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Amanda gets a cock down her throat
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CITY LIVING: A young woman in a very professional lady's business suit appears at the door of an old mansion of Big City and asks, "Hello! Is this the Demarest residence and are you by any chance Mr. Franklin Demarest?" "And who is inquiring of this, Please?" "My name is Charlene Whitaker, and I represent the magazine, NATIONAL HISTORIC MANSIONS.

I am here to inquire of you as to the possibility of doing a full pictorial article on this home. May I come in and discuss it with you?" "Well, I have an appointment at my business in ninety minutes and need to get ready for it, but I guess I could give you twenty or so minutes before I start to prepare for that." "Thank you, sir. That should be enough for an introductory interview." And with that Frank guided her into the 'Welcoming Lounge,' as his grandmother used to call it.

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He sat her down and then took a chair opposite of her to take care of this brief interruption of his morning routine. And with her being respectful to his time, she presented him with a brochure explaining the program of interviewing and photographing of the mansion. There were legal papers to sign if it became agreed upon and references to past clients. She totally expected this to be all checked out and made no issue of that fact.

She actually encouraged it, because upon passing a very stringent background check, the clients tended to be much more open about their residences in the interviews and showings.

And so with that only ten minute session concluded, she excused herself for him to move on with his day. And that won many points with Franklin, also. On the day for the pre-photo's interviews, Charlene showed up in a much less strictly business type of dressing. The casual look was intended to relax the interviewee and in this case, didn't work. This was because she was regal in her beauty and manner of carrying out her craft. But, Frank shook himself off and then greeted her in the "Welcoming Lounge' to start the interviews there.

"Mr. Demarest, could you give me a brief history of the production of this fine home and the people who lived in it, please?" "Surely. It was built in eighteen eighty-five by a retiring sea captain who had made his fortune at sea and decided to live to spend it on the shore. It has been expanded several times over the years, but the original nautical themes are still present.

He used a lot of nautical names for parts of the house. His top of the building bedroom was called the crow's nest and the kitchen and the dining room were called the galley by him. I'll walk you around to see these things when we are finished with the direct interview. He was fifty-two when he retired and had the mansion built.

He finished his years with a dockside nautical supplies firm of his own origination. And he married a young woman of about twenty-four and spent the next ten years planting descendants in her to the number of six. She lived till forty and then died suddenly, evidently not related to his treatment of her, nor of multiple births. Just one of those sad things that happen, since he had very much loved her. Soon after that, a distant cousin of about thirty-five came to help him with his children's crew, as he called them, and remained with him for the rest of his life with an unexplained relationship between the two of them.

When he died, she took the place under her control until the youngest son of the captain was old enough to take charge in his own name and the name of the family. Since that time, the family has always been viewed as owning the house and the chief administrator of it, as the head of the family. But, the actual legal ownership is always entrusted to that head.

The house right from the first son's assumption of the leadership of the family has been open to family visits on four times a year: a week of Christmas through New Year's Day; a three day weekend for Easter; Two weeks centered on the Fourth of July and another three day weekend for Thanksgiving. Among other things this greatly reduces any hard feelings of being overlooked to be the next head of the family and mansion owner.

With six active bedrooms, all rather large, at least four can be roomed in each of them and there are several reasonably priced motels nearby, so the holidays here tend to be well attended and very merry. Only one relative has ever made an ugly scene at one of these gatherings over the years and he was banned from ever attending again. Even with this much room in the house and nearby, with the owner picking up the tab for the motel attendees, there had to be a rotation in acceptance of attendees, unless they wanted to pay the motel rents themselves.

But, with the multitude of attending amenities, most got to attend at least every third year if they wanted to. The first son to assume command of the mansion (at the age of 35), was educated to be an accountant and started his own firm. He, as was the usual arrangement, married a fine girl of a locally prominent family and generated a family of four children.

His wife managed to actually outlive him though he oversaw the house for sixty-five years and made it to the age of one hundred. His son, Martin, took over the overseer ship of the mansion at the age of sixty and held court for twenty years, then passed it on to me when he passed away and I was the age of fifty.

I have been in charge now for five years. And my children are all raised and gone on to their life interests and pursuits. My household is now made up of myself, my housekeeper and a distant young cousin named Annie. Most of the alterations of the house have been minor, but one was that the old pantry was remodeled into a room for the housekeeper to live in, and a big double garage was built in front of the house to the north side of the centerline, to still allow direct access from the street up a walkway to the front door.

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The old garage behind the house, a single one, was developed into a storage place for the riding mower and other outside tools. I had a landscaper modify the yard to a state that I can mow it in almost its entirety, along with its edging from the riding lawnmower's seat.

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There are only a couple of blind spots that require the use of the electric edger and it only takes about fifteen minutes to take care of that. This all makes it much easier on my back and hip.

My wife, who is now deceased, was much more adventurous than I am. We had three fine children together and I miss her very much. She died on safari in Africa, just one of those tragic accidents that adventurous persons encounter. She was a great admirer of that famous Australian animal trainer and one day told me to not grieve too much if she succumbed to the risks of her adventuresome spirit, but to just find another fine woman to share my lovely manners with.

This was said with a very large smile, it is how I choose to remember her by. [With that Charlene bowed her head at the remembrance of a very much beloved and missed wife. And Franklin noticed.] I live here alone now, with just the housekeeper and cousin. But, the four family visitations provide a lot of fun at their occasions throughout the year.

Any questions?" Charlene looked up to him in deep respect and answered, "No, not at this time. I recorded your recitation, one of the most complete and interesting ones I have ever acquired in preparation of my mansion stories.

Would you mind if I came and stayed over for a weekend to get a more personal feeling of the house and its master?" "Not at all, it would be fine, just let me know what weekend and I will be ready for you. But, not during one of the holidays this time, please." And she smiled very deeply with that, and soon after left for other business responsibilities. It was just a couple of weeks after that she arrived to spend the weekend from Friday afternoon till Sunday night.

And on the first day she spent a lot of time in the yard and neighborhood, walking and driving to get a feel for the environs. She found the half acre place a very fine venue for a gentleman's life. A gentlewoman's, too. She admired the inlaid brick driveway to the back and the generous garden and small orchard in the back. There was a back patio, but the small swimming pool had been converted into a covered fish pond because of his great fear of a child or other person ever coming to grief in it.

The pond made a wonderful centerpiece to the backyard and was one of the centers of attraction of the whole place. It didn't stop the sunbathing of young beauties of the family on the surrounding patio, either. After they settled in for the night from a sightseeing drive around the town concentrating on the immediate neighborhood, they gathered at the dinner table for dinner and she then got to meet Annie.

Annie was then about thirty-five and a shy and reclusive inhabitant of the home. Franklin later filled Charlene in on that she had suffered serious personal traumas in her life and so was living with him in seclusion with her kittens and romantic novel writings.


She was actually very good, but not published. They were just too personal to her. But, in the fantasies of her writings she lived a very full mental life and it was just left at that. She did make a lovely dinner partner, though. That night, Charlene laid in the bed of one of the guest bedrooms and tried to gather together her impressions of Franklin and the home.

He was turning out to be such a grand fellow, and the house was one of the most impressive that she had ever covered. With those thoughts, she went to sleep ready to see what would develop the next day.

While she was sleeping, Annie for one of the rare times moved in the darkened hallway to Franklin's room and entered with her lovely night gown swishing in the cool airs of the night. Franklin was only dimly aware of her presence, but she moved to enter under the covers of her dear cousin's bed and cuddled up to him for the night. She was feeling a bit jealous at the presence of Charlene, though she also liked her very much.

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Annie's relationship with Franklin had been mostly just dearly friendly over the years, but once in a while it boiled over to intimacies that seemed to comfort the both of them. That night turned out to be one of those times. With him on his back, she moved her little hand under his night clothes top and wriggled her fingers around on his chest, playing with the hairs there. And her other hand moved to his nether regions under his bottoms. He couldn't long take much more of this, even in a partial half-sleep and soon began to respond to her attentions.

And with that, he rolled over to face her and his hands went first to her dear modest sized breasts as he moved forward to kiss her very pretty mouth on a gorgeous face. The gentle and heart-felt kisses led to her moving to her back, and him moving his face down to her nether regions.

She opened her legs and his lips moved up to engage gently and warmly with her intimate love zone. She had been a virgin when she first came to stay with him at the age of twenty, but that had long ago been cured in a surprising to both of them erotic night several months after her arrival. In her limited perceptions of the surrounding world, she loved him in an offhand, but enduring way. And this night was one of the finest of their continued loving affair. With her love zone totally awoken, she turned her body, so that they could serve each other in the sixty-nine position and she took total control and possession of his member with that.

He could feel the sloppy kissing and suckling of his cock in her dear mouth and he returned those wonderful feelings with determined probing's of her love portals, both vaginal and anal. And therefore, both of them were soon leaking their love juices into the other's mouth.

She then moved to her back, jostling him aside to do so and with her hands guided him up to enter her baby port to take her as his dearest lover of the night. When he was firmly plunged up into her love vault, he rested for a bit, to just glory in the feelings of being inside of this dear woman.

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She would never have any children from these love feasts because of physical reasons, but it still fed both of their hearts in their solitudes and infrequencies. Then with their feelings at the highest, she clued him into beginning the intimate dance of lust and it played out for them with mutual climaxes to their deepest satisfactions. Then he rolled over to settle his member up inside of her from the spoon position and they clustered up together to live out the rest of the night in sensual comfort for the both of them.

She returned to her room in the early morning before Charlene woke up. In the morning, the three of them gathered for breakfast and Charlene couldn't help but notice the very satisfied expressions on the two resident's faces. But, she just kept her own thoughts quiet about them.

She did wonder though at what their relationship was really about with this little revelation, because she was unconsciously beginning to get desires for him, herself. That morning, she spent a lot of time under Franklin's direction in noting and photoing many of the nautical themed decorations of the home. And there were many and some of them extremely cleverly done.

Especially up in the Master's bedroom. She had been on sailing ships, and even though the captain had been a steam ship captain, his bedroom was done up as the wheelhouse of a large sailing vessel.

With telescope to view the neighborhood 'seas' she guessed. Then she asked and was granted to access his online port and computer to enter a lot of her notes and pictures for her photographer to consider along with the house plans to plot out his photography session. He was known for being very efficient with his time, he planned on flying from back East where the magazine was centered to Big City, do the photo session (all planned out) and then return in the same day to process his results on the next day.

He had several months' worth of sessions to do and was trying desperately to catch up. When they were done, she asked to have a quiet walk at his favorite bay beachfront park, and so they put their walking clothes on and trod the way to the park and around the extended paved walkway through the trees and along the beach front.

The open walkway over the water very much reminded her of similar experiences along the capes of the northern east coast in her youth and she chummed up to him as they walked hand-in hand making a very lovely picture to those that noticed them. They stopped at the small coffee shop on the premises and she found out that he loved Italian Sodas, so she tried a raspberry one and found a new addition to her favorite drinks list. Then they just strolled around the grounds in light banter as they noticed the hanging and occupied hammocks and the children at play at the rather large child's play center.

With her sharp eyes, she also noted a couple of rather comfortable older gentlemen doing crossword puzzles with very young females plastered up to their sides. She just looked Franklin in the eyes and then kept her silence of that scene.

A few minutes later, they came upon a secret wooded nook off of the main path and briefly ducked in to share in a very lovely couple of minutes of friendly kissing. With that, they gathered themselves up for the rather steep initial two blocks of the walk back to the mansion and made it with a couple sets of shaky legs. So, they retired to the living room and each took a chair and curled up in it to take afternoon naps. When they woke up about five-ish, he asked the two ladies if they would like to go out for a fine dinner that night all dolled up and they were both very excited about that.

So, he called the most regal eatery in the city and made reservations for the three of them. It had food beyond delicious and a wonderful floor show reminiscent of the forties or fifties.

Their date was set up for seven-thirty, just enough time for the ladies to pull out all stops in their preparations.

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With Marcus outside with his shiny black limousine and very sharp livery, the two ladies appeared with his tuxedo-ed self. Annie in a red chemise with a lace lined opening from her upper breast level to down to her belly button showing and Charlene in her just below the knee length little black dress. Annie had her hair up in spritely fashion and Charlene had hers hanging lightly and gloriously.

Franklin and Marcus were beside themselves at this display and Marcus couldn't wait to get them into the car for the trip. Marcus the driver, was married to the second richest woman in the city and had continued in his profession because he loved doing it and all of her rich friends got a kick out of being served by Edna's dearly loved husband. He and Franklin were very long time friends and often found themselves in attendance at the same events, when Marcus was off duty.

The trip to the restaurant was of very light banter and Marcus gallantly unloaded the two women to gather to each side of Franklin, moving to the inside of the restaurant to stun the eyes of everyone there. They majestically took up their places in a front row table and enjoyed the fine repast and the gloriously fine floor show. Franklin was an accomplished dancer and took each of his ladies to the floor for some slow dancing to the fine little band's music.

He highlighted each one's partnership on the dance floor with a very light kiss right on the lips. But, it almost brought the house down, when just before leaving he took the both of them and danced with the two ladies intertwined together and him holding them both.

And when completed they after this stunning display gathered up their night wraps to meet with Marcus awaiting them at the curb. Marcus was silent as the trio in back cuddled up together on the way home, he had a wide smile on his face recognizing a situation like he had enjoyed a number of times in his life with Edna and Peggy, his exwife and dear friend.

When they got to the mansion, Marcus locked the doors and only allowed them to open for him to help one of the ladies out onto the walkway to the house, when he got both of them as they were gathered up into Franklin's arms, he bowed to them and accepted the very generous tip as they turned to move to the house, as one unit, not three separate people.

After they had entered the house and gathered for whatever else the night would bring, Annie stood up and hugged Franklin tenderly and kissed him on the lips, then turned and hugged Charlene just as tightly and kissed her on both cheeks and then smiled to leave them to the night together.

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There was no doubt to her of what that would bring. There was no secrecy in it, he gathered Charlene into his arms and led her to his bedroom to spend the night.

When they entered the room, he led her to the bed and moved to be behind her with his arms around her waist and his hands up cupping her very fine breasts. He was turning out to be something very different in his lovemaking, of which she had had a considerable amount of experience in.

He was very into the peripherals of lovemaking, not just the lunging into the pussy, not that there was anything wrong with that sometimes, but he loved the foreplay of tuning up a woman's body and was determined to give this fine lady the loving night of her life. So, with her breathing already quickening, he moved his hands to the back to undo the top clasp of her dress and helped her out of it. Then he reached down to gather up the hem of her slip and raised it up to over her shoulders to remove it, too.

This left her in her very frilly and pretty bra, fancy garter belt, sleek patterned hose and her pretty panties mounted over it. The high heels had already been abandoned by her. He then busied himself in the rest of her undressing, first unclasping her bra and comforting the suddenly unsupported breasts that had been contained in them.

He had turned her around to cup them in his hands and tenderly kiss each one.

Then he reached down and lowered himself on to his knees to remove her very pretty panties, allowing himself a brief sampling of their female odors.

Then he undid the clasps of the garter belt and rolled the magnificent hose down her lovely legs to off of her toes. Then with his lips and fingers, undid the garter belt to let it fall to the floor. With this accomplished he asked her to lay face down on the bed for his further attentions and undressed himself down to his boxers.

With this done, he gathered some supplies from the beside the bed's table's drawer and began to warm up the massage oil container with the baby bottle warmer he kept handy for that purpose.

Since, it warmed up milk to just the right temperature for a baby to drink, it warmed the oil up to a proper temperature, also. With a generous amount of the oil dripped and then smoother over her back, she knew that she was going to be in for a wonderful night and thus it turned out to be.

He rubbed it into her skin and with his guided hands brought her neck and back into a very relaxed condition. And when he engaged with her butt cheeks, she thought that she seriously might lose her mind as it felt so very good. She got a kick out of his very brief engaging of her pussy and anal entry then, too. But, he then had her turn over and he briefly took the same care of her frontal amenities. He reached down with his lips to lightly engage with her dear titty nipples and then with his moving his lips up to deeply engage with her mouth and tongue, his one hand's finger moved down to slide up and down in her pussy slit.

When he determined that her pussy was sufficiently aroused, he moved his knees to be between her widened legs and she reached down to guide his member to up and in to her private woman's entry. She found that he fit her like a glove, to her delight. He didn't delay this time with her already totally arisen up in lust and so gently but firmly moved in and out of her dear orifice.

Soon enough, she came sharply with rumbling tummy and shivering hips. And he came shortly after that with a generous outpouring of his maleness up into her upper chamber. They then with mutual expressions of appreciation, fell asleep in each other's arms. Later that night, Annie looked in on them and smiled as she saw the very affectionate manner of their intertwining.

She then silently closed the door on the lovely couple, both of whom she liked very much. In the morning before she had to gather herself up to leave, she rose over him and delivered a monumental blow job to finalize one of the finest weekends that she had ever had with as finest a man that she had ever met.

In her deepest self, she wondered how this could be extended somehow. But, she then patted his rear and got herself together to catch the cab to the airport for the flight out.

A couple of weeks later, she returned with the photographer and a preview of the article for Franklin to consider. He took the day off from his work and spent it with her and the photographer.

Annie accompanied the photographer around the house to many of his planned shots and then Charlene and Franklin retired to his bedroom to talk.

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Their feelings for each other were discussed and both of their concerns for Annie, if things worked out for Franklin and Charlene.

So, he offered to take over the guiding of Philip the Photographer and left Charlene to talk with Annie about things between the three of them.

When Philip had finished and was uploading his pictures back to his home computer in case he should lose his camera somehow on the trip back, then Annie and Charlene came up to Franklin with their arms about each other, notifying him of some kind of arrangement between them. Charlene took the lead in the conversation and informed him that the two ladies had come to an agreement. Because Annie didn't usually make love with Franklin but about twice a year, she would have to expend herself a bit more when Charlene was off on her interviews for her articles twice a year, and when Charlene was in residence, he would usually confine himself to Charlene's attentions.


Annie with a wide smile acknowledged this, as it had been her suggestion between the two ladies after all. It didn't' prevent her from being in bed with Charlene and Franklin at their invitation, though. Franklin readily agreed to this and thus it turned out to be.

Charlene moved out from the East to live locally for a year and during that time got to know the family very well. They immediately fell in love with this fine woman to fill in the void left by his previously loved and lost wife. At the end of the year, they got married and Annie was the chief bridesmaid, of course.

And they invited her to join them for the night on the third night of their honeymoon taken locally. Then Charlene quickly moved in and got her own personal internet connected terminal for her work and settled into a very balanced arrangement with Franklin and Annie to all of their continual delights. They had no children, but with the relative's visits four times a year, that need was filled. Annie's dress down young fun with them on occasions was a fun filling with that desire also.

And all of this fun provided Annie with a lot of grist for her romantic novels that began to take on more erotic tones in them. Many years later, when Franklin was on his deathbed, the immediate end was recognized and the two dear ladies of his later life gathered up to him, each on one of his sides with one of his hands inside of her panties opened up from under lifted up skirts. As he massaged their butt cheeks he passed away to wherever good place a fine man goes to.

After a few weeks awaiting the new owner, Annie and Charlene moved back East to where Charlene had come from to spend their remaining years together, Annie writing her stories and Charlene writing her articles, with them sharing memories of their dear Franklin between them.