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Naughty rachael madori sucks dick and banged hard
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It is Sunday afternoon. Michael and Sarah Lawrence are out on their weekly date, having left their kids, Aaron and Christina, home by themselves. As is their usual routine, the pair spent the first part of the day sleeping in and the next part arguing over who would get to decide what they would eat for supper and watch on TV.

In the end, as she usually does, Christina won. At this very moment, the pair of siblings are watching old home videos on the VCR. "Why are we even watching this?" Aaron groans at his sister. He does not care very much for the boring everyday moments his father has captured.

"Shut up, I don't remember this stuff as well as you do," she reminds him. She is two years younger than him. "But can't you watch it some other time," he grumbles. "When would I do that? You're always hogging the TV when Mom and Dad aren't home." "That's cuz Dad hogs the TV when they are home," he retorts. "And thus we share," she answers with a tone that suggests the argument is over. Aaron sighs as he watches her feet moving back and forth.

She is lying on her stomach in front of the couch, dangling her feet in the air, kicking them back and forth as she watches the screen intently. As it is almost summer time, she is wearing an orange tank top and dark blue track shorts. She has a popsicle sick in her mouth right now and her tongue is stained green. Aaron is also wearing shorts, though his are cargo, and a dark blue graffiti t-shirt. He finished his popsicle in only a few bites and avoided discoloring his tongue.

Both of them take after their opposite parent. Aaron has dark hair like his mother, which he never combs, and Christina has light hair that lays flat except for the parts she holds up with berets.

After trying to watch the video for another minute, Aaron gives up out of boredom and leaves the couch. He expects Christina to jump at the chance to steal his spot, as she is only on the floor to avoid sitting next to him. She is at the age where she finds her brother disgusting and wants as little to do with him as possible.

Aaron paces over to the closet under the stairs and starts to rummage around in search of something. "Hey, keep it down!" Christina shouts at him. When he returns to the couch he is surprised to find his spot untouched. She must have been too engrossed in the video to take it. "What are you doing?" she soon notices the fact that he has gone silent. When she looks over her shoulder she sees him holding their father's old video camera and aiming the lens directly at her.

"Hey, stop that!" she is not happy. "You were so interested I thought we could make a video of our own," he informs her jokingly.

"I'm not dressed properly," she complains while turning away so he can not capture her face. "Who outside of the family is going to view this?" he asks while scooting off the couch and sitting down next to her, trying to get a better view of her face. She turns to look at him for a moment but quickly hides her face again while frowning. He gives up and turns the camera toward her feet, which are still moving.

He watches them bob back and forth for several minutes before reaching out and touching one of them. Christina lets out a surprised yelp before rolling onto her side partially to glare at him. "What?" he asks while snickering.

"Nothing," she grumbles while rolling back onto her stomach. He keeps his hand in contact with her foot but she seems to have gotten used to it. He tries tickling it in order to get a reaction from her.

She almost smiles but manages not to. With a shrug he moves to her other foot and succeeds in eliciting another yelp. "Are you sure you're okay?" he taunts her.


"Perfectly," she refuses to be goaded. He takes things a step further by sliding his hand down her leg. Instinctively she stops moving her feet as she tries to concentrate on not making any more noise. She remains calm until his hand reaches her thigh. "Knock it off." She tries to kick him. "Knock what off?" He plays dumb while moving his hand to her other thigh. "Stop it. It tickles." She can not keep from giggling. "I'm just giving you a massage," he lies while moving his hand to the square of her back.

"You can't do that with the camera in your hands," she disagrees. Without complaint, he sets the camera down on the coffee table so that it is still recording her. Then he stands up and swings one of his legs above her so that he is straddling her. She makes a sound to emphasize the wind getting knocked out of her lungs when he sits down on her back.

"How's this for a massage?" he asks while rubbing both of his hands against her shoulder blades. "Can't breath," she wheezes. The popsicle stick has fallen out of her mouth by now. "Sorry." He slides down until he is sitting on her legs and rubbing just above her waist. "How's that?" "I didn't really ask for a massage," she is slightly confused.

"You didn't have to. You're loving big brother can tell when you are stiff." He lowers his hands until he is touching her butt.

"Oh, what's this now? You don't feel stiff at all in here." He jiggles her butt jokingly. "That's because I don't sit on my ass all day like you," she insults him.

"No, you just lie on your stomach." He reaches his hands under her shirt and starts to tickle her. Once again she clenches her teeth instead of laughing. He finds her belly button and pokes it several times. Tears form in the corners of her eyes as she struggles to keep from reacting. Slowly he runs his hands lower until he is touching her hip bones.

She lets out a slight laugh but turns her head away, refusing to acknowledge it when he snickers at her. He continues lowering his hands until he finds the lines of her crotch. By now she is holding her breath.

Her runs his hands up and down the outside of her shorts a few times before letting his thumbs catch the hem and sliding them down to her knees. Unable to hold her breath any longer she starts to gasp. She can feel the air on her bare ass now and worse she can feel the hair of her crotch touching the carpet beneath her and tugging slightly. "Are you done?" she asks while trying to catch her breath.

"I don't know." He slides up until he is sitting directly on her butt, pushing her crotch into the carpet more. She lets out a slight squeak which causes him to smirk. He rubs himself against her repeatedly, letting her crotch hair tug on the carpet more and more. Her face is bright red by now. "Alright, that's enough. I need to pee," she admits. "Really?" he taunts her while pushing so as to try putting pressure on her bladder.

"Yes," she moans meekly. "Then I guess you better try getting up," he suggests sarcastically.

She tries to lift herself by pushing down on the carpet but she is unable to lift her own weight and his at the same time. "Fine, I better move." He prepares to stand up. "Wait," she stops him.

"What? Do you like being sat on?" "If you move, I think it'll relieve the pressure," she whimpers. "Isn't that what you want?" he teases her. She shakes her head. "It'll come out," she squeaks. "Oh." He finally realizes what she is saying. Looking around he spots an empty glass on the coffee table that he had juice in earlier.

He contemplates how angry their mother will be for a moment before deciding she will be madder about the carpet. "Oh god," Christina moans as he lifts off of her and shoves the cup into her crotch in the same motion. She does not have the ability to stop herself from unleashing a steady stream of urine into the cup.

Aaron averts his eyes at first but eventually they are drawn to the sight before him. He can not see her crotch at all but the glass is clear and the liquid pouring in is plainly visible. "Quit staring." Her face is bright red. "Sorry," he feels bad for having caused this situation. "Sorry isn't good enough. I'm never going to be able to look you in the eyes again," she whines. "You'll get over it," he mutters unconvincingly. "How would you know?" she complains. "Have you ever peed yourself in front of someone?" "Not since I was a kid," he admits.

"That's not the same," she continues cry. "Well, what do you want me to do?" he tries to compromise with her. "Let me see you peeing," she suggests while wiping the tears from her eyes. "What? No way," he refuses. "See, you're embarrassed too." "It's different when a guy pees. Girl's are at least kinda cute when they can't hold it in," he argues. "Oh, so you like girls who pee themselves," she tries to get back at him. "I didn't say that," he sputters.

"Really? Holding that cup doesn't turn you on?" She rolls over so she is sitting facing him. She brings her knees up to her face though so he can not see her bare crotch properly. "Do you really want to see me pee that badly?" he asks while rolling his eyes. She nods meekly.

"Fine, I'll make you a deal. If you can go an hour without putting your shorts back on, I'll let you see me peeing," he offers her something he is sure she will refuse.

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"Okay," her response shocks him. Without a word she slides her shorts off the rest of the way and hands them to him.

"You better give those back in an hour," she warns him. He does not feel very threatened though, not with her sitting half naked in front of him. "You know, Mom's not going to be happy about you touching your butt to the carpet," he tries to taunt her. She rolls her eyes in annoyance while shifting her position back to her stomach. She makes a soft squeaking sound when her crotch hair tugs on the carpet again. He sees his chance to tease her again by placing his hands on her lower back and moving her just enough to rub her crotch against the floor.

"Hey, stop that." She reaches behind her back to sway his hands. He catches her by the wrist though and pins her arm. "Ow, that hurts!" she exaggerates her pain.

"You're too turned on to be hurt," he does not believe her. The redness in her cheeks tells him that he is correct. Instead of responding though, she closes her eyes and lets him continue rocking her back and forth for a while. She is obviously enjoying the feeling. "Seriously?" he is surprised. "Why should you be the only one having fun?" she pants for breath. He repositions himself so he can look at her face as it contorts in pleasure.

She has not noticed though. He picks up his pace until she is moaning louder and louder.

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Suddenly she starts to shudder while yelping. He watches with intrigue as her whole body convulses. Even after it stops she is still panting. Her face is flushed and she is trying not to smile too much. He is shocked when she suddenly breaks free of his hold and stands up, only to push him off of his knees and reposition him so that she can sit down on his lap. "Hey, what gives?" "If I can't touch the floor or the furniture, I'll just use you as a chair," she informs him.

"But you just…" he stares down at her bare butt as she nuzzles it against his crotch. "You should consider yourself lucky," she giggles. "This is the closest you'll ever get to having sex with a girl as cute as me." Rather than responding he reaches toward her butt, only to stop with his hand hovering above it.

"Go ahead… touch it." She wiggles it suggestively. "You're gonna hold it against me if I do," he argues. "I'm already holding it against you," she jokes. "I'm pretty sure I can feel something there too." "Wouldn't it be more weird if you couldn't?" he asks while shifting his position so that his erection can unfold in his shorts properly.

"Ooh, I can definitely feel that," she gasps. "What are you thinking of doing with it?" "Do you really want to know?" he asks skeptically. "I want to imagine it," she admits. "I've never seen one in person." She moves again so that his erection is resting between the cheeks of her butt.

"If you were any other girl, I wouldn't hesitate," he admits. "Ah, you're a gentleman," she responds sweetly. "So, do I win yet? Are you going to show me how boys pee?" "It hasn't been an hour yet. Besides, it's a little hard on me to do that right now." "Well, why don't you show me something else then," she suggests. "Are you kidding?" he is dumbstruck. "You just saw me get off, didn't you?" she reminds him. "It's a little messier when boys get off," he informs her. "So is peeing," she is not swayed.

"Just use the same cup. All you need to do is touch it a little, right?" She moves her butt again, stroking his shaft through his shorts. "It'll take more than that." He winces. "What should I do?" She crawls off his lap and turns around. "Hey, don't look." He covers his crotch with his hands. "I'm not," she assures him while closing her eyes. He watches as she slowly reaches down and moves his hands carefully, without looking. He is surprised that she is keeping her promise.

Without opening her eyes even once, she unzips his shorts, allowing his erection to spring out of the flap in his boxers. He sucks in a large breath when she touches it with her warm hands. "Do you like it?" she asks coyly as she strokes it. He does not answer though. "It feels really hot." She leans close to it. "Hey, what are you doing?" he asks when she touches the tip to her cheek.

"I thought it would feel nice on my skin," she admits. "Girls aren't supposed to like this sort of thing, are they?" "This sort of thing?" he repeats in confusion.

"Guys love the idea of a girl's mouth or face near their penis, right? It's a dominance thing, isn't it?" "It's more of a special treatment thing," Aaron disagrees. "Guys like knowing that the girl who is willing to do that with them is special." "So you like testing the girl by making her do things she is uncomfortable with?" Christina surmises. "Are you uncomfortable with it?" Aaron asks.

"Kinda, but that's what makes it fun," she giggles. "Knowing I'm supposed to hate it makes me want to do it more. I want to prove I can be just as kinky as those girls you see in adult movies." She rubs her cheek against his shaft affectionately. "You're not worried that my penis is so close to your mouth?" Aaron asks. "If you're wondering if I feel like it is dirty, the answer is no." She shakes her head before sticking out her tongue and touching it to the tip of his penis.

"It's strange right? I'm supposed to think something like, 'how can I put the thing you pee with in my mouth,' but instead I feel the exact opposite. It is warm and soft and just plain irresistible. I want to put it in my mouth more than anything right now." She grabs his hand and brings it close to her face so that she can lick his fingers.


She is too embarrassed to put her mouth around his penis. He explores her mouth with his fingers for several minutes, pushing them in as far as they can go. He even causes her to gag a few times. Her eyes start to water but she keeps them closed. All the while she keeps her right hand on his penis, stroking him softly. Eventually he starts to groan when he feels his orgasm approaching. She leans forward and clasps both of her hands around the head of his penis while also cupping them to her mouth.

He has no place to cum but directly on her lips. When he is finally able to open his eyes again he is staring at his sister's pretty face. It has been splashed with several sticky strands of his own cum, concentrated around her mouth.

She moans as she swirls her fingers in it. She looks like she wants to try tasting it. "Why are girls not supposed to like this?" she asks. "If I had a boyfriend I would never say no to giving him a blowjob.

I would swallow too. The thought of eating cum just sounds so irresistibly wrong. I think I would ask him to cum on my breakfast every morning just so I could eat it. No, I would have him cum in my mouth at night so I could rinse my mouth with it. I would savor it sliding down my throat. She dabs the tip of her finger on her tongue. "Why don't you try it?" he gulps nervously. He really wants to see if it will make her as happy as she claims.

"You're my brother," she argues. "It would be wrong." "You said you like how wrong this is," he reminds her. "I do," she agrees giddily. "I want it so bad. If you weren't my brother I'd have shoved your cock down my throat by now. I would hold it in for as long as possible. I might even pass out if I forgot to breathe. I think I'd like that; getting dizzy from suffocating myself on my boyfriend's cock.

How would you explain that to a doctor? No I did not try to kill her with my penis, she's just a slut." "You make me want to do all of that to you and more," he admits. "We can't," she refuses. "Then what about all of this?" He pushes his fingers into her mouth again.

"As long as I do not open my eyes, then I can pretend it is not you," she mumbles while trying to push his thumb as far down her throat as it will go. She starts to gag and cough again though. "If you keep your eyes closed, can I put my penis in your mouth?

Can I cum inside it?" "You can't put it inside." She shakes her head after pulling his thumb out. "And you can't cum inside me. Anything else is fine." Aaron almost laughs as he wonders where she got her sense of morals. He places his right hand on the back of her head and slowly pushes it down toward his crotch.

"Not inside," she repeats as the tip of his penis touches her lips. "Is this fine though?" He tangles his finger in her hair and swirls her lips around the head.

"Yeah," she gasps. "Do everything you can without going inside. Scare me into thinking you're gonna do it, just stop before we go too far." "Open your mouth," he instructs her while pushing the tip in slightly. "Not inside," she moans while keeping her mouth small just in case. "Stick out your tongue. It'll feel like it's inside if you do," he surmises. Obediently she slithers her tongue out, touching the bottom of his shaft. "It's really big," she mumbles.

Soon she is lapping at his penis like a lollipop. "I want it inside so badly," she moans.

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"I want to see if it'll stretch my throat. I want to see if your cum will sooth it afterward. I want to see how warm it is." "Can I?" he breathes out in a raspy voice.

"Can I cum inside? I want to know that you'll actually swallow it." "I won't swallow your cum," she refuses. "Not my cum?" he repeats inquisitively. "Not your cum," she is adamant. "How about something else then?" He does not wait for an answer. She squeaks as he pinches her nose and pulls her mouth further onto his cock.

She stops herself from going too far but is caught off guard when something warm starts to splash against the inside of her mouth and the top of her tongue. At first she lets it spill back out around his cock, thinking that it is his cum. With his cock directly in her line of sight it is hard to look down.

She has to cross her eyes, which makes her look incredibly cute in his opinion. What she sees is clear-yellow liquid squirting out of the corners of her mouth.

As soon as she has identified it, she clamps her mouth shut. Her cheeks bulge outward but she quickly starts to swallow. She has to back off until only the tip of his penis remains in her mouth but she makes sure that it does not slip out completely.

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He watches her Adam's apple twitching as she gulps down as much of his urine as she can until her mouth simply overflows. Some even comes out of her nose. She has to spit the rest out along with his penis. She coughs and sputters for several minutes while trying to catch her breath. All the while he waits patiently, not knowing what she is going to say.

She looks slightly annoyed when she finally raises her face but he can not tell as her eyes are closed again. She may have looked at his penis in her mouth but she refuses to look him in the face. "Very sneaky," she admits while still coughing slightly.

"It was really warm and soothing on my throat." "I didn't cum inside you," he reiterates. "No. Thank you for that." She does not seem as angry as he thought. "That was… amazing," she pauses before admitting her opinion. "Is that what swallowing cum would feel like? No, it would probably be a hundred times better. I want to suck your cock so badly now." "You really are a lewd girl," Aaron can not help but laugh.

"Why though?" She tilts her head in genuine confusion. "Why is it wrong to do this? Why does it feel so good to swallow someone else's pee? I should feel dirty but instead I feel refreshed. Do all girls secretly desire to get peed on by their boyfriends? Are they just too ashamed to admit it?" "I don't think other girls enjoy it that much," Aaron tries to calm her down.

"Why not? They would love it if they tried. Not just swallowing. I want you to pee on my face next time. No wait, my whole body. I want to shower in it.

Wow, that sounds so gross, doesn't it? It's not though because it's you. If a random animal peed on me I'd be disgusted but… I don't even think of it that way with you.

To me your pee is like a valuable thing I can not get anywhere else. Is that weird? Am I weird? All girls should ask their brothers to pee on them at least once in their lifetime; then they could decide if it's weird or not. I wonder if I can convince my friends at school to try this. If I brought Nancy and Rachel home, would you pee on them too?

No, you could cum on them. You're not related to them." "What if I don't want to?" Aaron asks bluntly. "What do you mean?" Christina is confused. "I thought boys loved this kind of thing." "Only with girls they like," he explains. "So you want an actual girlfriend," she surmises. He shrugs in response. At the moment he would settle for getting to cum on or in Christina but the fact that her eyes are closed even now is a testament to how against the idea she is.

"You know, it's been an hour already. You can put your shorts back on," he tries to change the subject. "Aw, do I have to?" she asks cutely. "How about this; I'll walk around without pants on from now on and you'll use my mouth whenever you need to pee." "Are you serious?" Aaron is shocked.

"Did you like it that much?" "I think I like the idea of it more," she admits. "I can't wait until I get a boyfriend to cum in my mouth but until that day I think only one thing will suffice. I want it. I want to feel the warm liquid sliding down my throat and to know that it came from a penis." "It would be much more enjoyable for me to cum in your mouth, you know." "Why do you keep asking?" she is getting slightly annoyed.

"I already said you couldn't." "You won't let me do that, but you're not going to put your pants back on?" he asks while reaching down and touching the front of her crotch. She moans before responding. "I like the exposed feeling. Have you ever realized how stifling it is to wear pants all of the time? It's like when I sleep naked and I can feel the fabric of my covers between my legs." She spreads her knees apart, giving him a full view of the slight peach fuzz that adorns her crotch.

"You want me to look at this but you won't even look at my penis?" he mutters in annoyance. "You can close your eyes if you want but it's not like you can actually see inside me." "I can feel it though." He pushes his index finger past the lips of her cunt and into her vagina. He notes that she is quite moist. Either she is still turned on from cumming earlier or swallowing his pee has turned her on again.

She gasps in surprise and then makes a pained groaning sound.

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"Don't do that," she mutters unconvincingly. "Why? It's just like with your mouth." He pushes the fingers from his other hand past her teeth as a statement.

"We're not doing anything sexual," she spouts naïvely. "You don't consider this sex?" He probes her mouth even deeper. "Your fingers are not for sex, my mouth is not for sex. It only becomes sex if something enters my vagina or if your cock enters me," she informs him with an air of confidence that makes him laugh. She really is innocent. "So what can we do then?" he asks. "What do you want to do?" she turns the question around on him.

"I want to go as far as you'll let me," he admits while pushing further into her cunt. "Don't break my hymen," she pleads with tears in her eyes. "I'm saving that for my boyfriend when I get one." "But I can touch it?" he asks while finding the thin membrane and scraping it softly with his fingernail. "Oh god," she shudders.

"No, don't do that.


You're fingers are too hard." "What about my tongue," he suggests. "What do you mean?" "My tongue can not reach very far inside you nor can it tear your hymen," he assures her. "Well…" She is intrigued by the idea. After some thought she leans back, resting her hands on the floor behind her so that she is propped up. With her eyes closed she can not see what he is doing but she can hear him repositioning himself on his hands and knees in front of her.

She can feel his hair brushing against her thighs as he leans his head close to her crotch. She has to cover her mouth to keep from giggling. After Aaron notices this, he places both his hands on her inner thighs and runs them down toward her crotch. "Don't!" she gasps while closing her legs on his head. "I'm not inside you," he argues.

"But that tickles," she finally lets herself laugh. "This is what you wanted right, not to have anything touching your legs? You want to be completely exposed, right?" He breathes on her crotch, causing her to squeak. "Y-yes," she admits while trying to catch her breath. Without warning he plunges his tongue into her cunt as far as he can go. It is nowhere near long enough to reach her hymen but she still squeals as he laps at the inside walls of her vagina.

She grabs onto his hair and tries to pull his head out but she is thrashing around too much. She throws her own head back and moans loudly. He continues to wiggle his tongue inside of her while running his hands along her thighs until she starts to shudder again. This time a steady stream of clear fluid sprays out from inside her vagina, hitting him in the upper lip. "Oh my god," she groans while pulling on his hair painfully.

Her back is arched so far that her head is practically touching the floor behind her. "Well, I need a shower now," Aaron spouts jokingly after he has caught his breath. "I'm sorry," Christina whimpers. "It's fine. Your face is still wet too." He touches her cheek. She opens her eyes for a split second but quickly closes them again. "What?" he can tell that something is on her mind.

"I was wondering if we should kiss," she admits shyly. "Does that fall under things siblings should not do?" he asks. "I don't think so. I mean, we've kissed before, haven't we?" She recalls having seen them pressing their lips together several times throughout the home videos that they were watching, which are still running on low volume on the TV behind her.

"So that's a yes?" He moves his face close to hers. "You smell funny," she laughs. "Whose fault do you think that is?" he spouts before smashing his face against hers. She holds perfectly still, letting him lick the outside of her lips. It is only when he pushes his tongue into her mouth that she resists. "What?" he is confused. "I was just thinking about where your tongue just was," she explains.

"Well your mouth is full of pee," he reminds her. "We should really shower," she surmises. Without warning he stands up, pulling her shirt off over her head. "Hey!" she shrieks while covering her chest with her arms. She is not extremely developed but the fact that she has to hold her breasts down at all turns Aaron on.

He tries to pull her arms away but she folds her hands under her armpits. "You said I could look, right?" he reminds her. "At the outside of my crotch," she counters. "What's wrong with seeing your chest?" he argues. "They're… they're really hard right now," she mutters meekly. Now Aaron really wants to see her nipples so he can judge for himself.

Her embarrassed face convinces him not to push the issue though. She has been sitting here half naked with her eyes closed for a while now, letting him do quite a lot of things to her. "You're so cute." He hugs her tightly, eliciting another short shriek. Without her shirt she can feel his bare arms against the skin of her back. He is running his fingers along the bumps of her spine.

She is rather skinny and bony. "Weren't we going to shower?" she asks desperately. He rests his head against her shoulder before nodding so she can feel what he is doing since her eyes are still closed. She yelps when he lowers his arms to her waist and lifts her off her feet. She has to wrap her legs around his waist to make sure she does not fall as he carries her to the bathroom.

"Wait, I have to pee again." She lowers her feet to the floor as soon as they are through the door. He directs her to the toilet and helps her sit down without looking. "Don't watch," she instructs him. "I'm not," he lies outright while stepping back to get a better view. She winces as she tries to force herself to pee despite the apprehension she feels with her brother in the room with her.

Her face has turned red by the time she finally manages to push out a stream of urine. Aaron can feel himself getting hard again just watching her. He tries to stop the blood rushing to his penis by relaxing his bladder muscles.

The obvious result is him needing to pee now as well. Though he could wait for her to finish, a different thought crosses his mind. He points his penis straight at her bare chest and lets loose, spraying her front with yellow liquid that runs down between the small valley that is her cleavage.

It dribbles over her bellybutton and down between her legs before joining her stream of pee. "What are you doing?" she gasps while struggling not to open her eyes. "You're going to shower anyway, right?" "Yes but… this feels so weird. I am actually getting peed on by you." She can not help but smile. She cups her hands in front of her chest and collects a small portion of liquid which she drains into her mouth. Aaron watches with perplexed intrigue as she swishes it between her teeth.

Eventually she loses her drive and lets it pour out of her mouth and down her chin. "That tastes weird," she admits. "Would you rather cum?" he offers jokingly. "I don't know." She has no way to compare the two options. Aaron finds her honestly extremely refreshing. "Alright, time to get you cleaned up, you little slut," he decides to tease her a little. "I'm not a slut," she is furious. "I'm still a virgin." "I'm surprised you can say that with a straight face after all of this," he chuckles while lifting her up off the toilet and setting her down in the bathtub.

"You're coming in too, right?" she asks shyly. "Yeah, I'm a little dirty too." He starts to strip down. "Sorry," she apologizes again as he steps into the tub. He ruffles her hair to show that he does not mind. "Can you help me?

I can't really do it myself right now," she asks sweetly. "Why don't you open your eyes?" he is getting slightly annoyed. She does not answer and instead simply waits for him to comply.

With a sigh he takes a bottle of body wash from the shower shelf and pours some out onto her shoulders while she removes the berets from her hair. She hands them to him so he can set them on the counter next to the sink while she reaches behind her and feels around for the water faucet valves which she turns on so that the water can heat up while he soaps her body. He takes full advantage of the fact that she is no longer covering her chest.

He pinches and rolls her hard nipples in-between his fingers, causing her to moan and gasp. After soaping her stomach and her back, he runs his hands over the curves of her butt. He even takes special care to shampoo the hair on her crotch. "Have you ever thought of shaving?" he asks offhandedly. "I shave it a little," she admits. "I think it would look cute if it were more uniform." He reaches out of the shower and grabs one of the disposable razors their father left on the counter next to the sink at some point.

She takes a deep breath as she waits for him to shave the hair on her crotch into a neat square, using the body wash soap in place of shaving cream. "How does it look?" she asks when he is done. "Like you're ready to take a cock," he responds jokingly.

For this he receives a punch to the stomach. It is not hard though as she barely knows where he is. "Say, why aren't you covering yourself anymore?" he asks while pinching one of her nipples again. "Because we're washing ourselves," she answers as if he should have known the answer. "We're not doing anything inappropriate." "Right." He nods in agreement while rolling his eyes.

If her thought process were not so adorable he would be beyond annoyed right now. "So does that mean anything we do in here does not count as sex?" he asks with a sly smile. "All we're doing is washing ourselves," she repeats before opening her mouth in order to catch some water, which she swishes between her teeth, presumably in order to wash away the taste of urine. He pushes his fingers past her lips again and swirls them around in her water filled mouth, pretending to be helping her clean her teeth.

She mumbles something he can not understand. He does not take any note though. His mind is working on something else. "You know, if we wash away the evidence right afterward, it'll be like it never happened," he suggests. "What do you mean?" she is confused. "If you rinse out your mouth right after I put my cock inside, then it won't count, will it?" He is definitely stretching his luck but hopefully she is as gullible as she seems.

"Is that true?" her voice perks up with interest. "Could I really have your cock in my mouth?" "Only one way to find out." He places his hands on her shoulders and pushes her down until she is kneeling on the floor of the tub. "This feels kinda exciting," she laughs. "My mouth is at the same height as your cock right now.

It's like it was made for it." "Do you like the idea?" He asks while placing the tip of his penis on her lips. "I do," she moans. "Girl's mouths are made to suck cocks. That's why they are round." "What about your butt?" he asks. "It's round too, isn't it?" "Maybe I should let my boyfriend stick his cock in there too," she mutters dreamily while licking the tip of his penis.

"It would hollow me out and make me ache. Then it would fill me up again with cum.

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That would feel so warm, being filled from both ends like that." "We could try it," he suggests. "Only if we wash again right after!" she spouts adamantly. "Are you sure you don't want to savor the feeling?" he asks coyly. "Oh." Her face turns red as she starts to imagine it. "I want to do that. I want to do that right before bed. To have my stomach full of cum before I go to sleep.

It will sit there all night long. I'll probably dream about it." Lost in thought about filling his own sister's ass with cum, Aaron grabs Christina's hair and pulls her mouth onto his cock. As it is wet with saliva and water, it slides along her tongue and into her throat with ease. He lets out a long moan as he feels the warmth surrounding his member. This is better than having her lick the tip by far.

Christina's eyes shoot open at the sudden intrusion but they roll back into her head almost immediately. Her throat is convulsing around his cock as she tries to swallow.

Extra saliva forms on her tongue to help but it ends up leaking out of the corners of her mouth. She makes an odd squealing sound as she tries to talk to no avail.

"That's right." Aaron strokes her head. "That's what we were going for. My cock is all the way inside of you right now. Don't worry, we'll wash you properly afterward." Christa whimpers into his crotch while trying to pull herself off of his cock.

He holds her head in place with her hair though. "Don't give up now," he goads her. "Doesn't it feel as amazing as you thought it would?" She stops struggling and nods as best she can in her predicament. He pushes deeper into her throat for a moment as if to say that he is proud of her. She gags but is unable to do anything else. Aaron wants to remain inside her for longer but he can already feel his erection starting to flatten.

He relaxes his grip just enough so that she can pull his penis back into her mouth. She spits it out and starts to gasp for breath, letting drool run off her tongue and snot drip from her nose. "You're so sexy," he coos while pushing his fingers into her mouth, using her own drool as lubricant. She simply gurgles in response. He removes his fingers and replaces them with his cock again, which he shoves all the way back into her throat.

She practically sneezes out a large amount of drool when he plugs her airtight again. This time he does not hold her down and lets her back off on her own. Just when the tip is the only thing left in her mouth again though, he shoves back in. He does this several times until she stops fighting, letting her arms fall at her sides. She is half unconscious now. With no more resistance, he has to pull himself out on his own, which he does much faster than she was doing it.

Soon he is sliding back and forth in her mouth and throat in rhythm. "This is what your boyfriend is going to do to your cunt," he warns her. Her only response is to gurgle. "Do you like having your mouth treated like your pussy? Do you like having your face fucked?" he continues to taunt her. "I'm not going to stop until you answer." Slowly she manages to nod her head. It is difficult as his cock is moving in and out of her throat so fast.

With his question answered, he slams back into her one last time as far as he can go and holds her head down. At the same time he starts to cum, squirting his sperm directly into her throat and giving her no choice but to swallow it. Christina vibrates on his cock as she struggles not to try breathing.

The moment the last pulse goes through his cock and she is sure he is done cumming, she shoves him away from her, pulling his cock all the way out. Immediately she collapses on the floor of the tub, coughing and puking up saliva and cum and green popsicle juice. He rubs her back as he waits for her to recover, which takes several minutes. "I told you not to cum inside me!" she complains as soon as she is able. "It's alright. You threw it up." He directs her attention to the sticky mess slowly washing down the drain.

"Oh no." She closes her eyes when she realizes that she has been looking at him. "Come on, we can wash those too." He pushes her further underneath the falling water and tilts her head back. She struggles as he pulls her eyelids open so that the water is falling into them. "Okay!" She jerks out of his grip. "I'll wash them myself later," she seems to have finally given up trying to avoid looking at him. "And your mouth? Are you going to wash that too?" he asks.

"I don't know. I can still feel your cock in my throat. I feel so stretched. I kinda like it." "Doesn't it hurt?" he is slightly concerned.

"A lot," she admits. "That's what's amazing though. Why do I like it when it so obviously hurts? I would not just stick something else down my throat.

It's definitely your cock. There's something special about it." "Maybe we should test this out a little," he suggests. "What if I stick is somewhere else." He touches her crotch. She gasps before responding. "You can put it up my butt tonight," she offers shyly. "I want to see how far it will go." "But not your cunt," Aaron is slightly disappointed. She shakes her head. "Only my butt." "Can you say that again?" he asks with a sly smile. "Only my butt?" she repeats inquisitively.

"It's every guy's dream for a girl to offer them anal," he announces gleefully. "I think I left the camera rolling in the living room. Can you say that in front of it?" "No, that's so embarrassing." She covers her face with her hands. "Isn't it exhilarating though? The idea of being filmed naked?" "A little." She nods.

"Come on. Let's just try it out." He lifts her out of the tub by her armpits. "It's cold out here." She starts to shiver immediately. "Don't." He stops her from grabbing a towel to dry off with. "Why? I'm cold," she whines. He pinches one of her nipples in response.

They are twice as hard as before. "You're so mean," she wails. "You look so shiny." He runs his hands along her sleek wet body. "At least it's not pee this time," she sighs while letting him lead her back to the living room without toweling off. The video camera is still sitting on the coffee table and the recording light is still on. "What do you want me to say exactly?" she asks with a sigh. "Tell me what I'm going to do to you tonight." He picks up the camera and points it at her face.

"This is so bad." She averts her eyes. "Come on," he urges her. "I'm going to…" "Say your name too," he interrupts her.

"Why?" she moans. "It'll be like a declaration." "Fine," she is in no mood to argue. "I, Christina Ray Lawrence, am going to let my brother slide his cock all the way up my butt tonight." "I can't believe I have that permanently," he laughs.

"Maybe I should make it my new ring tone." "I'll tell mom," she threatens him. "Will you be able to with your mouth full of cock though?" he counters. "I hate you so much," she whines.

"But you love my dick," he continues to taunt her. She looks straight into the camera before responding. "I love your dick. I love getting peed on by it, I love getting face fucked and throat fucked by it. I love having it in my mouth and I love swallowing your cum." Her face is bright red by the time she finishes. Aaron is surprised that he did not even have to goad her this time. "Come on, let's go outside." He marches toward the front door.

"Let me get dressed first." She rushes off toward the stairs. "Oh no, we're not getting dressed." He informs her. "What?" The color drains from her face. "I want to film you walking around the yard completely naked." He pulls her back toward the door. She opens her mouth to say something but closes it almost as quickly. She has given up arguing with him. Covering her chest with her arms, she allows herself to be led out the front door.

The first thing she notices is the summer sun warming her cold body. The water on her skin starts to evaporate instantly. "What should I do?" she asks while looking around.

"Just pose in a few places," he suggests. "I want to get some shots of you playing on the porch swing and maybe pushing your crotch against the fence or something." "What if people see us?" she moans. "Then we'll bribe them to keep quiet with your throat skills," he teases her. She seems to think he is serious though. Over the next half hour, Aaron films Christina posing all around the yard. Most of the time she looks extremely embarrassed but he convinces her to give the camera a few peace signs with her fingers and to bite her bottom lip suggestively a few times.

Sometimes she even poses masturbating and licking her own nipples. The most suggestive position he films her in is straddling the handle of a rake and grinding her cunt against it while moaning. "I'm so hot," she gasps when he finally sets the camera down. "I really want something inside me." She pushes her fingers into her cunt, which is moist from arousal. "You can use me," Aaron offers jokingly. "I don't want you to take my virginity," she argues. "Fine then." He moves around behind her and starts to rub her cunt with his fingers.

She moans as he uses her wetness to lubricate his fingers. Suddenly her eyes shoot open when he pushes his wet fingers into the tight bud that is her asshole. "Oh god!" she groans. "What are you doing?" "Getting you ready," he informs her while wiggling his fingers. "It hurts a lot," she admits. "But you like that part," he reminds her. "You like doing things that feel wrong." "Yes," she gasps.

As if to iterate his point, he pushes the head of his cock past the ring of her now slippery asshole. "Oh!" she lets out a loud yelp.

"It really hurts. Oh my god, I'm being stretched." "Yes you are." He squeezes her butt affectionately. "I'm being impaled. I'm having a rod shoved inside of me.

I'm getting fucked in the ass," she cries in pain as he slips further into her. He feels slightly bad for her. This is definitely not the same as having her mouth fucked. These muscles are more sensitive. He will not stop though. He has no idea if he will get another day like today; where he was able to convince her to give him almost everything. "Please, let me rest," she begs.

"Not yet." He gives one last shove, pushing the head of his cock past her ring entirely. It slips inside with an audible pop, followed immediately by a shriek from Christina. "It's tearing. It's gonna tear. You're ripping my ass open." "That's the point." He runs his fingers along her spine, causing her to spasm. "I'm turning you into a cock slut." "I don't want to be a slut," she wheezes. "You want to swallow my cum, don't you?" "Yes," she admits. "You want to get your throat fucked?" "Yes," she repeats.

"You want to have your ass filled with cum too?" She is only able to nod in response. "Then you want to get fucked in the ass. You are a slut." "I am a slut," she repeats in a whisper. "I like getting fucked by my brother.

I like that it is wrong. I'm not going to wash myself afterward. I'm not going to close my eyes. I'm going to let him do this to me again and again.

I'm going to beg him to fuck me. No one else, only him. I'm his slut." "That's right, you're my slut." Aaron shoves another inch of his cock into her, making her scream and bite her tongue. "Does it hurt?" he asks an obvious question. "Yes," she breathes out. "It hurts so much I want to die." "No you don't. You want me to keep going." "Yes, I do." "Then say it." "Please… don't stop fucking my ass. Please hurt me more. I want to feel it. I want to be stretched.

I want to be a slut." On cue, he shoves more of his cock into her. She is completely winded and can no longer talk. He takes the time to slide all but the head out of her before shoving back in.

She has no air to scream with but her head still jerks. He repeats this action for a while as her eyes roll back into her head. Each time he gets a little further until he finally bottoms out inside her, though she has already passed out from lack of oxygen, slumping forward on the stairs of the front porch. Her breathing picks up as he allows her to rest, her chest rising and falling. She is still unable to talk when she regains consciousness.

She seems disoriented but a strange smile spreads across her face when she realizes that she is still getting fucked by her brother. He wonders if she thought it was all a dream for a moment. With nothing but a nod, she lets him know that she is ready to continue. He slides almost all the way out before slamming back in.

She grunts instead of screaming, holding her breath to keep the noise down. He repeats his action until he has a good pace going. When she can no longer hold her breath, she starts to groan dizzily. Each thrust makes her yelp but it is no longer as sharp. She almost seems half asleep, barely acknowledging the movement inside her with her noise.

Her eyes are spinning in her head and her tongue is hanging out. When she nearly slides off the steps to the deck, he grabs her around the waist and lifts her up again. He fucks her in a standing position for a while but soon gets tired.

Eventually he sits down on the steps himself with her in his lap. He has to actually hold her a few inches above himself so he has room to lower himself down and raises himself back up, still slamming into her butt. She does not seem to care at all anymore. Her noises are mere gurgles and groans from her drooling mouth with the occasional squeak when he puts a little too much force behind his thrusting. She seems to have melted in his lap. He can not be sure but she might actually be enjoying it.

After a while, her groans grow louder and more frequent. He can tell that her orgasm is approaching. He pulls her down into his lap one final time and starts to cum inside her as soon as she starts to spasm. She thrashes about for a moment, sliding his cock in and out of her butt on her own, until she has calmed down.

She sighs with relief, letting out a slight chirping sound each time her chest falls as her breathing becomes more steady. After sitting in his lap for over a minute, her eyes finally return to normal. "It's so warm," she sighs contently while touching her stomach. "I can feel it all the way inside. I wish I could swallow some more right now." "Sorry." He is panting for breath.

"It's okay." She turns her head and kisses him on the lips. "I love you," she spouts while turning red. "Is that so?" he is pleasantly surprised.

"Yes." She nuzzles her face against his. "I've decided I don't want to get a boyfriend. I'm fine with you." "Does that mean I can take your virginity?" he asks greedily. "Not today," she sighs. "I'm exhausted. Who knew getting fucked was so tiring?" "It's not much easier for me," he teases her. "I'm the one who has to take your thick cock inside me," she counters.

"You like doing that." He taps her on the nose. "It makes you feel special to know you can do things other girls hate." "Sort of." She nods in agreement. "I wonder what else I can do. We should look up what else girls hate. I want to try everything." "You really are strange." He kisses her again.

She wiggles her butt around his deflating cock in order to tease him. "Why don't we start with a rule; no underwear in the house. In fact, when Mom and Dad aren't home, you should be naked." "That's a little bit much. Can't I start with the bottom half?" she offers.

"Is this a half price sale?" He mocks her. "You're really self conscious about your breasts, aren't you? Either that or you're damn proud of that cunt of yours. I can't wait to try it out." "I'll let you fuck my cunt next time," she promises him. From the redness in her cheeks it is not apparent if she means it. She may be just plain too embarrassed to follow through when the time arises.

When his cock is finally flaccid, Aaron pulls out of Christina and lets her sit down next to him on the steps of the porch. "Awe, I wanted to stay like that for a while," she pretends to whine. "You should put it in me again tonight before bed. I want to know if we can sleep that way." "It's probably best not to risk doing anything when Mom and Dad are home," he counters. Christina's face twists into a downtrodden expression. "What are you thinking?" Aaron asks.

"I know I shouldn't say this, but I wish they wouldn't come home." "You're right, you shouldn't say that," he agrees. "Don't worry, we'll just do this when they are out. Sunday is enough for now, right?" "It won't be enough though," she argues. "I already miss your cock inside of me.

I want to do it again and again." "That's how most people feel about sex," he assures her. "All good things in moderation though." "Alright," she sighs. "God I can feel it slipping out of my butt.

You really loosened me up." "It'll be that much less painful next time." He leans his head on her shoulder. "Imagine if anyone looked over the fence right now." "We'd have to move far away and change our names," she laughs. "Would that be so bad? Then no one would know the truth." "And we'd never get to see Mom and Dad again," she adds.

"Suddenly I want to go back inside." Aaron is starting to fear the consequences of what they have just done. As long as Christina is still up for more though, he has no intentions of letting this be the only time they do this though. Both of them stand up at the same time. Christina covers her butt with her hands and runs into the house, presumably to use the bathroom. Aaron realizes that he has to pee as well and follows after her.

It will be at least another hour before their parents come home. Perhaps he will be able to muster enough energy for another round. He may even be able to convince her to let him use her cunt.