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Best Uncensored Cartoon Yuri Titfuck Surprise Cumshot
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. THE WAYWARD DAUGHTER: A lady approaches me and inquires, "Are you the new guy living in unit 106?" "Yes, I am. Just moved in on Tuesday this week." "I see, are you new in these parts?" "Yes, again. I just moved in from the Eastern parts of the State and have never been to this town before." "Would you like some help getting acquainted with this town?

I have lived here all of my life and know it well." "I'll see about that. One of the attractions of a new town is the discovery of its special places and people.

So, I would like to do that on my own, for now. But, as it appears that you live in unit 212, I will keep you in mind if I need any help with the local mysteries." She smiled and responded, "See, that you do!" And then she turned on her heels and walked proudly away.

Not taking my mild rebuff very well, it appeared. But, I shrugged my shoulders and moved to leave my new name and transference from my prior mail box for my new mailman. And then moved back to my unit to make some kind of sense out of the disorder in my new home. By two weeks later, I had acclimated myself enough with my new environs to spread my wings a bit.

So, I knocked on Margaret's door and asked her to show me a local friendly pub to help me while away in some of my idle time. She said that she knew of one right down the street, and so she loaded me up into her cute little pink V.W. Bug and off we went to the local pub.

It was only about eight blocks away, so not a challenging walk at all, and it did have a very friendly spirit to it. It was the early evening when we got there and I was told that that was still a good time to try out their cooking.

She said that it suffered some when the serious drinking crowd came in after work, but was still eatable even then. I ordered a special burger and with the included potato salad was a bit more than okay. The house wine was very good as they tend to be and the drinking was monitored to be kept under control.

They honored the local liquor laws, but to assuage the feelings of those sent home prematurely, if that happened they got their first drink the next time at half-price.

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Too, many of these, though and they might be barred for some time, usually two weeks. As Margaret and I conversed over a number of things, I definitely got the feeling that she was the self-appointed social standards enforcer for the condo complex.

Not that we needed one as seriously as the mighty Mt. Baker Condo Complex down the street, did. As the conversation progressed, I let her know that I was a M.Y.O.B. type of a guy and let others live their lives without my intrusion, unless blood and/or broken bones were showing.

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She took some umbrage at this, but let it pass without any comments. After I had shared the meal with her, Dutch Treat at her insistence, I got to meet some of the guys and gals and felt that I had found my social drinking home away from home. They included on three walls, T.V. showings of different sports at the same time, which was a bonus as far as I could feel, especially since the guys were very avid in sharing their thoughts about the various sports and players with a minority of gunfire involved.

Never saw a gun there, actually. When we got back to the complex, she asked if I would like to come in for a night cap, and I saw no reason to disappoint her and did so. The night cap involved very little drinking, but some truly fine regular sex with her, as she was an enthused practitioner of the bed sport follies. She came so very beautifully, too.

I think that she was making definite plans for me, but I was not interested in that with her. But, an occasional intimate foray, was definitely in order as far as I was concerned. As I prepared to leave, her thirty-nine year old self was in a bit of a snit with my forty-five year old one.

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I could feel the air burning as I dressed and got ready to leave, but she was very gracious after all when I left, with a good night kiss to send me on my way. The next day, I searched about to find a gal more to my taste, which tended to be legal and in the late teens or early twenties.

So, in the local newspaper in the Personal column, I put in an ad for someone to be my companion in social and private occasions. I got several responses, but none stood out from the other, so I decided to take them in the order that they were returned to me. The first five were quickly over the phone found to be definitely not my type. But, the sixth one was a lady of indeterminate age over the phone, so I made a date to meet her at my new favorite pub. When I walked in I could tell that she was also out of my interest group, but since she had bothered to show up, I felt obligated to give her at least a nice meal for her effort.

She introduced herself as Marilyn and I returned the favor with my name Nathan. We then settled down to take the measure of each other while our orders were being prepared, both by observations and conversations.

She was in her early fifties and still very attractive and personable. I liked her a lot. And when we left, she too, invited me to her home to spend some social time, which led us into her bed very quickly. Her body was a bit excess rounded for her height, but she was still very attractive and more than enthusiastic about our playing together. I found special interest in her gargantuan breasts, that seemed to still provide a wee bit of mama's milk and were very tasty, even if they weren't.

She also loved the attentions to them. When I got down to her pussy, it was the fattest one that I had ever seen, with a very long clit and big puffy outer lips. Also, very tasty with her responses to my attentions to her tits. She was very wet and when I mounted up to her pussy hole, she gushed her sweet tasting cum right into my mouth.

If she had been twenty years younger at least, I would have taken her right down to the local registrar's office and got our license to enjoy each other from then on the next morning. But, that wasn't the case and so I continued to suckle her pussy until she urged me onto my back and with her pussy in my face proceeded to lift my dick up to glorious heights.

And then with her on her back and her rounded, but toned legs askew, I moved in for the fuck and moved my dick right up to her sexual promised land. She showed amazing pleasure at that and I topped it off with a cream coating of her upper vagina to emphasize my pleasure, too. Afterwards in our discussions she read me that I was appreciative of her, but not interested in a L.T.R.

with her. After a bit of a letdown for her, she rallied and asked if I might be interested in her eighteen year old daughter. She advised me that she was a bit rough around the edges, but a delightful lover to both men and women.

And loyal to her current companion, whoever it would turn out to be. And that she was unattached at the moment and out for the night. But, if I wanted to interview her, she would have her come by my place the next day.

At this point I didn't want to identify my home to either of them, so advised that I would let her know at what hotel or motel that she could meet me at, if I had her cell number. So, Mom let me have Tessie's number. In the morning, early, I texted her to let her know what motel to come to, and that I would give her the room number if she showed up.


She did, and since from my vantage point that allowed me to see all four sides of the complex, I saw no obvious or likely law enforcement vehicles come in with her, I texted her the room number and arrived at the same time as her and let her in.

After we entered and settled down, me sitting on the bed and her in the only chair that was facing me, I finally got a chance to size her up. I immediately detected a foul odor in the room.

I noticed that her hair was disarranged and probably dirty too. She was also dressed very slovenly with worn out clothing, mismatched and seriously in need of laundering. She also had a very sullen expression on her face.

I had raised children and was not totally out of the loop in how they handled adults that they had not any real interest in. So, I read the scene well. I asked her if she would like something to drink, and she answered that she would like some whiskey.

Likely, sure. The alcoholic drinking age in this state is twenty-one. So, I asked if she would like something to eat, and she replied with a smirk, that she would like some drugs. I shrugged that off and then I asked her if she would like to fuck and she replied, "Maybe. It depends." With that I became determined to, if nothing else was accomplished at this time, to teach her a little manners in how to present herself and address adults.

And so I moved over to her, with her probably thinking that I was going to molest her right then: but instead, I took a hold of her ear and twisted until she got the message that she was to rise up next to me. Then with still a firm hold, I started the shower for her. And with her then blank expression ordered her to undress down to the skin. She balked for a moment but another sharp pull on the ear and she became very busy in doffing her clothing. I then told her that I would be out of the bathroom for a few minutes and she was not to leave the shower until I told her to do so.

And then I called room service to clean her clothing and shoes and then returned to her in the shower. She was still standing where I had left her, and so I told her that we could do this the easy way or the hard way. When I got no response, I undressed and joined her in the shower. I had her turn around and face the shower stream while I used a handy giant sponge to thoroughly wash her from the back head to ankle.

I gave special attentions to her ass and ass crack. And before turning, I lathered up her hair, which was going to need at least two cleanings. When she turned around, the smirking was over and it was replaced with a shocked expression and a submissive manner. Then I lathered her hair from the front this time after a rinsing, and then proceeded to wash down her front with the same giant sponge and some very strong body wash.

She wasn't at all pleased with my efforts on her face, but seemed to find some acceptance of them on her breasts and pussy region on the way down to her ankles.

I then had her rinse out her hair again and then relather it up, while she gave me the same head to toe and front and back washing up.

She seemed to find some fun in this, as I intended for her to do so, and she did a good job of it, too. After we toweled off, she leisurely left the bathroom, while I was brushing my hair and I knew of course what would happen then. But, that was forestalled when she couldn't find her shoes and clothing. So, as I wandered back into the bedroom, she asked where her clothing was. I remarked that it was being cleaned, and should have been burned, but that I didn't think that it would look good for me to bring a naked teen girl to my favorite used clothing store.

But, I would if she gave me any more guff. She then moved to her purse and took out a M.J. Cig. And looked at me for acceptance of this. Since this was now legal and for eighteen year olds, too.

I nodded an okay. So, she lit up. While the smoke surrounded her and flavored up the room, I took stock of the newly cleansed her and found a lot to admire in her wiry and definitely womanly body with nice sized tits, too.

She turned and noticed this, but did not shrink away from me. As she sat and enjoyed her smoke, it crossed my mind that her mother had set her up with me on purpose. Oh, she would have taken me if I had been interested, but as a backup plan evidently wanted to get this foul girl out of her home and not back until she had a couple of young ones for her to play doting grandmother to, with or without their mother.

Preferably without. With her finishing her smoke, she read my interest in her and when I nodded to the bed, she nodded in return and moved to it for whatever my pleasure would be with her. It was all business this time. I hit all of the ports of call with deep kissing of her mouth, full on kissing and suckling of her boobs, licking of her pussy and finally after she had sucked me up to operational level, a deep and rapid fucking to get each of us off. I could tell that she enjoyed it, but would have liked a lot more.

With me still up in her and us laying together, I asked her what she wanted to do with her life. She said that she could fuck men for money like her mother used to do, and I remarked that that was a possibility, but it had many risks the not inconsequential one being, how she would feel about herself. So, I asked her if there was any socially acceptable job that she might be interested in, and she said that she couldn't think of any. I then asked her what subjects she had liked and done well with in school.

She said that she had liked music (she was a reasonably good singer,) P.E. (she was a very good athlete,) and literature. I couldn't think of any jobs that were likely to give her a decent income with those interests, so I asked her if she would cooperate with me in arranging a testing of her to see what her potentialities were. She said that she would, if I would take her home and give her a place to be for some time. I said that I would think that over, and with my dick doing my thinking I again rose up over her with my dick still in her and began to plow the young girl's fecund field again to my pleasure and probably hers too.

When her clothing was returned, she put it on and I took her to the used clothing store and bought her three more outfits that were appropriate to her age group, but much more socially acceptable, too. After that, she with one of the sets on her, accompanied me to having an Italian dinner at a fine restaurant in the town that I had heard of. We caused only a minor disturbance with me being my age and her obviously much younger.

But, she very much enjoyed the meal and when we got into my vehicle it was dark and my windows were tinted, so she leaned over the middle console and took my dick up into her mouth to suck me off. I guessed that she was determined to spend at least that night with me, and didn't want me to change my mind against it. So, I enjoyed the fun and when we got home, I led her up to my door and then within.

After she took a quick look around, she recognized where my bedroom was and moved there to hang up her two other outfits, her original one having gone into the garbage at the store.

Then she went to the fridge and helped herself to a root beer and then settled next to me on the couch. We spent the rest of the evening watching a rerun of the Mariner's baseball game.

When we retired, she moved under the covers to take my dick up into her mouth and love it up. It appreciated it, and I in return had her move her body into the 69 position and returned the favor to her. I had already cum several times, but she did gloriously cum herself right down into my mouth and after that we cuddled up to spend the rest of the night.

She woke up first in the morning and sensing that I needed more sleep, moved into the kitchen to seek out a breakfast. Since, she still hadn't broke out of her laziness mode, she found some cereal and milk and after eating that went out on the patio to start her day with her first puffs of her M.J. With her mood tempered with the puffs of her M.J.

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she moved to the bathroom and wiped out her pits. Then to see how things would go with Nathan moving forward. So, she decided to fluff him up right then to instigate her power over their situation. After all, she had no desire to spread her educational wings.

Only to laze her life away and M.J. her way through it, with other options as available. She reentered the bed and with her hands briefly stroking my cock, moved up on me as I awoke. She had me up into her very quickly and I was about to blow what she hoped would be a baby-making delivery. But, I came to my morning senses just in time to read the situation and so hefted her off of myself and then left her in the bed as I moved to the bathroom for my morning constitutional. After cleaning up in the bathroom, he moved to the kitchen to fix up a proper breakfast with eggs, bacon and hash browns.

He asked her if she wanted any and she let him know that she had already eaten, but would love some bacon, so he increased that effort to please her. Life's lessons don't have to be accompanied by unnecessary unpleasantness after all.

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Just the necessary amount. While he was eating his breakfast, she grabbed a glass of orange juice to go with her bacon and he initiated a conversation with her between tasty bites. "Are you going to cooperate with my efforts to test out your potentialities, today?" With this question she pondered her response. And she thought about the alternatives. Nathan was undoubtedly a generous and enthusiastic lover.

His home was a very pleasant place to be. And despite Nathan's manner of enforcing proper decorum with her, with painful but not damaging little reminders, she actually felt more at home here than any place she had ever been before. So, she answered, "Yes, I will." And he replied, "Good, because delivering you back to your mother, is a much shorter distance than going in for the tests. He saw her shudder at that thought, so was convinced that at least for today, she would cooperate. After the assessment tests that showed that she was woefully undereducated, but very capable of learning and applying what she learned, a list of necessary books to awaken her learning mode was offered and suggested to be read before the next quarter start in three months.

They stopped at the college book store and loaded up with all of the books on the list. Number one was: 1984 by George Orwell. So, he settled her on the couch with some notepads to take notes and advised her to get to reading for her future. With narrowed eyes, somewhat dimmed by another few puffs on her favorite weed, she pretended to do so, but wasn't fooling Nathan a bit. So, he came and sat beside her and with his eyes peering deeply into hers, he gave her two options: For him to immediately take her back to her mother's place to that lazy kind of life.

Or to take the latest episode of discipline to get her more into a study mode. Even without knowing what that would entail, she chose the second option. So, he took her hand and moved her up with her pants and panties down to be leaning over on the couch's arm rest and took a yardstick and laid it on good on her butt cheeks.


And then to further emphasize it, he used some thick lube and initiated her into ass play sex which hurt less than the ruler use, but still stung because it was her first time. Then he used some balm that he had and moved her back to her place of study and adjusted the lighting for her, moved the notepads into place with pencils to write with and with a very stringent tone to his voice, "Now Read, Young Lady!!!" And she did. She read until late that night with at least some note taking in evidence.

And when she came to bed, she merely cuddled up to him to sleep away till morning. And then in the morning she read for another couple of hours after breakfast and then announced that she had read the book to finish.

So, they then fixed a lunch with tea, something new to her and discussed what she had learned about and from the book. With just a few gentle prods from him, she got a very much deeper understanding of the novel and the author's purpose in writing it.

He was so happy with her progress, that he took her out to buy three more outfits, which were for more professional like engagements. And then at the same mall had her hair styled into a look consistent with her new dresses. When Tessie got out of the chair and turned and looked at herself in the mirror, she froze in position and just stared at the beautiful female vision in the mirror. When they left the premises, he had his arm around her shoulders as she tried to assimilate that vision now in her mind with the person that she had always thought herself to be.

As they drove away she shed some gentle tears in her emotionally state, but her makeup didn't run, since she didn't wear any of it yet. He then drove her to a very nice restaurant and they shared the fine meal in silence as she continued to adjust to her new persona.

After the meal they drove home and she immediately picked up the next book on the stack and began to read it. It was a simplified presentation of a high school level of the sciences. And when she turned to tell Nathan that she didn't understand much of it, he remarked, "It is just an introduction to get you thinking in certain ways.

I will help you with the comprehension as you finish each section." And with that she returned to reading. Late in the evening, Tessie's mother came to the door and asked to look in on her slutty fuck toy daughter.

Nathan said, "Okay, if you do not disturb her as she is busy reading." When she looked in on her daughter, she froze in place and looked at Nathan as in, 'Can this be my daughter, Tessie?' And Nathan remarked, "The woman is coming out of the ugly girl's cocoon.

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The process can be gritty, but the result is very beautiful, don't you think?" With that, the mother Marilyn excused herself with several unconscious nods and left her daughter to this man's quite evident very good influences. With that, Tessie looked up at the closing of the door and asked, "Was that mother here?" "Yes, Tessica, and she was very impressed by your appearance and reading activity." With that, Tessica gathered herself up, took Nathan by the hands and guided them to the bedroom.

After taking off her clothes and carefully hanging them up, she got in bed with Nathan and after holding him tightly in a kissing embrace, moved back to let him wake up her sex in his delightful way.

First with his lips on her mouth, then with them on her breasts and finally them finding their way down to her pussy lips and clit. Then with her desires fully in bloom, she moved him to his back and engaged his dick for a few delightful moments, and then mounted up on him for the final ride to both of their promised pleasures, with her having a wide-mouthed smiling face and wildly active body.

It didn't' take long. And afterwards, she turned and mounted her body above his for a very long and lingering 69 session. With her reading well on the way, which led to her note taking and then her taking more notes on each of them as he helped her to understand them on a deeper level, he then signed her up for Spanish language lessons online.

That way she could hear and converse with live Spanish speaking persons. And he also arranged for her to visit one hour each day with a young Hispanic couple in the complex to learn to converse in the normal everyday Spanish speaking mode. She would carry along with her an English to Spanish dictionary and also a box of donuts for the kids.

The couple were really pleasant people and delighted in this teaching of their language and culture to this very attentive young woman. Not one word of English ever passed between them from that time on. Nathan helped her to sign up for classes starting that fall, and she placed much higher in the college entrance exams than she had in the assessment test administered just three months before.

Having read and analyzed all thirty of the books, helped a lot. And Nathan comforted Tessica that she was well prepared to enter and do well in college. They signed her up for English Literature, Spanish, An Introduction to College Sciences, Physical Activities and Music Appreciation as her own option. After a few minor trip-ups along the way during the first couple of weeks, she got well entered into the college learning experience and was stunned to see four 'As' and a 'B' on her first grade report.

During the next four years, they never fell below that cumulative average, and she then moved on to getting a MBA. During the summers, she worked part time at a local bank just down the street, first as a cashier and then as a 'student' loan tech.

The bank was very taken with her and were sad to see her go off back East for her first permanent job after graduation. Not as sad as Nathan was to see her go, though. She almost didn't go when she saw his tears, the first that she had ever seen from him. But, he insisted that she follow her dream and so she did. Over the next three years, she learned a lot about banking and life in general. She gained a lot of prestige in the banking community and a young son, too. But, after the break-up with the father of the boy, she called back home to Nathan and begged to come back home to him with her son.

Nathan responded, "Yes." And she arrived back home with all of her possessions in about two weeks. Much of it was put in storage, but the boy's room was already decorated and ready for a rambunctious two year old with his interests in mind.

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He loved it and took to Nathan very rapidly. Her first night back was a mirror imagine of the night after her first grade report, with them again finishing in a long in enjoyment 69. After the first six months of being back together, they married to her mother's delight. She was just stunned at what her daughter had become and appeared like. And she blubbered right through the ceremony to no one's irritation.

Only after a few weeks back, Tessica got a job at the bank just down the street where she had worked part time during her college year's summers. Within a year she was the bank manager, with a number of the other banks in town asking her to come in on their operations.

But, she was happy and very successful where she was, and it was only eight blocks from her home and family. When she got pregnant again, to their delights, they bought one of the enlarged condos at the Mt. Baker Condos Complex. The combined two next door to Penny's small unit.

It was very large and served the growing family very well. They became a family of five, with two daughters added to the mix and lived a very family oriented style of life punctuated with a regular marital type weekly satisfaction and also a once in the month all out fuck fest to keep the fires within burning. Many years later as the youngest daughter was somewhere in the world serving in the military, Tessica was gathered up to her aged husband and whispering to him, how much she loved and respected him.

She teased him with the notion that she did miss the 'life's lessons discipline' that he had administered to her at first. He offered that he could reinstitute them, but smiled that notion away. And then with her kisses wetting his face, they fell asleep to remain together for the rest of his long life.