Dad want to find solution with troublesome daughters and fuck them

Dad want to find solution with troublesome daughters and fuck them
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It has been a long week at varsity and I am glad to be home and looking forward to the party tonight. My best mate from school, Brian, has invited me to join him and a few other friends at his house since his parents are away for the weekend and we will be able to enjoy ourselves without any insisted parents saying we need to drink less.

I have known Brian for about 15 years know but since we study at different universities we do not see each other all that often. It has been almost a year since the last time I was at his house. I am currently in my final year of studies to become a chemical engineer and really need a break before the finals start in 2 weeks and the party was going to be the perfect chance. I got dressed and left for his house which was about a 15 minutes' drive from my place.

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I stopped to get some booze and something to pop on the fire. I arrived just after 7 pm and the party had already kicked off but was still fairly quiet. As I arrived a saw his younger sister, Bianca and her friend going upstairs and I was pleasantly surprised at just how hot see had gotten. She must be about sixteen know I thought to myself as Brian introduced me to his new girlfriend, Lily, she is about 5'4 and pretty if you like girls with long dark hair and a cute smile.

After we all got drinks we moved outside and the party slowly but surely picked up pace. There were four of us, myself, Brian, James and Lily. I slowly started to see why Brian likes Lily as they both share a sense of humor.

As the night progressed we finished barbecuing the meat. I was instructed to go and call Bianca and Lea. I had found out that Lea was Jess' best friend and that she would also be spending the night as her parent went along with Brian's to some resort out of town.

Knocking on the Bianca's I was wondering if the girls would stay downstairs with us or just run back upstairs after they got their food since I would have like to see more of their young bodies. I was still in thought when Bianca opened the door and smiled as see saw me waiting for them. See had grown quite a bit since the last time I saw her. Her long ash blond hair was hanging over her shoulders and framed her maturing breast which I guessed at about a C cup, just about a handful.

She had also gotten taller and was now standing about 5'2 with long slim legs covered with tight black leggings. Her smile was always cute but it had gotten down right sexy in the past year.

She introduced me to her friend Lea. Lea was a bit shorter and very slim with solder length auburn brown hair and a cute smile. See was smaller than Bianca in every way but looked very cute in her tight fitting tank top and black pajama pants. As we walked down the stairs I was looking at the two girls in front of me and must admit that both had very cute little bottoms.

I was starting to feel the effect of the alcohol and imagined what they would look like naked for just a few seconds as I missed my step and caught the railing just in time. They both laughed at me and I just smiled.

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We all ate together and I found myself looking at Bianca every now and then as see and Lea had their dinner. As we put all the dishes away Brian said it was time for a few drinking games and I thought the two girls would head back upstairs but was surprised when they asked if they could join.

At first Brian was hesitant but was convinced by Lily as we were alone and we had started drinking at about the same age as they were now. The game we decided on was Kings. We got out the cards a glass and everybody filled their glasses with their drink of choice. Bianca sat down next to me with her long white hair covering her entire back.

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The party started to get some real speed and at about 12pm all of us were getting pretty drunk including the two schoolgirls to my right. Bianca was now lying against me with Lea giggling almost the whole time.

I must say that I had started to get aroused by feeling Bianca's young body pressing against my side. Brian announced that he was heading to bed as he could hardly remember any of the rules we made and was drinking almost with very card that came up.


Lily followed hi m and both of them disappeared into his room. A few minute later James downed his drink and headed upstairs to the spare room almost missing every step on his way. The two girls and I laughing at every step he took. But this left me with a problem as the spare room only had a single bed and Bianca and Lea would be sleeping in her double bed.

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I asked Bianca were I could sleep tonight as all the beds were taken. She surprised me again by saying that if I did not mind I can share her bed with herself and lea as long as I did not mind them rolling around. The thought of sharing a bed with the two of them made my thoughts wander again and I said jokingly that it would be great as long as they did not steal all of the blankets. Bianca hit my shoulder and said watch it mister or you'll sleep on the hard couch tonight.

We finished our drinks and the girls ran upstairs to change for bed and told me I can come to bed in 5 min. I also changed out of my jean into a loose fitting boxer and a more comfortable shirt.

I finished Brian's drink as I walked up the stairs and knocked on Bianca's door.


Slowly pushing it open I found Lea already on the bed with the same black pajama bottoms and a rather large white t-shirt. Bianca was standing next to her drawer in an oversized black t-shirt that covered her small ass. She looked absolutely amazing and I was instantly wondering what she had on underneath that shirt. We all got in bed with Lea on the one side, Bianca in the middle and me behind her back. As it was only a double bed we had to cuddle close and I felt Bianca's soft legs against mine with her butt pressing into my crotch.

Off course this made me instantly hard and I had to lie very still to avoid her feeling my excitement. A few minutes later all three of use where out and sleeping soundly. I woke up when I received a soft jab in the chest. I was still drunk and when I opened my eyes I saw that is was Bianca's elbow that hit me in my chest as she must have moved in her sleep.

It was dark and I could only make out the borders of their young faces but with the memory of how they looked I got hard again feeling Bianca's small body pressing against me.

I rolled over a bit to my side and let my left hand slide over Bianca's stomach to be more comfortable. I felt her soft skin in my palm and realized that her shirt must have pulled up as we were sleeping. My mind was racing and my erection got harder and harder by the second as I slid my hand slowly up and down her firm stomach. The booze and my dick must have taken over control but I could not help myself as I slid my hand underneath her shirt.

I slowly moved my hand higher and higher until I felt her soft breast with my fingertips. I stroked over each breast and felt her small nipples harden with my touch. As I rolled them between my fingers I her Bianca moan softly and instantly froze, she seemed to still be asleep. I was not going to stop now and resumed my stroking of her perfect orbs with her nipples poking against my fingers with each stroke. My cock was rock hard and pulsing at the thought of this hot underage girl against me.

I then cautiously moved my hand down along her soft skin stopping at the top of her panties. My heart was pounding and my dick was pressing against her tiny ass. I had to feel her pussy and slowly slid my hand into her panties and quickly felt that she was clean shaven and very moist from my stimulation of her boobs. I stopped with my index finger softly pressing against her wet slit. She started moaning again and wiggling pressing her ass against my hard cock.

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I froze again but this time I heard her soft sweet voice saying don't stop. My heart stopped but my dick took over control and I resumed slowly sliding my fingers along her wet pussy slowly spreading her lips with each stroke. She lifted her leg and rested in on top of mine opening herself to allow me better access to her now dripping womanhood. I slowly inserted my index finger into her and heard another moan and felt her hand moving from her side over to the other side of the bed.

As I slowly forced my finger deeper inside her I could make out the outline of her hand sliding into Lea's shirt. As my finger started moving in and out of her faster I was mesmerized by what Bianca was doing, she was fondling her friend small breasts.

I started to hear Lea moan as Bianca massaged her boobs, this drove me insane and I forced a second finger inside Bianca's very tight pussy and could feel her legs tense up as I went deeper and deeper. By now my dick was swollen and leaking buckets full of pre-cum all over Bianca's ass.

My pulled her panties down further and shoved my fingers back into her and fell her pussy walls contract. She let out a long soft growl as she started shaking and clasped Lea's breast.

I slowly pulled my fingers out of her and she laid back in my arms breathing deeply.


Lea moved closed and I felt her hand on my hip as she cuddle next to her friend. I was in a state of ecstasy with a dick still throbbing but not wanting to push my luck I laid back as all three of us fell asleep again…