Nutte Deutsch Skinny Teen bekommen Fick von älteren Mann für Geld

Nutte Deutsch Skinny Teen bekommen Fick von älteren Mann für Geld
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5'4" tall, long blonde hair, pouting 35C breasts, long shapely legs, a slim waist and slightly flaring but beautifully rounded butt. Jacqui knew she was attractive alright. All the comments and lascivious looks she got from boys, men and even some women, left her in no doubt that she had become one very sexy 15 year old girl.

Only, she was too scared to actually let anyone get too physical with her. Oh sure, she dreamt about sexual encounters, imagining what it would be like. Even having wet dreams. Many snogging and petting sessions with teenage boys had only ended with frustration for them. But the thought of actual physical sex was too scary.

She'd even been hit on by a lesbian or two, but was too naieve to realise what they were really wanting from her. So, she contented herself with flirting, prick-teasing and then having fantasies in the safety of her own bed, touching her sensitive nipples gently; stroking her young virginal pussy. But never quite reaching orgasm, because sensing her emotions getting too aroused scared her.

She simply didn't know what to expect. Her parents were way too conservative to talk to her about sex. When she had her first period, it was a female teacher who helped her to understand what was happening.

Her Mother simply said, "It's just nature", without further explanation. So it was that she was totally innocent, in every way. Then one day during summer break, she flipped the TV accidentally to the Adult channel, and quickly saw the power that women can have over men if they're sexy enough. So, she decided to be more adventurous.

She knew her mother was slighty smaller than her, but thought she must have some clothes more sexy than her usual school garb. Nothing in her mom's wardrobe was at all exciting, so she put on some old jeans and a summer top and took off to the shopping mall. Not knowing what to look for, she found herself in a factory outlet store for sports and leisure clothes.

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An assistant saw her looking a bit lost and asked if she could be of help. Jacqui blushed and said she's like to try on some gear that was more. . 'Sexy?' asked the assistant. "Well, yes", replied Jacqui. "You're nervous, but don't be," said the assistant.

"I'm Georgia and you have a great figure - I have some clothes that will show it off really well" Jacqui didn't notice the sly look in the eyes of the assistant, who was bi-sexual, or the lick of her lips.

"Just go into changing room 3 and I'll bring some stuff for you to try on", she said. So Jacqui did and a few minutes later the assistant came in with a selection of clothes and closed the door. "Well undress darlin" said Georgia, more as a command than request. Jacqui blushed but took off her jeans and top. "Oh, that frumpy underwear will NEVER do, honey. It will show awfully under these nice tight clothes I've got for you. Let's get them off" And with that Georgia undid Jacquis bra, knelt down and slipped her old-fashioned panties down and off.

Jacqui was speechless no-one had seen her naked since her mother when she was 7 years old. "Oh don't be shy dear" said Georgia, now at eye level with Jacqui's hairless pussy lips, "I've seen it all a thousand times already", [but not this beautiful, she thought to herself. Got to find a way to have a fondle at least!]. "Now, slip these on" she said, handing Jacqui some yellow spandex hotpants and a boob tube top. Georgia cought her breath as the hotpants were pulled up tight they clung to Jacqui like they were painted on.

Her cameltoe was plain to see and she had no idea how provocative she looked. The top hugged her breasts and highlighted her pointed nipples. Georgia knelt in front of Jacqui running her hands up inside her thighs, until she had one hand between heg legs, kneeding her young pussy lips. "They seem to fit OK," she said, leaving her hand there for much too long for decency. Next she went behind Jacqui advising that the tube should be worn so as to keep the breasts as high as possible. To 'ensure' this she put her right hand down the top, cupping Jacqui's right breast, giving her nipple a good caress and squeeze between thumb and forefinger whilst lifting it slightly.

She repeated this to Jacqui's left breast, except this time, Jacqui held Georgia's hand there with her own hand, enjoying the feeling, and resting her head back again Georgia's shoulder. She began to whimper. That was all the encouragement Georgia needed. She slid her other down the back of the hotpants, her middle finger tracing Jacqui's bum crack and finding her pussy lips, which she began to gently stroke.

Soon she had dipped her finger into Jacqui's moist young pussy and teased her clitty with her first finger. Jacqui began to feel strange and a little faint, so got Georgia to stop. Georgia told Jacqui that if she told no-one about the incident and came back to see her when she was next in the Mall for a more intimate session, she could have the hotpants and top for free.

Jacqui was embarrased and confused, but pleased to accept the free clothes. Whether she would go back didn't need to be decided just yet anyway. Based on the assurances from Georgia, she kept the pants and top on and ventured out into the mall to seek more excitement. Man she looked sooo sexy! But wait, I had to tell myself, she's young and I'm old. She'll never like me.

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How wrong I was! She was a nymph and soon to become a nymphomaniac. I guessed she'd be about 15 years old, but already with the body of a sexy woman. I was sitting on a bench when I noticed her emerge from the shop, a little nervous, but with a look of forced confidence. She gave me an innocent, but cheeky smile. She walked slowly past the shops, I followed and was entranced with how her buns wiggled and how the hotpants were tight into her crack.

I caught glimpses of her breasts jiggling as she walked.

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Every man just stared at her I could tell exactly what they were thinking! Then she turned around to face me and for the first time I saw her cameltoe. I couldn't take my eyes away. She gave me that same smile and asked, "Are you following me, sir?" I stammered, "Err, no … well, yes actually!" "My name is Jacqui", she said holding out her hand, " and if I buy you a coffee, would you give me your opinion on something?" I didn't need a second invitation.

"My name's Bob" I said and shook her soft hand. "Let's go". So we found a quiet booth in a little coffee shop and began to talk. "Do you find me attractive in these clothes" she asked.

I nearly choked on my coffee! "Oh, boy I certainly do" I said. "I know we're strangers, but you seem.

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. . nice are you married?" she asked. I told her my wife was killed in a car crash 2 years ago so I was a widow, and only in my 40's. But I had lots of worldly experience, "Well then, you should know a lot about what I'm really curious about, but don't know who to talk to, to find out more.

My Mom avoids my questions. So I'm stuck for answers. So I thought maybe a stranger might be better to ask. I mean. . you know about. .


'it' . . " she hesitated. "Can you help me please?" "I think I know what you mean, Jacqui. I'm sure that I can help you to know what it's all about," I said, feeling the bulge growing in my pants.

She slid around next to me on the padded seat, putting her hand on my arm. I could see her nipples were getting hard. Her legs were slightly open, showing the outline of her young pussy lips. She noticed my bulg. "Can we talk somewhere more private?" she asked.

I gave her my address and told her to come to my house at 3pm next day and wear only the same hotpants and top. When she turned up I was wearing a singlet and shorts and was already feeling really horny. I opened the door just she was about to knock. "Hi Jacqui, come on in," I said, not wishing to let any nosey neighbours see a sexy young girl at my door.

She reached up and kissed me on the cheek, her young breasts brushing against my arm, her nipples already hard like my cock! "Hi Bob," she said in a husky voice. Her nipples and cameltoe were again plain to see.

She went straight into the lounge room, but noticing that I had a pool, she kept walking out onto the patio, which was completely private. "Wow, what a great pool can I have a swim later?" she asked. I told her you bet. I'd made a huge jug of [extra strong] Pina Colada and poured us both a cocktail. I told her it was like a fruit punch and thought she was old enough to drink, to which she bravely replied of course. "Cheers," we said at the same time as we drank. She shivered a little after swallowing what was probably her first ever alcoholic drink.

We sat in lounger chairs on the patio and she began to talk about her clumsy teenage sexual experiments, which never came to much as either she got frightened, or the boy she was heavy petting with spurted cum before anything else developed. Hence she was fed up with young boys. Her father was killed in a car crash when she was 3 years old and her mother was very puritanical and religious so avoided ever letting the taboo subject be spoken about.

So she felt very alone and supposed that her friends all knew more than she did, which made her feel inferior whenever they all spoke about 'it', although she pretended to them she had some experience with boys. "Well, you can be completely relaxed and just be yourself with me, Jacqui," I assured her. She smiled a thank you and drank some more.

She finished her first cocktail pretty quickly, but as I made to get up she waved me back saying she'd fetch the jug from the drink cooler by the pool.


She filled her own glass, which she put on the table next to my lounger, then bent over to fill mine. I could resist no longer and pulled her onto my lap, nearly spilling cocktail everywhere before she managed to place the jug on the floor. I had one arm around her waist as our lips met for the first time I kissed her soft lips, gently at first, then more urgently, slipping my tongue into her willing mouth. At the same time I cupped her soft young left breast in my hand, making her whimper.

As we continued a long kiss I slid my hand under her boob tube and felt her naked flesh she had beautiful firm but soft young breasts, with hard nipples, which I worked between thumb and forefinger.

She wriggled on my lap, her arse cheeks grinding into my crotch I don't know if she realised what this was doing to me, but she must have felt my growing hard-on. I pushed her top over her head and saw her lovely breasts naked for the first time. She laid back against my chest, I cupped both breasts and enjoyed caressing them.

Judging by her happy sounds, so did she! We drank some more she wasn't used to alcohol, so soon became affected, losing her inhibitions. She told me about the experience with Georgia and was embarrassed that she felt good about it at the time. I assured her that whatever experiences we had, if we enjoyed it, then it was fine. What I didn't say was that I was dating a girl who was Bi and would love to get her hands on this young body. [ I had plans to do something about that at a later date!].

She relaxed into my embrace whilst I caressed, squeezed and kissed her breasts and nipples. Then I let my hand wander down her body, until I reached her cameltoe. I slid my middle finger into her slit and moved it up and down she became wet very quickly and was breathing hard against my ear.

I slid my hand inside the waistband of her hotpants, finding her mons, which was completely smooth and bare. She gasped as my finger found her clitorus and played with it. I had hardly dipped finger inside her pussy when she began to shiver, squirm and moan then experienced what was apparently her first orgasm, drenching my hand with her love juices. I had to taste her, so lifted her onto the next lounger, laid her on her back, pulled her hotpants off in one go and buried my face into her pussy.

I licked and sucked her sweet juices, licking her clitty and making her cum again and again, with her wriggling and moaning and pushing my head harder into her crotch. Her eyes were misty and so sexy and, although she was under age, I couldn't stop, so pulled my now hard 8" cock out of my shorts, placed it at the entrance to her vagina and was ready to fuck her.

"Please be careful with me," she said, "I'm still a virgin." I gasped and went to pull away, but she held onto me, whispering, "Please make love to me, Bob. I want you to be the first." I thought I must have been dreaming, but no here I was, about to deflower a gorgeous but underage girl on my patio.

How true the old saying was - that a standing prick has no conscience! I had tasted her juices, loved the aroma she gave off and thought, the hell with it. I hadn't had sex since my wife died and never with a virgin! Moving into place on top of her, I guided my bulging cock to her pussy lips, gently pushing the head just inside her. "This will hurt at first, then get easier and more enjoyable," I told her.

She closed her eyes as I pressed further into her until I met her vaginal barrier. "Are you sure about this?" I asked her, " because once it's done, there's no going back," to which she replied by grabbing my arse cheeks and pulling me closer, hoarsley whispering please.

So this is it, I thought and pulled back slightly before pushing my cock deeper into her tight pussy, reaching then tearing through her maidenhead, bringing a scream out of her mouth and feeling her virginal blood on my shaft. I laid still for a while to let her get used to the feeling, as she breathed heavily, then began to slowly fuck her, gradually increasing momentum, whilst she gasped and moaned and dug her nails into my back perhaps with pain or pleasure or both.

After a few minutes of this I felt my balls about to explode and pulled out just in time as I spewed cum all over her stomach and breasts, some even reaching her chin.

At the same time she had another massive orgasm, actually squirting her cum juices all over my balls and the lounger. I took her into my arms and we lay there for what seemed an eternity, her shivering occasionally, as emotions rippled through her young body.

Eventually she spoke: "Thank you, Bob. That was amazing." I was so happy as she may have hated me for what I'd done. I told her I would be in big trouble if anyone found out about this, and got an immediate response that she would only tell someone if I stopped seeing her, giving me her cheeky grin and a giggle.

She rose and said she'd like to have a swim, but would need a shower first, so I took her to the bathroom by the pool and gave her a big fluffy towel. As I heard her showering, I was reliving the experience of fucking such a young, beautiful virgin, and felt my cock hardening again. Pulling my soiled shorts off, I was wanking myself when she suddenly emerged from the shower room, completely naked. "Oh, can I touch that?" she askedn.

She knelt beside me and placed her hands slowly around my shaft. I told her how to wank me, then all of a sudden, she wanted to know how to give me a blowjob, as her friends bragged that they'd done it for their boyfriends! I really couldn't believe my luck, so guided her head close to my cock and told her to open her mouth fully, and keep her teeth out of the way.

She was a natural and was soon sucking my cock and licking the head with her tongue. She made me cum in a couple of minutes and I shouldn't have, but I held her head so that she had to swallow or drown! Fortunately she thought that was what everyone did, so was OK about it, even saying she liked the taste. She got up, walked towards the pool giggling that this would be the third time today she'd jumped in the deep end, then dove into the pool.


I followed her in and we were soon kissing and caressing each other in the warm water, wanting this to last forever, however she had to be home before her Mom got back from work. As she dressed she gave me an innocent look before asking, " Can I cum, I mean come, again tomorrow, Bob?" Equally innocently I told her that I'd love to 'have' her as often as she could make it. We both laughed as we said our goodbyes, kissed and off she went home. My girlfriend called by later for a drink, so I told her about my amazing adventure she got very excited, saying she would be sure to call around so she could join in the fun too.

So roll on tomorrow. .

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. To be continued.