Grito como una perra cuando follo con desconocidos

Grito como una perra cuando follo con desconocidos
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Sorry my not good English, not a first language This was thrilling experience to see brave young girl doing her outside nude activities in cold day, even it happened on 22 March, during school spring break, weather was like in winter, -10 (15 F) degrees and windy. My friend Paul, Head of the Ice Swimming Club invited me to witness young girl's exceptional durability to cold weather, but I saw much more than I expected. I was really frightened even to see girl's schedule for this windy day, which excluded much activities outside, but actually she surpassed her goals, although plan was created for much friendly spring weather.

Girl wanted to show her toughness and therefore took the challenge of my friend, who jokingly suggested more activities.

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Schedule included swimming in sea, running, playing volleyball and participation in seashore clean-up, mostly winter trash was now cleared after melting of snow, only edge of the shore was icy yet. When others did this all in suitable clothing, girl has nothing to protect her bare skin and feet. Event started at 11.30 a.m, girl leaving from her house naked in good mood and commenting cheerily: „How pleasant weather today, why somebody needs clothes!" She was really not showing a cold feeling and went to swim, stepping very slowly towards deeper water.

When water was up to her hips, she started to swim, at first freestyle, then backstroke and further away. Then she yelled from water: „Now here is already water over my head!" „How long she can swim?" I asked Paul.

„I have no idea," he replied. „If she no longer bothered to swim, then she came out." There were other people, who came together to play volleyball later, also watching a girl's swimming. „She is in good mood today," said somebody. „She likes to swim, if the waves are strong." Girl was now about 200 metres from shore, but there was no sign, she is returning yet. It was difficult to see so far, but it seemed, she did some somersaults in water, then dived, only feet sticking out of the water.

„Due to salinity, here is a sea water temperature about -0,5, not +4 than in freshwater and she knows it," explained my friend.

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„But she always likes to swim in below zero water, yesterday she itself checked a temperature and was happy. She shouted cheerfully: „Wow! It's already March, but I can still swim at ice cold water!" Today here are a lot of spectators and barely she will soon come out of the water." I was astonished „Everybody has their limits and to swim so long in ice cold water, that is really incredible!" I said.

„Yes it is," said only my friend. „For example, if I will swim in winter, there are also some limited time, usually not more than 5 minutes. Okay, she also feels the cold water, but she somehow forcing herself to withstand. But let her to swim and enjoy the attention. Her mother is also here, but is currently preparing lunch. She is not worried at all, she said to me before: „Krista (name of the girl) intends to deal with extremely long swim today!" and laughed." Meanwile the girl kept repeating her flip and dive, swam in the wave and then pulled herself back deeper.

She briefly waved to us, but then again continued sharply freestyle swimming. Onlookers have already suffered from the strong wind and the cold weather, but incredible girl has now been in water 16 minutes! Without rest all the time and whole body in the water! Paul finally called loudly: „Krista, come on out, you can still run a little bit, and volleyball is then already starting!" She barely heard, what Paul was saying, but started to swim towards shore.

Some more times she did her movement and then swam almost as long as shore ice appeared. Then she stood up, jumped to the ice and stepped towards us (see in photo:

As you see, water drips along her body, the hair is wet, but the body in the same way a beautiful and athletic, like before swimming and not at all red or violet, as if she was not 20 minutes in ice-cold water. Girl did not used a towel to dry herself, but started to run immediately. „Heating run," explained Paul. „As I said, no clothes or even towel. She will be stark-naked and never covered during two or more hours." „She is tough," said another man, „but in sex she is just as good as fearless in cold." I was again stunned.

What about sex, I thought? Only a week ago she got 12! My face expressed surprise and Paul put his hand to my shoulder and said: „You will see!" Volleyball was interesting.

Seven men and Krista were playing four against four. All men wore jackets, gloves, ski hats and of course sports shoes, Krista wore nothing. She came from a run and her body was now reddish. This was due to activity not due to cold.

She let me to check. I touched and was astonished she was quite hot! Because sand on the beach was still frozen, volleyball court was softened covered with 10-15 cm layer of snow.

Jump for the ball was now safer, but Krista had to take into account that when she throws herself down, makes completely covered by snow. Volleyball game level was still not good, sporty Krista was not much worse than men. She played with enthusiasm and encouraged teammates. At the end of the first game she began to sweat. How it is possible, I asked myself?

When Krista's team lost first set 11:15, they did a minute break and her body was shining with sweat. Others, who played in thick clothes, were not nearly as warm and one of the players said: „Please, start already play, otherwise we are freezing!" When he said that, all people laughed, because they realized, how inappropriate this sentence was, considering Krista's nonexistent clothing.

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Girl also laughed out loud. She enjoyed the situation. During second set Krista's mother also came to see her daughter play. I was again a little bit confused, that mother was so unconcerned of Krista being so long naked outside in windy day and still temperature about -10 (when to take into account 30 km/h wind chill, then -21!).

And not only about cold, but mother also was indifferent, that her darling showed all her sexual perfection to the several men. Mother cheered to Krista and their team was better in second set. They won 15:12 and third, decisive set was ahead. Mom hugged Krista and urged her to play even more confidently in third set. „How you feel right now?" she asked from daughter. „Entertaining," Krista said.

„The sun heats today so hard that it began really hot" „But you maybe can go to swim again after volleyball. Left them to start clearing trash and you join after swimming," recommended mother.

„Good idea," said Krista. „I thought also about swimming." Later mother explained to me: „I am very proud of my girl. She is extremely healthy and confident. It is especially good for her, that she is naked. Mostly girls don't want to show themselves without panties and bra, but Krista never does not hesitate." Krista's team lost last set, but girl was nevertheless in good mood.

She played about half an hour naked and barefooted in thick snow, but did not show off any discomfort. She went directly into sea to swim and others prepared plastic bags and pincers for litter picking. Because of work, Krista now swam „only" 12 minutes. „Cooled down," she said laughing. I looked at clock 1 p.m. One and a half hour for Krista naked outside. All people were cleaning total of 4 km of beach. When I picked up the litter, Krista looked like a far small bright dot between people in dark clothes.

All gathered at 1.50. Black plastic bags were now filled and work done. Krista was still naked. But it was not over. Paul said to me: „See, what happens now!" „My friend has not seen a beautiful sources in the forest.

I and others will go to prepare the sauna. Maybe you, Krista, guide my friend to the sources?" Paul asked. „Yes, of course," said girl joyfully. „You want clothes now?" asked Paul. „No!" replied Krista quickly.

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„I can easily withstand more. That is only pleasure for me." We walked towards sources and I asked, if she really is not freezing yet. „Maybe now a little bit," she said, marching barefoot through the thick layer of snow in the woods. „But you refused to wear clothes," I said. „Paul provoked me. He knew that I will not give up so easily." „You planned only two hours outside," I said.

„Don't be afraid, it's not so terrible. I really have to practice, how to cope with cold feeling. When I was playing volleyball, I didn't feel any freezing, but being naked outside in winter the most thrilling thing is, when I am almost shivering, but yet saying: I can walk one more hour," explained Krista.

„Extreme challenge is interesting." We arrived back at 3.10 p.m. That was 3 hours and 40 minutes for Krista, when she entered sauna.


Men were already sitting in the sauna. That was quite large sauna with steam room, washing room and many additional rooms. This was like sauna connected to lounge area and once was owned by a large company that went the bankruptcy.

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Krista was sitting one older man's lap, who was holding his hand on the girl's little breasts. Now Krista's mother was gone to the main house and men were free to sexually exploit the girl. But what was waiting ahead, exceeded all the limits.

After washing and drying Krista was ready in lounge room to serve the men, one by one. That was not a gangbang, but all 12 men, including me had possibility to have sex with girl one by one. As it turned out, I was the only new, while the rest had already had sex with a Krista. Paul was first and when he returned I asked nervously, whether any trouble is not coming for this kind of intercourse. „You know, as Krista likes very much cold and swimming in ice cold water, she also likes sex.

She is not complaining. You may not believe it, but she is very pleased with the situation," Paul said. I was eighth in order and entered to the room, where naked girl was lying on the bed. She was as enthusiastic as the hour ago walking to the sources. A beautiful and young girl quickly hardened my dick. She was really good at sex and her little cunt let me feel the real pleasure.

Krista groaned now and again and she was not tired at all. I pushed my dick increasingly harder inside and the girl moaned: „Woaaahhh! Woaaahhh!" She was in total ecstasy, even though I was already eighth. When I was ready to cum, she said quickly: „Please, cum here!" and put down the glass, which was already half-full of the previous men's sperm. I felt that this kind of ejaculation was a little disgusting, but I approved her wish and filled a little more this glass.

When all 12 men have fucked a girl, Krista came from bedroom with glass of sperm and asked a spoon from Paul. „Here I thought that you might be like strawberries with ice cream and not eating cum," said Paul and showed the girl delicious food really rare to eat southern strawberries in our winter.

But Krista was resolute: „I want cum!" I felt, that now all this thing went over the limit. Little girl, who just a week ago became 12 years old, began to eagerly eat semen. She took two-three spoonfuls in a row, then swallowed and showed her pure tongue. She sat on the couch, legs spread and flushed cunt, what was recently exploited by 12 men, wide open. Most of the men were also yet naked like a girl and their cocks became again hard.

Some of them cumming again into Krista's mouth and girl was pleased to get more sexual attention. Unfortunately for me this was too much. I nearly vomited, when I saw girl again eating cum with spoon. She licked the glass clean in the end, and shouted joyfully: „And I heard, that some of you did not believe that I can do this!" Now one man said: „To be honest, I believed less of it, that you can be naked outside for three hours.

Today was a particularly harsh weather!" This time, however, an unexpected phrase only boosted Krista: „That was three hours and 40 minutes.

I can even go more today!" Paul immediately grabbed the idea. „Now is 4.45 p.m, some two and a half hours more daylight. Krista, you have enough time to go to the little island. Show everyone, how tough you are!" And Krista went again outside stark naked.

Her face expressed the joy of victory and the excitement. Journey to the top of the peninsula was about 4 kilometres, then 500 metres through shallow water walking and swimming, running around the island, not more than 1 km and coming back.

All this in -10 degrees and the wind, which was even more stronger at the peninsula and open water island. Not even all men wanted to go in the journey with girl, but I did, because this was more interesting for me than cum swallowing. Krista was hero for me. She rubbed many times her feet and body, she was shivering from a cold, but nevertheless entered to the ice cold water, swam calmly and reached to the island at 5.50 p.m. She quickly took the run around the island and came back again through the water.

When she stepped out from the sea, she shivered horribly, her body was pretty violet blue. But to my surprise, she smiled: „Wow!

What a challenge, my whole body is freezing, but I feel good!" „Why you feel good?" I asked. „Because I can do it! Others don't! Nothing is impossible!" she explained. Krista's feet were already numb and she stumbled several times. I said to Paul: „Please, stop this! I could at least give her socks and a jacket." Krista refused immediately: „No way!


Only 40 minutes to go back!" She started to sing to make feel itself better. We talked many things to keep Krista's mind. In the end she was almost losing consciousness, her talk became incoherent. „No clothes! No clothes!" she repeated many times and this was only, what she said in last 10 minutes.

We almost carried her to the sauna, which was yet a warm. Not maybe hot, but almost 60 degrees. This was enough for girl to melt.


She shooked sitting in sauna and we rubbed intensively her body and feet. These were like emergency procedures, but girl survived. Her mother also came to the sauna and said: „Krista, this was too much even for you.

Please, no more risk like this." When she was again being „resurrected", we were ready to go back in the city, which situated 60 km from here. I was only person, who drove back and Krista joined me, because she had to go to for two days prior returning school to visit his father, who was divorced from Krista's father. In the car I had possibility to ask some things from girl in order to know better her story. „I am happy now, because this was really beyond the limit," she said about last walk in the cold.

„I said to you in the woods, that I like challenges. I have everything back to normal now, but I got big win!" „You really were not scared?" „I even don't remember returning from island. I was able to finish walk due to power of will." Then I dared also asked about her sex experience.

And she told. „Paul is my stepfather, and living with me and mother he came to me one day and asked: „Are you ready to learn something really interesting and pleasant?" I didn't know then, this was a sex. But he teach me everything. I now know that little girls should not have sex, but then I was only 9-year old and being honest, Paul not cheated on me: the sex was really nice.

In some ways seems so weird that I'm as small I learned to do sex, but why should I regret, if I like it!" She finally said that she has done almost everything.

„I like this all: cum swallowing was very nice from the beginning and meet the needs of multiple men at the same time is also fun. I only don't know, why they like to do this all with me, because they all have very beautiful wives!" I said, that I do not have wife recently. „We can meet sometimes, if we only doing a normal sex, I do not want anything extreme," I said to her.

„Yes, sometimes, but I am also a diligent schoolgirl and often not enough time," she replied. And when she left car and waved, I was wondering: how she can be a good schoolgirl, doing sex like horny slut almost three years!

I could not resolve this controversy.