Deutsche pornos orgasmus

Deutsche pornos orgasmus
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Victoria returned for her shopping trip with nothing to show for it. No gift for her brother's birthday party that evening. Only a strange encounter with ex-suitor, Omar. Walking in she knew she was late. Dinner will have been served and his guests will have arrived and been seated. She was still in her day dress and not her party dress. And her father will be most unhappy. It was 1889 and Victoria and her brother James lived with their father in their townhouse in Baltimore.

While her father allowed James to get away with anything he was far too dominating with her. Victoria always wondered about his motivations with her, sometimes she feared that it was more than a simple desire to protect her.

Running up the stairs to her bedroom, she called for a maid to help her into a green off the shoulder party dress for dinner. The maid then pilled her hair up to have a cascade falling over one shoulder. Taking a deep breath, she descended the stairs and stepped into the dining room. James hadn't seen his sister all day. He made sure to not peek so that what she got him would be a surprise.

He had cleaned the place like he did when he was nervous about his friends and family mingling and he had set the things up. Simple tasks to keep his hands busy. When his guests arrived he smiled. Buddies from battle. The best and the brightest. He was a bit disappointed when his sister hadn't arrived yet and they had already started eating, but when she walked in the room several men whistled and that caught James's attention.

He got up and walked over to his sister and kissed her on the cheek before hugging her. "You look lovely. So lovely. Come and have a seat next to me. I get the head of the table today because it's my birthday." He looked at her and laughed softly as if sharing some private joke with her.

"James! Happy birthday, brother." She beamed at him, kissing his cheek. "Where is father?" She noticed that he was absent from the table and that made her nervous. James shrugged at the question of where father was. He had no clue.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Victoria fell into character in front of the guests. Taking her place at his right hand side, she sat and smiled at the table, "Please excuse my tardiness." She looked over the faces recognizing some of them but not all.

"What have I missed?" "Nothing much. The boys here were being their usual charming self and we started on the meal." A servant brought Vicki her meal. She thanked the servant and looked at her brother. "How's your day been? Have you been enjoying yourself?" She leaned into asking him quietly but swallowed.

"I suppose, been looking forward to my gifts though." He grinned at her. She had no gift… well… she had a gift. One that she had been wanting to give him for so long. Though she was afraid. He'd hate her. He'd yell. He'd tell father and the shame&hellip. Clearing her throat, she accepted the glass of wine the servant poured for her. "Now are you and your friends planning for some shenanigans later tonight?" She raised an eyebrow at her brother, smiling as she sipped her glass.

James nodded and laughed. "We do though!" He looked around at all the men. "We're planning on going to the next town over and getting royally drunk and then making our way around the town in a shenana-&hellip.shinaganinin-&hellip. A cluster full of messes and games!" He laughed at his inability to say the word and went about eating his dinner. He kept one hand on his leg and when he was sure no one was looking he reached over and patted Vicki's leg to reassure her.

He could tell she was nervous. "Will you join us?" Taking a deep breath and blink she looked at her brother and laughed along with him. Feeling his hand on her leg created a legion of butterflies in her stomach. She was ashamed to acknowledge the affect that simple gesture had on her person, though she was sure it was apparent, she looked down at her plate and could see a flush of her skin that tucked itself down into her dress.

"I… I'm not sure that it's appropriate for women my age to be out that late…and&hellip.drinking&hellip." She giggled nervously.

She wanted to grab his hand, to squeeze it, hell to bring it further north. She felt like such a coward. "But it's your birthday and if you don't mind dragging your little sister out, I'd be happy to join you." She pulled her eyes reluctantly from his and took another sip of her wine.

"How shall I dress?" She looked over at the few girls present and they were wearing day dresses she noticed. They had come prepared for this. No one had got the reaction she did however.

She was showing more skin then the other ladies. Another thought that made her blush. Her eyes fell on the men in the group and wondered what they thought the evening would be like. James smiled and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. "I will loan you some of my clothes, sister dear. These lovely girls have…volunteered to be hunted tonight." There was a glint in his eye that said trouble was going to come.

"We men will get drunk and then we use our skills and know how to hunt down these lovely ladies in the town. Like a fox hunt but with women." He smiled and laughed loudly as the group joined it. Looking at him she let her eyes fall to the ladies once more. A fox hunt. Interesting… Leaning in again he whispered to his sister, "And these men get handsy. And I'd really not like you to hurt them." Feeling his breath on the side of her neck made her nipples hard.

"And what will I do? Carry your jackets?" She smirked, keeping her face near his. He laughed lightly. "No I figured you and I could take a stroll down the bay and enjoy the night. They all want sex.

And I want to spend time with my baby sister." He tweaked her chin, "Besides, if we both joined them, you and I would end up paired together and how silly would that be?!" He laughed softly in her ear. She sighed and bit her lip. Nodding she looked back at him. "It's your birthday… you should. be… trying to get laid." She whispered back. "But… if you're content with spending time with me…" She bit her lip again, "I don't think Daddy will know&hellip.

He is out of town. Are you sure you'd rather spend time with me?" She felt her hands trembling slightly. He nodded and kissed her cheek before smiling.

"Yeah! Of course I do." He turned back to the group. "Good news gents! She's agreed to join us for the hunt tonight!" The men cheered. She laughed nervously and finished her wine starting to feel warm from the alcohol. "I suppose I should go change." She looked at her brother, "You said something about borrowing clothes?" He nodded and kissed her cheek. "Yes, please do. They are in my drawer. You know the one." "Yes of course." She pushed back her chair and realized something, "Um.

James, may I speak with you for a moment?" She stepped away from the table and pulled him aside. He looked at her as he got up and heard the jeers from his fellow men. "I'll need help dressing.

I can't get in and out of my corset alone. I'm afraid the servants will tell father that they dressed me in men's clothes." "Darn! I forgot about that. I'll help dress you." He smirked at his sister. "Now up to your room!" Nodding, she walked quickly up the stairs and to her room, leaving the door cracked a little. She began undressing as best as she could on her own.

It was very difficult, but she managed her jewelry and accessories. She tried pulling the dress over her head but the under skirts got her all twisted up and she found herself on the floor, cocooned in fabric.

If James finds me like this, I'll never live this down. She thought trying to scramble to her feet. James walked up and knocked on the door as he saw his sister laying there in a cocoon of her clothes. "Well well well. If it isn't the caterpillar trying to be a butterfly. You're already beautiful enough. You don't need to be a butterfly. Not for anyone else. You're already one to me." He bent down to help her un-cocoon and stand up before kissing her on the cheek.

Blushing furiously, Victoria was grateful for his help, even if it was a dreadfully embarrassing moment. "So…" She looked at the door, "Are we going to be watching them, you and I or are we doing are own thing?" She asked in hushed tones. Untying her underskirts and bustle she stood in her pantalets, corset and chemise. Turning so that she had her back to James she looked over her shoulder. "Will you unlace me please?" She asked. He nodded as he set about unlacing her corset.

"Well I figured that we would let them have their sport and eat some desserts while they play and screw. And if one happens to find you… I'll wring his neck. No one will take you from me tonight. How does that sound sister dear?" He finished unlacing her and kissed her shoulder slowly.

"Do you think you'd enjoy that?" Her heart skipped a beat and she closed her eyes at his kiss. She was acting like a idiot. The visit from her ex beau threw her off and she just hadn't found her footing again. That had to be it. "Are you suggesting to use me as bait!?" She turned looking at him, wide eyed, "I like it, yes, as long as you protect me." She kissed his lips chastely as she stepped forward and wiggled out of the corset.

Turning she looked at him, scandalously dressed in front of her brother. "So, clothes. Shall we to your room?" James laughed loudly before quieting himself. "I'll bring the clothes to you. You stay here." And with that he dashed out. Returning a few minutes later he walked in and held out the clothes to her. "These will work!" He hugged her tightly. "I love you so!

This is the best birthday ever!" "Seeing me in my knickers is the best birthday present ever?" She raised an eyebrow. He laughed and shook his head. "No. you playing with me. Like we used to. I miss those times." He smiled at her as she went to go get dressed. Walking around the dressing screen with the clothes that he brought, her face was flushed and though she teased him, her mind wandered back to her&hellip.

possible present. How could she know if he would be…comfortable with it without asking? Thinking about it, dreaming about it. All she wanted was to feel her brother inside her, to make love to him at least once. Watching him bring home various women always had made her angry and jealous. For once she wanted to be one of those women, to know what it was like and she wanted her brother to be the one that taught her such a feeling.

"I miss them too." She said sweetly. Sighing as she pulled the chemise over her head and pulled her pantalets down, standing stark naked, she began dressing quickly. It took a little wrapping of her breasts and a belt, but she was dressed.

Stepping out she braided and twisted her hair tucking it up into the cap he brought. "Well hello dear brother. You look rather ravishing this evening." He laughed before moving forward to hug her. Wrapping her arms around him standing on her tip toes, she loved his hugs, it was as if he could make the whole world feel safe, or maybe that was because he would hold her after their farther would beat her. "Let's go." She smiled. "This will be fun. Lead on." Returning the smile, he grabbed her hand before leading her down the stairs.

The group had already left for the hunt when they got down there. He smiled at here again and put his jacket on her. "It's nippy out there. You'd better be careful." "Why thank you, kind sir." She kept her voice low.

It was known that he was going out, but not that she was. Stepping outside into the cool night she looked over at him. "You going to be warm enough?" She asked.

He nodded. "I'll be warm enough." Once they were away he linked arms with her and smiled. "So… where are the blokes chasing the birds? Is it like hide and seek with sex at the end?" She asked as they approached the Waterfront.


James nodded. "Just like that. The girls get thirty minutes to blend in. They have to stay in the town limits. And then the men go after them. And if a woman gets caught…well then he's free to do with her what he wants. It's sick really but it makes for good sport." He beamed at her. "Your idea?" She asked grinning back.

"Will you keep me safe? Protect my honor?" She smirked. "Come on, I'll buy you a sundae while you protect my honor." He laughed and nodded happily as she walked to the shop and purchased him sweets. "Thank you sissy." Walking with him she wondered how to broach the subject of her birthday gift. "What do you want for your birthday, James?" She asked as they walked up to the sweet shope. "And think big… anything that you want… Anything at all." He thought as he looked around at the people.

"I can't think of anything. I have you and that's all I need. I wanted a small dinner but Daddy said no. So here we are. Doing what we want anyway!" He laughed. They went into the shop, placed their orders and waited for them to be made.

Sitting down with their ice creams, Victoria smiled at her brother. Blushing, she felt her heart leap from her chest. "You'll always have me, James." Blinking, she took a bite of her ice cream and looked about. "So what trouble do you want to get into? What would make you happy right now?" James laughed and nearly kissed her until he remembered that she looked like a man. "I'm glad to know that I'm never going to have to be without you. That would tear me apart!" He smiled as he ate his ice cream.

"I want to play with a few women." He smiled wider. Straightening up at the mention of women, Victoria blushed. "I'll stay around here then while you have your fun." She took a bite of ice cream. "No, sissy I want to play with you as well!" He looked hurt. "Don't you want to have fun too?" She blinked. "Well, yes, but not with those ladies…" She looked at her ice cream, feeling jealous. A thought occurred. "How about a drinking game?" If she got him drunk&hellip.

would he remember? No. not like that, she couldn't take advantage of her brother. James smiled and nodded. "Drinks sound fun!" His mind was always so easily changed. "Shall we have a drinking game here or shall we go back home? Or to a pub?


I think home would be better. So that no man tries to take advantage of my baby sister. Home we go!" "Are you sure? You've said you've wanted to do about 12 different things tonight." She laughed.

"I want to go home with you and play a drinking game." He said after thinking a moment. She stood to go with him, her legs shaking. She could never say no to him. But his words had a definite effect on her. "And you're sure father doesn't return until tomorrow night?" She asked nervously. "Yes sissy&hellip." He rolled his eyes. "What sort of game do you want to play?" She asked as they started walking back. "Eh! He doesn't matter right now!" He giggled and hugged her close.

"You name the drinking game. I don't know any!" He smiled and kissed her cheek. "I never' is the only one I know." She shrugged. "If I were to say, I never have peed standing up, you, who have peed standing up, would have to drink. You learn about the other person that way." He walked in silence, well ran and dragged Vicki all the way home.

He burst through the door and pulled her up the stairs with him into his room. He sat on his bed and pulled out the best stuff he had. "Come on sissy! Play!" Giggling as he pulled her back into his room, she took off his jacket and tossed it over a chair and pulled the cap off, working her hair down.

"Pour two glasses." She instructed as she kicked off her shoes. Sitting on the bed she faced her brother and smiled. He poured two glasses. The nervous energy running through him like he was a teenager again. And in a sense he was. Just him and his sister. Like he'd always had the best of times. "I never &hellip. have peed standing up." She giggled. Looking at her, he gave her a teasing look.

"So I down the whole glass?" He asked before doing just that and gasping and laughing. "You do remember I'm a lightweight right?" He giggled again.

"NO!" She laughed, "You take a sip not a full glass!" She started laughing, "Okay, to be fair, I'll drink mine and we'll start over." She began chugging her scotch and started to cough. "Okay," her voice hoarse, "Your turn." She refilled their glasses. She was excited and nervous. Here in his bedroom, on his bed, playing a drinking game… it was too tempting. She began worrying her bottom lip. "I have never…no wait!" He giggled. "I have dressed in women's clothes! Shhh!

Don't tell Daddy!" He giggled loudly. Victoria giggle at the idea of James in a dress. "Sorry I missed that." "I've never…looked good in a dress." He raised his eyebrow at her like he was clever.

She looked at him not drinking. "I don't think I have either." She said. She started thinking. "I… never&hellip. have kissed a man." She looked at him, smirk on her lips, wondering. He looked at her before narrowing his eyes and giggling. He down his whole glassful again. "Shh! Don't tell Daddy ok?" He giggled louder and flopped over onto his back, she laughed with him. "James!" She giggled, "Sip not down the whole thing and how am I supposed to get drunk if you don't ask me a question?

Hmm?" She set her drink down on a side table and laid down next to him. "Shhh!!! we don't want the servants finding us up at this hour, drunk and in your bed together." She placed her fingers over his lips. So close&hellip. she bit her lip again, looking at him. "Now ask me a question." He continued giggling before sitting up and filling his glass and corking the bottle.

He drank the glassful. "Alright. Alright." He chuckled and put the glasses and the bottle on the ground next to his bed. "That was good stuff. Sorry. Ok. Um&hellip. Have you ever…kissed a girl?" He continued his giggling before covering his mouth. Rolling her eyes, Victoria took a healthy swig of her drink then started giggling. "Don't tell daddy." She grinned. Leaning over him she retrieved the bottle, refreshed his drink, while across his lap before sitting up and refilling hers.

He looked at her, his eyes wide, his mouth opened and he stared at her. He squirmed a little and then giggled. "No way! You kissed a girl!" He looked down and away.

"Yes, I kissed a girl." She replied a little defensive, "I'm not a total prude. I've never… had sex." She looked at him before setting the bottle down on her side of the bed. Lowering his voice and getting far too close to her face with his, he looked her in the eyes.

"I-&hellip. I cannot tell you how hard that makes me&hellip." He grabbed her hand and moved it down to the outside of his pants where his erection was rapidly growing. "S-See?" He blushed and giggled before smiling at her. He was suddenly in her face, close enough that she could feel his breath on her cheek and neck. Swallowing, it took all she had to not kiss him right then and there.

Suddenly her hand was on his crotch, she could feel his erection through the fabric. Breathing hard, she kept her hand on him, even when he dropped her wrist, she couldn't help it, she was mesmerized.

Gently squeezing and moving her hand against him, she wondered what sort of reaction he'd give her. "Ungh … Vicki … you're making me so hard &hellip." He moaned into her touches.

His eyes going darker. "I like that. It really feels nice." "I never have had sex." She whispered, her face still close to his. "If you have you drink." She continued the massage, terrified that at any moment, he'd get angry. He smiled and giggled before kissing her sloppily on the cheek. "I can't drink. I've never had sex either." "But all those women…" She looked at him, her eyes wide, her heart racing. He shook his head. "Fool around a little but never have had sex.

Been waiting… for the…right girl." He lowered his voice. "S-Sometimes I touch myself. But I don't do that while Daddy's around. I don't want him to be mad at me." He kissed her again this time closer to her mouth. "But it feels so good. You doing this." He looked down. "It feels better skin on skin though." His eyes blearily searched her face and smiled shyly. She caught the second of the kisses and moved her mouth to catch most of the kiss.

There was a moment of doubt. Was she doing the right thing? Was this something so horribly wrong that it would stain her for life? But then that moment was gone. "Show me. Please?" She looked at him. "I want to see you touch yourself." She bit her lip. "I'm getting wet thinking about it. Want to see?" She laid down and took his hand and guided him into her pants. Without her pantalets, there was nothing between her and the fabric of the trousers.

Her heart was beating so hard as she guided one of his fingers inside her to check. "See?" She looked up at him. "I touch myself too, when I'm alone." She whispered. James shivered as his hand was led into her pants and he felt how wet she was. He smiled shyly at her before pulling his fingers out and licking them. He closed his eyes and moaned. "That tastes so soo good." He blushed before a thought came to him.

"I-If I show you how I touch myself…will you let me lick you there? I want more of that flavour. I-I wish it was a food so I could eat it everyday it tastes so good!" He giggled for being so loud. "Please?" "Show me how you touch yourself, I'll let you lick me for as long as you want and afterwards, I'll give you your birthday gift." She kissed his softly before sitting up and unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing.

Reaching over she took a drink of her scotch and smiled at him. "I never have tasted a woman like that before, not even myself." She grinned, knowing now he'd have to drink. James giggled as he grabbed his glass and filled it and downed the whole thing again. "Alright. Alright." He stumbled to stand up and giggled as he fumbled with his shirt and pants. Once he was completely naked he lay back down on the bed. She watched in silent triumph as James totally disrobed.

Her eyes followed him as he laid back down on the bed. Taking off the shirt, she was still wearing the fabric that had binded her breasts. Slowly she began unbuttoning her trousers.

He took a deep breath and sighed, his member hard and erect, leaking pre-cum onto his abdomen. "What was I showing you again?" He giggled. "Oh yeah!" He smiled and ran his hand down his body before touching himself. "I touch myself like this." He wrapped his fingers around himself and slowly started to stroke himself from base to tip. His body shuddered and he moaned. His eyes rolling back into head.

"L-Like this. I do it like this! See?" He looked up at her earnestly. Picking up her glass she sipped while watching what he was doing. Setting it down quickly, she bent forward and placed her mouth around the head, running her tongue over the top, tasting the precum. She moaned as she sucked lightly on him, taking him slightly deeper, fitting the head in her mouth while he stroked himself.

After a few moments, she reluctantly pulled away. Quickly, she stood up, stumbled once and slipped out of her pants and bindings. Laying next to him naked she looked at him, her heart racing. James moaned when her mouth wrapped around him.

He had had one woman lick him once but she didn't care for it so didn't continue. His sisters mouth was so warm, it made him dizzy. "Can you lock your door, please?" She asked nervously.

Swallowing she moved her hand between her legs, rubbing small circles into her clit, giving her body a warm feeling that was growing more exponentially as she watched her brother. The moment she asked him to lock the door he scrambled up and did just that.

He had to crawl back to the bed but when he got on top of the bed he smiled at her and kissed her lips roughly. The movement caused him to rut against her mound and made her moan into his mouth.

"Now sissy? Now can I have a taste? It was so sooo good! Please?!" He begged her and licked his lips as he looked at hers.

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Spreading her legs for him, she smiled. "Yes please. Taste all you want, then I'll give you your birthday present." Just the thought they had gotten this far was arousing to Victoria. Her heart pounded, her breath was rapid and she bit her lip harder in anticipation. "I want you to taste me, James, tell me what I taste like." She gripped the sheets as she waited. James crawled between her legs and kissed her core. He pulled back slightly and looked at her for a moment before licking his lips and diving in.

He started out with long lazy licks, making sure that he got every bit of juice that was down there. Making his tongue hard he stuck it in and nuzzled into her moaning drunkenly and giggling. Despite his inexperience or drunkenness or both, Victoria was enjoying what James was doing. Laying her head back she gasped and pulled at the sheets. He changed techniques and it made it so much better. Raising her head she watched her brother, licking her eagerly. "Sissy, you're the best thing I've ever tasted.

Can we do this everyday? Please? I want this every day! I want this taste to never leave my mouth!" He leaned back in and slurped loudly and crudely. "Please Vicki? Please?" "Yes… James…" She breathed his name heavily, "We can do this every day, every night, anytime we can." She made a noise of pleasure and covered her face with a pillow to muffle her moan.

After sometime she couldn't take it anymore. "James," She stopped him, sitting up, she swallowed, "I want to give you your birthday present now please." She held his face for a moment and pulled him down on top of her.

She had seen enough pictures and … well… had watched enough people to know how it was done. Kissing his lips she reached down between them to find him to start to guide him into her. "For your birthday," She whispered into his hear, "I want to give you my virginity. I love you brother." James looked at her, but even in his drunken stupor he could tell something was wrong. "But you have to save that for someone special! You can't just go giving that away!" He sat up at the end of the bed and looked at her, blinking heavily from the alcohol.

"James… I love you and I want to make you feel good for your birthday." She kissed his cheek before bending over him and sucking on him again, taking him deeper into his mouth.

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Taking her time, she sucked and bobbed trying to take as much as she could in her mouth. He tasted amazing and she hoped that she wasn't pressing her luck with trying to get him to fuck her. James nodded and moaned. "Sissy. It feels so good when you do that." He blushed. "Sometimes I think about you touching me when I touch myself. But I don't tell you because I'm an icky boy." Looking up at him she sat up.

"I think about you too when I touch myself, isn't that a coincidence?" She smiled, "And you're not icky because I do it too." She whispered, "But we can't tell anyone, it's out secret, okay? You're my secret lover." She giggled.

She kissed him again, this time fully on the lips, while she still stroked him. "Please? James?" She whispered into his ear, "You're special to me. So special." She stroked his cheek with one hand as she stroked his manhood with her other hand.

"You want me&hellip.Oh." His mouth stayed in that perfect 'O' shape before he nodded rapidly. "Ok. Ok! Do you want me on top or on the bottom? I don't know what I'm doing&hellip." He blushed again. Seeing the look on his face when he made the realization was so sweet and one that she would cherish for years.

"I don't know what I'm doing either. I've seen men on top and sometimes women. We can try it both ways. Why don't you start on top of me?" She suggested.

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Crawling onto the bed she turned around and faced him, hoping he'd be okay with it this time. James smiled and nodded and kissed her deeply. "I've never seen anyone do it. I don't have time for that with my studies." He smiled and giggled before climbing on top of her. She looked up at her brother, "Do you love me, James?" "Of course I love you Vicki." He said softly bending down to kiss her, feeling her wetness against his cock as he moved.

It went straight to his head, making it hard for him to concentrate. Sitting up he slowly lined himself up and gently pushed himself halfway in. Laying on her back her heart raced, she was so eager, so excited for this moment.

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Not only losing her virginity but to James. Feeling him enter her was amazing.

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She gasped and hung on to him, her eyes going wide. "Y-You're so tight Vicki. It feels really good. I like this!" He beamed down into her face before peppering her with kisses. "Do you?" She breathed, trying to calm her body down long enough to stop tensing around him.

"I like it too." She smiled up at him and accepted each kiss with a giggle and a return kiss. "Yes. Our secret! And no one will ever know!" He giggled and slowly pushed the rest of the way in. "Does this feel good to you?" She wrapped her legs around him, like she had seen the prostitutes do, when he entered her fully. Truth was that hurt, he was a lot bigger than she anticipated. Biting her lip, she moved her hips and something rubbed her to where the pain lessened and there was pleasure.

"Yes…" She breathed in his ear, "Does it feel good to be inside me?" She asked softly, moving her hips again and experimenting with movements. "Move your hips James. Make love to me." She kissed his lips and tensed around him inside her, she was in heaven. Not sure if this was a gift for him or her, she intended to make him extremely happy. James nodded eagerly before thrusting in and out of her several times which was obviously too fast. He frowned.

She gritted her teeth at the fast and hard strokes, it actually wasn't that bad but a little too rough too soon. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'm not used to this. Usually I'm on the receiving end." He blushed deeply before looking down and away. A secret that he hadn't meant to share. "I didn't mind that," She panted, "I just want to take this first time slow, if that's okay.

Later, if you're still up for it we want to try other things, harder, faster, different positions. We can try everything we want to." She whispered to him. "Just give me a moment." "I'm sorry, I want to make you feel good." He said softly, "I've never done this before." He repeated. "I've only kissed a few women, touched them a little." She bit her lip and readjusted her position. "I'm ready." She whispered. His face screwed up as he concentrated on slowly rocking his hips, moving slowly.

It felt so good he thought that he could cry with joy. "Vicki this is wonderful. How did you ever learn to-" "I've walked around the red light districts, don't tell father, and I've watched people… I like to watch people have sex, or touch themselves." She admitted.

Something about admitting that felt great. She tightened her legs around his waist pulling him in deeper. "I want all of you in me." She blushed horribly. "You must think I'm a horrible wicked girl." "Oh." He nodded. "I don't think that you're wicked. It's ok. It makes me harder actually." He bit his lower lip and pushed forward again, groaning with pleasure. "I love you James. With all my heart. You're the only man I've ever loved." She said as she moved against him, starting to understand what worked for her and didn't.

"Does this feel good, James? Is this a good present?" She asked him, feeling a burn starting to spread in her stomach. "You like the idea of me kissing another woman. Would you like to watch me with another woman? The three of us could have some fun." She suggested. James stared at her while she spoke.

He had completely forgotten what he was doing. His mouth fell open and he nodded. "I-I'd like that very much." His body shivered.

"I would like that an awful lot!" But then he frowned. "But I don't want to share you sissy. I love you and I never ever want to share you!" He kissed her deeply as his hips rocked in and out of her at a languid pace.

"Don't you want to be with only me?" She smiled up at him and kissed his neck when he said that he was up for a threesome. But the jealous, territoriality was unexpected. Looking up at him something about that changed her. She felt herself growing closer and faster to her climax, the fact he only wanted her, didn't want anyone else to have her&hellip.

it was deeply flattering. "I only want you James. I don't want anyone else. It's always been you. I think about you when I wake up, when I go to bed, I imagine you doing this to me every night of my life." Her body tensed unexpectedly and it caused her to gasp. "I'm scared that people won't understand though." She said as her body relaxed, "They'll see us as brother and sister and not two people that love each other.

I'm afraid that they'll try to split us up. I don't want to be without you, ever." She tensed again, causing her eyes to close tightly for a moment. He moaned loudly as she tightened up around him. "You feel so good!" He bit his lower lip to keep from screaming the words. He felt her coming undone and started moving his hips faster and faster. Thrusting deep inside of her.

He tensed but he just couldn't let himself go. Not in her! What if she got pregnant? He leaned down and gave her a deep passionate kiss before panting. "I have a fantasy where we run away from everyone and we get married and have kids and we lived together and no one knows that you're my brother. And I'm so happy." She looked up at him. "I'm sorry&hellip. It's stupid." Her body tensed again and this time she arched her back.

Holding tightly onto James, she continued trying to move but it was too pleasurable. It was too intense. She felt herself grow wetter and wetter and warmer and warmer. "I want that. More than anything I want that. I want us to be together forever to love each other. And I'll keep you safe because I love you. And you'll keep me happy because you love me!" He beamed at her, his brow covered in sweat before he kissed her again. "I want to grow old with you sissy. I love you so much! This is the best give you could have given me!" "James.

I think … I'm… coming&hellip." She closed her eyes and made louder noises of pleasure, unable to stop herself. He pulled out and held her close. "You are the best gift. And I'm so glad that I get to have you every day of the year." He smiled at her sweetly. Blinking, her climax just stopped. Panting she looked up at him wildly, realizing that he had pulled out of her. Frustrated, she started pawing at his face. "James… Come inside me… please.

It's fine. I know how to take care of it. Please&hellip.I want to know you enjoyed yourself, I want to feel you fill me up." She panted. She was still coming down from her almost orgasm but she wanted this. "So…you want me to release into you? That's how it's done right?" He could feel his pick throbbing at the idea. "It makes me tingle. I want to make you happy as well. Please? I want to make you happy." "Every night, I'll sneak in here and every night we can be together.

I can make you happy James, so happy. I want to. I would love to do that for you. I love you more than anything and I'm so glad you don't hate me for this. I was so nervous… and at dinner, I was afraid you knew already and would make fun of me." She kissed him back, pressing her body against his. "My first and only." She whispered, "I belong to you now." She snuggled into his embrace.

James moaned and smiled. "You can do that?" He smiled and kissed her again and again. "Ok! Ok! But this time you get on top of me!" He laughed and lay on his back. She waited for him to roll over before she straddled him. "I need you so badly." she kissed his chest, moving herself against him, rubbing herself up and down against his cock. "Do you want to keep going? You're not tired are you?" She teased him, moving his lips to one of his nipples, lightly nipping them. James moaned loudly.

"No. No I'm not tired at all. This all feels so good!" He arched into her touches before sliding his hands up and down her body. "You're so beautiful. So incredibly beautiful. I could never get enough of you." He beamed at her before he brought her face up to kiss her. Kissing him back, she lifted her hips and moved him inside her with her hand. Taking a moment she groaned. "This feels right. I don't ever want to be without you, James." She gasped and looked up before moving.

Bouncing with her hands on his chest, for support, she gritted her teeth feeling how deep he was. "God, you're so big." She moaned. Looking down at her brother she groaned, "Touch me, James, please… I want to feel your hands on me." James moaned as she began to bounce on top of him. "I'm not going to be able to last much longer!" Hearing that he was close to his end made it hard for her to keep focus.

Her head was thrown back, enjoying this much faster, rougher go. He ran his hands up and down her body before rolling and flipping her on the back and pinning her to she sheets. Before she knew it she was on her back and he moved with such speed and force. Unable to keep quiet she moaned aloud as he was starting to climax. He leaned down to kiss her roughly and bit down her body. He was close he could feel it. His body stuttered and he came inside her with a shout of her name.

He bit her skin causing her to clench around him, what was more, she was starting her second build at an orgasm. Arching her back again, she cried out his name as she felt him fill her up. Laying down on top of her he panted and smiled. "I love you Vicki. Always and forever. No one else." "Oh, Gods… James…" Her body shuddered as they both collapsed. "I love you." She kissed the top of his head, "I love you too baby, you are my one and only. Only you." Taking a moment she felt her mind clear.

He wiped her hair out of her face and smiled. "I love you more than anything." "That was amazing." She breathed. Looking at up her brother she wiped sweat from his brow.

"I want to sleep here with you tonight." She said softly. "I can get my night dress, is that okay? I don't want to be away from you." James smiled and nodded. "I don't want you to go either. I was going to ask you to stay. That's the right thing to do isn't it? Ask the woman to stay?" He blushed again. "And in any case I want you to stay even if it isn't right." He kissed her deeply.

"I believe it is the right thing to do." she shrugged accepting his lips with a moan. Wrapping her arms around him she reciprocated the kiss, deepening it. "I'm going to retrieve my night dress, in case a servant walks in." She kissed him on the cheek.

"I'll be right back." Sliding out of the bed, she found walking difficult. It took her a moment to gain her baring. Taking her time to move across the hallway, she snuck into her room, threw on her nightdress, and ran across the hallway again, letting herself into his room.

No longer tired she wondered how he was doing. "James?" She walked over to the bed. James was still naked when she returned but he was starting to drift off. Upon seeing her face he beamed up at her. "Sissy! How wonderful of you to join me! I just had the loveliest of dreams." He held his arms out and open to her. "Come and cuddle me. You must have had a nightmare.

I love you." "James?" She smiled a little sad, "Are you okay? I was just here." She crawled under the covers with him. "What was your dream about?" She kissed his neck several times up to his lips. He giggled as she kissed him. "Vicki that tickles!" He held her close. "I can't tell you my dream. Because you won't like it. But I did! And it was the best birthday present that anyone could have gotten me.

I love you." Pause. "You know that right? That I love you." "James&hellip." Victoria looked up at him, realizing he didn't remember anything. "I love you too. More than anything in this world." She whispered in his ear, "Tell me, please." she cuddled into him, wrapping her arms around him.

He giggled and shook his head. "No, no. Then Daddy might hear. When we are older I will tell you. But for now, let's just cuddle and be happy that we have each other." He kissed her on the forehead and began to drift off.

Laying in his arms was nice but she felt like it was a facade. Still&hellip. Kissing his lips softly, she bid him a good night. Sighing heavily she closed her eyes and drifted to bed.