Cum dripping from her tongue

Cum dripping from her tongue
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Melissa does the UAE ,P2 (A taste of group sex) It's been a week since that encounter with my husband's lover Ahmed in the city of Abu Dhabi in UAEbut two days earlier than thatAhmed gave me a call that he'll be seeing me the next week due to his business commitments in the other UAE statesI'm really craving into some action as my husband Sam and I never treated each other as husband and wife anymore whenever he is the house, we slept on different rooms ( he took the master bedroomalthough he offered it to me but I refuse )Sam also seldom slept in our flat as he spends more of his time with his friends or other lovers for that thoughtso I thought I need an outlet to keep me in flowI need a cock for that matter so I thought of places to pick up guysI decide I'll try the disco club again so I did went backthis time I met two Filipinas Carol and Tina26 and 24 respectivelyboth were drinking with other nationals on one table, they invited me after we met at the ladies room and I joined in.

They introduce me to their male companions and get a chance to dance on the floor. After almost 20 minutes both girls decided to go back to the table and I was left as my partner requested one more danceit was then I notice three men are speaking to both girls in an argument and soon afterwards are going out of the disco place along with the two girls.

I made a move to follow and to asked what is happening and where are they going when my partner tried to stop me but I refuse and proceeded to assist my new found friends "You don't want to be involveit's trouble I tell you" he said but I still went to my friends .I caught up with them on the elevator and asked "What's goin on?". The men turned to me and asked "Are you with these girls?

One man asked and I nodded. Immediately he took a hold of my arm and pushed me inside the elevator. "You're going with us too!" the man said.

Carol intervened and said "She's cleanshe's not like us" I was baffled on what she's talking about. Inside the elevator the men introduce themselves as policemen and asked for my identification, a passport or any documents.

I said I left it in my purse at the disco tableI was reasoning out with them when a white Cherokee stop in front of the hotel and the two girls were shoved inI was told to go inside too as someone they said will take care of my purse if indeed I saying the truth. "You should have not follow us" Carol told me in Filipino language as Tina sits still.

"What's happening ? I asked.

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"These bastards are sex tripping againit would be over in a few hours ,don't worry" Carol added. That's when I knew that the girls are runaways from their sponsors and are staying in the country illegally.

Their main income comes from prostitution and the money they earned they send to their families back homeboth girls are former domestic helpers abused by their male employers then. I got to know all of these during our conversation inside the vehicle. After 5 minutes of driving ,the vehicle makes it's way inside a basement parking lot in one of the city's buildingthey told us to get off the vehicleinside the elevator in the basement and we went all up to the penthouse of that 10 story building.

As we entered the doorthree more men are waiting and sitting insidethe two still police gray uniforms and the other one seated in the middle dressed in their traditional white clothes is the one they called the captain. "How are you Carol? Tina?" the captain askedboth girls smirked and turned their heads away. Then he turned to me and spoke to his men that took us there, I can't understand a word they are saying but from their actions I could tell the captain is asking about me.

"What will happen to us?" I asked Carol.

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"They won't touch you until they clear you outfor us two( Carol and Tina ) they will fuck us with their filthy oversized dicks!" Carol answered. A bit confusedI became more nervous " What have I put myself into?" I thought to myself. They gave us each a glass of Johnnie Walker black and soon afterwards the phone rang and one of the men answered itnodded and then talk to his captain. "You're clearedthey found your passport and papers" Carol translates to me what the man is saying.

After which the captain told something to his men and two of them told me to wait outsidethey opened the glass door and I was led outside, the two men got inside again and pulled the curtains together but a few openings are still there that I can still peep thru and see what is happening inside.

The men are undressing themselves and encircled both the girls who are ordered to kneel downI can see their gigantic cocks as they jerk it in their hands and shoved them alternately to these two girls mouth.

Carol seems to be in for it as she acted as she wants them but the truth is she wants it over quickly she told me laterwhile Tina is a little hesitant as the men force their cocks in her mouthTina has 36 size boobs which the men are mashing as they fed her their cocks and soon afterward I saw one man had his cock in between them jugs and tit fuck her while she had her head facing sideways sucking another cock as she jerks one cock in her hand. I turned my eyes on Carol and saw her with three cocks simultaneously slapping her face as she let her tongue out to lick them, then the men individually would take their turns to shove their cock inside her mouth and skull-fuck her.

The men would switch positions to have their cocks sucked by both Carol and Tina and all the while the men are thrash-talking the girls. At times I would see the girls looking in my direction checking if I was watching ( I don't know if they could see me thru the glass as it was dark outside ) Then the men had the girls stand-up and undressed them and that's when the real action beginseach girl has three cocks stuff in their every holemouth, pussy and ass in different positions imaginable.

I was getting my pussy wet as I touch my panties as I watch the action outside. At times the men would look my wayI would then back away and when I see they are back into it again ,I would continue to peep. There wasn't a second that each of the girls don't have any cock stuff in their mouth or any hole for that matter. They would even let the girls lick their asses too! That hot action continued for at least an hour until the captain told the women to link their cheeks as he jerk off and sprayed both the girls faces with his comethen the other men followed thru exploding in these women's faces, mouth, pussies and asses.

When it's all over the men dressed up and was going my directionI immediately gave a distance and face the other way looking at the other buildings.


The sliding glass door opened "You!come herewe need to go" one man said as he still is catching his breath. I found the girls fixing themselves up and wiping the come of their faces and chest.


The girls then excused themselves to the bathroom. "You're going back to the disco club, my men will give you your things" the captain said to me speaking in hard English. "It's a pityyou're not illegalyou missed the fun ! " the captain as he laugh. I asked the girls if they are alright and answered that it happens usually every week or every two weeks, so that they won't bother them and they won't end up in jail.

Soon after we are back in the disco clubthe men took my things from the bar and gave them back to me before they left. The girls to my surprise just proceeded to the crowd and was looking for their friends ,wave their hands and joined them as nothing happened.

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Carol turned to me and said "We have to earn still some money you know" as she winked with a smile and left me in the bar. I was thinking of what just happened hours agohow those two girls handled a bunch of cocksmy pussy was still warm from the wet scene I just witnessedso I sat and crossed my legs ,lit a cigarette when two guys came and introduced themselves as Mustafa and Saibone an Egyptian and the other a national he said, they told me they are into the construction businessthey offered me drinks which I gladly took as I needed a drink after that hot scene I just seen.

The two I notice kept staring me head to toe especially at my legs and kept fixing by their hands seems to be a big hard-on bulging from their pantsthis continued as we exchange stories among us.

That's when I had 5 shots of whisky that they notice I'm getting tipsy that Saib placed his hands on my crossed legs and began to talk me into going home with them. I can't recount how many more glasses I downed as I found myself 2 hours later on my knees and sucking and licking two large cocks on each handI was kneeling on a carpet a few feet away from the main door of Saib's condominium flat I remember that as soon as we enteredthe men immediately gang-up on mekissing me and mashing my private parts.

The men lifted me up and undress me as they do themselves. They continue to do what they are doing and I was so drunk that I don't mind at all what was happening when Saib said " She's so drunk, let's put her in the shower".

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I was led into the bathroom ,they open up the water to run down on our bodies. DrunkI took Saib's head and kissed him on the mouth as we embraced and Mustafa continued to suck and lick my behind at the same time they are mashing my breast and fingering my pussy.

They made me kneel and stuff their cocks in my mouth as the shower continued to pourI was so drunk that I let them do whatever they like with my mouth. They would take turns to throat fuck me and at times tried to push their cocks at the same time in my mouth which I manage to get only the tip of their cocks.

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The hot group scene (Carol, Tina and the policemen ) was still fresh from my mind that I was so out of controlbegging them to let me suck their cocks and asking for more and the men are so thrilled. The men would bang my mouth and pussy from behind as they made me bend over as I stand inside the shower room, they would switch positions. We got off the shower and I was laid on the bed as one fed me with his cock and the other guy eats my pussy as both men mashed my boobs.

Malik lay on his back I was told to suck his cock and as I bend overSaib stuff his cock in my pussy behind as I'm on my all fours. I never felt the sensation having two cocks at oncebeing drilled and sucking at another. These positions change all thru out the night, I mount one cock as I have one in my mouthlay on my back as one mounts and pumps my pussy as I sucked the other one mouth fed in front of my face, and when the time comes they fucked my ass and pussy at the same time I was making such noises ( moans and groans ) that they have to stuff my mouth with their fingers to lower down my voice.


Saib came first shooting his load inside my ass as I rode Mustafa's cock in my pussySaib then pulled out his cock position himself in front of me holding his cock directed in my mouthstill so drunk I suck and cleaned his cock with mouthwhich the appreciates laughing and giving high fives to each other.

Then I felt Mustafa starts thrusting upward faster and deeperwe moaned and groaned until both of us came simultaneouslyI kept it in there for about 30 seconds then lifted myself and suck and clean his cock with my mouth too!. That time Saib was jerking his cock and his cock is growing to full form again and stuff his cock up my pussy from behind while I continue to blow job Mustafa's cock as he lay, which also came back to full grown after 2 minutes of that sucking action.

Then Saib motioned me to lay flat on my back on the bed and let my head hang down the bed's edge as he throat fucked me. He's so thrilled watching his cock slides in and out of my mouth as his balls bounces on the tip of my nose. "Nice throat to fuck ! watch this slut's mouth" Saib said. All the time I was mumbling as I tried to breath on the left openings on the sides of my lips, Mustafa has mounted me and has been fucking my pussy, the scene makes him so hot as he tried to push his cock all the way to the hiltthe feeling was so hot that I came for the second time.

We got into various positions imaginable and the two men manage to come one more time each until we all lay exhausted on the bed.

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The two men left the room naked and proceeded probably on the sofa as I heard them taking glasses and pouring theirtalking and laughing at the same time, still a little bit drunkI stayed on the bed until I slept naked.

It was an hour later that I was awaken by their cocks touching my cheeks as I sleptboth Saib and Mustafa jerking their cocks and trying to stuff their cocks back into mouth which I merely acceptedsleepy yet I tried to suck their cocks back to hardnessthen Saib mounted me and fucks me all over againthe men took various positions again to fuck me the third time around, until they have their last fill by jerking in my face as I suck their ballsI had come all over my face some I tried to lick with my tongue as it drips down and get the last taste of it.

Finally that left the two men running for breath and lay beside me as they both praise me for the performancethat's when I notice it was so late that I need to go home so I fix myself up and let them drive me home to my building. I sneaked back to the flat into the other roomnever checking if Sam had arrived or whatI tucked myself into bed and immediately slept the whole afternoon until I woke up about 4 pm and my head was still hurting.

I found Sam on the living roomwe greet each other never spoke much about what happened and I have no intention to tell him eitherI prepared and ate dinner and went back to bed again around 9 pm and I wonder what tomorrow night may offer me ,I slept with a smile in my face.