Teen boys anal bondage Mitch Vaughn is sick and exhausted of crappy

Teen boys anal bondage Mitch Vaughn is sick and exhausted of crappy
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During the week Jean arrived at the garden late I was ready for home she called over the fence is any one there I called back I'll see you at the gate I wasn't sure who it was then I saw it was Jean I said my step father was there I said if you come again and you will know he's here if his car is outside the garden she said just ask him if I can have a dozen eggs and another chicken on Saturday then she said I have to talk to you as soon as I can .See you in a few minutes after my dad leaves ill tell him I'm meeting my friends and I will walk home see you at the corner just up the road she said I would rather talk to you in the garden ill come back after I see your dad leave.

He said lock up when you leave got in his car and drove off Jean arrived as soon as he was gone came straight into the garden gave me a kiss and went into the cabin sat down and said to me sit down its important and joked as she said no sex tonight as I can't stop long .On Saturday Doris took photos of us on the bed I also took photos of you and Doris as you know my father owns a newsagency and we also developed films so we took the photos and I developed them Sunday night and hung them up to dry I was having my supper with my older sister my dad came in and told me could he talk to me in the other room he went in I followed him he was quiet as he said to me I've seen them photos of you with that young man and Doris with him as well what's going on .I told him the truth I haven't had sex for four years as you know my husband is in a wheelchair and can't get an erection I was getting desperate for it and was near r to looking for a man in a bar any man I was talking to Doris she told me not to be stupid as I might catch a disease she had a young man that would satisfy us both and I had sex with him at Doris's he has all I need to put it bluntly.


Also I can't keep going to Doris's house I would like to fix up the flat up stairs as its only a store room. my father was getting on in years 65yrs and was soon going to retire and me and my sister were going to run the shop .He was very quiet for a long time then he shocked me as he said I knew this might happen your husband being the way he is I don't really like it but we will fix the flat up and this has to be a secret no one must ever know.

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I said no one will ever know as the young man as you call him has just turned 15yrs if it was to get out Doris and me would end up in a womens prison as he is under age dad said my god what are you doing you really must take care I said we will that's why we need the flat. He then said okay but I don't want to meet him so if anything happens I don't know him or how old he is.

So can you meet me at the shop after it shuts about six thirty as they will be gone at six.

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We can move the stock out of the big bedroom to the other room it has a small kitchen and a small shower instead of a bath . I said I would be there she said go round into the back lane ill wait for you at the back door .I arrived she let me in it only took a few minutes and it was cleaned out there was an old double bed but no mattress she said don't worry ill have it all fixed up for Saturday after six as we can't use it if the shops open I said how about Doris's on Saturday as arranged and here on Sunday afternoon we agreed I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her it was a bit of a struggle as she was taller than me she had to bend down so I could kiss her tongues in each other's mouths I was playing with her tits squeezing the nipples I had a couple of fingers in her vagina and she was getting all wet I was hard she undid my trousers they dropped down and she was playing with my cock I said take your panties off she did she opened her legs and she tried to put it into herself I could not get it all into her she was to tall as I pulled my cock back ready to push in again it would pop out ,Oh hell she said opened her legs wider bent her legs so her knees were behind me she put me in again this time I managed I was in all the way in cum as soon as you can as its hurting me doing it like this I said I'll take it out no, no she said come in me first .She did manage to have a small orgasm I pumped her full of sperm and pulled out never again like that with you unless you grow more she used her panties and wiped herself dry we kissed .I pulled up my trousers and left she followed a bit later again I was looking forward to Saturday afternoon and my two beautiful women .Saturday arrived I was there early birds at the garden all fed a dozen duck eggs as I prefer them and a rooster plucked and gutted ready for the oven that Jean had asked for ,in the back door and shut it behind me locked it and went into the house they were both there window curtains closed and dark put the light on said Doris's I switched it on and there they were both in high heels sheer stockings fastened by suspenders from a suspender belt brief panties see thru bra Jean in black Doris's in red Doris set her gramophone to play very quietly and Jean started to strip to the music till she was bare showing her beautiful body .The music started again and Doris slowly stripped to the sound as it finished they stood together one taller than the other but both magnificent body's tits sticking out both pussies had been shaved and were hairless with no hair on them it looked as both their lips stuck out on their vaginers and you could see the slit in the middle and with Doris's you could see her clit just peeping out and both of them had start to shine in their slits as the juices had started to flow from them in their expectations I slowly took my clothes off as they had .I walked over put my arms round their waists and walked them into the bedroom we lay on the bed me in the middle as usual Jean said Doris first as she won the toss Doris rolled over onto me her legs either side of me wide apart Jean put me in her and said to Doris ride him cowgirl she must of really been wanting it as she rode me fast and furious after a little while she came all her muscles tensed up she cried out then went all loose the juices flowed from her and down between my legs she rolled of I was still hard Jean climbed straight over me legs wide Doris put me in her again she pushed down hard on me till I was all in Doris said fill your mare full of cum horsey as Jean came so did I she over flowed her juices and the sperm also ran between my legs she sighed and rolled off me I went soft we had to change the sheet as it was really wet .We rested for awhile then I fucked them both again the three of us lay there contented.

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I was feeling worn out as I had cum three times in two hours even tho I had done no work again then they both started to suck me off taking turns with me in their mouth and one sucked my balls I came in Jeans mouth but they managed to do a quick change over so they both got a mouthful of what I had left I was bathed by the pair of them got dressed and went down to the garden for the rest of the day .Next day was to be at Jeans, and the big shock???