Dirty girl sucked toys and teasing pussy hot webcam

Dirty girl sucked toys and teasing pussy hot webcam
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It all started when neighborhood children came around and I started giving out snacks and soft drink. I am an older gentleman who has been a widower for a few years. Since my wife passed away, I have been very lonely. I have enough money to live comfortably and some. I have been doing investment for some time and build up quite enough of a nest egg that I do not have to worry about my expenses, as well no longer have to invest the money.

I live off of my interest from the savings and bonds. I decided to have some company by allowing neighborhood children to stop in, get snacks and some thing to drink, as well sit down and share there opinion and thoughts.

They love it.

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I would have boys and girls coming around. There ages range from as young as 5 to 14 years old. One day, this young 7 year old come by like usual, but with her mom. The little girl's name is Sara and her mom is Jill. Jill introduces her self, and then said to the gentlemen. I heard that you are really good with children of the neighborhood. I heard you treat with them well with snacks and drinks. The gentlemen were just nodding through all of Jill's speaking, and then his one word was, yes.

Jill then went on and asked the gentlemen if he would watch her daughter, Sara for a few hours? The gentlemen were a little skeptic. And then he asked Jill a question. Don't you have someone else who would watch your daughter? Jill in respond said, all of those who usually will, have other plans today.

I will pay you for watching Sara for me. The gentlemen then said, you do not have to pay me and I would watch Sara for you. I am well set and I do not need the money. Jill then thank the gentlemen, and Jill said, are you sure on the money? The gentlemen said he is sure. Jill then handed the gentlemen a piece of paper with her name and cell phone. This is a number that you can reach me at if some thing comes up.

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Ok, said the gentlemen. The gentlemen in return, also gave Jill his home phone number. Jill then said; she needs to be going. Before going, she hugged and gave Sara a kiss on her cheek. Jill said to her daughter, you be good for this gentlemen, and I will be back in a few hours. Before Jill left, the gentlemen ask on how long she will be gone.

Jill in respond said, I will be here around 9:00 PM to pick her up. The gentlemen said ok, and told her to be careful. Sara sits down on the floor in front of me while I sat in my chair, and she start talking away. While she is talking, I began noticing how beautiful her blonde hair is against her face.

Then I realize that Sara's height and weight got to be about average. She is not heavy, but she is not real slim. Then I noticed she had on a dress and her dress hem had ride up enough that I could make out her color of panty is. Her panty was white and looked to have some pink and blue mixed in. Any way, while Sara sitting there talking, she got my attention of that she loves to be tickled. Sara asked if she could sit on my lap and tickle her. I said sure. Sara got up and crawled up on my lap.

I began tickling her around her neck and ears, where most children love to be tickled. Then I worked my way down and under her arm pits. Sara was squirming, but was also holding back some. Then I moved down her back and out to her sides. I kept going between her sides and back up to her neck.

As she kept squirming, I started feeling a slight hard on developing in my pants. I just ignored it and kept tickling Sara. As I continue tickling Sara, I went down the side of her hip and then to her legs.

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I would get her behind the kneecap. With Sara jumping and swinging her legs in and out, her body would also move enough over my groin. That started making my cock get harder. Then I I started to worry if this little girl would feel it under her butt, but Sara never said a word or asked with all the time I was tickling Sara. I decided to get a little daring; I worked my way up to Sara's thigh and was inching up towards her crotch.

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As I was working up closer, she would clamp her legs together and then release. I kept working up Sara's leg slowly and then brushing her crotch area with my thumb, but enough not for Sara to get alarm of it. The first couple times, she just ignored it, but on the third, she sort of stopped and looked at me.


Then she said, I think I like that tickling feeling down there. Do some more. So, I did a few more tickling of Sara's crotch and then stopped. She looked up at me and asked; why did you stop?


I said, I really should not be doing that. It is wrong doing it, and if you tell some one, I will get into big trouble. We really should stop this. Sara then said, I promise that I will not tell any one, not even mommy and daddy, teacher, no one.

Will you pppppplease continue to tickle me down there? I.should not; but, as long as you do not tell a soul, you can get all the tickling you want from me. Sara just looked up and gave a biggest smile. I went back to her legs and moved up. I tickled a cross her crotch, as well went to the back near her butt crack and then back to the front.

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After a few minutes of that, Sara stopped me. She asked if she could take her clothes off? I hesitated, but I said sure. While Sara was taking her clothing off, I went to the door and locked the door.

I even pulled the shade so no one can look in. When I turned around and headed back to my chair, I saw this young naked body of Sara. What a beautiful body Sara had for a child. Sara's crotch is hairless.

Sara crawled back up on my lap and I went back tickling her. Not just in the crotch, but all over.

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When I got to Sara's crotch, I tickled her there for a little while. Then a finger slipped in her slit and tickled her on her inner lips. She seemed to really enjoying this. I did this a few times. Then I worked my way around and got my hands located around her back and butt. I pulled her up to my face and gave her raspberries on her belly. She was laughing so hard. I did a few of them on the belly, and then I was working my way down to her crotch and continue to give raspberries.

When I got to Sara's slit, I decided to run my tongue from the front to the back, and then back to the front.

Sara squeals as she jumped. She lies there looking up at me before she spoke. Sara said, that is different and no one ever did that to me. She then said, will you do some more of that?

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I then went down to her slit and ran my tongue a few times up and down. Then when I got about half way, I stopped and poked my tongue in her slit. I was tasting Sara's young cunt juice on my tongue. I then thrust into her slit, but not to far. Did this a few times, and then I just licked her.

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I found Sara's small clitoris and played with it, as well tickling her sides. She jumped and squirmed by it. Then I stopped lapping her clitoris, but kept up with tickling her. By this point, she was getting tired out and asked that I stop. So, I stopped and sat back and allowed her to rest. After Sara rested a bit, she asked me if she could see my thing? I asked what thing? Sara pointed towards my crotch, but to make it a little more fun; I asked her what are you pointing at?

Then Sara moved in a little bit and pointed again. Her finger was much closer and nearly touching my crotch short. I then asked her, what do you call that "thing"? Sara looked at me and thinking a bit.

Then she said, your pee-pee. I then asked Sara, why do you want to see my pee-pee? Sara then said, you have seen my pee-pee area, as well licked it. I want to see it and play with it. Ok Sara, I will show you my pee-pee and let you touch it; but that pee-pee is called a penis.


Sara then repeated what I told her and she said penis. I then stood up, grabbed the waistband of my short, as well the waistband of my boxer and pulled them down to my knees. When my penis popped out into view, Sara's eyes got very wide. She was seeing a circumcised penis that was standing out about five and half inches, and not fully hard. I then stood there for a while and let Sara look at my penis. After a few seconds, she moved in some more and stuck her index finger out. She touched my peeing hole area first, and then backed a way her hand.

Are you ok Sara? She said in a soft voice, yes. I then said to Sara, that penis is not going to bite you. You can touch and feel it.

Sara then reached out and touched it again. This time, she lightly ran her index finger across the upper part of the shaft, and then swirl down underneath. She came forward to the head of the penis and swirled around the crown ridge. In the mean time, his penis went fully hard. While Sara's finger is still on the penis, she asked if she could touch the penis with her tongue. He said, you may.

Sara slowly come forward as her tongue came out through her lips. Her tongue touched the [/b]penis and near the peeing hole. She then swirled her tongue randomly around penis. When she was underneath his shaft and got to the back part of the shaft, she moved to his balls (center area), and then back to the head of the penis.

He then said to Sara, try putting my penis in your mouth. She sort of stopped and looked up for a little bit, but then she stuck his penis in her mouth. He also told her suck on it like you would with candy stick or an ice pop. Sara did and her mouth putting his penis in and out of her mouth, as well hearing the slurping sound. After a few minutes of sucking on his penis, he was feeling that he was about to shoot his load.

He pulled his penis out of her mouth and started stroking his penis. He then came with cum on Sara's face and on her body. Sara asked the gentlemen, what was that white stuff.

In respond, the gentlemen said, that is called cum, and that is what a man releases. This stuff is also what makes baby. Sara then asked, did you make baby with me? The gentlemen laughed and said no. That stuff would have to be release in your pee-pee area to make baby.

Sara then said, oh. Sara then asked if it was ok to swallow some of this cum? I am getting some in my mouth. The gentlemen laughed and said that it is ok to swallow some of that white stuff. Sara stuck her tongue out and got a taste of his cum. At first, she did not like it, and she showed a face of dislike. Then she re-tried it, and like it. She licked some of it that was around her mouth.

After coming on Sara, the gentlemen realized that he needs to get Sara cleaned up before she can get dressed. She had his cum in her hair, on her face, and down her body. He then took her in the bathroom, got the tub water ready, and Sara got in the tub. He washed her body down, as well her hair.

After the bath, he got her tried off. Then they walked back out in the living room where her clothes are. She got dressed. Then the gentlemen sat her down, and talked to her.

He told her that this was all wrong in doing and that he can get into big trouble. He asked of her not to tell no one. Not you're mom, your dad, you teacher, your friends; no one. Sara nodded and said, I will not tell no one. Sara then cuddled up in this gentlemen's lap and fell a sleep until her mom came.