Strapon Herrin und gebundenen Sklaven

Strapon Herrin und gebundenen Sklaven
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Ok, This is my first story in like a year, and my WORD is kind of messing up lately. So a little slack would be nice, only leave comments with your names please. Like ALL of my stories, this isn't just a jerk off story. This story has some reading to it and future chapters to come. So enjoy. She slide her hips back slowly, she then smiled and moved her hips forward. TJ would look up to the girl sitting on his lap.

She had to be 30 years old. Her tight fitting outfit looked as if it was painted onto her toned and curvy figure. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in and was inches from kissing him as the door smashed in and the hollering and yelling began. "Police! Everyone down! Get on the floor! Police!" The girls dropped to the floor as did a few others and couple of older men, but not TJ.

TJ's eyes searched the room as he saw the large man in a black suite duck into a black hall and TJ gave chase. "Police, Don't move!" he would yell as he was running.


TJ would reach under his dark sports coat and grab his fire arm just as the man stopped and turned raising his arm, something dark and metallic like in his hand. TJ acted quickly dropping to a knee and firing two rounds into the man's forearm, forcing him to drop whatever it was he held and fall down. A few uniformed officers entered the hall and took over the scene as TJ got to his feet and put his gun away. He sighed, weeks of being under cover and this was finally finished.

He watched as the top man was escorted out by the uniforms. Simmons, the captain of the special group of detectives joined TJ in the hall way. "Great work today kid" was all the captain would say. There were four elite members of this special group. They all had been handpicked by the captain. There was Pops who was a much older man, who has more years on the force then the next oldest member of the crew.

Her name was Livia a middle aged woman. And last but not least there was Derek; he was in his late twenties. TJ was the newest member, he was also the youngest.

TJ was only 19 years old fresh out of the academy, but very smart and was very into taking care of his body. They were all sitting around their office. TJ sat cleaning his gun at his desk, Livia had her head in a book, and pops and Derek were having a conversation as the captain entered.


What most people didn't know was Pops and the captain were once partners, Pops actually taught the captain everything, before retiring, but then the captain insisted on pops joining the crew.

Pops agreed to be a part of the crew for a few years. The captain went to the large black and gray wall in the back of the office; there were trophies and medals of all sorts. He hung two on the wall. The crew did everything together that's why none of them ever accepted a solo award, everything went to the wall. "New case everyone, folders are upfront" the captain spoke.

TJ read over his file, and then spoke "Cap, I just started growing a beard I got to shave again?" He laughed and everyone joined in. The captain spoke "maybe shave a little more than your face TJ." Livia spoke next "do ya really think TJ can pass as 16?" He would nod his head as the attention went to pops who spoke.

"No one wants an older boy, just making him 16 is a risk, it will be tough but TJ will do fine as always". Everyone continued to read into the case. There was an underage sex trafficking scam going on and TJ was once again going under cover. After the long day TJ went back to his one bedroom apartment. He kept it very nice for a bachelor.

He opened his fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. He worked out for over an hour before showering and then standing in his bathroom starring into the mirror. He wore tight black boxer briefs; he starred at his moist, tan, tightly built, and now smooth body.

He slides his hand down his chest and over his abs.

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He was completely smooth. "I guess I could do sixteen" he would smirk.

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He tugged at his waist band to get a look at his new trimmed short pubes. He nodded and moved to his bed room, he laid down in bed and began caressing his Lower stomach an abs as his hand slide down into his briefs. His breathing got heavy and he moved his hips to slide down his shorts onto his thighs. Now with one hand resting on his clean and smooth shaved sack, he fondled his balls gently. His other hand caressed up and down on his thick and warm member. His member was pulsating in loose grip.

It was long and fat as he went up and down on it. TJ spit into his palm before going back to his dick, this time faster and rougher. He would arch his back as he strained and moaned out loud. His massive cock erupted all over his abs and chest, drenching his body with his warm load.

Biting his lower lip TJ slid his free hand down his sticky, smooth, and soft body as he collapsed back onto the bed. He thought to himself how he needed another shower and how he really liked this new appearance for himself.

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After the morning meeting TJ found himself in the passenger seat of the black SUV, pops was driving as TJ read the file in front of him.

He read stories of older men paying these younger boys or sexual activities or even just company, the leader of this new organization didn't even have a face or a picture, the crew was starting from scratch on this investigation.

Pops left TJ on the side of the hotel, he sat with his back to the wall, and it was beginning to get dark.

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Meanwhile Derek was at the local dive bar only this bar had a tendency for gay men. He sat tie undone and scotch in hand.


A dark figured watched him from the corner. Livia sat in another black suvshe was Derek's back up and she listened intently on the head phones, she watched as a older looking man and a younger looking gentleman left the bar, they moved into the alley as the older man handed the younger some money as the younger boy kneeled down and the guy undid his pants.

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Livia went to move into action but the captain put his hand across her chest, keeping her in the truck as he spoke "We can't, it'll blow our cover…besides its like pops once told me, a rat will always lead you to his home." Livia just looked at him. "When they finish you follow the boy, keep a lot of distance Livia". The man now had his pants open as he leaned next to the dumpster and the kid reached into his boxers and took his dick from the hole in his shorts and grasped it with one hand the other resting on the man's thigh as he began kissing on the stiffing head.

Livia couldn't believe this was happening right here in an alley. The younger male slid his tongue up the underside of the man skinny but long cock. He repeated this action before placing his mouth around the man dick and swallowing it down to the base, the man held onto the back of the boys head as he rocked his hips. The boy moved both of his hands onto the man's legs squeezing the cloth of his pants as the man get rough on the boys throat. The man held the boys head with both hands as he pulled his dick almost all the way out before heaving his member back into the boy's mouth.

He buckled as the knees slightly as he moved faster than before and listened to the slightly choking noises as he flexed his cock deep into the boy's throat and he held it there Cumming into the boy, as if trying to fill his empty stomach. The man pulled from the boy who in turn dropped to his hands, resting on all fours. He gasped for air at the same time he coughed and spit out most of the fluids in his mouth.

"Thanks cutie" was all the man would say as he moved to fix his pants and move down the street. The boy got to his feet and whipped his face on his sleeve as he crossed Livia's path leaving, making slight eye contact with her. She thought about her own son at home, and this kid couldn't be a day older then her own 15 year old son. She wanted to hold him, protect him maybe but knew she couldn't. Meanwhile back on the side of the motel TJ watched as all kinds of characters entered and left the area.

He remained seated with his knees to his chest as he put his face down into arms and spoke softly into the mic. "Hey pops we aren't getting any kinds of bites except some local drug runners." Pops responded quickly "don't move…you've been being watched for the last hour, shadowy figure on the porch across the street, keep at it kid you're doing great like always." The dark figure began his approach to TJ. He stopped right in front of him; he kneeled down to be face to face with TJ.

"I don't want any drugs…" TJ said as he jumped right into his act. The man's face remained in the shadows as his long black pea coat almost touched the ground.

The man shook his head no and spoke so calm and slowly "I am not offering your drugs, I'm offering you a warm and safe place to stay". TJ put on a face before speaking "Um.I'm not into those kinds of things either".

The man's white smile could be seen even in the shadows. "Listen boy my offer was just an offer, not a suggestion for anything else. I just want to see someone like you out of this kind of place, there is a real hotel less than three blocks away from here". He stood up and continued to speak. "Go there and tell the desk clerk Mr. Wulf sent you, and get something to eat also." He dropped a silver money clip at TJ's feet, complete with a few tens and twenties stuck inside.

He turned and walked away. Pops spoke first "enjoy your night in the hotel… we couldn't possibly take this guy down for being nice to a street kid." TJ stood up and began his walk to the hotel.

The entire crew met up. Minus TJ was staying at the hotel and pops that was posted outside the hotel. Captain spoke "so fill me in.Derek any leads at the bar.Livia how'd the trailing go?". "Nothing at the bar except a few flamboyant drunks Derek would say. Livia spoke next "I lost the boys a few blocks in; he was able to ditch me in an alley". The captain shook his head "alright Derek I want you to go relieve pops and Livia u go get some sleep." TJ flopped down onto the large bed once all the other things were done; the hotel wasn't that bad of a hotel.

But TJ could hear into the room next door.

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He heard whimpers and crying but TJ knew he couldn't act in case it was just a family issues next door, he couldn't blow his cover so he decided a shower and then bed, he told Derek good night and hid the wire tap as he got into the shower. Next door was more than just a family issue. A crying teen was curled up in the blankets as another figure entered the room; it was a larger boy, still just a teenager.

The cute blonde haired boy turned over. He saw an older boy standing next to the bed. He spoke "my name is Cain…you must be Thomas, well Tommy boy welcome to the club, now get undressed" his last line was strongly worded.