I quickly came up for air than slammed Ryans cock back down my throat. Taking all his cock into my tight throat as fast as i could. I started to move my head up and down faster and faster making sure to take his whole cock in each time. Ryan grabed the back of my head with his hand and would force his long 9 inch cock down my throat every time i came up.

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Ryans was throat fucking the hell out of me and i was loving it. I procided to engulf Ryans cock into my throat till i wanted to give his balls another suck. I grabed Ryans cock and pulled it up towards his belly so i could get a better look at his nice juicy balls.

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I secretly started to move my other hand towards his ass hole and stuck my middle finger up his ass hole. About knuckle deep.


Not knowing if Ryan would like this i just impeditly started blowing him again. I keeped deepthroat Ryan non stop still i could feel his penis started to expand. I knew that his cum was comeing soon so i started my head motions faster and faster while also moving my finger up his ass hole faster and faster, my finger is about half way in now. As knowing he is about to cum i slam my throat down Ryan's cock one more time and shove my finger all the way up his ass hole and Ryan filled my throat with loads of warm, salty cum.

Squirt after squirt of cum sliding down my throat i take it all in enjoying each drop.

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It felt like a stream of constant cum was going down my throat for about 30 seconds and i was wishing it wouldnt stop. I was loveing all this cum going down my throat and wanted it all. I sucked Ryan for about another 10 minutes to make sure i sucked his dick dry.

While laying on my bed after sucking Ryans huge cock i feel my balls being sucked on.

The feeling made me eyes go to the back of my head. I thought i was going to pass out.


Ryan was sucking my balls and jerking my cock up and down. He sucked my cock for about 5 minutes making it nice and hard. My eyes were stilled closed from all the excitement and i can feel Ryan move up on the bed with me.

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I open my eyes and see Ryans nice, perfect round ass above my cock. He moved his ass down till my head was in his ass crack and Ryan sat on my cock, my huge cock penetrainting his tight virgin ass hole. I couldn't believe Ryan was fucking me. It felt so great so i took my hands and put them on the side of his waist and flipped him over dogy style.

I pounded the fuck ouf of Ryan till i exploded my hot cum into his ass hole.

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I than got down and put my ass to his face sticking my finger in his ass hole to get all of my cum and licking it up. Meanwhile Ryan was sucking my cock getting off all the anal juice and my cum of my cock. "man i love sucking cock" i thought to myself and i fell asleep with Ryans cock in my hand