Cogiendo a mi nalgona con su baby doll

Cogiendo a mi nalgona con su baby doll
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//The story is introducing you the life of an mother, who became an escort, and her understanding son who supports her on every step.// As for me, I already started enjoying even the girls, that were almost my mom's age. Girls, that babysitted me years ago. One of them, mum's best friend, disscussed it with her, and mum had to reassure her and encourage her to continue having sex with me here or there after we had it for the first time.

''It's just, it's so awkward. I mean, he's my best friend's son, and on top of that, I babysitted and nursed him years ago, and now I'm having sex with him !'', she said. Matt kept his promise, payed all the girls well and fair, and always helped everyone, including my mom and me, if we needed help. I was the only son of a mom in this job, that was so understanding, and that was the reason why I got to know all those people so much.

And, Matt became my good friend actually. When I turned 18 and had my drivers' license, he bought me a car, and hired me as a driver for the girls. He didn't wanted them to drive their own cars to dates, just for safety reasons. I had a lot of fun that way, and I got a thing for fucking those used pussies and worn out bodies after hours and days of action, when I drove them home.

And, I started to enjoy watching mum in action whenever I could, too. Noone of the clients knew she was my mom, so it drove me crazy when I handed them her hand, and they ussually carressed her ass and took a good, satisfied look at her when I introduced them, and wished them to ''have a good time together.'' Also, mum attended striptease classes, and she worked as a stripper on auto shows and similar, also.

I loved to stay there, with her approval, and watch her dancing for men all night long. No girl was like her. Ussually they couldn't touch anything. But as I said, mum was special.


She gave them what they wanted, and during the whole night, probably around hundred men atleast got some touch of her body or boobs. On one occasion recently, Matt was with me and she was dancing like ussually, and we were drinking beer, standing by the corner together, enjoying the show.

She was dancing on a private party in a big bar, for like 150 people, on the sounds of rock music. Smoke and the smell of sweat made everything even dirtier. ''Wow, look at her. That guy will fall in love with her if he keeps touching her boobs some more, he looks like they are the first ones he's touching.'', I said.

We laughed and joked and just enjoyed ourselves there. ''I love two things about your mum the most.'', said Matt, ''First, look at this. She's picking only the fat, hairy, dirty guys, and she goes to them and literally sucks their cocks through their pants or even underwear ! I saw her do it before, and she told me it's because she knows they probably don't get as much attention from the other girls as the good looking ones.'' I agreed on that.

''And the second, today we look at her here, all sweaty and dirty from all these hands touching her, acting like a natural slut. Tomorrow, she'll take a nice bath, and she'll go escort a bussiness man on a diner in a nice evening dress and she'll disscuss bussiness things and eat in prestigious restaurants like a true lady. Not a lot of girls are capable of this.'' I nodded, and thanked him for the compliments for my mum, and Matt continued, ''And, I'm so glad that I can come here with you, and watch and make dirty comments about your mum just like she would be a random girl that we're both fucking.'' ''You're one in a million, Josh, and you're a great friend, too.'' ''Matt, I'm very grateful for all what you did for us, also.

You've been fair and helpful always.'' ''Thanks. Though, I've got one more thing on my mind, you know.'' ''Spit it out.'' ''Well, your mum is 38 years old and at this age ussually bussiness isn't going exactly as good as when she was 25 anymore. It's normal, because men know that she had sex with a lot of people so far, and they rather go for younger girls, so she won't be able to compete with them for long anymore.'' ''I understand that.

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Well, we don't spend much, so we have some money stored and so on.'' ''No, don't worry, I don't want to retire her yet. I have another idea. I've already mentioned it to her, and she will go for it if you're completely OK with it, and ofcourse, if you'll enjoy it.


She didn't told you because I told her about it just before we went here.'' ''Go on.'' ''Well, her holes and tits and everything will still satisfy a lot of men.

I love her scent, you know it, too right ? Her pussy still smells like a 20 years old girls' pussy ! But, she is a bit more loose everywhere than she was when she started working, which is normal.'' ''No wonder, how many times I saw her all sore and red between her thighs when she came home, haha. It was always a great look, and I enjoy caring for mommy's ''pain in the ass''. We laughed and he continued.

''See ? We could actually make her sore holes useful. There are a lot of guys, with different fetishes, that they can't try with other girls.

But your mum and her personality, and son like you. Everything's possible.'' ''Great, but what role do I play here ?'' ''If you agree, she'll be sometimes tied up, being a cum bucket for guys, spanked, pissed on, gangbanged.

And a lot of guys have a unique fetish now - roleplaying. And I thought we could spice that up to a whole new level.'' ''Great. How exactly ?'' ''Lot of guys dream about fucking a mom infront of her son, just like for example fucking a wife infront of her husband.'' ''Aah, I get it.

Wow. Well, if everything's okay, I'm totally ready for it !'' ''Yes, great ! I actually have your first client, already.'' ''Really ? Great'' ''But, it's just one more thing.


Would you be okay if your mum gets her clit pierced ?'' ''I'm actually encouraging her into a tattoo or piercing for some time now, so ofcourse !'' ''Oh, thank god. It's for our guy, you know, the one who does tattoos and piercings and all this for our girls, too. At first, he would like to pierce your mum's pussy infront of you, then he would borrow her for 2 or 3 days, and you would go along, and you'd be a part of a roleplay, maybe he would humiliate you, or you would help him fuck your mum - you would lube her up, serve them drinks while he fucks her brains out, and so on.'' All our girls got their tattoos and piercings at Matt's friend, who didn't charged much and did a great job.

I knew him and he was a great guy, with, as I got to know, some kinky wishes. He knew about me and my mum, but I never knew about those fetishes. ''Great, I can't wait for it !'' ''Good. Well, alltogether, I'm glad you agree. That piercing will look great on her, despite. After all I know you'll understand, that because of her and my sake, we have to make the most money out of her and her worn out pussy as long as we still can, and despite she'll probably get fucked up pretty badly sometimes, I assure you she'll be able to completely retire at age 45.'' ''We drink to that !'' The day finally came, and we drove to this guy's studio first.

His name is Greg. ''Hello, nice to see you guys !'' ''Great to see you too, Greg !''.

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He served us drinks, and then, asked if we're ready. I looked at mum, kissed her, smiled, and we went. I sat on the chair, and she undressed, then she sat comfortably on my lap, spreaded her legs, and I held her around her lower belly.


We were like lovers, just that she was exposing her pussy to another man. I was having the time of my life, when I carressed her as Greg gently examined her pussy way more as he needed to.

He prepared her, and before we knew, she just screamed for half a second, and her clit was penetrated. ''Aah, wow.

I thought it was going to be more painful. Oh, thank you, Greg !'', she said, still all scared and shivering. ''Good work, Greg. Mum, you're one brave girl, I'm so proud of you'', and I kissed her sideboob. Greg gave her a piercing, made especially for her.

It was on a short chain, which was my wish, and a nicely shaped heart on the end, which was my mom's wish. We left her pussy alone for next few days, and she was off work, too, to heal up properly, and so that she looked decent again. Then, we went back to Greg's.

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He already stated, that he want to dominate my mum and that I have to help him. We knocked on the doors, and he came out and invited us in. He already started roleplaying, without any warning: ''So, I'm finally getting into your mum's used up cunt, right ?'' ''Ofcourse, mister. She's all yours !'' ''Great. Undress, bitch !

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Show your son what you have to offer !'' Mum undressed to the panties when he grabbed her and tear down her bra and panties so roughly that she fell onto him. ''You should hurry a bit more, slut, I don't have all day for you ! Josh, what are you waiting for, get your nasty mum off me and throw her on to the bed !'' I grabbed her roughly, squeezed her nipples till she screamed quietly, and played along: ''Act nicely, mom !

You don't want to get this mister angry !'', then I threw her on the bed and spread her legs. ''Good work, Josh !'', he climbed next to her on the bed and mom undressed him quickly, and wanted to start sucking him off with a humble and shy look on her face.

''Not yet, bitch !'', and he pressed her face down, so that she lifted her butt and exposed her pussy, ''First, let's show your son that worn out cunt you're hiding here'' He started to explore between her thighs and pushed her legs a bit apart. Then he didn't had no mercy with her pussy lips either. He made a show for me, and stretched her pussy lips and treated her pussy hole like she's just a pile of trash. I loved it. ''Mmm, son, you can thank your mum for letting so much cocks fuck the sacred hole you were born from !

Now's your chance !'' I played along, ''You're right, thanks, ma' !'', and I spitted in her face and slapped her ass roughly.

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''That's the spirit !'', Greg said and started to pound three and four fingers into my mum's cunt. ''Ha, you see that ? You see what this worthless slut did to her cunt ? She has no respect !'', and he showed me up close, how he brutally stretched her with his fingers. I became rock hard at that point, and he continued, ''Only thing left from once a nice, decent twat is the taste. She smells, good how about the taste ?'', and he licked his fingers, ''Mmm, well, atleast that's not so bad.

Go on, try it, before she'll be full of my cum and piss !'' I didn't hesitated and pushed my fingers into her and licked that well known scent off with a smile. Then he again fucked her with his fingers, pulled them out, spit on her pussy, and offered his fingers for my mom to lick.

She did immediately, with a naughty face. ''See that, your mom bites like a true slut she is ! Oh yeah.'', and he pushed his three fingers as deep into her mouth as he could and started stretching her lips around without any mercy, ''See that, see what your mum does every day before she kisses you good night ?

Damn right she deserves us to punish her, doesn't she ?'' ''Oh yeah !'' He continued destroying her mouth with his hand, and he began squeezing her boobs, too, and carressing her tummy at last, ''But, what do you think, let's feed her a little first, shall we.

Unless we'll fuck her up too soon.'' ''Be my guest, mister''. He didn't hesitated. He roughly jumped on her, and as she was already pressed on to the bed, he just started fucking her mouth before she could even blink. I even worried for a second that he'll break her something, because he's quite fat, and he was pounding her so hard that I almost couldn't see her face under his belly and ass ! ''Oh yeah, here you go bitch, choke on my motherfucking cock !'' He waited till she was all read from pressure, then he removed quickly, and we both laughed at her and spitted in her mouth at last.

But, he didn't let her rest. He turned her around and when I saw he's going to destroy her ass, I quickly used few seconds and spitted heavily into her asshole, while he spanked her. ''Come on, Josh, be useful, hold your bitch mother for me !'' ''With pleasure, mister !'' I climbed behind her head, facing Greg and holding her down between my legs while he fucked my mom's ass out like crazy. ''Enough !'', and he quickly changed to her pussy hole.

My mom was a bit surprised, but I saw her enjoying again quickly. She was naturally lubed already for some time. After a minute or two more, he yelled ''Get off your mum, let her clean my mess now !'' And he jumped back on her again, pressed her head down and her cock deep into her mouth, and I got to watch in ave, how my mum's mouth and lips were fighting to hold every last drop of Greg's cum in them, and then, he lifted her up, ''Don't swallow yet !''.

He covered her mouth with his hand. ''Now, Josh, look how beautiful your mum's neck is. Especially when I can see clearly how it swallows my load .'' And he turned her head back as he could, and she swallowed, so we could both see that she really did.

Fantastic sight. I kissed her neck after this. ''Josh, clean your mother, then you both come into the kitchen.'', he spitted on her one last time and went. I cleaned her with a wet towel, and I was satisfied when I saw she's okay with all that, and that she enjoyed it.

It was quite tense here or there, I wasn't sure she isn't suffering too much anymore. She went to wash her mouth, and we kissed and went into the kitchen.

''Tell me now, do you mind any of this what we've done now ? Josh, Liz ?'' ''No, not at all. It's fun.'' ''Thank god. You're both great ''actors'', I just wanted to be sure that you're both okay with it. It's something new for me too, as you know.'' ''Ofcourse. We're here to enjoy and share enjoyment and fun, so let us know all your ideas and wishes, so we will be able to accomodate''.

During the night and the next day, mum got destroyed some more, and then we even got in a car, and mum had to flash truckers on the highway, while Greg had hands between her legs.

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Then, he fucked her decently right next to me in his car, then made her lick his semen of the seats. Mom also licked his ass out, and he pissed on her and even at her pussy in the bathtub. From this on to now, things like this became regular. Mum being gangbanged infront of me, pissed on, roleplay of secretary and her boss, and she has to fuck her boss infront of me in order that boss gives me a job.

Sometimes I wasn't included, sometimes they wanted to humiliate me by fucking mum infront of me, sometimes they wanted me to help them, to even write ''slut'' and ''cum dumpster'' on my mum's body for them, etc. It's all so much more interesting now, and we're really doing our purpose: Making the most out of my mum's body by trying these new things, and giving her to as many men to fuck up her holes as much as they can, as long as they can, and as long as she's still interesting for them - and ofcourse, as long as my mum still enjoys in it.