Super sexy MILF with big tits squirts hard

Super sexy MILF with big tits squirts hard
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I was mainly riding on Busses and I spend my nights in motels. I masturbated lots and was happy for all the time I had for myself. It was a Friday evening and I had just found a motel that I decided to spend the night in. I went into the lobby and asked for a room. The man looked at me and said you can't be 18 yet. I said nothing. He said fine I'll give you a room anyway. He smiled strangely, somehow dirty.

I got the key and went into my room. It was nothing special, just a bed room with a few magazines. A few closets and a bathroom with a shower.


I was satisfied. I locked the door and I got naked. Finally I could jerk off. I jerked and came on the bed. After that I stayed naked because I found it really nice just being nude all the time.

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I went into the bathroom and I noticed that there was a glory hole in the wall for guys to stick their cocks into the bathroom and get it fucked or sucked. I didn't care, no one probably ever used it I thought. I showered and then dried myself off. As I was drying myself off I noticed a motion at the glory hole. Somebody put their penis through it. I looked at the cock. It was flaccid and the whole thing was through the whole, even the balls. The balls were hanging down very far because it was pretty warm.

For a second I thought what the fuck but then I got horny at the sight of it and thought maybe it's good. I kneeled down in front of it. Then I put my hand on it and lifted it up a little bit.

The cock was still hanging down loose. I decided to suck it. I put the penis in my mouth and used all the spit I had to make it slippery and wet. It tasted interestingly good and the best thing about it was that it felt awesome how the penis stiffened up more and more in my mouth.

It got harder, longer and thicker, and it kept growing. After the penis was fully erect in my mouth I pulled it out.

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I liked how the cock looked and I held it close to my face. Then I kissed the penis head and wrapped my tongue around it. I started blowing the penis which was about 7 inches long and it was pretty thick too, a cock no one needs to be ashamed of.

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I kept blowing the penis and I loved it. I never thought that I would like sucking another man's penis.


Suddenly the cock got thicker in my mouth and I had no idea what was going on but then I realized that the guy would cum, but it was too late to pull the penis out my mouth, the warm load of thick cum already emptied in my mouth. The sperm tasted pretty nice actually and I swallowed the load. The cock was still there so I put it in my mouth again and sucked the penis clean of sperm. Then the guy pulled it out. I loved it and I thought that it was great. I stood up and realized that there were more glory holes.

It said knock for cock next to one of them. I didn't wait a second and knocked on one after the other and hoped a cock would appear. There was 4 glory holes and I knocked on all of them, I was surprised that in three of them cocks appeared.

They were all flaccid. One was at the side of me one in front of me and the other one behind me. I turned to the one which was not parallel to another cock and put it in my mouth. I put a hand on each cock to my side and jerked them so the guys wouldn't leave.

I kept blowing the cock until the guy came. He came very fast and not much. Then he left I now turned and went into doggy style. I took some soap and made the entrance to my asshole slippery so the guy behind me could stick his cock in my virgin teen ass.

The other guy I gave a blowjob. I pressed my ass against the guys cock to make him hard. After a few minutes they were both hard. The cock at my ass entered my asshole slowly then more and more.


Now he was all in and fucked my ass hard. I took the other penis out my mouth and jerked it in front of my face the guy came and his load squirted into my face.

It was warm and it was all over my face. It felt great. The guy left and only the one who fucked my ass was left. He kept fucking harder and harder. It felt really good and then he came into My ass, I could feel the warm jizz in my ass and running out of my as hole. The cock got pulled out the glory hole. I looked at each glory hole. There was little sperm puddles at the glory holes and here and there a droplet of cum.

I licked them all up and then left the bathroom.


I loved all those cocks and I told myself that this is what I was born for and that I should let any guy fuck me who wanted to because it was my destiny. The next day I went into the bathroom before I checked out I wanted to see if there were any guys again but there were none.

I checked out and went into town, I entered a little fast food restaurant. I ordered a soda and asked if I could access the internet with my laptop for a few minutes. They said I can use it as I wish. I got out my laptop and registered onto a network for gays and created a few groups. I created a group were I was a bukkake cum party object.

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I was happy when people joined fast. After I left I made my way to a train station where I took a train to the next big city. I wanted to go to a big city this time so I could organize a cum party were lots of guys could fuck me and then cum in my mouth, ass and face.

That was how my life as bi-sexual started. I actually managed to get a cum party for me going and on the road trip I got fucked my many different cocks. The End. I will write more about my road trip and other gay encounters I had.

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Hope you guys liked it and came a lot.