Rider babes anna bell n felicity way in abandoned clubhouse

Rider babes anna bell n felicity way in abandoned clubhouse
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The evening was a chilly one, though the sky was clear of any clouds. I hung up the phone, a little nervous at the devious plan that had been assembled. I bit my lip, wondering if it would be possible to pull off. After taking a few moments to compose myself, I walked into the living room where my mother was. "Zach called me and said he'd like me to come over, he just got some new video game and can't figure it out. He wants me to come over so we can attempt to defeat it in one night." Without even looking up from the magazine my mother was looking at, she responded, "Just don't let his little sister beat you at that racing game again." I laughed mainly because I was shocked that she didn't question the situation.

"Thanks mom, I'll be back tomorrow in the morning." "You better be, at 10 o'clock you have to run me into town for some paint supplies. I want to be there when the store opens." "You'd think by this time in your life you would have a driver's license." "Watch it mister!" I laughed, before running upstairs and throwing some clothes in a bag.

After a few moments I came back down the stairs, told my mother goodbye, and stepped out into the cold air. My friend Zach only lived down the street, so it wouldn't be a shock to my mother that I didn't take my small pickup to his house.

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I started down the sidewalk, and then turned to look at the window of our house. Satisfied that no one was watching, I ran to the other side of the street, slipping a few times on the ice but never falling.

I was nearly out of breath when my fist knocked on Tiffany's door. When it opened, I was quickly pulled in, and the door was locked. The smell of Tiffany's house filled my senses nearly as quickly as her lips touching mine. However before I was able to get into the kiss too much, she pulled away from me. I licked my lips, standing there and admiring her in her blue tank top and black sweat pants.

"I can't believe we're doing this, we are so naughty," I heard Tiffany say as she stepped into the living room. My eyes continued to wander up her, before my ears caught sound of the music. "What the hell is this?" I heard her laugh, turning around to face me. "It's the music I listen to while doing my yoga. I was just getting ready to start when you knocked at my door." "Yoga?

People do that? I always thought it was just something you ate with breakfast or something." She rolled her eyes at me.

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"Yes people do yoga, it's very healthy. And I think you are thinking of yogurt." "Oh yeah, that's my bad." "It is your bad," she said with a sarcastic tone. I smiled and chuckled, setting my bag down near the couch. "So what is so difficult about this yoga stuff anyway? Isn't it pretty much just sitting around and pretending to do stuff?" "Why don't you get over here and find out?" "Fine, I'll show you how this yogurt stuff is done." "That's yoga to you." She had me lie next to the fire place, the waving light of the fire basking her in a glorious light.

I tried not to stare, but it was out of my control. However I was also attempting to show her how easy this yoga stuff was.

She had me do a few series of stretches, leaning up on my front arms and arching my back. "How can this be good for you, I feel like my back is going to snap!" Tiffany laughed at me, leaning up on her arms, her chest pushing out as she watched me struggle.

"This is just a simple move too sweetie." "Like hell it is!" The next few moves only got worse, and I'm pretty sure that I saw my back at one point. Tiffany's laughs could be heard throughout the whole session, with sarcastic remarks about how easy I was making it look to not do it correctly. The only relief I had was the occasional shot of Tiffany's body on display in various poses, either accentuating her ass or chest. Finally after twenty minutes she spared me of my misery, and I fell to the ground, my eyes looking at her.

Through my fast breathing, I finally muttered out, "Alright, you win, this yoga stuff is a lot harder than it looks." "Yes it is honey, but I also didn't know it came with a comedy routine." I smiled, my eyes still looking at her.

"Well it wouldn't have been so hard if I didn't have to look at such a sexy woman while doing it. I had to impress you, you know?" Her cheeks flushed a little, but she replied, "Oh is that what you were doing?

Impressing me?" I laughed, nodding my head. "Absolutely." She stood, motioning me to do the same with her finger. "Get over here baby." It didn't take me any time at all to forget the pain, and I stood up and headed to her.

Our lips met, kissing with a burning as hot as the fire in the fireplace. Her hands crept all over me, breaking our kiss to throw my shirt off. My hands roamed over her body as well, taking a firm grasp of her ass as our kissing match continued. Her soft lips pressed against mine, her tongue massaging its way between our lips and into my mouth.

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The feel of her soft hands running up and down my back made me moan slightly into her mouth. Her kissing became more furious, biting at my bottom lip as her hands slid down my chest and stomach to the top of my pants. After unbuckling my belt, she broke the kiss, and viciously ripped the belt off of me.

My bulge was already more apparent, but this only enticed Tiffany more. The sound of my zipper was heard, and in one swift movement, she pulled my pants and boxers to my ankles, leaving my hardened manhood to her eyes. She leaned back up, her lips pressing hard against mine. Again my hands gripped her perfect ass, kneading the skin of it through her sweat pants.

While still kissing, I felt her pulling me, and soon we arrived at the couch. Her hand pressed against my chest, breaking the kiss and pushing me down onto it.

Before getting on the couch, she pulled her sweatpants off, revealing to me that she was not wearing panties. Her legs wrapped around my body as she straddled me, her hand stroking at my manhood. We didn't speak, but our eyes never broke from each other's. When she felt she had me firm enough, she positioned my cock under her womanhood, rubbing it between her lips and moistening the tip. Without any further warning, she pushed down hard and impaled herself on my manhood.

Our fucking was not slow and romantic; rather she rode me quickly and lustfully. Her hands brushed through her red hair as she grinded her hips over me. My hands gripped her ass, pulling her towards me and pushing her away as she moved her hips.

No words were spoken, only loud moans and various indiscernible noises. Tiffany began to move her hips over me faster, losing control and causing us to tip from the couch and onto the floor.

I landed on top of her, my cock still in her wet womanhood. The look in her eyes told me she was fine and wanted me to keep going. Leaning up on my arms, I began to thrust down into her. My hips slammed against hers, the force of my thrusts moving her body against the floor. Her eyes began to roll in the back of her head as I impaled her, her mouth open but no sounds coming out.

The only controlled motion she made was tearing off her tank top, exposing her perfect breasts to me once again. My hands rested on her chest as I continued to thrust into her. She screamed out in pure ecstasy as her pussy clamped around my manhood, juices flowing all around me.

I couldn't hold on anymore either, and with my own grunt I released inside of her. I leaned down, my face just hovering above hers, our heavy breaths mixing in the space between us. She leaned up and kissed me softly, before I removed myself and rolled off of her. For the next few hours we sat in front of the fire, talking to each other about anything. Though we were still naked, I learned a lot about her and what her life had been like with a minimal amount of staring.

After a few hours, she lied on her stomach in front of the fire and began to read a book that she had on the table next to the couch. Lying perpendicular to her, I rested my head softly on the skin of her back, looking up at the ceiling. The sound and feel of her soft breathing was relaxing, and I was lost in the moment of being with such a beautiful woman. Even though we had already had a lust fuck session, I felt myself begin to get turned on by her again. I rolled over onto my right side, the view of her perfect ass now filling my eye sight.

She continued to read, the occasional sound of her flipping a page filling the air. After a few moments of just enjoying the sight of her ass, I began to get a little bolder. I reached out with my hand, and using only the tips of my fingers I raked from her lower back to her ass. My fingertips traced every inch of it, softly pushing into her smooth flesh. A soft purr escaped her lips as I traced down her thighs, tickling her flesh there. Again and again my fingers traced the skin of her thighs and ass, kneading it when I felt the impulse too.

I couldn't believe that I was here now, with such a beautiful woman, learning the curves of her body. "You have such a soft touch and hands of magic," I heard her say while she flipped a page of her book. "And you have one incredible body." My fingers traced down the crevice of her ass, before I reached an opening that I had not touched before. She squirmed a little, turning her head to face me.

"Sorry, I'm not a woman that is in to that sort of thing." I was a little embarrassed as I looked at her. "Sorry, I wasn't trying to do anything, I just…" "It's ok sweetie, I know you weren't. I just wanted you to know of that boundary." I removed my hand, and turned back onto my back, looking up at the ceiling. Never before had I thought of that part of a woman, and even though she said no to it, I found myself curious about it.

I shook my head and closed my eyes. Quickly my eyes opened as I heard her shut her book. "I'm tired sweetie, let's go to bed." I stood up, grabbing her hand and helping her up.

She yawned as she stood, though she never pulled her hand from mine. We walked down the hall together with our hands together, and stepped into her bedroom.

"I hope you don't mind, but I'm just going to sleep like this." She stepped back, motioning over her naked body.


"I don't mind whatsoever; I didn't bring anything to wear tonight, so no worries." "A little presumptuous of you, don't you think?" she said with a wink. "No, just more like I'm finding out how much I can't resist you." "It's just teenage hormones, you know that right?" "Or it's the fact you are incredible." Her cheeks flushed a little. "I hope you don't mind I made the assumption that you would be sleeping in the same bed with me." "That is a good assumption to make; I don't want you alone tonight." Tiffany smiled as she crawled into bed, making sure to stick her ass out at me.

I smiled at the sight, before rolling into the bed myself. She grabbed the covers and wrapped them around us, and soon we were lying next to each other. We looked into each other eyes, our breathing slower. After a few moments I felt her hand slide down and rest on my hips, though she made no other movements.


Her hand trailed to the inside of my legs, softly tickling my balls before wrapping her hand around my shaft. She slowly rubbed up and down, enjoying the quickening of my breath. It didn't take long before I was fully hard in her small hand, my eyes looking at her with lust. "Baby?" I heard her mutter out.

Through soft moans, I mumbled out, "yes?" "Can you make love to me one more time tonight, nice and slow?" I leaned forward, kissing her lips with a soft kiss. "Yes." She removed her hand from my shaft, and turned around, pushing her ass towards me. Still lying behind her, I used my hand to push my cock head to her entrance. She whimpered softly, lifting her leg up slightly to give me better access. Slowly I pushed my length into her, taking seconds to fully bury myself in her.

I rested my hand on her hip, softly gripping her skin as I made small, soft thrust movements with my hips. "You feel so good in me baby, you make me feel so amazing." Leaning my head next to hers, my mouth kissed behind her ear.

"You are amazing; I just want you to be satisfied." My small thrusts continued, our lovemaking by far the slowest we had ever done it.

The soft, warm skin of her ass rested against my own skin. Our soft moans filled the quiet, nighttime air. My lips still softly kissed behind her ear, softly nibbling at her lobe from time to time.

My hand moved up her stomach to her left breast, softly cupping it as I continued our slow lovemaking. Her body perfectly contoured with mine, and we became one. Our quick gasps and moans began to escape quicker. My hand teased her breast, softly pinching her nipple as I continued to fuck her.

Her moans suddenly became loud, and her womanhood began to spasm against my cock. I felt her warm juices flood over me, pushing me to the brink. "Oh baby, you make me cum so good, please cum in me." "I'm going to; I'm going to cum in you." Even with such soft lovemaking, I felt my balls tighten and I began to spasm in her.

I felt my cock finally release, and I came inside her. My hand stayed on her breast and did not move, my mouth releasing soft grunts into her ear. I left my manhood buried in her, our bodies still connected as one for a few more moments.


Slowly she pulled herself from me, pulling my arm to wrap around her, mumbling out a quick thank you. It took us a few minutes to catch our breaths, but when we did, our eyes finally closed and we fell asleep. My eyes opened quickly as the light shone in through the window. Something in me felt like I was going to explode and it took me a moment to find the source.

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I lifted the blanket and found Tiffany between my legs. Her eyes caught me and she gave me a quick wink, as I watched my cock disappear into her warm mouth. She moved up and down my shaft, sucking my manhood into her. Her hands worked at my balls, massaging and kneading them, building me up for my climax.

She moved her head down on my shaft, holding it in her throat for a few seconds, before pulling back. Her mouth worked my cock like this several times, causing me to arch my back and roll my head away from her.

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I couldn't believe the wakeup call I was receiving; her mouth felt incredible on my cock. I felt my balls tighten in her hand, which caused her to increase her force of sucking.

My eyes rolled in my head as I released into her mouth, unable to warn her. She didn't stop though, and continued to milk my cock with her mouth.

She licked every last drip of my cum off of my cock, looking into my eyes. "Good morning," she said, her green eyes sparkling in the early morning light. "Good morning to you as well, that was, wow, incredible," I managed to choke out between my breaths. She rested her head on my stomach, her red hair curling over my chest and tickling at my skin. Softly she drew circles with her fingers over the skin of my thigh. I turned my head, and noticed the clock next to the night stand, seeing the numbers of 9:30.

"Oh shit!" I muttered out. Tiffany looked up at me quickly, eyes nervous. "What?" "I've got to get out of here; my mother is expecting me home in just a few minutes!" Tiffany got off of me quickly, my eyes throwing one more glance at her body. "We've got to get you out of here then!" In a mad scramble I was able to get clothes on and make myself somewhat presentable. We stood next to the door, kissing some more, before I broke the kiss and put my hand on the door knob.

I sighed deeply, and turned back around. "Thanks for one of the most incredible nights of my life." "It was for me too baby." "Will we see each other soon?" "Well my husband will be coming into town today for a week or so, so unfortunately not until then." "I'll be thinking of you." "As I will you." She leaned forward, and kissed me on the cheek. "Now get home!" "Sorry I can't return the…" "Just get out of here," she said with a smile, shaking her head.

I laughed quickly, "alright!" Quickly I opened the door and was greeted by the cold morning chill. I headed away from her house and down the sidewalk, before crossing over and heading home. The door was still locked, so I found my keys and opened it. At the table was my mother, looking through the morning paper. "How'd the game go?" "Uh it was painful at first, but eventually it left us satisfied." "I'm glad to hear it. You ready to go in to town?" "Let me take a quick shower and I'll be ready." "Sounds good." I ran up the stairs and leaned against the wall of my bedroom.

I couldn't believe that we had done it; we had gotten away with our cunning plan. I grabbed my bag and took clothes out, before heading into the bathroom.

The last thought before my shower was the saddening one of not getting to see Tiffany for days. I found myself planning on how to get another night together while in the shower, before finally running back downstairs. "About time, we're not going to be at the store when it opens." "I think you'll survive, the paint will be waiting." "For your sake, I hope so!" she said with a laugh. I laughed as well, taking one look over at Tiffany's house before walking my mom to the truck and heading into town for the day.