Twinks love Max Martin is upset when he catches Elijah White slurping

Twinks love Max Martin is upset when he catches Elijah White slurping
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Four Chery left for work at the real estate firm and Kevin left shortly after for work. He worked as a clerk in a video and music store. It didn't pay all that well but the work was pretty easy and it paid for his meager needs.

Mrs. Estevez greeted him with a warm, hello! when he arrived at work. She and her husband were the owners. They had been in business for about a year and a half and the business was growing quite rapidly. She had hired him right away and he could tell from the way that she had looked at him that she wasn't exactly getting what she needed at home. She had never tried to put the make on him tough. If she had tried, he didn't know how he would have reacted.

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Now that he had a little experience in what made women tick sexually, he felt that he would probably go for it. She was a nicely built lady with jet black hair.

It was always pulled back, in typical spanish style. Her breasts were very large and her legs were nicely shaped. She always dressed in a very feminine style, that is skirts, and dresses.

Kevin didn't recall ever seeing her dressed in shorts or pants. She wore a very seductive, sexy, classy perfume that left a very sexy message every where she went.

Mrs. Esteves called over to Kevin and asked him to come into her office. When Kevin arrived she was sitting at her desk with her shapely legs crossed. She was exposing quite a lot of thigh and Kevin could see the tops of her nylon stockings.

Kevin had gained quite a bit of courage since his initiation into the pleasures of sex over the weekend. He locked his stare at her legs and felt a glow starting in his groin.

He had developed a one track mind and all he could think about was pussy, ass and tits. Mrs. Estevez had noticed where his eyes were riveted and at first felt shocked that she was seeing a side of Kevin that she had never seen before.

Her shock soon changed to self pride that she could do that to someone so young. Her sex life was shot to hell these days. Her husband was more interested in his TV than he was in her and she needed someone to take care of her sexual desires. Nothing more, just sex.

She asked Kevin to sit down and he sat in the only chair in the room which was directly across from her. She told Kevin that she wanted him to rearrange the video section. She explained how her husband wanted to move the adult XXX movies into a new section where they could not be seen by the average customer traffic.

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By now Kevin was intently listening to her instructions and had established eye contact with her again. Mrs. Estevez decided to test the young man and uncrossed, then recrossed her legs again while letting her skirt ride further up her thighs. The entire tops of her stockings were now completely exposed and her skirt barely his her black silk panties.

Kevin immediately dropped his eyes again to look up her skirt. He felt his cock hardening at the sight and gulped. Mrs Estevez saw the lump in Kevin's pants and smiled at the control she had discovered over this young man. She stood up and walked slowly toward him and said "What ever is the matter Kevin? Haven't you ever seen a womans legs before?" Kevin gulped again and said "Mrs. Estevez, what are you doing"?

She stood staring down at him and said "What do you want me to do Kevin?" He didn't know what to say. Her flat stomach and her hips were standing directly in front of his face. Her hands were on her hips and as he watched they dropped down to her lower thighs and grasped the material of her skirt and started lifting it slowly. She pulled her skirt up to the tops of her stockings and exposed her bare upper thighs. "She said "Is this what you want me to do Kevin? Kevin couldn't believe his eyes or his ears.

What fucking luck. He looked up between her massive breasts to her eyes and said "Yes Mrs. Estevez, that's what I want you to do. I want you to show me everything. I want to see your entire body and I want to touch it all over.

Mrs. Estevez sighed and said "Yes, Kevin I'll show you all of it baby". She pulled her skirt all the way up and dropped her hand to her pussy bulge.

She massaged it and swayed her hips in front of his face. Her hand sank slowly under the waste band of her panties and probed for her slit. Kevin could see her fingers probe around and then he saw the middle finger disappear into her pussy crease. She sighed and moved her finger in and out of her sucking pussy. Kevin reached up and pulled down her panties. She had a pussy covered in a black carpet of hair. The lips of her pussy were clinging to her finger as it moved in and out of her.

Kevin inched his face closer and kissed her pubic mound. She removed her finger and Kevin replaced it with his tongue. He immediately found her clitoris and began bathing it with his probing tongue. She gasped at the contact and her fingers spread the hairy lips open to give him better access to her button.

Kevin was shocked at the size of her clitoris. It was swelling larger as his lips teased it into full erection. The hood covering her love button was pulled back by her slim fingers and Kevin pulled his head back so he could see it. The size of it was massive. It must have measured a full half inch in length and it was glistening with his saliva and her juices. The head was a deep red color and it had hardened sufficiently to distend beyond her pussy lips.

He blew softly on it and this made Mrs. Estevez groan with pleasure. She said "Kevin, suck it for me baby and make me cum, then I'll do the same for you." Kevin needed no further prodding and immediately pushed his face back into her waiting pussy.

He sucked her clitoris into his mouth and swirled it rapidly with his tongue. His lips pursed and he sucked it, pausing now and then to lay his tongue on it and lick it once again.

His face was rubbing back and forth with his mouth locked onto her crotch. Mrs. Estevez was shaking now. Her knees seemed ready to buckle and her hands held his head while her hips pumped her hairy crotch into his face.

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She moaned and cried "I'm cumming, suck my pussy, suck my pussy, Ooohhh fuck, eat me out baby". She shuddered and Kevin gently slid his thumb inside her cunt and massaged her ass hole with his middle finger. She bucked her hips as her orgasm started, his finger rubbing her asshole and his thumb probing her tunnel made her reach the orgasm that she had wanted from her husband but was unable to get.

Waves of pleasure shot through her, converging in her lower abdomen. Her insides seemed to be convulsing in a blaze of lust and pleasure. She held her breath and then gasped over and over as the pulsing orgasm subsided and finally faded away leaving her weak and helpless. Kevin looked up into her eyes and said "Do you feel better now Mrs. Estevez? Did you have a good cum?" She sighed deeply and said "Yes, that was something I've needed for a long time. I feel weak but completely satisfied".

Kevin removed his thumb and finger from her, kissed her pubic mound once more and helped her pull down her skirt. They had been lucky that no customers had come into the store during their love play. Judy wasn't due to arrive for another hour. Judy was a sales clerk in the store.


She worked with Kevin but had staggered hours. Today she was due to arrive at eleven and she would work until eight that night. Kevin looked at the clock and saw that it was eight forty five. He walked to the front door of the store and hung out the closed sign, locked the door and returned to Mrs. Estevez's office. She looked at him with lust still burning inside her and asked "Did you lock the front door?" Kevin replied that it would be safer this way.

"We don't want any customers walking around in the store or disturbing us while you suck my cock". Mrs. Estevez blushed at the sound of his crude words but she liked the wickedness of them.

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She had always been a very reserved woman and had not been exposed to such filthy language before. For the time being, she felt liberated from her past and decided to enjoy the lust and uncontrolled passion that this young man was introducing her to. She started unbuttoning her blouse and said "I have something better in mind than just sucking your cock". The words felt like fire coming from her mouth and she found herself enjoying the feeling.

"I want to fuck you Kevin, right here on the desk. I want your big dick shoved up my cunt. I want you to suck my tits and push your cock into me. I want it all Kevin". She had removed her blouse, she then reached back to unsnap her brassiere. He heard a click as the clasp let loose and she leaned forward allowing her breasts to fall forward. Shrugging her shoulders, she removed the brassiere and her massive breasts spilled out into the cool air of the air conditioned office.

Her nipples immediately hardened into blood filled points. Her nipples were surrounded by large areola that were dark pink in color and the sight of them made his heart pound furiously in his chest. She continued to undress and unzipped the side of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Her slip was next to fall. Her panties had been removed previously and she stood in front of him now, naked but for her nylons and garter belt.

She looked incredibly sexy standing there, her tits heaving under her heavy breathing. Kevin stripped immediately and soon stood before her with his erect penis protruding outward and upward at an obscene angle. Each time his heart beat the thing jerked and Mrs.

Estevez had glued her eyes on it. She walked toward him and sank down onto her knees in front of his crotch. She wrapped her thin fingers around it's base and stroked it a few times slowly, here eyes locked on it's head. She saw a drop of cum running out and covered it with her mouth and sucked the tasty drop from the tip of Kevin's cock.

He gasped at the touch of her mouth on the head of his dick.


He reached down and held her head in his hands and guided his straining cock into her ovalled lips. She closed her eyes and allowed him to penetrate her mouth. Her tongue rolled over and around the head. She lifted and cupped his balls with her free hand while her head bobbed up and down. She was making slurping sounds with her mouth and each time she moaned Kevin thought he was going to shoot in her mouth. He told her to lay down on her back on the desk. She released his dick and did as he said.

Her long legs spread apart giving him an open view of her beautiful pussy. He placed himself between her legs and grasped his cock with his hand and guided it toward her waiting cunt. The head of his cock made contact with her moist, hot pussy and he slid it slowly into her, impaling her on it's length. She moaned beneath him and said "Fuck me Kevin, stick all of your juicy cock into me, fuck me now".

Kevin started pumping in and out of her and his instincts took over. He was technically still a virgin. He'd never fucked anyone before and his aunt was going to fuck him tonight, but right now he was losing his cherry to his horny boss lady. He didn't need any instruction. His hips pumped in and out at faster rate and he looked down at her face. It was contorted in pleasure. Her mouth open slightly was moaning, and she was pouring out words of encouragement to him.

Her eyes were locked on his and her eyelids would flutter each time his dick reached the back of her cunt and bottomed out into her. Her legs were wrapped around his waist now and she was pumping back at him in time to his strokes.

He would pull his cock almost completely out of her and then ram it forcefully inside her all the way to his balls. He could feel his balls slapping up against her ass hole and wondered what it would feel like to slide his cock inside her ass. There would be plenty of time for that some other day. He would introduce her to everything that he could learn.

Between this boss of his and his aunt, he would learn it all. The cream inside him was building to the boiling point now and told her he was going to cum. She bucked up against him and said "Yes Kevin, cum baby, cum inside my hot pussy, squirt your cream deep inside me now." Kevin leaned forward and locked his mouth over her right nipple while his left hand squeezed and kneaded her other breast.

His teeth bit down hard on her nipple and she moaned "Yes, suck it, bite it, it feels so good in your mouth, suck my tits." He could feel her pussy contractions on his cock and knew that she was cumming.

He pumped faster and harder into her and the entire desk was being buffeted under their weight and movements. She cried out "Cum in me now Kevin, fill my pussy'" Kevin's balls boiled and the thick jets of cream shot out of his cock deep inside her pussy. She could feel the hot cream splashing against the back of her cunt and she moaned while her pussy milked out every drop it could from his exploding balls.

Moments later he collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily and feeling the last waves of orgasm pound deeply inside of him. He raised himself up and pulled his cock from her cunt. It was followed by a gush of his cream. Her pussy was wide open, the lips were spread and he could see her tunnel was still contracting from her orgasm. She raised herself up and quickly got dressed. Her face was covered in a deep blush and she said "Please don't let anyone know about this Kevin.

It was wonderful and I want to make it a regular affair. You really satisfied me. I haven't been satisfied like this since I first started having sex years ago.

Did you enjoy it as much as I did?" Kevin agreed that it was wonderful and assured her that he would be sure to keep the affair confidential.

He said "I'd like to do this for you whenever you need it Mrs. Estevez. Your a beautiful woman. If your husband can't satisfy you I certainly can. She thanked him and kissed him gently and said "Let's get the door unlocked and make this place ready for business".