Brunette hottie Maria rides dildo on webcam

Brunette hottie Maria rides dildo on webcam
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Chris was too scared to think.

The guard had led Chris out to his car, with one hand gripping Chris' shoulder tightly. They were headed to the guard's house, with Chris in the back seat (the guard had engaged the child-safety locks). "Are you excited, Chris?" The guard asked.

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"You finally get to make a man happy. I bet your father doesn't let you make him happy. Tell you what, from now on, you can call me daddy. Would you like that, Chris?" "Y-yes, sir," Chris squeaked. "Yes what?" the guard asked. "Y-yes, daddy," Chris said. "Good boy," The guard said. "I'll be your daddy from now on, Chris. You're MY boy now. Are you ready to do everything I say, Chris? Are you ready to make me happy?" "Yes, daddy," Chris said. "I want to make you happy." Chris was terrified and excited at the same time.

He had never been anything to his real father but an afterthought. "At least new daddy pays attention to me," Chris thought. He didn't understand most of what he was doing with this man, but he liked it, even the parts that hurt.

He liked the way new daddy seemed pleased with him, and every time new daddy called him "good boy" he felt a tingle run up his spine. He felt wanted. "That's good, Chris, I know you will make me very happy," new daddy said. "You'll do what i say without question, won't you, Chris?" "Yes, daddy." Chris' reply came a little faster this time.

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The car was pulling into new daddy's garage when Chris noticed that His butt was still sticky from the attention new daddy had given him in the school restroom, and his pants were still wet from the mess he had made of himself.

He thought new daddy might have him take them off when they got to his new home, and he was right. he couldn't wait to take his wet underwear off, either, but he waited until he was told to do so. "Good boy, Chris," new daddy said. "Now fold them up and give them to me." "Are you going to wash them, daddy?" Chris asked." "No, Chris," new daddy said. "You won't need them anymore." He walked into the kitchen with Chris' pants and dropped them into the wastebasket.

"I'll let you keep your underwear, Chris, because you look so cute in them." Chris blushed, he wasn't complimented very often. "I would like you to take them off for now, though, they're wet and I'd like to see your little dick again." "Yes, daddy," Chris said, peeling his wet underwear off.

He was beginning to feel more excited than afraid, and his penis was stiffening again. "Where should I put them, daddy?" "On your head, Chris.

Little boys look so cute with their underwear on their head." "But I peed in them," Chris said. "I know, boy, that makes you even cuter." Chris did as he was told, pulling the underwear over his head and adjusting it so he could see through one of the leg holes.

"Good boy, Chris. Can you smell the mess you made in them?" "Yes, daddy," Chris replied.

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"I peed a lot. Can we wash them soon?" "You won't be washing them ever again, Chris, I want you to remember what a dirty little boy you are." New daddy walked over to Chris, and unbuckled his belt. "Now i have to teach you a lesson, Chris.

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You made me wait so long to find you, I had to look all over." He pulled his belt out of the loops on his pants, and let his pants fall to the floor. He kicked them off of his feet, then said "Turn around and bend over, Chris." "Y-yes, daddy," Chris said. Some of the fear was coming back now. "Now, hold still, boy. This is what you asked for." New daddy began to spank Chris with his belt, slowly at first, then faster and harder.

Tears began to roll down Chris' cheeks, but his underwear caught most of them. "Do you think you'll make me look for you again, Chris?" "No, daddy, I'll stay with you always," Chris sobbed.

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"Of course you will, Chris, You're a good boy," new daddy said. "I'll make sure you stay good, too." New daddy put his belt aside, and said "now turn around and give daddy a hug, boy." Chris turned around, afraid to open his eyes.

New daddy came forward and wrapped his arms around Chris tenderly, and Chris suddenly threw his arms around the man's waist as far as they would go and hugged tightly. "I'll be a good boy for you, daddy, I promise," Chris said. "Are you sure, boy?" new daddy asked.

"I'd be crushed if you disappointed me, Chris." "I'm sure, daddy," Chris replied. "I'll be the best boy in the world. I'll do whatever you want, daddy." Chris liked calling this man "daddy" very much. It made him feel like part of a real family. "Good boy," new daddy said. "Now, let's go see your new bedroom, Chris." New daddy took Chris' hand in his own, and led him down the short hallway to the master bedroom. Inside was a king-sized bed with a thick wooden post on each of its four corners.

"Do you like your new bed, Chris?" "Yes i do daddy!" Chris exclaimed.


He had never seen a bed so big. "I promise i won't jump on it." "I know you won't, Chris, because you're my good boy," new daddy said. "Now, hop on up, and take those dirty undies off of your head. Take your shirt off, too." Chris did as he was told, and was now completely naked, except for his socks. He began to shiver.

"Is it too cold for you, Chris?


Let's cuddle up and keep each other warm." New daddy removed his own shirt and underwear, and sat on the bed beside the shivering boy. He put one arm around Chris' shoulders, and placed his other hand between Chris' legs. "Doesn't that feel better, Chris?" "Y-yes, daddy," Chris said. Chris' penis was now very hard, and new daddy's was getting harder, too. "Can i touch it, daddy?" "Of course, Chris," new daddy said.

He gently grabbed Chris' wrist, and moved it onto his stiffening penis. "Rub it up and down gently, Chris. Mmm, good boy, just like that." "It's so warm," Chris said. "I like rubbing your thing, daddy." "I like it, too, Chris," new daddy said. He began rubbing Chris' penis in a similar fashion.

I bet you like this, too, don't you?" "Ah yes daddy," Chris said. The rubbing was making him shiver in a different way from the cold. "Do you like when i suck on it, daddy?" "I love it, Chris," new daddy said. "And I know you love doing it, so what are you waiting for?" He moved his hand from Chris' shoulder to his head, and pushed Chris' face down into his own crotch.

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Chris was startled but had enough sense to open his mouth, and it was quickly filled with new daddy's penis. "Mmm, gooood booy," he said, letting Chris get a little breath and then pushing his head back down. "Now, when men get excited, we squirt something out of our cocks, Chris." "Pee?" Chris asked, popping his head up. New daddy shoved it back down. "No, Chris, not pee. Cum. Semen.

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It's in your butt now, and soon it'll be in your mouth, too. Dirty boys like you love to swallow it. Just catch it in your mouth and swallow, Chris." "Yes, daddy," Chris' mouth was full but new daddy understood him perfectly well.

He guided Chris' head up and down with his hand. "Here it comes, Chris, don't spill any." He held Chris' head in place and squirted his semen into Chris' mouth, filling it.

"N-now, be careful not to spill any, Chris." Chris felt the hot fluid fill his mouth, and resisted an urge to spit. He carefully swallowed it, licking a tiny gob off of his lips. "Does daddy taste good, boy?" "Mmm-hmm," Chris said. He could taste it in his mouth, and all down his throat.

"I like your squirts, daddy." "I know you do, Chris, and you can have it whenever you want. And whenever I want, of course." "Oh, thank you, daddy!" Chris exclaimed. "When will I get to squirt?" "Probably another couple years, Chris, but that's OK, daddy doesn't like boy squirts. He just likes giving good boys his squirts." "How many boys have had your squirts, daddy?" Chris asked, suddenly jealous.

He wanted to be new daddy's only good boy. "Not very many, Chris, and it's been a long time since i had any good boys like you. I think you might be the best boy I've ever had. You'll be making me happy for a long time, Chris." "Good, I don't wanna share my daddy's squirts," Chris said.

He was beginning to feel like he had a real daddy now. "They're all for you, Chris," New daddy said. Now, lay back and rub yourself like i showed you, Chris." Chris lay back on the bed, the pillow cool under his hot little head. He began rubbing his stiff penis up and down. "Just like that, Chris, good boy. Can you taste daddy still?" does it make you warm inside, Chris?" "Mmm-hmm," Chris moaned. He could feel something building inside him, a pressure aching to come out.

It got bigger and bigger until Chris thought he couldn't take any more, then his body exploded with tingles and he felt all the pressure draining out through his penis. "Aaahhooohdaddy." "Good boy, Chris," new daddy said. "I bet that felt good. Now, it's nap time. Get comfortable, Chris, you're going to be in this bed for a long time. "Yes, daddy," Chris said sleepily. His last thought before falling asleep was "daddy tastes good.

I love my new daddy." As he drifted off, new daddy got up and walked across the bedroom. Chris could see him open a drawer and take out something that looked like rope, then his eyelids grew too heavy to lift and he sank into dreamland.

"This should do nicely," new daddy thought. He took the rope from the drawer, and moved slowly back to the bed, careful not to wake the sleeping boy. He gently took Chris' arm by the wrist, held it against the bedpost, and wrapped the rope around it.

"This one's not going to get away," he thought.

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"Not until I'm done with him." He made sure the rope would not restrict blood flow to the hand, then cinched the knot tight. As he moved around to tie the other arm, the boy stirred, then stilled. Chris' breathing had become deep and even, new daddy knew he was deep in sleep.

He tied Chris' other arm in the same fashion, then took Chris' underwear, still damp and smelling of the boy's urine, and placed it on Chris' head. "Sweet dreams, boy. Your nightmare hasn't begun, yet."