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Teen slut taking large black dick up slit
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In an upscale lavishly appointed independent bookstore, Colleen is browsing. She feels rather bored, and is not pressed for time. She passes me then turning to glance over her shoulder at me.

Intriguing thought wanders in as I look her over then smile at her. She is wearing a light colored sundress. She browses and selects a book. It is interesting, and so she sits at a secluded corner table, with her back against the book sheleves, with a book resting on the table.

Several minutes pass when she notices me browsing in the same aisle. I'm broad shouldered. My demeanor is also unrushed and casual.

As I slowly search through the books along the aisle, I'm moving gradually in her direction. I move closer, selecting a book now and then. She glances briefly in my direction. My hair is salt and pepper, a bit longer in the back. Day-old, well trimmed stubble. Inside she feels a tingle of chemical attraction to this complete stranger. Every few minutes I move closer. Soon I'm next to her, browsing and reading. With me so close, she notices my pleasant scent.

The hairs on the back of her neck seem to stiffen. I seem completely comfortable, so she finds herrself also at ease. She wonders if I find her alluring, or, just pausing nearby to examine an interesting book? I'm so close. Just a few inches away. Nothing is said.

She hears me sigh softly. She looks down to see how much of her cleavage is visible to me. she leans forward so I can see a bit more. I shift my weight on my leg and takes in a sudden breath.

She hears me whisper something -- she is not sure what it was. Was I reading to myself? What did I whisper? Did it sound something like "oh my. lovely breasts." Or, was I reading to myself? She is not sure; is her imagination playing tricks? Then I reach for a book, one very close to her behind her in the stacks. My hand gently brushes against her shoulder as I removes it.

The slight touch felt like a bit of electricity passed between us. Was it intentional, or accidental?

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I stand nearby and read for awhile, then I sit down next her at the end of aisle. She notices my muscular legs, but she tries keep herr eyes on the print before her, and, every so often, she turns a page. Minutes pass by slowly, silently. But the silence is full of anticipation.

I glance at herr legs every so often from under my sun visor as I turn a page. More minutes pass. Silence. Other people come and go. I quietly sighs. She sighs. She turns a page. I turn a page.

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The minutes tick. Anticipation grows, then ebbs. And grows again. She glances at me, but my eyes are hidden below my visor. Is he admiring your legs? She decides to slowly and seductively caress the skin of her leg with a slow, light finger touch. Does he react? I do. I notice. She hears me take in a slow, deep breath, and she sees that I shift uncomfortably.

She slightly rocks her leg. I slightly rock mine. I turn a page; She turns a page. She refocuses on her book; I do, too. Waxing and waning, arousal growing and ebbing. Communication without sound. Time passes in my presence, in such close proximity to me. Nothing said. Overtly innocent to others, but, covertly incendiary. There is a nonverbal sync, a palpable chemistry. She shifted her position so that her dress pulls up past mid thigh.

Now I can "accidentally" see a tantalizing glimpse of her smooth inner thighs. I shift my position, again, uncomfortably.


She is intrigued to see that I find her alluring. I seem to try to focus on my reading. She very lightly caresses the skin of her leg while she reads. More minutes pass, and she turns a page, then another.

Then she pulls her knees up slightly, with her book on the table. She pulls down her dress modestly, but she knows I can see under her dress. I react my cock is growing hard. We both pretend not to notice. But she does. After a while of tantalizing me, she changes her position to cool me down. This waxing and waning cycles for some time, yet no one else can see the nonverbal communication. She is intrigued by the idea of teasing this attractive older man. She adjusts her top to make sure too much cleavage isn't showing.

She modestly pulls down her dress, only to accidentally allow me to see her inner thighs again. Heating me up, then feigning modesty, and cooling me down. Only to repeat it again. And again. I try to hide my arousal with my book. She tries to hide her arousal by covering her breasts -- her nipples are pressing out against the fabric of her top.

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clearly visible now.Finally, it seems as if I can't take it no longer. "This print is so small," I whisper. Was he talking to you, or to himself? "I can barely make this out." "What's that?" She asks. "Oh, this print. It is so small. I can barely read it." I move closer to her and whispers: "Would you mind reading a bit of this aloud to me?" She is taken aback, and says nothing for moment. Then she musters a response. "Oh. sure." "I can barely make this out." "Oh, small print?" she stammers.

"Sure. let's see." She can feel her heartbeat in her chest. It is a large book, and I place it over her lap. "Oh, might you start reading here?" I say, pointing to the paragraphs with the small print. She begins reading it aloud to me. I move closer to her. In fact, my knee is touching hers. She begins reading aloud. "Oh, maybe you should whisper," I say, "so we don't disturb others." "Oh, yes, of course." She reads quietly in a whisper.

And I'm so close. Her voice is a bit breathy at times, but she tries to control its tempo and tone. I help turn the page. As I do, the back of my hand brushes across her nipple. "Oh." she whispers involuntarily. "Here you go," I point to the text on the page. She continues reading to me in a low whisper. She reads a few sections aloud. Her voice is getting breathy and choppy at times, and she pauses every so often. She continues to read in a whisper. But, under the book, she notices that my finger is touching the skin of her knee, just under her dress.

She stops reading.

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"shhh. whisper." I say. Others are nearby, but don't notice. "oh." She pauses. "shhhh. please keep reading." She does. but her voice is getting breathy and unsteady. She has to pause occasionally. No one else can see. it is a large book covering her lap. She feels my touch, tracing lightly on her skin, under the book. her voice is unsteady, breathy, and she has to pause again. It gives away her faux protestations. "Please. oh, no." You read a few sections aloud. Your voice choppy at times, and you pause to take in a breath every so often.

You continue to read, as best you can, in a halting whisper. But, under the book, she notices that my finger is touching the skin of her inner thigh, just under her dress. She stops reading. "Shhh. whisper." I say. Others are nearby, but don't notice.

"Oh." She pauses. "Shhhh. please keep reading." She does. No one else can see. it is a large book covering her lap. She feels my touch, tracing lightly on her skin, under the book. herr voice is unsteady, and she has to pause occasionally.

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Her voice betrays her arousal, contrary to her faux protestations. "Please. oh, no." Finally, my finger is exploring under the seam of her panties. Warmth and wetness.

She feels my finger circle her clit, lightly. slowly. Her mouth is dry. it is hard now to breathe normally. I press down, harder. "Oh! oh!" "Shhhh." I say. With my other hand, I turn the page, rubbing against her hard nipple. She continues reading aloud, in a breathy, in an entirely out of rhythm whisper.

Others are nearby. can they tell? "Oh, please. Please stop." "Read here." "Oh, stop, please." Her protestations grow more shallow and weak.

"Close your eyes for a moment." I say.


She does. She feels my lips on hers. Lightly at first. Then a deeper kiss. She cannot get enough air.

She has to pull back to catch her breath. I allow her to calm a bit, to regain her composure, but her face has reddened. And, a red blush appears on her neck and chest. She reads again, but the words are coming out staccato, only one at at time.She feels her clit tingle and pulse as my finger rests motionless on it for a long while.

Pulsating. Breathing. Whispering Trying not to let others see what is happening.She leans forward to let me see her erect nipple. I circle her clit, slow then fast. Lightly then with more pressure. Faster.harder.in circles over it.faster.breathing deep.

"oh! oh. oooh!" "shhhuuuu.:Her entire body quakes with deep, spreading spasms. but she cannot make a sound. She tries to remain still. "Follow me" I whisper. She does. She follows me into a unisex restroom, and I shut the door and lock it behind her. No one else noticed us entering the restroom together. We are alone. "You have such a lovely face" I say as we stand before the large, ornate mirror.

"Lovely. so lovely." I'm behind her, and I trace my fingers across her neck and jawline. "Beautiful facial structure. checkbones. lips. nose." She feels my fingers exploring the nape of her neck, her chest, the valley at the top of her cleavage. "So lovely, " I whisper. "And her breasts." Slowly I unfasten the buttons at the top of her sundress.

As we both look in the mirror I slowly pull back her top and expose one breast. "Shuuuu. we must be quiet." Her nipple is erect in the reflection in the mirror. "Lovely. so beautiful." I whisper next to her ear.

We both look in the mirror as my finger circles her nipple, lightly.with my other hand, I reach down and around her, under her dress. Again, she feels my finger on her clit. "oh. no, please! We mustn't.

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Not here. Someone might come." "Shuuu. the door is locked" After a while she can take this no longer. I sense it and pull down her panties from behind. She leans forward, steadying herself with her hands on the hard granite sink. She waits with anticipation.

She can see me and herself in the mirror. She sees her own shocked expression as she feels my hard cock enter her from behind. penetrating deeply in one full stroke. Filling her. I pause, both of us throbbing.

Then, I thrust fast. Then stop. She waits with anticipation. "Oh, please." I thrust again. She can see her breasts jiggle with my thrusts. "Oh! oh!" "Shhh." I squeeze her nipple with one hand, and massage her clit with the other. The contractions start again. and spread over her body. She sees her face redden in the mirror. "Ohhhh!" She exclaims too loud. "Shhhh shhh." My hard thick cock is throbbing deep inside of her. "Ah.

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oh. ooohhh!" She feels my contractions, and the warm fluid filling her inside.A long pause to catch our breath. "Shhh.," I whisper. She closes her eyes. I kiss her again. Our tongues intertwine and explore greedily. I slowly brush her hair back, and wipe away the sweat from her forehead. "Again," I whisper. "we will meet again. Meet me here again in one week, at the same time." Then I leave, quietly closing the door.

She studies herself in the mirror. her face is reddened and flushed glistening beads of sweat, hair disorganized, chest still heaving with deep breaths. She closes her eyes. She is alone. "Oh. ohhh" She whispers to herself quietly. "Oh my." She wonders: How did this happen?

There is silence. no voice to counter her protestations. In the mirror her nipples are still erect. Her lips are red and moist, there is a slight, unintentional upturn at the corners.

"One week," he said. One week.