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Porno sex orgie
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Ok, let's do some background. My name is Tony, i'm mexican, about 5'9" average build, just your typical Mexican, and right off the bat I'll tell you. I. Love. White women. The girl? Her name was Heather, definitely the only girl I've ever dated that was as much of a sick nympho as I was. About 5'2", blonde, blue eyed, tiny little thing. Quiet as a mouse, but you know what they say, it's always the quiet ones. We met in the navy, she was new to the ship and immediately caught my eye.

I'd see her on the smoke deck mostly sitting by herself so of course being the nice guy that I am, I took the opportunity to introduce myself and offer my services in getting settled into ship life. The more we talked the more interests we found we shared and one thing led to another really fast (after all, we were both nymphos). Of course while I dated her, nothing got accomplished, we barely did anything except get home from the ship, fuck, eat, fuck, sleep, fuck, and go back to work.

It never got old. We found we had all kinds of kinks in common, it would be easier to list the things that didn't turn us on. One of those things though was Bestiality. She absolutely loved to watch it, talk about it, read it, fuck while we talked about it, everything. She said if we ever got the chance she'd wear one of those little wolf ear headbands while she got fucked. That was just kind of amusing to me, and while she didn't wear the headband, this is the story of how we got to live one of our fantasies.

A friend of mine from another ship had two dogs, he also had a roommate who would watch the dogs while he was out to sea. Being in the navy your schedule is pretty unpredictable. You can be out to sea for a day, a few days, weeks, or months at any given time, and though they try to give you advance notice, the schedule is always subject to change.

As it happened, this particular weekend coming up the ship notified everyone that they would be going out to sea over the weekend. This would have been fine for him if his roommate was there to take care of the dogs, but he was out of the country visiting his family for a couple weeks. So he gave me a call.


He explained the situation and told me he'd give me the keys to his house and gave the directions for the dogs feeding and walking times and thanked me profusely for doing him a huge favor. The whole time I was thinking to myself "YESSSSSS! This is perfect!" As soon as I got off the phone I told Heather about what was going on. I saw her eyes light up at the thought, we had gone over there a few times for dinner and she had met the dogs before.

We had even had sex a few times while talking about her getting fucked by them. This was pretty much a dream come true for us. The rest of the week we did nothing but fuck to the idea of what we were planning that weekend, Friday couldn't come soon enough. As soon as we got off work on Friday we drove over to his house to feed the dogs and let them out.

His ship had gotten underway that morning so of course they were super excited to see us. The first dog, Echo, was a golden hair mutt, he was huge compared to her, his head came up to her breasts. He was the lazy one. Echo loved nothing more than to lay around the house, but lately he'd developed a weird habit. One day while my buddy and I were playing video games he walked in front of us, stopped, and started humping the air. His penis came out of its sheath and finally he just came all over the floor.

I felt kind of bad for him, he seemed embarrassed, but I knew he didn't really get any action. Today was his lucky day. I wanted to see that huge load go right into my girlfriend. The second dog was Duke, he was a German Shepard, the more lively one.

He was the one always running circles while Echo just layed there.

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First things first, we hopped in the shower to get ourselves cleaned up while the dogs ran around outside. We kept it PG though, saving everything for the orgasms that were soon to come. We let the dogs in and went to the living room. We decided to go with the smaller, more lively dog first. "Are you ready?" I asked her. "Oh my GOD yes!" she said as she took off her towel and got on all fours.

I led Duke by the collar and put his snout into her already dripping wet pussy. He started lapping at her soaking lips as she started moaning. "mmm, play with my nipples please!" she whined as she spread her legs further apart, allowing duke better access. She loved for her nipples to be played with. It was her most sensitive button. I gladly obliged, bending down and flicking her nipples, pinching them and twisting them as she moaned in ecstasy.

I could already see her legs shaking a bit and it didn't take long for her to reach her first orgasm.

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I didn't see his penis coming out of its sheath though, or any attempt to mount her. "I think you need to get him hard first" I told her. "How do I do that?" she purred at me, still enjoying the rough tongue lashing she was getting from duke.

"The same way you get any guy hard I guess. Jack him off and blow him" I replied as I gave her nipples another pinch. She seemed hesitant at first, so I tweaked her nipples some more, trying to send her into a lustful frenzy.

It worked, she turned around went right for dukes sheath, she rubbed and rubbed until it slipped out. As soon as she saw the pink she went for it, trying her best to give her first doggy blowjob. It started getting out of control though when duke started face fucking her. She gagged and pulled back.

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"Alright now get back on all fours." I told her. She quickly flipped over and stuck her ass in the air.

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Tiny little thing, looking at the size of duke, she was about to be torn apart. I grabbed him by the collar and led him on top of her, luckily she was small enough so mounting wasn't that hard for him.

"Guide him in" She reached back and grabbed him and slipped him inside. He immediately started pounding away at her tight little pussy as she screamed out in pleasure. He was fucking her with a speed I could never hope to match and I could hear her having a long intense orgasm. "How is it?" I asked her "Oh my god! Let me suck your dick!" she yelled at me. I wasn't going to argue. I quickly got in front of her and grabbed her head. The feeling of her soft tongue on my dick while she was getting slammed by a dog was amazing.

I saw her hips thrusting back to meet him. Trying to get as much of his dog meat as she possibly could. She was craving it. It was over too quickly though. When Duke stopped I asked her "Did he knot you?" "No, he didn't" she replied. I got up and walked around to see.

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Duke pulled out and I could see her legs were slick with her own cum as Dukes cum leaked out of her pussy. "Hmm. alright, ready for the next one?" "YES!" she said excitedly. Duke was still hovering around her pussy, his member still hanging out. i don't think he'd gotten enough, but he contented himself with licking at her pussy some more. I went and grabbed Echo by the collar and led him in front of her. I didn't need to say a word, she reached for his sheath and started jacking away, repeating the same procedure.

This time she seemed to relish his cock a bit more, hungrily slurping at his penis as it grew. Once he was big enough though i pulled him away, pushing Duke aside and leading Echo on top of her.

This time she actually had to stick her ass up in the air a bit more for him to reach her. I went and grabbed a sofa cushion for her to use. I figured i'd just flip em over, he wouldn't notice.

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Once she was settled in she guided him in. It took a couple tries but she finally got him going at it. He pounded at her and with her screaming I thought she was going to get torn apart. Still she kept yelling "More, MORE!" and like he could understand her he kept giving her more.

His slobber ran all down her back as he kept slamming into her. His balls slapping at her clit and making her cream herself. "Play with my nipples! Please! I'll suck your dick!" she said in between moans. I was already rock hard, I got in front of her and she started drooling all over my dick and giving me the wettest sloppiest blowjob ever. I loved it. I began playing with her nipples and she stopped moving, her back arched and she started coming. Echos thrust came in single hard jabs. I was pretty sure he had knotted her.

I kept playing with her nipples and she just kept moaning as her eyes glazed over. I got up and walked around to see, sure enough, he had knotted her. She just kept wiggling her ass, enjoying the feeling of her pussy being stuffed. I went back to playing with her nipples while she just enjoyed herself.

When Echo finally came free I saw a torrent of cum spill from her abused pussy. I couldn't help myself, I got behind her and started fucking her. With all the excitement though, it didn't take me long before my seed joined Duke and Echos.

"Water break then round two?" I asked? She just grinned at me and grabbed my cock.

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"I'm ready whenever you are" she said as she bent down and took me into her mouth. This is my first story. Kinda rough and not very detailed I know. Feel free to leave comments and PM me, or email me at [email protected]