Photos of male g spot gay porn and sexy nude boys hindi stories Hot

Photos of male g spot gay porn and sexy nude boys hindi stories Hot
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Disclaimer: this story is about rape. While I like a good rape story, the actual act of rape is horrible and disgusting and any REAL rapist should be burned alive.

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"Get home safe young lady" the bartender yelled as she left the bar the local dive bar. "I will thanks" Jamie yelled back as she pushed the door open and left.


It was a cold night and Jamie was dressed appropriately for the weather, wearing a long coat over her turtleneck sweater and a long skirt that went past her calves.

With not much skin showing she had expected to make the short walk back to her apartment without incident. It had been a slow few weeks for her and honestly she felt like she could use the break, she loved the action and the excitement but getting raped constantly was physically taxing. She was enjoying consensual sex for a change but she was starting to miss a man forcing himself and his will on her. She was almost home when suddenly she was tackled to the ground and dragged down a nearby alley.

Her pussy started gushing, and she was instantly terrified and turned on. Normally when she was raped she was all but asking for it. She would wear next to nothing and walk the long way home through seedy parts of town without much light. She would flirt with guys at a bar lead them to a dark alley, get them all hot and bothered, then "change her mind" at the last second.

She enjoyed when a man forced her legs open and took what he thought was his, she had enjoyed rape since she was 19 and when her mother's boyfriend revealed the real reason he was dating her. But this time was different, she wasn't drunk, she hadn't led anyone on, she had done nothing to make herself a target other than being alone. She thought it might be a simple mugging until the perpetrator put a knife to her throat and grabbed her breast. He was rough with them and didn't care how she felt.

"Scream and I'll slit you from ear to ear Bitch!" "I want this as bad as you do." Jamie thought "let's see if your man enough to take it" The man continued to grope Jamie and reached between her legs only to find a long skirt blocking his access to Jamie' panties. He lowered his knife in an effort to pull up Jamie's skirt and she then took the opportunity to punch his nose and kick him off of her.

While Jamie wanted this, she wanted her attacker to earn it. Prove to her that he could do what countless men had already done to her.

She got up and started to run before her attacker grabbed her ankle and tripped her. "You're gonna pay for that Bitch!" With Jamie flat on her stomach the masked man got up cut her skirt off with the knife he was holding and discovered she wasn't wearing Any panties.

"Looks like you want this big dick bitch."he her head up by her hair and looked at his prize Jamie looked him dead in the eyes filled with defiance "if it's as big as you say then you wouldn't need to attack women in an alley" Enraged at her words, the rapist slapped his victim to the ground. He unbuttoned his jeans and began to stroke his average sized penis. "This look small to you Bitch?!" Jamie looked at the penis trying to hide her arousal.

Most rapist were pretty small, they seemed to be overcompensating.

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So seeing an average sized one was refreshing. Having angered her attacker enough Jamie began to play the victim.

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"Please just take my money and leave" Her attacker got real close to her face and pointed the knife ate her neck. He then whispered "I'm taking your money anyway Bitch." And suddenly he cut open her sweater revealing 2 perfect C cup breasts covered by a black lace bra.

"Look at you, you must be a high class Bitch." "How about i blow you and you leave" Jamie tried to bargain but by no means meant it. The man looked at her for a minute and said " bite me and I'll give 2 scars to show off at your funeral." Jamie was surprised and upset that he actually took her up on the offer.

Nevertheless she got up on her knees and expertly started to suck his dick. "I guess it's not happening tonight" she thought." I might as well give him a good blowjob so I can hurry home and get some sleep. I do have work in the morning" For two minutes she sucked his cock while subconsciously playing with her pussy.

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Then suddenly he grabbed the back of her head and forced his dick down her throat and started fucking her face. Jamie's gag reflex had disappeared long ago and was able to take the brutal face pounding easily until suddenly the familiar taste of cum shot in her mouth. Jamie started to get up before she was slapped back to the ground. "Hey you said if I blew you, you would let me go!" The man started to laugh "and you believed me?" He picked her up and once again started to roughly play with her breasts.

" you're not going anywhere until I get what I came for" Jamie's pussy began to gush as he licked the side of her face. She was getting what she wanted.


The man pushed her to the ground. And got on top of her "don't worry, you're gonna enjoy this almost as much as I will and he plunged his dick into her wet pussy" "Please stop" "No way! You're MY Bitch now. You should be thankful I chose you." " please don't do do this" The rapist continued to pound in and out of his victim and was not at all gentle about it. "Please be more gentle" Jamie said hoping that her words would have the opposite effect." " you don't sound very thankful!" He said.

"You know what, why don't you thank me" he grunted. "Say 'thank you mister rapist for choosing a slut like me' say it!" "Thank you mister rapist for choosing a slut like me" Jamie repeated. Jamie enjoyed being degraded and it was turning her on more and more. She started to hump back. "See that Whore, you're starting to like it" "No im not please stop" "Stop, I'm just getting started" he then flipped her over on her stomach and mercilessly plunged his hard cock in Jamie's ass!

Without any lubrication Jamie cried out in pain. Pain she enjoyed and felt countless times before.


She couldn't take it anymore she had to let herself enjoy it. "Oh god harder! Fuck me harder you son of Bitch! Rape this filthy fucking whore's ass" "I knew you would like it Bitch! Who's ass is this!" "It's my rapist's ass. It's his ass his pussy, his mouth, it's all his." "That's right Bitch" "Omg I'm cumming my rapist is making me cum.

AAAAAAAHHHHH!" "I'm coming too Bitch" he then took out his dick picked Jamie up by her hair and shit his load on her face." Thanks for the ride Bitch and then he dropped her.

He put on his pants, picked up her purse and fled the alley.

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Jamie laid in the alley too exhausted to move her face covered in cum and her clothes torn to shreds. Suddenly a young man saw her in the alley.

"Hey guys look what I found" three other young men then came to the alley " it's been a while since I've been gang raped" Jamie thought.

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"this is turning into a fun night"