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Gangbang archiv interracial gruppe sex partei mit bbc milf
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If anyone had told me a month ago that I was a child molester I'd have killed them. After the last few weeks though, I'd just have to hang my head.

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My name is Matt and I'm 52 years old. I owned a software company and had developed a unique program for the government.

After I was awarded a lucrative contract I was offered an ungodly amount of money for my company by a very well-known software giant.

I decided to take it, retire for the time being, and just enjoy life.

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I figured I'd started one company and could always do it again or at least find work with someone else. My wife, Vicky, was a real estate agent but she wasn't quite ready to stop working yet. She got a big kick out of the sales. We had an active sex life and the marriage was in good shape. Around mid-June my brother called to tell us that he and his wife were going on a two week cruise in July.

He asked if their twins, Kylee and Ken, could spend some time with us while they were away. After talking it over with Vicky, I called my brother back the next day and said we'd be glad to have the kids stay with us while they went on the cruise. The twins were almost 13 years old and I didn't foresee any trouble. They'd always been well behaved and mannered whenever we'd gotten together in the past.

So it was on a Friday night in July that my brother and sister-in-law dropped the kids off and headed for the airport. The next day Vicky went off to work and I started doing some work around the yard.

When I finished up around 10:00 the kids were still in bed so I decided to jump in the pool, cool off, and then catch up on some reading. I was lying on the lounge reading and sipping a cold beer when one of the twins yelled out an upstairs window and asked if they could go swimming. I yelled back "sure"! The next thing I knew there were two shrieking, squealing kids flying through the patio door naked! I said, "Hey kids, where are your bathing suits?" Kylee replied, "We swim like this all the time at home Uncle Matt.

Mom lets us." Since there was an eight foot privacy fence around the back yard I just let it go and went back to my book. The twins, except for the obvious sexual differences, were exactly alike. About 5' tall, thin, and both had cute little bubble butts, and blonde almost white hair.

Kylee was just beginning to develop breasts and had just wisps of pubic hair. Ken's penis was about 2 inches, flaccid, and he also had wispy pubic hair. I must have fallen asleep and was woken by loud giggling. The kids were sitting on the side of the pool and Kylee was pointing in the direction of Ken's crotch and laughing.

"What's going on kids?" Kylee said, "Ken's thing is sticking out and it got bigger." "Why'd it do that?" Oh shit!

That last thing I was ready for was giving a lesson on the birds and bees. I would have thought that by now, their parents would have told them at least the basics. Ken's dick was now about 4-5" long hard, and a little thicker than my thumb. "Uh, sometimes a guy can get excited and his penis gets longer and harder. It's nothing to worry about; it'll go away in a little while." "Is that what you call it, a penis?" she asked.

"Well yeah, among other things." Thankfully, Ken's dick started to deflate, and the conversation died with it. Vicky got home a little while later and I busied myself lighting the grill for a cookout while Vicky changed into casual clothes and the kids put on something dry.

We had a nice dinner, cleaned up, and then watched a movie with the kids until they went to bed. Vicky and I decided on a glass of wine before heading off to bed ourselves. As we lay in bed, I told Vicky about what had happened at the pool. Her interest seemed to pick up and she asked me more detailed questions. She wanted to know things like how the kid's bodies looked naked and more specifics about Ken's dick.

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I thought her interest was kinda strange but proceeded to give her more detailed descriptions. While I was talking, Vicky slid her hand down and was rubbing my cock through my boxers. It wasn't long before I was hard and ready so I rolled in her direction and we started kissing deeply. Still rubbing my cock, Vicky gave a little moan.

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I slid my hand under the T-shirt she was wearing and cupped her breast, flicking my thumb over the nipple at the same time. After a while, Vicky slid down my body, grabbed the waistband of my boxers and coaxed them down and off. She wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock and brought the head to her lips, licking around and then up and down the shaft.

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She put her lips over the head again and then opened her mouth and worked her lips up and down the shaft. Blowjobs were not exactly rare but also not an everyday thing so I was gonna enjoy this as long as I could. Finally, it was time. "Come here, baby, and gimme some pussy." "I want it doggy style." We got into position and Vicky reached back and grabbed the shaft of my cock and said "I want you to run your cock between my ass cheeks back and forth for awhile.

Then put the head against my asshole and just push a little. Don't put it in." Early in our marriage, I'd asked about having anal sex but she never wanted to try it so I just let it die. Here was a chance to at least rub and nudge that forbidden spot and hope it led to something more later. I spread Vicky's ass cheeks and laid the shaft of my cock over the prize. Squeezing the cheeks gently around my cock I started running it back and forth over the little puckered hole, base to tip.

I could feel her pushing back against me and heard some soft moans.

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After a few minutes I took the shaft in my hand and aimed it and her asshole. At the same time I ran my hand between her legsalternately rubbing her clit and running two fingers into her cunt. I put the head of my cock against her asshole and pressed forward, backed off, did it again, and then kept up that rhythm. Pretty soon&hellip.

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"Fuck me, Matt. Fuck me hard." I put my cock at the entrance to her pussy, grabbed her hips, and drove my cock forward and hard as I could. "Oh God! Fuck me. Fuck my pussy hard." "I'm gonna cummmm!" She pushed her ass back at me as hard as I was fucking forward and I was getting close. "OH Shit, I'm cumming Matt, I'm cumming hard." I kept slamming into her until her body convulsed all over and then went still.

"Cum in my mouth baby." Now this never happened so I wasted no time taking my cock out of that warm, freshly fucked pussy, and working my way up to her head. I positioned my cock over her mouth as she grabbed the shaft and started stroking me. My nuts sucked up into my guts and the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced hit me. Hot cum shot out like it never had before. One long spurt then another. Vicky swallowed and moaned "More", still stroking my cock.

One more weaker jet shot out and I almost collapsed on top of her. "Baby that was hot" I moaned. "Ummmmmm" was all she could manage and then she was out like a light. I lay awake for a few more minutes wondering what had brought on Vicky's more than welcomed behavior.

Was it the description of the naked kids and Ken's hard on? I didn't know but at this point I'd be damned if I was gonna question the newfound zest in our sex life and the promise of things to come. Little did I know that other thoughts were looming in Vicky's mind. The next morning was Sunday so we slept in and then got up, made the coffee, and started cooking breakfast.

The kids got up and we all sat around and ate quietly. I noticed Vicky glancing occasionally at Ken but didn't think too much about it.

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After cleaning up Vicky suggested that we all just lay around the pool for the rest of the day so that's what we did. The kids were naked again but we were all comfortable with it. Later, more giggling and then "Ken's thing is big again" from Kylee. "Well just wait a while and it'll go away again like it did yesterday" I said. "There's another way to make it go away" Vicky said. "Come here, Ken." Having no idea what might be coming next, I watched Ken walk over and stand right next to Vicky's lounge with his dick harder than Chinese arithmetic.


Vicky reached out with her thumb on the bottom and forefinger on top of Ken's shaft and started to stroke him slowly. My mouth dropped open and hit my chest at that point. Kylee: "What are you doing Aunt Vicky?" "I'm showing Ken a way to make his dick get soft and feel good at the same time" Ken: "That feels funny but it feels good" Kylee: "His dick?" "Yes honey, that's another name for his penis.

Dick, cock, and there're others" Kylee: "What happens now?" "In just a little bit there'll be some white sticky stuff called cum coming out of the end of his cock" Kylee: "Oh, can I see?" "Sure honey, come stand right next to Ken and watch" Ken: "Aunt Vicky something's happening.

Almost like I gotta pee" "You're about to cum sweetie" I could see Ken tense up and then a small spurt of jizz followed by a second one shot out of his dick and landed on Vicky's tit.


Thinking that I couldn't get any more surprised I almost passed out when Vicky ran her finger through one of the little globs on her chest and then put it in her mouth.

Kylee: "EWWWW. Why'd you do that Aunt Vicky?" "Cause I like the taste" Kylee: "Can I taste it?" "Sure, hon. Just come and lick the rest off of me" Kylee stepped up, bent over slightly, and ran her tongue over Vicky's tit getting the rest of Ken's cum. I swear I think I heard Vicky moan. The last thing I wanted at this moment was a hard on but that's exactly what I got.

Kylee asked "Is there gonna be any more?" "Ken won't have any more for a little while but your Uncle Matt has plenty" No I fucking do not!! "Uncle Matt can I see your cum?" "Uh, I'm not sure that's a good idea Kylee" Vicky chimes in with "Sure it is Matt. Let the kids see your cock cum" "Please Uncle Matt??!!" From both kids. Feeling like a cornered rat I started to slide my swim suit down over my hips. When my cock was clear it sprang straight up. Now I don't have one of those 12" beer can cocks you read about and I've never measured it but it's gotta be 6-7" and fairly thick.

I've always had fun with it.


Kylee squealed "Look how big it is. How come it's so much bigger than Ken's?" "It's because I'm a grown up. Ken's will get bigger as he gets older" "Can we see it cum now?" "Well, that's gonna take just a minute" Vicky says "We can help him kids. Let me show you." Vicky gets up and comes over, sits on the side of my lounge, wraps her hand around my cock and starts to stroke it slowly. Both kids eyes are wide open and fixed on Vicky's hand and my cock.

Kylee asks "can I try?" "Sure honey". Kylee wraps her little hand around my cock as much it will go and starts stroking like she'd seen Aunt Vicky. Still in a highly confused state I let a moan out without being able to stop it. Vicky tells her "Now speed up your hand a little bit at a time Kylee" "He's getting close kids, watch" as Kylee does as she's told. I watched my cock head grow and turn a kind of angry purple color.

The next thing I know I'm grunting like a pig and shoot a load of cum out a few inches in the air and it lands on my stomach followed by a second and then a third. Vicky leans over and runs her tongue through and scoops and swallows some hot jizz. Before I know it Kylee does the exact same thing then says "it tastes a little different than Ken's.

A little saltier but I like them both." I, of course, am nothing but a quivering mass of used flesh and bones. Continued.