Slim thick latina teen with big ass doggy twerk

Slim thick latina teen with big ass doggy twerk
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Fbailey story number 256 Little Girl Voice I used to thank God, that he gave little girls voices. The way they grow up nowadays it is a good thing. Girls between thirteen and thirty are looking so much the same now that it is mostly the voices that separate them.

The high pitch giggles are a distinct giveaway that the girl is too young to fuck. Then I met Breezy. She was young but I figured that she was at least eighteen years old. She smoked, she drank, and could she ever dance. I met her at a party I was invited too. It was a pool party that my boss threw. He was kept busy all night long behind the bar mixing drinks and talking to everyone.

His beautiful wife was the hostess making sure that everyone was enjoying themselves. Breezy saw me come in the back gate, she handed me one of her drinks she was holding, and then she showed me around the house. Everyone that I work with is older than I am, most of them are divorced, and I actually have nothing in common with any of them. Breezy gave me a quick tour of the house and grabbed us a couple more drinks. We danced and then we drank some more. She then took me to the family room where she put on a private show just for me.

Breezy pole danced for me, did an extremely nice striptease, and then she fucked me Royal. She undressed me, sat on my stiff cock, and then fucked herself crazy.

It was great and she was the first girl to ever do that to me. I reached up and played with her breasts, I palmed her hard nipples, and I tweaked them. She turned around to face my feet and then she asked me to poke my finger up her butt hole.

I did it and she loved it. Soon we were both cumming like crazy. She kissed me after she got off from my cock, she got dressed, and then she said that she had to get back to the party before anyone missed her. I also dressed and returned to the party but I couldn't find Breezy.


The night wound down and the party broke up. On my way out I inquired about Breezy. My boss's wife asked me how I liked her daughter. That was a surprise to me because I hadn't known that my boss even had children.

Then I was invited to her 'Coming Out Party' the following month when she turned sixteen. Oh my God, Breezy was only fifteen years old. I thanked her for a wonderful time and then I got out of there quickly.

For the next few weeks all I could think about was Breezy and how sexually exciting she was. Soon I had my invitation to attend her 'Coming Out Party.' I was looking forward to it and at the same time I wasn't. I did not invite a guest as it had indicated on the invitation, I went alone. Breezy smiled at me and winked as she greeted me in a long line of guests arriving. She was absolutely beautiful in her 'Southern Bell' dress complete with petticoats and big hat.

Later in the evening Breezy asked me to dance with her. On the dance floor we were surrounded by people but she was able to lean on my shoulder and whisper into my ear about how much she had liked that evening the month before. She apologized for getting drunk and having to leave me all too soon.

She thanked me for the sex and said that it had been the best sex yet for her. She also said that she isn't normally that forward either. She confessed to having let just two boys fuck her several times each. The first boy had gotten her virginity as well as her first blowjob. The second boy had taken her anally and was the first to eat her out. She actually apologized for not having any firsts left to offer me. However she made it perfectly clear that she wanted to have more sex with me.

I reminded her that she had just turned sixteen years old. Then Breezy reminded me that she was sixteen years old and that she could fuck anyone that she wanted too now. I smiled and squeezed her tighter to me but then I reminded her that I worked for her father. Just then the music stopped and Breezy led me off the dance floor and straight to her father. I could not breathe as I thought about what she was going to do or say.

Then she said it. She told her father that she was in love with me, that we were going to start dating, and that if all went well that we might get married someday. I almost died from lack of air. Fortunately her father and my boss took it in stride and said that "we" would talk about it later. Breezy was not going to wait. She then walked me up to the stage and made an announcement to everyone that she was in love with me and that I had just asked her to become engaged.

There were shouts of cheer, slaps on my back, and lots of congratulations being offered. I was still in shock when the 'Coming Out Party' turned into an "Engagement Party" and then finally ended. I rode home with Breezy and her parents in their car. I couldn't have driven anyway. Somewhere along the way I snapped out of it. I was sitting in the backseat with Breezy. My head was on her breast and I had drooled into her cleavage.

She kissed me and told me that she loved me. I kissed her back and told her that I was in love with her too. I also told her that I was twenty-two years old and that I worked for her father. She smiled and told me that she knew that fact and that I didn't have to keep telling her that. We kissed several more times before the car stopped and we got out.

Once inside my boss sat me down and handed me another drink. Breezy sat next to me on the couch while her father sat in his chair. I thought that he would kill me, fire me, and see to it that I spent the rest of my life in prison but he didn't.

Instead he congratulated me on my choice in women and asked me my intentions.

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I confessed that I really hadn't given it very much thought. Then her father asked her if she was still a virgin. That was when her mother smiled at her and then at me before telling him that their daughter hadn't been a virgin since she had turned fourteen years old and little Billy Johnson had taken her virginity. He looked at his wife and she told him that Breezy and her had no secrets. I could feel my breath leaving me again.

Her mother told Breezy to take me up to her room and then she told me to have a good night. She told us that she would serve us breakfast in bed in the morning. Breezy kissed her parents goodnight and took me up to her bedroom. I could hardly comprehend what had happened. Breezy undressed and told me to do the same. Then she climbed in bed and waited for me to join her. She was a beautiful angle sent from heaven to turn my life upside down. As I crawled into her bed she wrapped her arms around me, she wrapped her legs around me, and she even inserted my cock into her.

I was not even aware that it was hard. We made love several times that night falling asleep in between. I lost track but I was sure that it was at least three times. In the morning about nine o'clock there was a light knock on the door and then her mother entered carrying a tray.

Breezy sat up in bed and arranged our pillows. Her bare breasts were showing as I sat up too. The tray was placed between us straddling one leg each. There was one large plate of food with two forks, one big glass of orange juice, and two English muffins on another plate.

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Then her mother sat down at the bottom of the bed and watched us eat. Breezy told her mother all about our lovemaking. Her mother then told her that her father had only requested a blowjob as usual. According to the two women my boss was not much for giving women sexual pleasure.

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As long as he got his cock sucked every couple of nights she could do anything that she wanted. Apparently it had been a chore to even fuck his wife during her fertile times to get her pregnant for Breezy and she could not remember another time since then that he had fucked her.

She was also positive that he wasn't gay. He just didn't like to fuck. Breezy told me that both of her other boyfriends had fucked her mother too after she had asked them to. Then she asked me to fuck her mother and offered to leave if her presence disturbed me any. Shocked yet again, I said okay and watched as Breezy's mother undressed and sat back on the bed until we were finished eating.

Then she climbed into bed with us. She was older but she was very pretty and she had a great figure. I only hoped that Breezy would grow up to be just like her. Her tits were bigger and she had more hair on her pussy but other than that she was just as energetic and climbed onto of my cock like Breezy had that first night.

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She fucked herself crazy too. This was certainly different because none of my other girlfriends had ever gotten on top. In fact, none of then had done anything more than just lie there and let me fuck them. Breezy's mother was fantastic and she made me cum quickly. According to her it was all too quickly and it had been her fault for needing my cock so badly.

Breezy told her mother that it was okay and that they could share me equally. Equally! After we got dressed we went downstairs.

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Her father was in his den working even though it was a Sunday morning. He did not hesitate to ask me if I had enjoyed fucking his wife and his daughter. Before I could answer him they both told him what he wanted to hear. Yes, I had fucked them both and I was fantastic in bed. Then he asked me not to tell anyone that I had fucked his wife because he hadn't fucked her in over sixteen years.

I assured him that I wouldn't. The two women dragged me upstairs several times that day for sex. It was new and exciting every time. Those two women were a pleasure to make love too.

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Their pussies were always clean and fresh and very nice to eat. They also would make love to each other while I watched. I realized that was how her mother had gotten by without sex for the last few years. I was told to sleep in Breezy's bed every night and to move some clothes in. At work on Monday everything was fine. A few of the guys knew that I had become engaged to the boss's sixteen-year-old daughter and had told the rest. However no one did any more than to congratulate me on my engagement.

Work went well and the nights went even better. Fucking two women every night was taking a toll on me though. I did not even have the weekends to relax because they demanded even more attention from me.


Finally I had to tell Breezy that I needed a break from her mother. She smiled knowingly and then told her mother that she was cut back to just Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

She took it well and even told me that she had really enjoyed me while it had lasted. She went so far as to tell me that I was the best lover that she had ever had and that I would make her daughter a wonderful husband.

Then she suggested that Breezy and I get married soon. I could see no reason not too, so we were married on Breezy's sixteenth and a half birthday. She was still in high school in her tenth year. I had always dreamed of my wife going to school but it was always college that I had dreamed of.

I could not believe that she was still in high school. Breezy became a cheerleader and I went to all of the home games.

I was introduced to all of her girlfriends as her husband. She was the envy of everyone she knew. They were all jealous that she was married and didn't have boyfriend and dating problems. Soon we moved into our own home.

Breezy became a pretty good housekeeper and even learned to cook a little. Then one weekend we had a sleepover with all of her fellow cheerleaders. I was treated to thirteen scantily clad girls. Sexy bras and panties were the main dress code. Every time I got hard Breezy would excuse us and take me into our bedroom for sex. The other girls knew exactly what was going on and kept teasing me even more. I was pretty well used that Friday night and there were still two more days to go.

Saturday the bras were removed and I was treated to thirteen pair of tits in all sizes. Three of the girls were only fifteen but I made sure not to touch them very much. All of the girls made sure to rub their tits on my face and my arms.

I took liberties with them and felt their breasts and even reached into their panties to finger their pussies. Breezy was actually pleased that I liked the other girls. She did not want me to ever become like her father.


That afternoon I got to slip two fingers into the other girls pussies and then into Breezy's mouth. The object of the game was for Breezy to guess who the taste belonged too. If Breezy guessed the right girl then that girl had to eat Breezy's pussy for two minutes. If Breezy guessed the wrong girl after three tastes then she had to eat the other girl's pussy for five minutes. Needless to say I watched along with all of the other girls while Breezy ate each of her twelve cheerleader's pussies.

The girls got into sixty-nines with her too. After Breezy was done eating them I got to eat their pussies and slip my cock into them too. Against my better judgement I fucked the three fifteen-year-olds too. Of course I didn't cum in very many of them but at least I got to fuck them all. That Saturday night their coach arrived with her transparent neglig?to join the sleepover. She was my age at twenty-two years old. She never did put on that neglig?

She got on her hands and knees and let me fuck her doggy style as her cheerleaders slipped their pussies under her face one at a time.

Breezy was the last one to get licked by her coach as I filled her coach up with my cum. It was great and Sunday was even better. The End Little Girl Voice 256