Mom and daughter sqrut together

Mom and daughter sqrut together
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Adjusting the volume on her radio, Amber thought about how dark this night seemed. If not for her headlights illuminating the swath of highway ahead, the night would have been completely void of any light. A thick layer of black and grey clouds blanketed the sky.

She had traveled this highway hundreds, maybe thousands of times. She knew every curve, every dip in the road, every bump and every hill. Despite always believing she could have driven this road with her eyes closed, she found herself pulling back on the turn signal lever to activate her high beams.


As she allowed her eyes to adjust to the brightness of the halogen lamps, her mind flashed back to earlier in the evening. She smiled to herself as she reminisced about the four hours her and her three closest friends had shared. She laughed when she thought about the obviously married "businessman" who spent most of the evening trying to convince her to let him buy her dinner. Amber did have to admit to herself she looked totally hot tonight.

She was dressed in a very tight pair of low cut jeans, a red t-top she bought last weekend at Express, a lace-trimmed black bra, and a pair of black boots. She wondered to herself why she bothered getting dressed up. She wasn't interested in meeting anyone and certainly was not looking for a boyfriend. She was too busy with school and did not want the distraction of a relationship.

As random thoughts raced through her mind, Amber suddenly realized she was home. Like she had done so many other times, Amber closed the door behind her, engaged the deadbolt lock and placed her car keys and purse on table in the foyer.

She then glanced over to her answering machine for a moment but after seeing there was no flashing light indicating any new messages, she turned away and walked down the hallway towards her bedroom. As she walked, Amber tilted her head to the side to allow her hair to fall backwards. Reaching up, she removed the small diamond earring from her left ear.

Walking past the open doorway to the spare bedroom she had converted to a small office, she tilted her head to the opposite direction and began to remove the other earring. Suddenly, Amber felt her heart stop beating. She tried to scream but was too horrified. Her body froze with terror for what seemed like an eternity. Her mind commanded her to scream but she could not.

She knew she should run but her feet would not move. An eerie chill coursed through her body and she felt her body go numb. When Amber's sub-consciousness finally reconnected with her rational thought, her primal instincts immediately took over.

Amber found herself only a few feet away from an ominous shadow of a strange man standing in her hallway. His muscular silhouette was contrasted by the white doorway he was standing in front of. Without thinking, Amber turned her body, intending to run away. As soon as the stranger saw her move, he stepped forward with incredible speed and grasped Amber by the throat.

She felt his hand close around her tiny neck, his strong grip immediately blocking her airway. She felt his hand pushing inward on her fragile trachea. "He's going to kill me," she thought. Instinctively, Amber raised an arm to protect her throat but it was too late. Her attacker tightened his grip and stepped into her. Her attempted block bounced off his muscular shoulder.


Amber raised her other hand and grasped her assailants' wrist. Thinking she could ease the vise-like grip around her neck, Amber tried to pull his arm away. It only took a moment before she realized her efforts were pointless. Even though Amber considered herself a strong girl, her strength was no match for this man. Without thinking, Amber found herself slapping wildly at his head and shoulders. Strike after strike, her hand began to burn from the repeated contact with her attacker.

Before Amber had another chance to think, she suddenly realized her feet were no longer touching the ground. In another instant, she felt her back being slammed into the wall. Looking down for a split-second, she realized her aggressor had lifted her off the ground by her throat and had pinned her against the wall.

Amber tried to draw her leg back and kick him in his balls. Being pinned against the wall, she was unable to put any force or momentum behind her kicks and she realized she was wasting the precious little air remaining in her lungs.

Terror again overwhelmed her as she realized she could not breathe. Amber gasped for air but her assailant's grip was too tight. Almost as if he was reading her mind, she sensed his grip loosen slightly; loosening only enough to allow her to choke down a few breaths of fresh oxygen.

Feeling a new sense of hope, Amber grabbed her attacker's neck and clenched down tightly, balling her hand into a tight fist and pinching as much skin as she could. As she tightened her grip, she dug her fingernails into his flesh. Amber had hoped the pain would cause him to release his grip but soon realized it was having no affect on him. Amber felt his skin twisting in her hand. At the same moment, she felt his free hand yank her tank top from her pants.

Amber swallowed hard as she tried to regain her composure. "Is he going to kill me?" "What is he going to do?" Thought after thought raced through her mind. As her mind drifted, Amber was snapped back to reality when she felt the cloth from her tank top digging into her skin as he viciously tore her shirt from her torso.

Amber shrieked as the cloth strained against her body, causing searing pain on the backs and top of her shoulders. She could hear the cloth as it ripped away from her. "No, please don't." Amber begged. Just as the last word crossed her lips, she felt his hand again tighten its' grip on her fragile throat.

For the first time, Amber heard him speak, "Not a word! Don't say a word!" "Don't hurt me, please" Amber pleaded. "I told you not a word Amber!" he calmly replied.

Hearing this stranger speak her name shot another surge of terror through her body. "How does he know my name?" she thought to herself. Her attacker wasted no time advancing his agenda.

Amber felt his hand slip under her bra and caress her firm breast. Amber felt like she needed to vomit as she felt her attacker yank her bra away from her body. It did not take much effort for the thin straps to break and within a second, Amber's breasts were exposed.

Looking down, Amber looked into his eyes. What she saw only frightened her more. Lust!

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Hunger! Desire! Excitement! Amber watched as he ran his hands across her soft breasts, tracing small circles around her nipples. "So beautiful!" he said softly. Amber was suddenly more scared of the contrasting behavior of this evil intruder. On one hand, he was overwhelmingly powerful and intent on victimizing her.

On the other hand, he was caressing her as if he was making love to her. Her fear turned to disgust as she felt him place his mouth over her left breast and surround her nipple. She felt his tongue darting around, flicking and caressing her. As he pulled his mouth away, he gently bit down on her nipple and clenched it between her teeth. Not releasing his grip he pulled his face away as her nipple stretched away from her body.

Initially, it didn't hurt but the farther he moved his head away, the more intense the pain became. Just as Amber gasped, he released her nipple and allowed her back to slide down the wall. Although it seemed to Amber like she had been suspended in air for an eternity, in reality, the struggle to this point had only lasted slightly over a minute.

As soon as her feet touched the ground, her attacker reached across her body and grabbed her left wrist with his left hand.

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Spinning her tiny body around, she felt him twist her arm behind her back as he applied an arm bar. Simultaneously, she felt his right arm reach around the front of her neck and place her in a choke-hold. Amber wanted to fight. She intended to fight. She knew she had to fight but she did not have time. His moves were executed so swiftly and with such strength and force, she hadn't had the opportunity. Amber felt her attacker's massive bicep pressing against the side of her neck, skillfully placed against her carotid artery.

From her anatomy classes, she immediately knew he could cause her to lose consciousness in a matter of seconds. "We're gonna move back to your bedroom. Don't try to run!" she heard him whisper calmly into her ear. Amber felt her attacker press his body into hers. She felt him press his hips tightly against her ass and felt his excitement through his jeans.

Amber felt nauseous at the thought that he could be sexually aroused from this violence. Her captor easily guided her down the hall towards her bedroom doorway. As they reached the door, he commanded her to open the door. Amber reached out and turned the knob and slowly pushed her door open. As soon as the door was half-way open, Amber felt herself being forced passed the threshold and towards her king-sized bed.

Terrible images began to race through her mind. Amber felt her heart beat faster and faster, feeling as if it was going to pound through her chest. As they neared the bed, Amber did her best to try to establish a foothold and push herself away. For a moment, their momentum was stopped and she actually felt him backing up.

Seizing the advantage, Amber twisted her body violently trying to get her assailant to break his hold on her. As quickly as she thought she may have a chance to fight back, she felt her attacker shift his weight into her and drive her down onto the bed.

Amber landed on her stomach and immediately felt her attacker's weight on top of her. Amber lifted her hips and used all her strength to try to buck him off of her.

As she raised her hips, her attacker lifted her slightly off the bed and slid her body towards the center of her bed. Amber felt his left hand grip the back of her neck, his strong fingers clasping tightly. She also felt him begin to shift his weight as he pushed down on her neck causing her face to be pressed into the thick comforter covering her bed.

Amber threw an elbow and struck him in the side of the head although without much speed, the strike had little effect on him. Instinctively, she threw a second, a third, and then a fourth elbow but none of them landed squarely. As she did, her attacker pressed himself closer to her. As he did, Amber gasped at what she realized in the next moment… His hand was underneath her, trying to manipulate the button on her jeans.

Enraged, Amber began to flex her body and tried to push herself up. Seizing the opening, her attacker used this opportunity to pull her jeans apart and undo the first three buttons on her jeans. No matter what she tried, she soon understood she was unable to fight him off. He was too strong. As he lay on top of her, she could feel his muscular chest pressed against her back.

As she contemplated her next move, Amber held her breath as she felt his hand slide inside her jeans and inside her lace panties. "No!" she screamed. His hand continued to work its' way down closer and closer to her sweet innocence. "Stop! Please stop" she begged him. As his hand inched closer to her womanhood, she felt his free hand begin to work her jeans over her curvy hips. Again Amber tried to force herself up but he simply shifted his weight forward and pinned her to the bed.

Amber felt his finger part her lips and run across her clit. The sickening feeling caused her to throw her hips left and right in an effort to expel his violating hand from her panties. As she did, he grabbed her by the bicep and closed his strong grasp around her toned upper arm.

With one swift motion, her assailant rolled her over and quickly straddled her hips, placing his weight on top of her. As soon as he regained control, he released his grip on her upper arm and grabbed her reddened throat. Squeezing harder than he had up to this point, he spoke calmly, "If you want to breath, you will stop fighting me and let this happen. If you don't fight, I will let you breath. You fight, you won't breath!" Amber could not breathe and his grip around her throat was overwhelming.

"Do you understand?" he asked. Unable to speak, Amber nodded her head up and down to indicate she did Gasping for air as he eased his grip enough to allow her to breathe, Amber felt him slide her pants and panties down to mid-thigh level.

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"Take them down!" he commanded. Fearing her breath being taken away again, she immediately complied. "Spread your legs Amber" he directed. Amber complied. As she did, she felt him slide a finger inside her tight pussy. Without thinking, Amber rolled her hips to the side and tightly closed her legs.

As she did so, he immediately closed his fingers and pushed down on her throat. Amber realized she was going to have to endure his violation of her. Unwillingly, she opened her legs and allowed him to continue his violation of her tight pussy. Amber did her best to lie still as he finger-fucked her with one, then two fingers. After 10 or 15 strokes, he would withdraw his fingers and rub her clit as if trying somehow to arouse her and make her a willing participant of the assault.

"Take my cock out of my pants!" he said. Amber refused to move and refused to comply. Her refusal angered him. Giving her a moment to reconsider her disobedience, he soon lost his patience.

Her assailant gripped her throat so hard she thought he was going to crush her. As Amber reached for the button on his pants, she expected him to release his grip.

He did not. He maintained his extremely tight grip and began to fuck her pussy harder with his fingers.

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Amber struggled to maintain consciousness and struggled to undo his pants. Realizing the quicker she undid his pants and freed his cock, the sooner she could breath, she worked feverishly to complete her filthy task. Amber felt her self beginning to black out yet vividly remembers wrapping her small hands around his fully erect cock and pulling it out of his pants.

As soon as it sprung free, he eased his grip causing Amber to gasp and choke for air. Allowing her a few seconds to regain her senses, he then commander her to stroke his cock. Amber reluctantly complied. Her small hand wrapped around his large cock and she began to stroke him back and forth.

After a few minutes, Amber felt her assailant shift his weight as he moved his body closer to her face. His knees were now under her arms adjacent to her breasts and she felt his weight as he sat back onto her upper stomach. Amber felt him slide his hand from her throat to the back of her head. Although not painful, Amber felt him grab a handful of hair on the back of her head as he pulled her head up from the bed.

"Lick it!" he ordered. Amber felt him inch his hips closer to her mouth. Amber slowly opened her mouth and moved closer to his erect penis. As she stuck her tongue out to lick him, she noticed the pre-cum dripping from his cock. The thought repulsed her and she gagged as the salty liquid made contact with her tongue. Her attacker seemed less interested in what she was doing than he was in what he was making her do. Amber licked on the tip of his cock and at one point she took 2 or 3 inches into her mouth and began to suck his cock.

He seemed uninterested and her feeling was correct. He pulled his 8-inch cock away from her and placed his weight back on top of her lower chest. "I'm going to fuck you now! If you can keep me from sticking my dick inside you for one minute, I will set you free. Now's your chance to fight me off!!! I will not strike you. Do whatever you want to fight me off. If my cock is not inside you in one minute…I'll leave!

If you lose, I will fuck you as long as I want and I WILL cum inside of you!" Amber was confused.

Had he just offered her a way out of this hellish nightmare? Did she understand him correctly? Was this his idea of a twisted joke? As Amber pondered his statement, she felt him sliding himself down her body. He stood up and quickly removed his pants exposing his fully erect and thick cock. Amber felt him grab her ankles and he forcefully pulled her to the edge of the bed.

Amber was frozen with fear. He pressed the tip of his dripping cock against her tiny pussy lips. That move threw Amber in a violent rage. She drew her right leg up and delivered a strong kick to his stomach, driving him back at least a foot.

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She heard him grunt as her foot made contact. He again stepped towards her and she began to throw kick after kick at him. Amber began aiming her kicks at his balls but he turned his hips sideways to protect himself.

Sara quickly rolled on her stomach and tried to crawl across the bed. As she did, she felt hip forcefully wrap his arm around her tiny waist. Amber tried to throw an elbow but he was quickly on top of her.

Amber felt herself being driven down on the bed, his full 185lbs on top of her. Amber tried desperately to crawl away but she felt him put a forearm across the back of her neck and heard him grunt as he pushed her face into the bed. As quickly as he had subdued her, she felt his legs inside of hers as he forced them open.

Amber tried to close her legs but he was too strong. As he pushed down on the back of her neck, she began to realize she was quickly losing the battle. Amber felt him guide his cock and press himself against her tiny opening, Without warning, he was forcing his cock inside her. Amber bucked her hips back and forth wildly but to no avail; his cock was beginning to stretch her tiny pussy wider and wider as he inched his way inside her. Amber began to cry as she felt her innocence being stolen by this man.

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He began to thrust in and out of her as she tried to fight him off. She felt him grab her hair violently and pull back on her head exposing the front of her neck. He used his other hand to reach around and grab her throat again. "You lose! Now stop fighting or you will not breath!" he said angrily. Amber allowed her body to go limp as she felt him move his legs outside of her and place his knees outside of her hips. She felt him sit up while his cock remained inside of her.

He retained his grip on her throat as he began to fuck Amber's pussy. Harder and harder Amber felt his cock pounding inside her. She could feel his balls smacking against her with every stroke. It seemed like hours he violated her. Just as Amber thought he may be nearing orgasm, he stopped. "Roll over and spread your legs!

I'll hurt you if you resist cunt!" he directed. As soon as she felt his cock slip from her tight pussy lips and he released his weight, Amber complied. She rolled herself over onto her back and lowered her legs to allow him to put his legs between hers.

"Put my cock inside that sweet pussy!" he said calmly. Amber grudgingly did as she was ordered. Her attacker began a slow, rhythmic assault on her tight pussy. Amber sobbed as she watched his muscular chest flexing as he held himself up. Amber could feel his balls smack her tiny asshole as he pounded himself inside her.

Stroke by stroke, Amber closed her eyes and tried to convince herself this was just a bad dream. Reality struck when she felt his repulsive cock begin to swell inside her; she knew he was close to cumming. "I'm gonna cum inside you Amber" he grunted. 'Please don't" she begged. It was too late&hellip.she felt the first wave of cum explode from his cock and coat her deep inside.

Pulse after pulse she felt him filling her up with his wicked cum. Amber felt him collapse on her, his sweat dripping onto her. After a couple minutes, he climbed off of her and dressed himself. Amber was too exhausted to move. Her body had been punished through a combination of the struggle and the rape she had just endured for nearly an hour. "I am leaving. If you call the police, I will know. I promise I will get to you before they get to me. You will not report this Amber! I know everything about you!"…