Ladies hostel girl caught bathing n dressing up

Ladies hostel girl caught bathing n dressing up
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I was arrested for Grand Theft auto and the judge gave me 5 years to do in an Alabama state prison. The first night i was there i was strip searched and made to shower with a bunch of other men.

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I have always been a little effeminent and being a small white boy of 18 in a grown mans world was a little overwhelming and very intimadating. I was scared to death. They finally brought me to my cell and i met my new cellmate James.

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James was a big six foot tall black man who towered over me like a football player over a little kid.his arms were huge and he had a mean look in his eyes. The guard laughed and told James to enjoy.when it was just us James grabed me by my throat and held me against the wall,choking off my air.

i was scared so bad i almost cried.he leaned in close to me and told me that we were gonna get along just fine as long as i knew my role. he let me off the wall and i laythere for a second trying to catch my air. i asked him what role that was between breaths and he just grinned.

" Your gonna be my bitch," he said with a smile.


He told me to get on my knees and lick his balls. he stood there and took his boxers off to reveal the biggest dick i'd ever seen in my life. it was a good 9 inches long and as thick as a cucumber.i must have stood there staring at his cock for too long because i next remember getting up off the ground. James yelled in my face" Bitch i said lick my balls,now!" My head was throbbing but i didnt want to get hit again so i got on my knees.i leaned in and he grabed the back of my head and pushed me to his balls.

"thats right bitch, lick my sack" james said as he moaned. i just submitted and started to lick his sack.i felt that if i dint do a good job i'd be hit agian so i started to suck on his balls gently as i licked them. i rubbed them down as his cock got hrad as a rock.

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James moved my head to his cock head as he said "i want you to suck my dick, hoe and if you do a good job i might be gentle when i take that virgin ass." i looked at the long shaft and thought id never be able to get that thing down but i was gonna try nonetheless. i licked his shaft up one side and then down the other as i rolled his balls in my hand. i took as much of his cock in my mouth as i could and tried to find a rythem as i began to bob back and forth on his cock.

He grabbed my head and pushed it further onto his cock till he was gagging me and i couldnt breathe. he just held my head there and started to fuck my face. i was helpless to resist. i just sat there and let him use me as he forced more of his cock down my throat.

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He finally grabed my head and forced me to take all 9 inches as he let loose a volly of cum that nearly drowned me. He held me in place as i was forced to swallow shot after shot of his salty cum. After he was done he told me to lick his balls clean.

I felt so degraded that i just lay on my rack afterwards and cried. Later on the guards called for yard call. That meant that all the cells were opened and those who wanted to go in the yard could or they could socialize with the other inmates. It was my luck that James had a large following of gang brothers who came to his room to hang out and smoke the pot that James got every visit.

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They all piled into the room and james introduced me as mike, his new bitch. After they lit a joint up i got to take a few hits. i had never tried it before and i got really stoned. After a little while james told me to suck his friend j-rocks dick.

i dint really want to taste cum again but the pot made me kinda horny so i got on my knees in front of j-rock and started to suck his cock.There were 5 guys plus me in the room and all of them had their dicks out. i suddenly realized that i was going to be fucked and used by 5 big black men but i didnt really mind anymore.

I started sucking on jrocks cock and before long i felt someone rip my boxers off. i tried to turn my head to look but j rock forced my head down more. i heard james say to pass him the vasoline so i knew it wouldnt be too bad. i felt his hands grab my hips and then the head of his dick was pressed against my ass.

Before i could try to resist he pushed it inwith a slight resistment. "yeah bitch,"he said," you'll take this dick and like it." he pushed about halfway in and then started to thrust in a fast paced rythem that forced more of his cock into me with each thrust.


As he thrust more into me i was forced to take more of j-rocks dick in my mouth. Before long james had all 9 inches in me and his balls slaped against my ass as he banged my virgin ass.


suddenly he stiffened and shoved his dick in as far as he could,hurting me as he let loose a hot load of cum in my ass.he stayed there for a second then got off me just as j-rock was cumming in my mouth. i swallowed and then licked his balls clean as another dick was shoved up my ass with no warning or lube other then james' cum.

Before i could protest another dick was shoved into my face and once again i was forced to suck cock as my ass was ripped open by a cock even bigger then james'. Blue(whos name i found out later) fucked me hard and fast an i found myself enjoying it so much i started to buck my hips backward to meet each thrust until james said"Look at her shes liking it!" Then blue came in me and i was passed on to the next man.

when the yard call was over and i was finnaly allowed to rest i had been fucked 6 times and all of them came in my ass. i also swallowed 3 loads of cum as well. When i went to bed i realized that this was going to be my life for some years to come so i just accepted it and learned to love it.

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I even became the zone whore by letting all 20 guys in the zone fuck me and 2 guards too, all without a condom or them pulling out. but that is another story. rate me its my first story