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Asian skank Gin Seng uses dildo then has interracial sex with white stud
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Author's Note: I really don't know where this story will take me, but hopefully someone will like just as much as I like it Happy reading. Queen Lola felt like shit.

She felt like some weak horrible little thing that could be thrown around like some rag doll and it was pissing her off to no end. Most of all she felt like this shouldn't have happened to someone like her. Even though she was a half breed, and didn't have too many powers or abilities, she was still a queen for Christ effing sake's she should be treated like one, and not be manhandled by some young pup.

Hell, the simple fact that some immature, amateur young wolf had the nerve to even think about the fact of touching her in an unkindly matter was pissing her off.

He treated her like some Barbie doll or some common street whore by just grabbing her from the comforts of her bed, threw her over his shoulder and continued on his journey. He carried her as if she didn't weight anything. And he moved quickly as if carrying her over his shoulder like it was a walk in the park. And that made feel really helpless. All she could do now was just watch the grounds below her moving at a semi quick walking pace She let out disappointed sad sigh at the fact that she was approaching her 310th birthday within a few days and instead of enjoying that she was being away hoisted to some unknown location by a young punk pup of a werewolf.

"Is there by any chance you can put me down so I can walk wherever we are going?" "Not a chance there, little succubi. I am not going risk you running off on me." "Oh like I am going to get very far from you asshole."she said with such sarcasms. "You and I both know that I can't get very far from you and your comrades, now be a dear and put me down." "Ummm although you do have a point there, you cute little succubi, but I can't because a man like me should never underestimated a woman like yourself." Giving out an angry, fed up sigh, she finally asked: "well if you will not put me down and I at least know where we are going?

I mean, I do have a right to know where you are taking me." That, my dear, will have to be a surprise when we get there. Now hold on tight because I am about to pick up the pace." When he said he was going to pick the pace, he wasn't lying. The ground she was looking at suddenly change from semi quick to incredibly fast.

With the rate he was going she was feeling sick to her stomach. She tried to keep the vomit from surfacing up, but that only caused her to black out. Chris Christian was mesmerized by the tiny little woman that he was carrying over his shoulder.

When her eyes widened with surprise when she caught sight of him standing over her bed, which sent an instant shiver of lust down his spine.

He wanted to jump in the bed with her and show her what he was made of right then and there. But he already made a promise to not do anything sexual or anything to her until he gets to his destination.

But carrying her over his shoulder right now, he wasn't so sure if was going keep his promise to his brother after all, but he'll have to try. He was surprised at the fact she was a demon. She was way too cute and small to be a demon, but he when caught sight of her tail and little horns, his assumptions were confirmed. He also giggled to the fact that even her tail and horns where cute. everything about this woman was cute. "What, do you think this is funny asshole? You think ripping a woman out her bedroom late at night and manhandling her like some fucking ape is amusing?" Was the first thing that came from her mouth when he first grabbed her.

"No, I am just thinking of something that I am going keep to myself. He said letting out a giggle." "Ohh I just can't believe this shit, some fucking young punk pup of a werewolf have the nerve to drag me from my bed at the wee hours of the night.

Tell me little puppy what is provoking to do this. I mean although I am a queen, I don't have too much for you to gain by kidnapping me. So can you please let me go?" "Oh I am very well aware of who and what you are my little succubi, and you're right despite you being a queen, you have nothing I can gain from you, except you." "My Kingdom, Do want my land? I can give you my land, and I have some money, I can give money if you want it." Christian couldn't but to laugh at the statement she made.

"Ohh little succubi, I don't need your chump change that you are offering and as for your land, your little castle can fit into the gardens of pack terrority, so I don't need your little doll house of a castle." Once he said that her attitude completely changed from begging to defiance "Why you little shit how dare you say something like that to me, put me down this instant, you snot nose punk.

She said beating at his back and whipping her tail around trying to strike him. She even tried wrapping her tail around his throat to see if she was able to choke him. But that was short lived when he grabbed her tail. Tugging it really hard, and smacked her on the ass. With that she let out scream of pain that echoed through the walls for her castle. "Stop trying to fight me, you will only tired yourself out trying to do me harm, my little pet." "PET!" she shouted.

"I should be the one looking you pet wolf boy." at that remark he smacked her ass once more and she let out another scream. He notice that she let out a deep sigh realizing that no matter what she did, or said her fate has been sealed.

Well actually her fate had been sealed by her brother from the get go, but she doesn't need to know that now. Her silence was broken when she asked: "well if you will not put me down, can I at least know where we are going?

I mean I do have a right to know where you are taking me. He couldn't help but to chuckle at her comment, did she really think she had a right, or any rights for that matter.

Maybe she did once, but now her life will change and it will change to the benefit of him and his brother. Checking his watch around his wrist he realized he goes going to be late. He picks up the pace. He ran through the halls at a semi quicken speed but even that must have been too much for the queen, because when he finally outside she wasn't moving. Going over to his Harley he laid her unconscious body next to it. He leaned back up to get another look at her that night.

Taking the sight of her in, he finally reached out to touch her face. He gently traced his finger around her heart shaped face and back up to her freckly cheek. At first he thought it was odd seeing freckles on someone with her skin color, which he didn't mind at all.

He loved touching her soft light brown skin, or is it honey or mocha, well whatever the case he loved touching it. He continues to observe her face. Along with the smooth, soft, freckly cheeks where big doe brown eyes.

He thought back to her eyes, when she first saw him standing above her.

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They were shining with shock and surprise by his mere presence. Her big light brown eyes went perfectly well with the thick long eye lashes that fanned against her cheeks. He traced his finger from her lashes to her cheek until he finally came to her lips. They were so full, and pouty, without really thinking about it he put the tip of his finger into her mouth. Oohhh dear God, her mouth so fucking good, he wanted to taste it, to see if she taste as good as she felt.

He left her mouth and trailed his finger down to her breast. They were nice, soft, firm, big breasts that were attached to a nice petite body. And that made him crave her even more.

The craving became so strong that he leaned down to lick her large supple breast. He relished the sweet cinnamon taste of her breast, and nibbled the cherry topped nipple. Mmmmm she was indeed divine. Brother was right after all. He felt his wolf pacing around inside of him just itching to get out. Calm your self, we will have her soon once everything get situated.

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His wolf listened and relented. He and his wolf felt a whole whirlwind of emotions when they first encountered her. She was so…so…oh god he couldn't explain it, but he knew she is truly something different that he hadn't encounter before.

Maybe it was her pheromones that were doing this to him. After all she was a succubus Lola The last thing she remember, was him started to run. With him carrying her over his shoulder, and the sudden movement was enough to make her black out.

When she finally came into conscious, it was then she felt something soft, hard, smooth, and wet on her breast. When she did open her eyes she was in for a shock.

Not only did this bastard rip her from her peaceful slumber, and throw her over his shoulder like some fucking cave man, and now the little shit was licking her, EWWWWW. "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME YOU GODDMAN DOG, I AM NOT ONE OF YOUR HOUND GROUPIES." She yelled at him. But he just sat there with that stupid look upon his face. "Are you even listening to me? This is fucking unbelievable first you rip me from my bed, now you have the nerve to lick me like I am one of your bitch pups you."she felt a painfully tight grip on her upper arm cutting her off in mid sentence.

She finally got a good look at him for the first time tonight.

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In the darkness she could see his bright red hair that fanned out. His face was a hard rough masculine rugged type of handsome that some women like. But her eyes really took notice when she look at him with fright. His handsome face turn into something demonic. Despite her being half demon and all the few demons she had ran into, this was a whole new demonic thing. Something told her there was more to him than meets the eye.

His eyes turn from a greenish color to straight out wolf demonic. That's the only way she could describe it. It was black and slight flickers of red. "Get on the bike. This is the only time I will ask you, so you really need to oblige me now little succubi." He said almost growling at her. She could tell his wolf coming to surface he was holding him back, but it was something else there too that she couldn't pin point.

Despite her fear she had to stay confident, she had to remain the Queen that she was. "Fine, but don't think this obliging will last long." She let a shock gasp when the grip on her arm tightened and his canines became visible.

He wasn't doing a very good job at his wolf at bay. She finally got on the Harley with dread. It was such an odd feeling being on something like this. She was now regretting wearing hardly anything to bed, her only covering of her body was a light sheer cloth that went around her shoulders and covered half of her body. It was odd straddling this thing, with its cool leather seat, and extra cold chrome bars that kept rubbing the side of her legs. When he hoped on in front of her and revved up the engine the instant vibrations shoot through her like a tidal wave of pleasure, which she kept hidden from her kidnapper and prayed to God and Goddess that he didn't notice.

Letting out a sigh dread she came to the realization that she would never go back to her old life nowhere time soon and the fact that she was rip from her peaceful slumber and tossed around like some rag doll made Lola suddenly felt very tired. Letting out an exhausted sigh she leaned forward and fell asleep. Christian Chris felt a whole new wave of emotions sweep over him as the little half breed pressed her chest against his back. He didn't know if the fact that she was part succubus made him want to pull over to finish what he started earlier.

It was so hard resisting her. As soon as he pulled he took in her for the second time. Crisp apple spices and cinnamon,mmmmm just like his favorite dessert, but it was so fucking hard. 'God Damn those fucking succubus's they are so much trouble, even this little half breed is already giving me hell.' He thought to himself, 'the sooner I get her to Dominico the better.' By the way she was lying against him he could tell she was sleeping.

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Finally no more lip from her. Her rhythmic breathing sent little vibrations through his body that made the front of his pants grew tighter. 'Mmm she felt so fucking good it's going to be hard not touching her.' Chris thought to himself. He continued to drive on long curvy roads until he finally reached the outside of his territory. Inhaling a delicious aroma of fresh cooked bison meat and freshly baked cakes and pies his stomach rumbled with anticipation.

He couldn't wait to jump off his bike, with little succubi in tow, and go get a helping of his sister's home cooking. He felt relief when he finally pulled up into his compounds. Ever since he got the first sniff of his favorite foods, the path towards the garage seemed to be even long this time around.

But he finally made it. Once inside the garage he gave the sleeping succubi a little shake to wake her up. "Wake up sleepy head." Lola In her sleep, Lola felt movement disturbing her.

She heard a hard rough voice whispering in her ear "Wake up sleepy head." When she finally opened her eyes she was faced with the werewolf kidnapped her in the first place. She looked around her surroundings.

There were Benz, Mustangs, Infinities, and Harley's all around her. She wonder why there so many cars. "Where are we?" she asked "We are in the garage of my home sweet cheeks." "Don't you dare call me that, I am fucking queen for Christ's sake." Lola was getting really tried of these fucking pet names "Yes, yes you keep mentioning that you are a queen, but you aren't any longer thanks to your brother." A confused look came over face "what?

What are you talking about pup?" "What I am saying is you shouldn't boss me around to much or you will get a spanking." he said with a laugh "Look that you are young and all and I know youngsters like to play jokes and some when they are bored or having nothing else better to do with their time so please be a dear call my brother, who I know is worried about me." With that Christian just laughed "What is so funny you little dipshit?

My brother will find your ass and murder you were you stand, or he might just you into his pet poodle" "You are little succubi. You are still determined to believe that this is not really happening to some one like yourself. That someone like me can just waltz and take you from the comforts of your bed. Still believing that you are being kidnapped, and your brother will come to your rescue.

But oh my dear you are so wrong, especially about your brother." "What? How dare you?" She said raising her voice. "My brother would have never let something like this happen to me.

I mean although we had our struggles with each other in the past, but now we have come to tolerate each other over the years and he wouldn't be please with this situation." "Ok, you keep continuing to believe that honey.

Come on lets go I am done arguing with you." He said as he turned her around to cuff her hands behind her back, and lead her into the house. "Hey there Chris, long time, no see." The woman said at the stove said. She didn't bother to turn around to notice her brother walking through the door.

"Whose your friend?" "Oh just she is just somebody that Dom was talking about." The lady finally turned around to see Lola for the first time, and notice her hands cuffed behind her back. "Oh Chris not this shit again, and what the hell, a demon to boot.

What was the purpose of her kidnapping her?" "Half demon, thank you very much." Lola said "Hey, you be quiet and let me handle this. Yes I kidnapped a demon, well half demon, but trust me big sis she will not be any problems, plus even with her being a full demon she couldn't do harm to me or Dom anyways." The lady set her eyes on Lola again.

"so I am guessing your other half is human correct?" "Yes I am. I am half human and half succubus." "What an unlikely pair. Who was the human, mom or dad?" "My father was the human." The lady just stood there looking at Lola up and down for a few a moments until, her stomach rumbled demanding food. Chris just chuckled at the sound "well on that note, when will dinner be ready I am fucking starving and with the way little succubi's tummy is speaking I am pretty sure she's hungry to." He said tickling her.

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"Hey stop that. Don't tickle me like I am some cute little thing. I am older than you and a Queen, not some fucking tickle doll." "Oh looks like little Queeny here is upset. You better watch it Chris she might use her tail on you." The lady giggled "Yeah right. Hey sis when dinner's done cooking can have somebody bring it up to my suite." "Sure thing hun, I will make sure I put enough food on the tray for the succubus.

She looks like she needs it." The lady turned back to the stove to finish up her cooking. "Hey what does that suppose to mean. Look lady you just can't insu… AHHHH oh not this shit again put me down. Why do you constantly treat me like a fucking rag doll?" she said struggling on Christians shoulder again, she was really beinging to hate this shoulder ride. Once they were inside his bedroom suite.

Chris threw her down on the big comfy bed. He liked the way her tits bounced up and down as he dropped her on the bed. He licked his lips remembering the taste he had of her earlier.

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Catching her breath and settling down her nerves after being thrown down on the bed like a sack of potatoes. she glanced around her surroundings and was impressed.

His room was amazing. The bed she was thrown on turn out to was a canopy bed with beautiful mahogany pillars. At the bottom of her but was soft plush black animal fur. And under the soft animal fur were soft cotton sheets with the scent of Gain on them. Ahh gain, she loved the scent of gain. Finally she looked around his room with new found interest. His walls were beautifully painted with a dark chocolate type of color that looked oh so delicious.

She had turned all the way around two times just to take in his entire room. There were French glass doors that led outside to a balcony on her right side, and to her far left was a beautiful big comfy looking forest green couch that was draped with a soft beige throw. The sounds of something crackling turn her attention to the noise. There was a huge fire place that had its own wall.

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Above that fire place was a picture of a beautiful red haired woman that she presumed was his mother judging by the bright red hair and the same green eyes. "I see you are impressed with your surroundings sweet heart." She heard him say. At that comment she just rolled her eyes and said "it's alright, though it's bigger than mine, it's not homey and cozy like mine, which is where I want to be right now." She said with a huff.

"Well to fucking bad succubus you are not going anywhere any time soon so you might as well get use to your new home." She was about to protest but there was a knock on the door stopping her from doing so.

"Mr. McLennan is permission granted for me to come in." Somebody said behind the door. Without a word Christian opened the door. Walked in was a young blonde girl. She was dressed in a servant's maid uniform. "Here's your meal sir. Where would you like me to put it?" "Outside the balcony please Sarah and thank you." The girl did as she was instructed.

Once she was dome sitting the food outside she made her way back into the room.


"You are welcome sir, is there anything else I could do for you?" "Yes, the lavender is fading. I would like some more lavender please." "Right away sir." With that the girl bowed her head and left. Lola couldn't help the question that was burning in her head: "you have servants here? If you have servants why was your sister cooking earlier?" "It's simple darling my sister likes to cook. Plus it gives her good practice for her restaurant.

Now would you please stop babbling and join me for dinner, I know you want to." At mention of food Lola's stomach growled for nourishment. She didn't bothered eating human food before going to bed. She had thought, when she wake up in the morning, she would eat a big breakfast. But apparently that wouldn't be the case. "And so does your stomach." He finishes saying holding out his extremely large hand.

With that Lola let all the protest die from her lips and took his hand. He lead her outside to the balcony where a table and chairs were waiting to be sat in. Chris walked over to a chair and held it out for her. Once he sat down in his own chair he took the lids off their meals.

Lola looked down at her plate with mouth watering hunger. On the plate were grilled chicken, sautéed spinach, rice pilaf, smooth creamy mashed potatoes, and a fresh baked roll on the far side of the plate.

Lola couldn't keep ignoring her stomach that she was hungry, and not just for someone's energy either.

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With her being half human she needed food just like every other human out there. She already feed her demon side earlier with Carmen her little virginis lover, before she got taken away. At the thought of Carmen she couldn't help but to think.

Hmmm where is Carmen anyways? Carmen felt the tracing sensation of light delicate fingers against the small of her back and trailed up to her shoulder blades, where at that point did a little dance before going to her ear.

She let out a pleasured moan as the fingers were sending such sweet vibrations throughout her body. She had always been a very responsive lover, with anyone that she cared about. So when Lola came back into her room for another round she was more than willing to oblige. But something was off about her touch this time around. Although the touching was arousing her very much, she felt a very different sexual need this time around; she just couldn't her finger out it. Then she felt an icy cool breath linger against her ear, and she admittedly turn around to her assailant.

Staring down at her was a beautiful blonde woman with piercing midnight blue eyes, with milky white. She had amazing tits that most women would kill for, and the curves that look like would make men fall all over themselves just to get a second glimpse. "Hello there my little angelic beauty, it certainly took you a long time for you to wake. That succubus must have really done a number on you huh?" the blonde lady giggled showing off her pearly white fangs.

Carmen took note the full, luscious lips that encased the fangs. Then Carman replayed the lady's statement. Lola did do a real number on her in their session of their 'love making.' As usual whenever Lola need to feed, she would always leave her very tired, and relaxed. So they always did their love making at night, or when she had a trying day it would always relax her and put her into a deep heavy slumber. And apparently that's how some strange vampire woman ended up in her bed.

She looked back up when she heard a giggle coming from the woman. "I am not in your bed honey; you are in my bed, well me and Alastair that is." Sitting up scared out of her wits now she began asking questions. "Who, what, how, who are you lady and why am I in your bed.


And where's Lola." "Well, pretty girl I am Selina and Alastair's my mate, and you are in our bed because you have been sold to us." WHAT!?!? To be continued……&hellip.