Cumming so hard she has to cover her mouth

Cumming so hard she has to cover her mouth
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This is the second episode in a series of stories centred around siblings Elijah and Elisha. Whether the reception is good or bad I still plan on continuing the stories until they run out of steam. If you're a new reader, It would be most beneficial for you to start from the first chapter. I apologize for your inconvenience. Comments and ratings do help inspire my confidence, so please pay your tributes if you'd like to and/or add comments and suggestions.

It'll be most appreciated to get outside ideas on the direction this story goes. I hope you enjoy the read. It is for your pleasure, after all. Thank you. Ps. If you enjoy the writing but desire a different story and setting, please watch this space for new and other stories. Pss. And last, but not least, this is the most important part.

I would love to hear if the story was hot or not; and if it was hot, how hot it made you, and if it in fact brought you to orgasm; and I don't mind if you comment with dirty, depraved messages filled with insinuating smut regardless of your sex. In fact, the dirtier the better - I've gotta get a kick out of this too you know!

Thanks once again and happy cummings. *** Chapter 2: A Sister's Breakfast *** I wake up in my parent's bed, daylight streaming in through the window and glaring into my hazy eyes.

My sister and I must have passed out as a result of being high and spent. My hand, as if on automatic, slipped down towards my erect cock. I gave it a squeeze as I turned to face Elisha.


But she wasn't in bed. I peered through the window and wondered just how long I'd been asleep for. It was clearly not morning anymore. At least not early morning. I roll out of bed and walked into the en suit bathroom to wash my face, my cock still standing strong at attention.

When I walked down the stairs I could hear her busy in the kitchen. I paused halfway down and there she was, back facing me wearing just an apron, her glorious behind in plain view. Oblivious to my prying eyes I leant over the railing and admired her exquisiteness. She was humming a song as she shimmied her booty from left to right. It was her beautiful sight to witness her at her most whimsical state prancing around on her tip-toes.

The afternoon before was amazing. My fingers sinking into her plentiful ass as I eased her onto my iron-hard rod.

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It was the most amazing feeling of my life being inside my sister's warm, moist pussy. I felt complete, safe, at home. And now, admiring her curves from above was truly mind boggling as to how we got from loving brother and sister to lusting brother and sister.

I was in a state of perpetual happiness. Almost. My cock needed relief. I rubbed it down once again, this time a trail of precum stuck to my hand before I licked it off. I strolled down then snuck up behind her and slipped my hands through the gaps of her apron at the sides to cup her ample breasts. She gasped in shock as she didn't hear me come up behind her. She stepped back into me, her naked body pressing into my groin.

"Morning, sis," I whispered as I squeezed her lovely tits and kissed her on the ear. "Morning, stud," she snickered. "Take a seat, Babe, it's almost ready." "It's ready right now," I said as I bit into her neck and thrusted my pelvis into her to indicate what I meant. She moaned. "Ugh, not now," she said pulling away from my embrace. My hands slid down to the curve of her ass as I tried to hold on to her.

"We can fuck after." "But I want you now!" "I'm hungry." "Me too," I stated as I knelt behind her. My fingers gripped her ass hard as I separated her pliable cheeks and licked her rosebud.

She moaned again, but this time with more fervency. I thrusted my fingers into her pussy.


It was already moist. My tongue explored her rim and her moans grew louder. I circled around her puckered brown hole before licking up and down her crack as my fingers worked at her clit. I proceeded to slide my tongue into her anus and she gave out a shuddering whimper as her knees buckled.

Her cum dropped down onto my chin and ran down my body to my cock. She was ready. I stood up, undid the apron and let it fall to the floor, then lifted her around toward the island. She dropped the scrambled eggs and sausages, the pan clanging against the tiles. I threw her down onto the granite counter-top as she yelped. "Elijah! Stop it!" I ignored her plea and forced her forward as I bent her over the island, knocking over a few bowls and the kitchen utensils.

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They made a loud crash as they hit the floor. I rammed my cock into her dripping cunt from behind, and she gasped again. "No, don't." Her toes lifted off the cold tiles with another trust. She panicked and tried to grab a hold of something, knocking some tupperware containers over the edge.

I thrusted hard, my ridged cock tearing into her, as she found the edge if the granite to hold onto. The opposite edge cutting into her fleshy thighs.

Now in total power over her, I gripped onto her hips as I pounded into her again and again. Our bodies slapping against each other in a cacophony of grotesque noises as I grunted and she gasped with every thrust. Her gasps turned to screams and grew louder and louder, near shrieks, as she came. I continued to fuck her, not allowing her to rest.

"Fuck me!

Fuck me! Fuck me!" Ellie wailed as pound for pound, and scream for scream, we matched each other in a carnal embrace. Her knuckles turning white, tears streaming down her face, saliva dripping out her mouth as I raped her from behind. *** Mrs Miranda Barlow was busy with her daily washing when she heard screams from the neighbor's house.

She ran over to the kitchen to witness the neighbor's children, Elijah and Elisha, fighting in their kitchen. She was horrified at the site.

It looked serious. Serious enough for her to pick up the phone and dial the emergency line. "Operator, how can I help you?" "Hi, operator, I need the police, please. It's an emergency!" "Sending you through to dispatch, please hold." While she held on the line, she looked on in complete shock. But just then, confusion hit her as realization began to set in. They weren't fighting. They were having intercourse. She gasped at the revelation. She was confused because she knew that they were siblings.

She watched them grow up from toddlers. She baby sat them, as well as they baby sat her kid.

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She did so in the hopes that through their openness her baby girl would be a little less introvertive and a little more like them - much to the dismay of Mr Barlow, as he despised their parents and their open policies on sexuality.

And although they were always an open and an intimate family, watching the brother and sister now was an entirely new level for her mind to comprehend. This was completely befuddling to her.

*** As I rammed my sister from the back, I noticed Mrs Barlow looking at us through the window. I paused. She held her gaze as Elisha pleaded, "Don't stop now, Babe." I replied with another thrust all the while looking at Mrs Barlow.

She didn't break eye contact. I thrusted again. "Hello, this is dispatch for county--" "Uhm, I think I've dialed the wrong number," Miranda said. "Mam, prank calls are a violation--" Miranda cut the call as she dropped the phone to the floor, her attention completely focused on Elisha and I.

Her hand slipped down toward her crotch. My thrusts grow stronger, harder, and Ellie could feel so as she whimpered again and again. I could tell that our neighbor was intrigued as she watched on, her mind inquisitive, her initial shock turning into obsessive interest.

And the thought drove me on. I pulled my dick out of Ellie's wet cunt and rubbed it along her crack. Ellie gasped again, mightily, as I thrust myself into her juicy ass.

"Oh, my god!" She screamed in surprise as my huge cock slipped all the way in. Then her mood changed, she grinded her ass against me swirling her hips as I pumped into her.

"Fuck me hard, harder!" I obliged as a frenzy washed over us and we found another gear in our animal passion. "Ram that mother fucker in my-- --aaarh!" I thrusted harder and harder everytime, my eight inches ploughing into her tight anal cavity.

"Fuck that mother-- tear me open, you cunt-- MOTHER FUCK!! Aaarh!!!" My sister was going crazy, her expulsions of fluid pouring out from her in torrents, running down all along her curvy tanned legs and dripping off her toes onto the tiles below.

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I stood in the wetness barefoot as I pounded into her ass. All she could do was hang onto the counter top for dear life, her toes barely touching the floor for its mild sense of safety, control.

The edge cutting deep into the meaty flesh of her thighs, knees banging hard against the cupboard doors with every thrust. I was prolonging her pain and ecstasy for her enjoyment alone. But then she came again, but this time I was in her ass. And when she came, her sphincter clenched down onto my cock with a vice grip. And pulse for pulse with her cumming, it bit down onto my member like nothing I've experienced before. It wasn't long before I blew my load inside her.

My face expressing emotions of pure bliss, my eyes still on Mrs Barlow, as I shot my jism into her ass. My palpitations went over a minute as stream for stream of cum poured into my sister's ass. My cock slipped out as I stepped back and fell down into the dining chair. I've never felt so exhausted in my life, I could only imagine how my sister felt after I pillaged her ass.

She lay on the counter top, her body writhing in spasms, her glistening legs splayed apart as she still continued to drip expulsions from her cunt. It was a sight to behold as my cum started to ooze out of her ass. She slowly slipped off the top and stepped onto the wet floor. Clearly exhausted, she slumped down, her back against the cupboards. Her ass sat in her own wetness upon the tiles as she shuddered in ecstasy. Her mind looked a million miles away, but her face glowed with such a raw beauty that I couldn't take my eyes away.

When she felt more composed, she picked herself up and she walked over to the fallen utensils to pick up a plate and a spoon off the floor. They were covered in her juices. She scooped up the soggy scrabbled eggs from the wet tiles and plonked them into the plate then set it down before me. She turned and bent down again beside me to pick up a dripping wet frankfurter and inserted the fat sausage it into her ass.

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As she pulled it out, it was glazed with my sperm. She raised herself up, then turning around, she bent over, sticking her ass into my face. "Clean it up," she demanded as she pointed to her bruised and gaping hole. I happily obliged as I ate her asshole out. Satisfied with my final rim-job, she then proceeded to sit down on top of me. We ate together in silence. She biting down viciously on her saucy cum-coated frankfurter, while I lapped up my soaked scrambled eggs.

They were surprisingly delicious and I chalked it up to her tasty juices - the secret sauce. "We should do this more often. Cumming into our food. It's amazing." I cleaned the plate as she looked at me through the corner of her eyes.

She looked so sexy biting into that juicy sausage. My cock began to stir once again. "Jeez! Doesn't that thing ever go to sleep?" She said as she felt me grow hard against her, my dick rising between her legs. "I can't help it. You're so fucking fine." She reached down and gave it a squeeze. I ate every last bit of the eggs, and used my fingers to scoop up her slimy excretions. She offered me a bite of the frankfurter and I accepted. It was lovely! My left hand rubbed along her side, feeling up her soft body.

Her temperature was hot as she was still calming down. My hand roamed to her nipple and I pinched it. "Stop it!" I slid my hand down to her thigh, and felt the marks that the granite top made against her. I was shocked. "Did I do that?" "Like you cared!" she remarked, a bluntness in her tone. "I'm sorry." "Like hell you are!" she said and looked at me. "Anyway, I'm not," she smiled. "I kinda liked it, getting surprised like that. You should do it more often, and don't ask.

Just take it." "Really?" I asked as she nodded. "See my knees," she pointed out as she lifted her leg up to show me her raw knees. "Outside scars to show what a filthy slut I am. God, just the thought of everyone seeing it, and thinking what a dirty fucking whore I am drives me wild!" I smiled, happy at the idea that she was excited about it, and the thought of ravaging her once again. "Wipe that smile off your stupid face.

You don't get to be pleased by what you just did. You know. I already showered.

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Now I have to clean up again," she said. "Don't." "Why not? I'm covered in myself. And I'm all sticky inside." "What's the point? You're just gonna get all sticky again in a couple of hours," I winked. "Ok. I won't. But only if that's a promise," she challenged. "Of course, it's a promise." She got up off me, "I'm going to town, and everyone's going to smell our sex." She flashed her gorgeous dimples and pretty teeth. "You clean this mess up." "Aw," I pouted.

"Don't give me that, fuck-tard. You messed it up, you clean it up. Those are the rules." "What happened to baby brother?" "You're only 'Babe' if you make me cum," she said sticking out her tongue as she spun on her heel and walked away, her ass swinging side to side. "Where're you going anyway?" "I have to get a few things, and figure out just how I am to punish you for what you just did." "Really?" "Yes, little brother, and if you'll like it if you know what's good for you." she said with a gleaming smile before she went up the stairs.

"Now clean that shit up!"