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Kascha  Laurel Canyon  Nina DePonca in vintage xxx scene
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As James left the hotel room, Sarah sat shakily up on the bed, and looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was barely past 2am, and she realized that she had been fucked for well over an hour. She managed to stand and make her way into the bathroom to clean the sweat and cum off from her flushed body.

She moaned as she walked across the room, her muscles protesting from the unwanted sexual workout she had received at the hands of the two men who had taken her. As she moved, she felt a dull ache between her legs, reminding her of her lost virginity and the sensations her rapists had caused her freshly deflowered body to experience as they fucked her.

The memory of riding their massive cocks started a tingling between her legs, and her hand stole to her cunt to brush her pussy lips lightly.

Her hand came away covered in partly dried cum and a hint of blood from her harvested cherry. Sarah made her way into the bathroom, where she turned the sink on as hot as she could stand it and soaked a washcloth.

The hot, wet cloth was soothing as she washed away the evidence of her first sexual encounter. Once the dried cum had been washed away, Sarah wrapped herself in a long hotel bathrobe hanging from a hook on the door. Without really thinking, she stood in front of the bathroom mirror, and began the automatic task of brushing out the tangles that had formed in her long blonde hair.

The familiar task seemed to calm her rattled nerves and allowed her to focus on something other than her deflowering. She became so absorbed in her task that she didn't notice the bathroom door open slowly, and the tall, dark skinned figure of the second of her two rapists enter quietly. As she had washed, he had returned, watching her from the bedroom through the open bathroom door while he removed his clothing.

Now he stood for a moment and observed her as she brushed her hair. Moving swiftly, he came to stand behind her and Sarah looked up with a start as she saw his image in the mirror.

His hands moved to encircle her narrow waist, holding her in place as she gasped in startled recognition. "I came back, baby. I still had a massive hard-on when we left, and I suddenly realized that I'd only really done you once.

Jimmy thought I was nuts coming back, but I just couldn't leave without finishing the job." The brush clattered to the floor as he untied the belt of her robe, and his hands parted the cloth, then began to squeeze her large tits. His muscular body was pressed tight against her back as he fondled her, one hand sliding down to cup her mound as the other continued its assault on her breasts.

Abruptly, he turned her around to face him and he pushed the robe off her shoulders to pool on the floor around her feet. Sarah felt as if she was in shock as he slowly leaned in to kiss her. His powerful embrace held her tight and she couldn't escape his grasp.

Her body tensed as his warm lips touched hers. The young nurse tried to pull back but his arms around her body made it impossible. At first she resisted but as his lips pressed tightly against hers, she started to feel a warm sensation grow deep between her legs.

His lips pressed hers open, and he slid his tongue against her teeth. Again she resisted but as the heat grew inside her belly, she felt like she might pass out. She gasped for air, and her lips parted allowing his tongue to slide inside her mouth. His warm tongue slowly entered her as she stood motionless, her back pressed against the hard surface of the sink.

Sarah didn't kiss back but she couldn't move to stop him either. He passionately sucked and licked the inside of her mouth as she felt her pussy grow damp.

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Feeling powerless under his onslaught, her tongue unconsciously rose to meet his. When their tongues met it sent a shock through her body. He passionately licked back and forth as he started to kiss her more deeply. He relentlessly ran his tongue across hers as he continued to french her feverishly. Dazed at this unexpected continuation of her earlier encounter, Sarah could feel her juices begin to flow freely. As he pulled his tongue from her lips he started to lick her neck. His warm breath and wet tongue triggered a sexual response deep inside of her.

Somehow Sarah managed to mutter, "N… no, please. I… I can't do this again!" Sarah's rapist ignored her and his mouth moved back to cover hers, cutting off any further protests. His tongue re-entered her mouth as he started to kiss her wildly again. She lost track of time as he kissed her passionately, then again made his way down her neck. The warmth of his mouth found an erogenous zone at the base of her throat, and she felt her cunt tighten as she came slightly.

The older man covered her 36C tits with his hands and lifted them to meet his lips as he took one of her aroused nipples into his mouth. His warm tongue licked across her swollen peaks, sending her body into a confusion of sexual sensations.

Her cunt had become swollen and wet as he sucked first one tit, and then the other. Sarah tried to form the words to protest as he continued nursing at her sensitive breasts. Her body was becoming so aroused from his ministrations that she became weak in the knees.

The tall, black man sucked her tits to the point of full erection, as she felt a rush of heat flood her aroused body. Sarah felt his hands move to grip her ass, and she was suddenly being lifted off the floor as he continued to suck her tits. He held her in the air as her body fed his hunger to make her his sex slave again. Her large breasts looked huge in proportion to her narrow waist and heaving rib cage.

Her rapist licked her tits up and down as he had his way with her. The man stepped away from the sink, forcing Sarah to grab his shoulders and wrap her legs around his waist to keep from falling on the floor. Seemingly without effort, he turned and carried her into the living room where he lowered her onto the couch. As she lay there fully exposed, she managed to whisper, "P… please, no more." He didn't answer.

Instead he opened her legs, and knelt between them as he spread her pussy lips and drove one finger into her roughly. He lowered his head between her thighs, and she felt his mouth cover her swollen folds as his tongue probed into her. A defeated moan escaped from her lips as his hot tongue split her cunt and entered her pussy. He sucked and licked inside of her as he hungrily ate her out. She experienced an intense orgasm explode through her body as his warm tongue penetrated deep into the throbbing core of her womanhood.

He licked her deeply until her pussy felt as though it was on fire. Sarah couldn't keep her body still as her second sex partner continued to eat her out. He found her g-spot and began licking and sucking it until she instinctively started to buck against him as she was overcome by the intense feelings erupting inside of her.

"Ohhh, noossaa…!" she moaned, throwing her head back. Two fingers replaced his tongue, and he finger-fucked her into an even more intense orgasm, as he encouraged her, "That's it baby, cum for me! Cum harder… harder! Oh yeah!" He could feel her pussy tighten around his fingers as her orgasm closed in on her. Sarah's body felt flushed all over as her assailant again buried his face in her drenched cunt. Her hips started bucking wildly as he licked her clit, and she moaned loudly.

Sweat was pouring from her body as he continued to run his tongue through her pussy lips.

He lifted her pelvis to give him better access as he continued to eat her out. She began to buck wildly but was held in place by his powerful grip on her hips. She whimpered as he suddenly left her snatch and moved to kneel over her. He pulled her up so that she was facing his rock hard cock. He leaned in and whispered, "I want your sweet mouth around my cock, baby." She shook her head in protest, but he gently gripped the back of her head and pressed her forward until his big dick was pressed against her lips.

He was fully erect, a good ten inches long, and thicker than she remembered. When Sarah didn't open her mouth right away, he reached down and tweaked one aroused nipple, causing her to gasp. He quickly filled her open mouth with the swollen head of his cock.

She was forced to open her mouth as far as she could as she took the head into her. He moaned as her lips slid over the dark, smooth skin of his manhood and he pressed deeper down her throat. He reached down and took her hands, guiding them to grasp his huge shaft as he relentlessly thrust himself into her. His hands gripped her head again and made her bob back and fourth as he fucked her small mouth faster and faster.

As he started to develop a rhythm, he thrust deeper into her. She felt his tremendous mount slide farther down her throat but could only take half of him. He began jamming her mouth onto him as hard as he could.

Her mouth was forced open as wide as possible; her lips were tight against his massive cock. She felt the thick head penetrate deep as it slid down her throat. His precum was lubricating her throat as she was forced to suck his dick.

"That's it baby, suck my dick! Oh yeah, suck it good!" Sarah felt weak as his huge shaft probed her throat. He knew that her mouth could not do what her snatch could, and he let go of her head and reached down to stick his fingers in her cunt.

It was overflowing with her juices and began to spasm as he worked her clit. Nearing another intense orgasm, Sarah relented to the obvious fact that she was going to get fucked again by this man.

As he continued to slide his huge mount in and out of her mouth, he again commanded her to suck his dick.

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She moaned loudly around his shaft as he continued to finger-fuck her pussy. When he sensed that she was about to cum, he pulled his monstrous cock from her mouth. Pre-cum dripped from the corners of her lips down onto her chin as he repositioned himself between her widely spread legs. His hands slipped beneath her to grasp her asscheeks and raise her hips to allow him better access to her waiting snatch.

"Your mouth was great, baby. Now I want to fuck you again and feel my hard cock slide deep into your sweet pussy." His words and the thought of his gigantic cock inside of her sent a shiver through her overheated body. She fell back against the cushions and he eagerly spread her legs wider. He looked down at her lustily as her ample chest rose and fell rapidly in anticipation of what he was about to do. "You want me to fill you with my big cock, and make love to you, don't you baby?" Her head shook in denial, while her hips thrust involuntarily toward his waiting manhood.

He caught her small hand, wrapped it around his thick hardness, and made her slowly jack him off. His free hand moved back to her blonde mound and fingered her clit until she was gasping for breath. "Ahhh… Ahhh… Ohhh, ssssaaahhh!!" He thrust his middle finger deep into her dripping cunt. "You want me to fill you with my big, black cock, don't you baby?" he repeated urgently.

Sarah was rapidly loosing control of her body as he pushed her to the edge of a massive orgasm. Her back arched, thrusting her swollen tits toward him.

Her cunt seemed to throb around his probing fingers. She moaned loudly, "Ohhh…! Nooo, please!" He guided her hand to rub his tremendous cock against her drenched snatch, and asked again if she wanted him. "Say it, baby. Say you want me to fill your pussy with my big cock and make love to you!" Although her resolve was weakening, she whispered, "Oohh.please don't.no…no more, ahhh." She tried to struggle as he kissed her neck, so he thrust his fingers even more insistently in and out of her tight cunt.

Her eyes closed as he rapidly finger fucked her hot wet hole. As he leaned down to kiss her, her mouth opened automatically to accept his tongue. He explored her mouth until he felt her cunt tighten around his fingers and begin to spasm as she climaxed. "Oh no. stop. oh. n… nossa. you can't. pplleeaassee. ooohhh," Sarah moaned against his lips as he fingered her through her intense orgasm.

He kissed his way to her ear and murmured a fourth time, "Say it, baby." Her hips bucked beneath him as she came, and she heard herself gasp, "I… I w…want. Uhhh!" She gasped again has his thumb flicked against her swollen clit. "What do you want, baby?" Sarah's whole body had flushed a deep red by now, and she felt like she was listening to her voice from a long way off as she whispered, "F… fill m… me with your c… c…" she stopped unable to make herself say the word.

She felt her orgasm build again as he made her rub his manhood against her throbbing pussy lips. "My cock? Is that what you want me to fill you with, baby? Do you want me to fuck your pussy?" Her head jerked in a brief nod, "Uhhh, yes… Ooohhh. please. fill me with your… c… cock!" Her blue eyes flew open in surprise at the words coming out of her own mouth.

Her dark skinned partner smiled down at her in satisfaction, "I knew you wanted this, baby. Here it comes!" He again helped her move his cock up and down her mound, teasing her. He pulled Sarah's thighs further apart, and then placed the tip of his cock at her entrance.

Slowly, inch-by-inch, he began to push his 11-inch cock into her steaming pussy as she again let out a soft moan. As the engorged, dark purple head entered her sheath she could feel the walls of her cunt stretching. After all that had happened so-far that night, Sarah was so swollen and wet he had an easy time getting the thick head past her pink lips. He then grabbed her smooth thighs and raised them up as his long manhood slid in further into her waiting womanhood.

As he penetrated deeper into her cunt, he had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch her body to accommodate him again. Sarah's swollen pussy was being stretched again as his manhood made its way past her ruined virginity. She gasped with unwanted pleasure as the pulsating thickness plunged deeper into her. He held her legs apart and her hands gripped his arms he drove all 11 inches of his rock hard shaft into her deflowered pussy.

Tears of embarrassed pleasure rolled down her flushed face as he prepared to try to saw her in half. As he bottomed out against her cervix, Sarah's back arched, pressing her cunt tighter against his crotch. She cried out in pleasure as her pussy tightened around his cock, "Ohhh, nossa! You… you're so big. Ahhh. you're stretching meee. " He leaned in and kissed her neck as he began to thrust in and out of her. His speed increased his hands covered both of her breasts and his mouth lowered to suck on one aroused teat, nursing the tight peak.

"Oh no. oh. ahhh. pplleeaassee. ooohhh." "Ahhh, you're so tight, baby! Uhhh! Uhhh!" He slowed down as he lowered his head to engulf Sarah's lips with his own. She found herself kissing him back, and like the rest of her body, her mouth seemed to be out of her control.


His tongue explored her willing mouth as he fucked her. His speed began to increase, and he thrust his thick shaft in and out of her body faster and faster as her nails began to dig into his biceps. Abruptly, he rolled over and suddenly Sarah was on top of him, riding his massive cock.

His large hands surrounded her narrow waist as he pulled her down farther onto his shaft. The feeling of her innocent pussy being stretched beyond anything she had ever imagined as it slid down his shaft made her body tremble with the sensations. Her body took him in even farther than when he was on top. Sarah couldn't resist the feelings rising inside her anymore as his massive cock got the best of her. "Oohh nossa.

m… make l…" She paused, as with James, not wanting to call what was still technically a rape, lovemaking. "Ahhh, ahhh, f… fuck me! Please f… fuck me!" she cried out in ecstasy as the swollen head of his manhood began to press past her cervix into her virginal womb. Sarah's sex teacher reached up and took hold of her breasts, squeezing them together as his fingers pinched her nipples lightly. Shocks of pleasure coursed between her tits and cunt as he fondled her breasts, and without thinking, her hips began to buck against him as he thrust his pelvis hard against her twat.

It felt like he was ripping her in half with his huge package and it seemed he couldn't get enough of her tight hole. His hands left her tits and gripped her ass as he started to pound into her more intensely. The young nurse had now begun humping him in time with his powerful thrusts. Sarah felt like his thick cock was going to come out of her mouth each time he thrust his pelvis hard against her pussy and held her down momentarily before lifting her up again.

Her cunt had become so wet that every thrust made an obscene sound as he bottomed out inside her, and her entire body quivered with the heat of the passions that now controlled her.

Sarah gasped and moaned as he helped her fuck his massive cock, "Oh, oh, oh… ohhh yes, yes. Oh, fuck me h… harder!" As she continued to hump him, his hands traveled slowly up her body. His measured her narrow waist with his hands as one thumb dipped inside her navel and he thought he could even feel the hardness of his manhood as it filled her. Then he moved on to cup her ample 36C tits, squeezing them and tweaking her aroused nipples before moving on to grip her soft shoulders and pull her down to kiss her.

He leaned up to her and whispered in her ear, "You're so hot, baby. You're such a good fuck." He began to nibble on her ear lobe then kissed her neck, biting it hard enough to leave a red mark. He kissed her mouth again, pressing his tongue past her soft lips.

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She pulled her head back a little, and he felt her tongue brush against his as he frenched her deeply. Slowly his kisses headed toward her tits. His tongue flicked against one taut nipple, and she jumped as a jolt of pleasure shot through her over stimulated body. He heard her breathing grow shallow as he nursed one teat and then the other until she teetered on the edge of another intense orgasm.

After a minute or two of this he kissed his way back up to her lips. He grabbed a hand full of her long blonde hair, and pulled her head down to his as he pressed his tongue deep into her mouth. As he kissed her, his fingers began to trace the lines of her smooth, soft body.

His mouth left hers and he whispered in her ear, "Do you like this, baby? Tell me you want my cock." Sarah felt completely out of control of her own body as she heard herself moan, "Ohhh…Y… yes, I want your c…cock!" "Do you want me to fuck you some more?" She swallowed hard, not really believing that it was actually her begging her rapist to… "Oh, yes fuck me some more!

It feels so… uhhh uhhh, so g… good!" The older man's eyes gleamed as the recently virginal nurse, begged him to fuck her. Knowing that she had given herself over to him completely, he raised her off his rock hard cock and sat up.

He turned her around, positioning her on her knees, and then settled in to kneel behind her and between her spread legs. His right hand slipped around her waist, and spread her pussy lips as he aimed his massive shaft at her waiting passage. His left hand lined up his cock, pressing the engorged head against her swollen pink twat, and then both hands moved to grasp her hips as he thrust deep into her quivering body.

"Ohhhh, nooosssaaa!!!" she cried as he impaled her on his steel shaft. Sarah gasped as he pulled all the way out of her cunt, and slowly rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks. He thrust two fingers into her soaking wet cunt, then spread her juices around her rear entrance. She jumped as he pressed the head of his cock against her virgin hole. The pain was almost unbearable as his swollen head pressed into her, "Ahhh, What are you doing. ohhh nossa. please stop, you're too big!" He continued to slide into her, as tears started to roll down her cheeks again.

Holding onto her hips, with one big thrust he drove all 11 inches into her ass. "Ooohhh!" Sarah screamed as she slumped over and grasped the arm of the couch with both hands. The older man slowly pulled out and then thrust back in quickly. Her breasts hung free, swaying back and forth as he built up a steady rhythm.

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Soon the pain of having his cock inside her tight ass subsided and started to create a new kind of pleasure between her legs.

Her rapist held onto her waist and started to fuck her harder. Sarah moaned as the ass fucking began to cause the beginnings of another orgasm. "Ohhh no, Ohhh, you're ripping me in two. Ohhh, please stop!" As he fucked her tight ass, he grabbed both of her tits from behind. As he mauled her young breasts, his fingers pinched her nipples. He pulled her up close to him and kissed her neck. One of his hands left her swollen breast to travel down her body and rub her clit.

He inserted two fingers into her cunt and started to finger fuck her roughly. He could feel his fingers becoming covered in cum as he pounded her tight ass. Suddenly, Sarah's orgasm erupted and she came hard against his fingers, "Oh, ooohhh. harder. harder!" With one final thrust he stopped himself before he could begin to shoot his seed inside her ass.

They both collapsed onto the sofa, his hard black body pressing her flushed white one into the cushions. His cock was still buried inside her as one hand continued to slowly rub her sore pussy, while the other was lightly squeezing her firm breast. They lay there like that for a minute or two as Sarah regained her breath, and he regained control of his need to cum inside her. He pulled his cum covered fingers out of her cunt and pressed them between her lips to fill her mouth.

He made her suck them dry, and then got up, turning her over as he did. He looked down at her waiting body as he knelt between her obscenely spread legs. He bent down and started to kiss her neck again as he slid one hand to cup her wet mound. "Your pussy is so wet, baby," he murmured in her ear as one finger thrust into her hot love nest. Sarah pushed her hips up to meet his hand. "Oohh nossa. this can't be happening again!" she moaned as her rapist continued to finger fuck her while kissing and sucking her shoulders.

He put in another finger, and couldn't believe how tight her pussy still was, even after all the times it had been stretched that night. He continued to finger fuck her as he returned to her mouth and kissed her deeply.

He put one hand behind her head and tangled his fingers in her long blonde hair, as he drove his tongue into her mouth. Sarah moaned softly as their tongues met in a passionate kiss. Sarah's sex partner took her hand in his and directed it to his rock hard cock, forcing her to grasp it and rub its swollen head against her wet mound. He broke their kiss and raised himself up to look into her eyes, "Do you want me to make love to you, baby?

Do you want me to cum in your pussy?" His question penetrated to a place that remembered that she had no protection against his potent sperm. She began to panic slightly, and shook her head, "I… No, no, please no more, I don't want to get pregnant!" She shivered as the hand behind her head moved to trace the lines of her body and then cupped her tit.

A moan escaped her lips as his other hand made her dip his cockhead into her belly-button, then through the downy blonde hair covering her mons, leaving a trail of his pre-cum on her pale skin, and finally coming to rest pressed against her pussy lips. "But do you want me to fuck you?" Sarah shook her head slowly, trying to clear it as the thick nob pressed against her clit, "I… I… I don't know… I… uhhh!" Her groan came as he guided the head of his cock to press into her pussy.

"Oh, no what are you doing to me? Please don't do this to me!" Sarah said as his cock began to disappear into her tight pussy. He moaned as he felt her pussy open up to accept him.

She stared back into his eyes as he filled her with one long, slow thrust until his cock was buried all the way inside the 23 year old nurse's tight snatch.


"Ohhh. you're sooo big.ohhh," Sarah moaned as her rapist/lover increased the speed of his fucking. "Ohhh, why do you make me feel like this? You make me want you inside me!" "Ahhh, you're just such a great fuck baby, it feels so good inside your sweet tight pussy." "Uhhh, p… please d… don't do it in me!

Ohhh, ohhh, yes! Ohhh, why do you make me want to fuck like this? Please, p… please don't cum in me!" The thought that he and James might have knocked up her tight pussy sent him over the edge. The older black man slammed his cock home and ground his hips against her crotch as he impaled her repeatedly with his 11-inch rod, and his hands moved up to maul her beautiful creamy white tits.

The feeling of his muscular body pounding her increasingly well-used pussy sent her into orgasmic convulsions as his thick tool slid deep inside her again and again. As her climax hit, Sarah cried out, "Ohhh yes!! Oh, oh yes, that feels g… good. Oh nossa, I want your cock inside me! Please fuck me hard. Uhhhh, fuck me h… harder! Oh, oh, oh, Ohhh… I'm cumming! Ohhh, please fuck me!" He continued to pump into her as her body shuddered through an intense orgasm.

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His hands squeezed her tits in time with his thrusts as he lifted her hips to give him better access to the deepest parts of her body. "Ohhh.you're ripping me apart!" Sarah cried as he pounded her. He grabbed hold of her waist and hammered into her pussy.

She saw him gaze down at her breasts as they shook back and forth. He ran his hands over her flat, smooth stomach. His fingers stroked the soft, flushed skin as his thumbs played with her navel.

He leaned down and started to lick her belly just below her heaving tits, then his tongue traveled along the faint scar that ran between them, stopping when he found the erogenous zone at the base of her throat again.

Sarah gasped as he suckled the sensitive skin in the hollow of her throat and one of her own hands stole up to rest on her breast as the other moved to the back of his head. She was now lost in the sensations of the fucking she was receiving. She felt his lips fasten onto one of her erect nipples as he buried his face in her breast, lightly biting and sucking her taut nipples. He paused inside her as he moved back to kiss her neck, leaving a trail of soft bites along her shoulder and throat before returning to french her waiting mouth.

He slowly withdrew his cock from her tight channel, and held it just outside her swollen folds. He looked down at her pretty face. It was flushed red, and her blue eyes shone with sexual passion. Her long blonde hair was now a tangled mess spread out on the throw pillow beneath her head. Sarah's hips thrust up toward him, searching for the tool she needed to fill her throbbing cunt with. Her small hands grasped him around his muscular waist and she looked pleadingly up at him, "Uhhh, Please put it in me." Her hands seemed to move of their own accord from his waist up to his solid chest, and then back down his body.

After a moment's hesitation, they slipped around to his ass and remained there, urging him to lower himself back into her cunt. The word she had been avoiding before came out of her mouth in a whisper, "M… make love to me! Ohhh, please… m… make… l… love to me! Please!" This was all the encouragement her lover needed as he shifted his position above of her soft body, placing his long cock at her pussy lips.

With one quick thrust, be buried his manhood all the way inside her. His cock bottomed out forcefully against her cervix, causing her to gasp with the feeling of her womanhood once again being completely filled by him.

Sarah's legs wrapped around her lover's waist as he started to thrust in and out of her throbbing love-channel. Her ass rose and fell on the cushions as he fucked her tight pussy. His hands covered her breasts as he leaned in to kiss her. Sarah's mouth opened to him as he French kissed her passionately.

Sarah's fingernails dug into the tight muscles of his ass as he continued to fuck her harder and harder. The couch began to shake with the impact of his body against hers. His lips traveled down to her swaying breasts and captured one aroused peak. He nipped lightly at the hard tip, and then began to suckle it as though he were nursing.

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"God baby, your tits taste so good!" he murmured against her sensitive skin. As he sucked on her tit, his massive tool drove into her abused pussy like a piston until she felt its huge head crash through her bruised cervix and plant itself inside her womb, causing her orgasm, which had subsided, to peak again. "Ohhh… make love to me…fuck me.

fuck my pussy! Ohhh… ohhh… ahhh, fuck meee!" Sarah cried as she climaxed around the long, thick shaft of his manhood. Her back arched as she came hard.

Sarah thought she would pass out from the pleasure as her orgasm continued to build each time his cock bottomed out inside her. He humped against her, trying to drive his swelling manhood even deeper into her waiting belly. Sarah's rapist/lover couldn't hold on any longer as the muscles of her tight pussy squeezed his cock convulsively.

He looked into her eyes, as her orgasm consumed her. With one final thrust he buried his cock all the way inside her abused pussy. This time, his massive cockhead thrust past the tight barrier of her cervix and took aim at her virginal womb. "Oh god, baby. I'm gonna cum inside your tight pussy!" Sarah's small hands gripped his large ones as they squeezed her tits, "Oh, oh, yes, Ohhh yesss, I'm cumming! Please make love to me!

Fuck my pussy! Cum inside me! Ahhh… fill me up! Please, it feels sooo good!" As she continued to cum, her dark skinned lover moaned loudly, "Ohhh yeah, baby!

Feel me cum inside your hot pussy, feel me knock you up!" Sarah's back arched and she moaned in ecstasy as his massive cock erupted inside her, launching jets of scalding hot cum deep into her womb in search of a waiting target.

One hand left her breast to slide over her flat stomach as he relished the thought of what might be happening inside her hot little body. He thrust against her again and again just to make sure his seed was well planted inside her panting body.

When he finally pulled his softening shaft from her pussy, his mouth covered hers, and he ran his hands through her long blonde hair. His kiss deepened as he began fondling her swollen breasts. His tongue slid against hers urgently for several minutes while his hands continued to minister to her sensitive tits.

He kissed his way down her neck and chest, the he bowed to take each nipple into his mouth in turn and suckle the hard peak until she was gasping for breath again. Abruptly he pulled away and sat up with a satisfied look on his face. Still in a daze from her intense orgasm, Sarah stumbled to her feet and staggered into the bathroom. The older man watched as her breasts jiggled with each step, her mound was matted with cum and he could see it slowly running down her thighs.

Her dark blond hair was a tangled mess. He followed her into the bathroom, and he heard the sound of water running as she stepped into the shower. He pulled the curtain aside and stepped in behind her. "How good does that hot water feel, baby?" Sarah's lover whispered to her, his hands moving over her wet hips.

He nibbled her ear as he took the soap from her hand and lathered her young naked body. Sarah couldn't comprehend was happening to her. In one night she had gone from being a virgin to having been fucked multiple times by two men who had made love to her over and over, and her had body responded to them every time.

She moaned as soapy hands "washed" her aching breasts, and her pussy throbbed in anticipation as his hardening cock pressed between her ass cheeks. The sensations took over again, and she leaned back against his hard body. Sarah murmured as he nuzzled her neck, "Again… Ahhh please… make love to me again!"