Tiedup sub spitroasted in interracial trio

Tiedup sub spitroasted in interracial trio
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This story begins with me I'm 16.


My name is Jalen. I haven't been always the popular type but I'm pretty well-known. The only thing that's unique about me is that 6'4 at 16The rest of my family is kinda short. Anyway I also have a sister named Amanda she's 18. Amanda is really pretty. With a nice ass and nice D boobs. I've never thought of her in an attractive way, but I have caught her masterbating a couple times. Any there's only one thing that kinda keeps me and Amanda distant and that's her boyfriend brad.

I hate that guy with all my guts. He's the type that's always trying to prove something. Now, one day my sister came home crying. I immediately came to see what was wrong. She had told me that her boy friend brad had came up and beat up on her. I was mad I wanted to just kill him at that point. Amanda started hugging me and crying on my chest.


That was when I held her up and we looked into each other's eyes and had a long passionate kiss. After that I was about to go to bed when Amanda came in my room and said she had a plan to get back at brad.

And needed someone to whoop his ass. That was when she looked at me.

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Don't get me wrong I'm talk and strong and play sports and all but brad isn't what you say a wimp he's pretty strong himself. But at the moment I was already mad him. So I let my cocky ness get the best of me and said I'd whoop him. At that point Amanda leaned in and kissed me on my lips again.


Then I went to bed. On the morning I woke with Amanda sitting at the foot of my bed. I asked why she was there and she said that we needed to go over the plan. So we did as she said and finally she called brad and asked if she could come over. Brad said yes. We knew the plan was working good.

Then we got in my sisters car and drove off to his house. Brads house is kinda far from our house and me and Amanda didn't really talk that much on the way there. On arrival to brads house he was at the porch smoking. And once we pulled up in the drive way Amanda gave me one last look and she stopped the car. I got out. The look on brads face when I got out had him looking like he just saw a ghost.

Then I started yelling have you been beating her and he didn't answer. He finally said so Amanda is this your new boyfriend. Then he swung at me and hit my jaw.

I got pissed at the fact that he just punched me. And I slammed him to the ground and started hitting his face. He was bleeding at his nose and forehead. After I got off of him he was actually crying.

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Then Amanda said it was over to brad. Then got in my sisters car and drove off to our house.

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There was little talk on the way home. I tried to start a conversation by saying that I probably broke a knuckle but Amanda just laughed at that. Once we got to our house we noticed that our mom wasn't home. Then when we first stepped inside the front door I closed it and Amanda hugged me sarted crying. Again like she was yesterday crying on my chest. I held her up and we looked into each other's eyes again and we kissed except this time it was more passionate like it was meant to be.

After that I went and sat on the couch and Amanda came and sat close to me and put her head on my chest. She had said that wished she had a boyfriend like me. Like one who would protect her and watch over her like I did. Amanda was now leaning on my and I put my hand down just a little to where it touched her ass.

She took her hand and held mine while it was still on her ass. Amanda was starting to notice that I was hard and when she did she started to stroke my cock. Inside my pants. That was when she stood up still facing me say on my lap and started to dry hump me. Though it was wrong it still felt good. After a while of that she told me to stand up. I did as she said and she unzipped my pants and my 7 inch cock sprang out.

She looked surprise and didn't realize I was this big. She started sucking my dick like no other girl had done before. It felt so good knowing that it was my sister. She so started playing with her pussy while sucking me off. Finally I yelled out I'm cumming and she said cum in my mouth little bro. I Started cumming and she was still sucking and swallowed every bit of my cum. I was out of breath. Then Amanda said my turn,she then turned on her back started undressing exposing her shaved pussy to me.

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I've never ate out a girl but I had watched porn and kinda knew how to do it. I started sucking and licking her pussy and playing with her clit until she had a massive orgasim her were bucking up and down on my mouth she went wild. After that she started sucking my cock again getting it hard saying she wanted it inside her. She got up positioned herself above my dick and lowered herself in slowly. Soon enough I was balls deep in her then she started to pick up the pace hoeing faster and faster.

Bringing her to her second orgasim. I honestly didn't think I would last that long but I did. But I held in there for a good 10 minutes.

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Soon enough again I started screaming out I'm cumming and she wanted me to cum inside her and I did. Bringing me to my second orgasim.

After that day we started fucking more often and it was a day I'll never forget.